Sydney Diary


Sydney Diary

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My last vacation was earlier this year in February and it was to Sydney.

February was a special month because it was Saint Valentines and it was also Dean’s birthday (which also falls on Valentines Day).Β Β We always make it a point to do something special on occasions like this and for this year, we wanted to spend these two occasions at somewhere where we have not been as a couple together before. So Australia was in our list and being city-lovers, we thought we should start off with this bustling city.


A few things and places that were memorable to us:
Bondi beachΒ walks & dining at Icebergs. Love
Kansas City Shuffle for morning coffee, croissants and breakfast
Surrey Hills & awesome lunch at Mad Spuds CafeΒ 
Messina Gelato, yums
Sydney harbour bridge & the 5am run we did
– The walks aroundΒ The rocks
Sydney Tower Eye and ourΒ Valentine’s Day, Dean’s birthday celebration

A short 4-day trip together but it was time well spent <3



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