Fiji – Sau Bay Fiji


Fiji – Sau Bay Fiji

We had a three-night stay at Sau Bay Fiji and this place is quite a hidden gem I must say.

Sau Bay Fiji is a private luxury boutique resort nestled on a shore and surrounded by virgin rainforest. It’s not a huge compound with about 4-5 cottages + a safari tent cottage (this was really cool) and I actually think that’s the beauty of this place. Quaint, cozy, very private and safe. 

One great thing about Fiji is you could experience a whole range of activities from soft adventure to extreme sports. At Sau Bay, it wasn’t just a stay, but you could easily go for hiking (there is climb just behind the resort where you can explore the nature and see the sun rise/set etc), kayaking, snorkelling, sailing & scuba diving. The resort has a private boat to take you anytime. Besides that, it also offers village tours which we wanted to experience very much. In case you are thinking if there’s any other things to do in Sau Bay, they do have in-house masseuse and you’ll love the view from the spa house (pictures below).

 photo 040416DSC04471.jpg 
The cottage where we stayed.

 photo 0204161DSC04325.jpg   photo 0204161DSC04339.jpg   

 photo 0204161DSC04346.jpg  photo 0204161DSC04341.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04347.jpg  
View from our room.

  photo 040416DSC04366.jpg 
Perfect day to hide in the shade to read a book.

 photo 040416DSC04365.jpg 
Walking down to the other cottages.

 photo 040416DSC04570.jpg
In Klarra’s v-back romper.

 photo 0204161DSC04322.jpg
The common area for drinks, breakfasts and chilling out. There’s a bar there as well.

 photo 040416DSC04360.jpg  
Daily homemade bread and love this.

 photo 040416DSC04399.jpg 

 photo 040416DSC04424.jpg
Homemade breakfast with eggs of your choice – love how everything can be customized and how flexible the hosts were.

 photo 040416DSC04412.jpg 

 photo 040416DSC04437.jpg 
The safari tent which can accommodate a family of 3-5 people.

 photo 040416DSC04440.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04388.jpg
Wearing Klarra’s slit front maxi skirt.

 photo 040416DSC04450.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04454.jpg
Spot that heart shape formed by this tree, one of the favourite spots for couple & wedding shoots.

 photo 040416DSC04669.jpg
Both Nigel and Carol own four lovely dogs who kept us company during our walks <3

 photo 040416DSC04694.jpg 
Walking by the beach with this little one. Wearing the stripe shift dress from Klarra.

 photo 040416DSC04432.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04430.jpg
This is where the massage/spa house is and look at that beautiful uninterrupted view of the ocean and mountains.

 photo 040416DSC04646z.jpg
Wearing a maxi slit skirt from Klarra but this time in my favourite blush tone ;)

Sau Bay Fiji is owned by a very lovely couple named Nigel and Carol. They were such great hosts with impeccable service and we had nothing to worry about. Both of them made sure we got to experience Fiji to the fullest within the short span of time, had everything arranged from head to toe and that we were well-taken care of.

Nigel and Carol also made sure that we met the other guests and vice versa – it was a joy making new friends and it definitely made us even more comfortable knowing who were our neighbours during the stay. The other guests staying at the resort were recurring customers and we have heard how much they loved coming to Sau Bay for a respite and how beautiful a place it was for diving. Not forgetting, I could see Sau Bay Fiji as a lovely place for weddings, honeymoon or a couple/family get away if you would like somewhere quiet and private. I’m very confident you would get the best service from Nigel and Carol ;)

I grew fond of this place, the people, and left the place feeling a little sad. If I were to highlight what’s best apart from the beautiful resort and how clean it was, it has got to be the amazing service. Nigel, Carol and the others such as Bella, Emily etc from the resort, new friends from Australia, and California such as Jim, Rhonda, Jon etc made our stay there fun, beautiful and memorable (bummed that I didn’t manage to capture a photo with them). The people were very genuine and I definitely hope to see them some day in the near future x

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