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Pullman Bangkok Hotel G


Bangkok is one of my favourite cities for a weekend getaway. Great thanks to Hotel G group, I had the chance to be whisked away to have a stay at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – a  5-star designer hotel located in the heart of the city at Silom. *blessed*

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is probably one of the most stylish modern lifestyle hotel offering cutting-edge design, in-vogue dining experiences, trendy events complete with spectacular panoramic views of the city centre and the iconic Chao Phraya River. You might not know this, but Pullman Bangkok Hotel Gwent through a complete renovation and rooms are looking real stylish – think classic vintage chic and classy whites. I stayed in the latter and every corner was instagram-worthy ;)

Not forgetting that this hotel houses two award-winning restaurants, 25 Degrees Burgers and Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant (helmed by Michelin starred Chef Sylvain Royer). Dean actually brought me to Scarlett last year in October for my birthday dinner and I had a memorable experience there. Am definitely happy to be back there for another meal and it was such a great experience – both food and service were impeccable. Even if you aren't a guest of the hotel, you might like to visit this place for a meal.

Alrighty, I'll let the pictures do the talking!

 photo 010916DSC_0906.jpg  
 photo 010916DSC_0911.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0910.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0916.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0801.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0811.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0814.jpg
 photo 010916DSC_0813.jpg 

  photo 010916DSC_0803.jpg   photo 010916DSC_0798.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0810.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0089.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0876.jpg  photo 010916DSC_0856.jpg  

  photo 010916DSC_0905.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0923.jpg


 photo 010916DSC_0948.jpg  photo 010916DSC_0940.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0836.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0844.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0164.jpg

    photo 010916DSC_0040.jpg  photo 010916DSC_0082.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0092.jpg  

 photo 010916DSC_0957.jpg 

 photo 010916DSC_0006.jpg

 photo 010916DSC_0964.jpg

Outfit: KLARRA's pleated halter dress in dusty blue, KLARRA's eyelet cutout top in wine & pleated wide leg pants in wine

If you are heading to Bangkok or overseas for a trip soon, you might want to check out www.hotels.com/visaholiday. I recently chatted with a friend and got to know that hotels.com is partnering with Visa from now till 31 December. Visa cardholders (for Visa Infinite & Visa Signature only) are able to enjoy 12% off with minimum 2 nights stay . Accommodation often takes up the bulk of travel expenditure and it's great to know that we can enjoy some savings. Besides that, you can easily book through www.hotels.com/visaholiday or via their mobile application too. www.hotels.com/visaholiday has over 700,000 hotels in more than 60 locations – it provides real time prices and it goes through a secure cashless payment process. ;)

Coupon : 12%
Code : VISA12
Book : 1 Nov to 11 Dec 2016
Stay : 1 Nov 2016 to 31 Mar 2017
Restrictions : Only Visa Signature & Infinite Card BINs with min. 2 nights stay

P.S: This promotion via Visa is not part of my trip to Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. The above information provided for Visa & hotels.com is for informational purposes only. beatricetan.com is not liable for any incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein.




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Bangkok Getaway

 photo 0204161DSC03524.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03355.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03404.jpg
Marble <3

 photo 0204161DSC03417.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03423.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03388.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03633.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03575.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03599.jpg
Wearing the v-neck textured dress from Klarra.

 photo 0204161DSC03649.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03646.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03454.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03453.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03433.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03481.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03492.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03346.jpg 

 photo 0204161DSC03331.jpg

  photo 020416DSC03668.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03677.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03679.jpg

It was a beautiful weekend spent in Bangkok.

Dean booked a weekend stay over at one of his favourite hotels – Sofitel So Bangkok and off we went. Lucky us had a complimentary upgrade to the suite and full member facilities, so we did have a ball of time that weekend – thanks Sofitel So!

Before I go on, meet Dean :) I did a brief introduction of him on my Dayre previously and thought I'd share some facts about him here as well.

Dean is from Macedonia, a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe (near Greece), with approximately 2 million population. The country uses Macedonian Denar (MKD) as their currency, people speak Macedonian and if you know the country, you would know that it is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia – from which it declared independence in 1991. Macedonia is also a landlocked country (meaning it's entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas).

I met Dean in Singapore early last year at a seminar and we've kept in touch since then. He is based in Bangkok (still is) since I met him and to be honest, I was initially wondering if it would be difficult with the distance. I've not experienced any relationship out of Singapore and this was a first. The good thing is that Bangkok is not that far from Singapore and it's pretty easy to get flights around. Besides that, am thankful for technology which allows us to have free calls every now and then which definitely helps a lot with communication.

Anyway, taking about Bangkok, try Kuppadeli if you are around Asoke area! It's quite a nice place with good quality food. Dean knows I love visiting new places and we aim to visit at least one during each Bangkok or Singapore trip.


219/1A The Pride – Asoke Towers, Sukhumvit 21,
Khlongtoey Nua, Wattana,
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 664 2350

Keeping the write up short and am prepping for bed now. One of 2016 resolutions is to sleep + wake u early (aiming at before 12am and 7am respectively) and I'm intending to keep to 70% of the promise *cross fingers*. With that said…..

Goodnight guys x




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Went to Bangkok for a short trip last week and took this chance to catch up with a few friends.

The usual activities would be shopping & massage but for this time, I got to explore new places thanks to the local friends! Glad to have caught up with Mam, who I knew years ago from the Korea Press Trip as well as Gift, who was my classmate in London.

I went for a house party as well and stepped into one of the most gorgeous homes ever. This trip to Bangkok was definitely different from my usual visits and I had a great time.

Some of the places I went..

1) Dinner at Zense
Lovely venue, lovely view and I thought food was pretty good too. Extensive menu with various cuisines such as Thai, Indian, European, Italian etc. Would recommend this place for families or big groups or even dates ;)
 photo 150415DSC06858.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06862.jpg

 photo 150415photo 3.jpg

2) Songkran
Was there on the first day of Songkran. It was also my first time in Thailand in Songkran and it was an eye-opener – just look at the crowd! Wish I went for S2O which is an annual Songkran party which I was told that it would be worth a visit.
 photo 150415DSC07118.jpg 

 photo 150415DSC07117.jpg

3) With Gift – my London classmate
Spent quality time with this lovely friend and happy for her that she has found a job she truly enjoys. Looking forward to see you again & thanks for all the help! ;)
 photo 150415DSC07106.jpg

4) With dear Mam
Knew Mam from the Korea press trip as mentioned earlier and she has recently opened a restaurant in Thailand. We will always try to catch up when I'm in Bangkok and glad we did again on this trip. Am actually heading to BKK next month again (tickets were booked way in advance) and look forward to bring the girls there for a meal!
 photo 150415DSC06997.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07007.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07025.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07034.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07033.jpg 

5) Sunday BBQ
Such a gorgeous home! Just check out those marble tiles and details. Made some new friends and I had an enjoyable afternoon there. Thank you to Amie/Victor for the kind hospitality!
 photo 150415DSC06906.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06894.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06927.jpg  

 photo 150415DSC06914.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06910.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06959.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06951.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06981.jpg  

 photo 150415DSC06974.jpg

 photo 150415DSC06963.jpg
Meet pound ;)

6) Gymming
Been a while since I've visited the Gym and glad this was convenient at where I stayed. Definitely in needddd of a work out!
 photo 150415photo 1.jpg

 photo 150415photo 2.jpg
Love my new fresh foam kicks from New Balance! Amazingly lightweight and it feels as though I was wearing nothing during my cardio exercise. Love this vermilion shade as well <3

7) Wine Connection
One of my favourite places in Thailand although I know we have this in Singapore as well. Good ambience, good food.
 photo 150415DSC07154.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07156.jpg

8) La Baguette
One of the newest brunch places at the Emquartier mall so I've heard. Brunch food was mediocre but desserts were pretty good.
 photo 150415DSC07178.jpg

 photo 150415DSC07179.jpg

The list goes on and there are so many more places I wish to explore in Bangkok. Can't wait to be back next month!




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One thing I love about Jatujak…

… is this coconut ice cream!

 photo 300413IMG_8526.jpg
This was my first bowl with two toppings of my choice – corn bits & Nata De Coco, but my favourite combo would be the second – glutinous rice & peanuts.

Tried this ice cream for the first time just yesterday and I'd two bowls at one go. I could have more if it wasn't for my mom and Z who stopped me. Heh. Too good and you've to try it if you're heading to Bangkok!




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Hello from the land of smiles!

Came on this trip together with mummykins for a short leisure holiday and we will be here for a couple more days till May day. Our first day today was definitely well spent. Almost walked the whole of JJ Market as well as around Chit Lom area and thank goodness for affordable and good massage to save the aching tired feet!

Met mom's Thai friend who brought us to this lovely place, located at the outskirts of Bangkok and also known to be extremely popular with the locals. This restaurant didn't allow reservations so we had to go earlier to avoid the jam and to ensure that we can get a table. We went about 6pm and the entire place was packed to the brim! I personally think that the place was beautiful, food was pretty good and prices were reasonable too. And if you are looking to head there to give it a try, do make sure you get a driver or something as cabs don't exactly pass by the area and it might be quite difficult to get out.

 photo 280413IMG_5157.jpg
I thought this place should be popular with weddings but I was surprised to know that it wasn't exactly so and instead, I was told that the Thai people frequent this place more for birthday celebrations instead.

 photo 280413IMG_5156.jpg

 photo 280413IMG_5150.jpg

 photo 280413IMG_5158.jpg

 photo 280413IMG_5164.jpg

 photo 280413IMG_5168.jpg

 photo 280413IMG_5167.jpg  

 photo 280413IMG_5170.jpg
And a beautiful sun set to complete the evening. ;)


60/1 Moo 12 Aksa Rd.
Sala Thammasop,Tawi Wattana,
Bangkok, Thailand

Mon – Thurs: 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Fri – Sun: 4:00 pm – 10:30 pm

On a side note, am SO glad to meet up with Zianna up here in Bangkok. She has recently moved here as she has gotten an opportunity to pursue a modelling career here in Bangkok and she will be staying for a couple of months. Very proud of her because in my opinion, it takes great courage to put down all things in your comfort zone and to start afresh at a new, unfamiliar place. All the best dear Z, you definitely have what it takes and I'll see you soon again! <3




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Panasonic Regional Beauty Conference 2012


Just last month, bloggermate Zoe and I had the privilege to be invited over to Bangkok to attend the Panasonic Beauty Regional Press Conference which Panasonic unveiled its latest range of innovative Beauty products in the South-East Asian markets. The two day trip had guests from various Asian countries, mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and last but not least, Singapore. Apart from Zoe and I who represented the 'bloggers' side for this event, we were excited to know that we had four more companions namely, Doreen and Meiwei who were from the Panasonic Singapore Marketing Team, Babara, a senior editor from Women's Weekly and Sarah, a writer from 8days. We also had the chance to meet with Panasonic's management, the Japanese. Special thanks to Doreen and Meiwei for this opportunity as well and for hosting us with great hospitality at the same time. ;)

We were whisked away to St.Regis for a night's stay where we were each put up in an amazingly gorgeous room (more pictures below). What got me even more excited prior to the trip was the news that we will each receive a 'Beauty surprise' prepared for us upon arrival at the hotel. You will be surprised to see what we received and oh boy, sure I was overwhelmed with a beauty surprise!

Will let the pictures do the talking. ;)

On the way to the airport.

Checked in and met up with the Singapore's Team over breakfast. ;)

With Zoe.

Definitely living up to its name, love our stay!

Checked into the room.

The room. Very spacious I must say.

The view from the other side.

St. Regis is also know for its bathtub!

The view outside the room.

And as mentioned earlier, we had a surprise awaiting for us. ;)

There! A set of Pink and gorgeous looking Panasonic Beauty products all wrapped up. How sweet and generous of them!!

They were really thoughtful to pack these boxes for us in an extra huge Naraya bag to easy carry the products back to Singapore.

Settled down a bit and started to unpack. Can't seem to pack light though it's just a two days trip.
Freshened up a bit before meeting the team to explore around St. Regis in search for a good Thai lunch.

A staff from St.Regis recommended this place called Kalpapruek.

The red velvet waffles are a MUST-TRY. Too Delish!

We had a sumptuous and satisfying lunch before we went back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the welcome dinner.

Spent the late afternoon checking out the gifts. Love them!

From clockwise -  Nano Face-Hair Ionizer, Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer, Nanocare Hairdryer,  Straightener and Pocket Doltz Toothbrush

“Beauty of Empowerment”, Panasonic Beauty products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of Asian women, in line with their modern lifestyles.
These products come in one shade – a stunning pink, which is gorgeous in my opinion! Always thought pink is a great colour for accessories, beauty products or gadgets. Will be sharing more on these products in another entry, so do stay tuned for it! ;)

All ready for the welcome dinner. ;)

Meiwei from Panasonic, coincidentally my Uni senior too :)


Begun the day with a hearty breakfast.

To kick start the official press conference, they introduced the four beautiful brand ambassadors and had them strutting off the stage with their endorsed products repsectively. These ladies are successful regional icons who have been appointed as brand ambassadors to represent the Panasonic brand in each local market. The regional brand ambassadors include:

1. Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya), representing Thailand Yaya as she is affectionately known, is a Thai-Norwegian actress who is effectively managing a booming career, and an education at a top local university
2. Atiqah Hasihola, representing Indonesia Atiqah is a critically acclaimed Indonesian actress who is a strong proponent of green lifestyle and is regarded as one of the most popular and stylish celebrity in the country
3. Duong Truong Thien Ly, representing Vietnam Thien Ly was one of the winners and Miss Photogenic in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, and is an advocate of various social and environmental causes in Vietnam
4. Marion Caunter, representing Malaysia and Singapore Marion is a Channel V International TV Host, who juggles her busy television career and motherhood

The press conference explained on how to operate the different products and they also invited renowned faces to give a live-demonstration.

We left for the airport immediately after the conference ended to catch our flight back. A pretty rush but fulfilling trip I would say. It was definitely a great honour to be there in Bangkok for this regional press conference and I can't wait to share more about these innovations from Panasonic. All of which are designed with the Nanotechnology, one of the most impressive technologies we could ever have. Till then, stay tuned! ;)





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Bangkok Retreat

I'm back with a full post and massive pictures of my Bangkok Retreat.

Took this chance to go on a hiatus and the trip proves to be a rewarding and enlightening one. Glad that I went for this vacay and it certainly was a much-needed break. Somehow or another, I feel better after being back. The reading & me-time were of great help and maybe once in a while, we all should do something like that if we can. Just somewhere near and affordable would be good enough ;)

Spent some time exploring the area near Centara Grand (where Ethan stayed for his business trip and the major shopping malls were all around there. Took a leisure walk and found myself at Central Word / Big C after 5 minutes,  Indara Spa for good & affordable spa just beside Big C, and Platinum Mall after a good 15 minutes. Not to forget, Grand Hyatt is also around the corner, so that location already kept me bus walking for two whole days or so.

Didn't plan to visit any place in particular so I don't exactly have an itinerary to follow nor share. But here are some snapshots along the way, so…enjoy the peeks!


#OOTD: Klarra's Fernette Boho Dress & Yventually's boho Creme Bag for the start of the trip.

My favourite waffle place, located at the basement of Platinum Mall. The plain flavour is the best!
Tried the chocolate one before but it was pretty disappointing.

Picked up some street food along the way. The barbequed banana turns out to be disappointing too ;(
Spotted this durian sticky rice which was pretty interesting but I'm not a Durian fan to begin with. Durian lovers, you might want to give it a try next time. Saw this at Big C supermarket.



Spent some time reading in the room with a cuppa tea for the morning. Can't get enough of teas <3

#OOTD: Outfit from Bangkok, wiith Yventually's Boho Creme Bag once again.

Took a stroll and went to Erawan Tea Room at Grand Hyatt for tea & reads.

Only found out about this when I was about to leave.
The afternoon tea set seems enticing & if you happened to be heading there soon, please let me know how is it! June recommended me this place & said the food is good. Saw that most people came here for thai food than tea as well, too bad I didn't get a chance to try it. Hopefully next time. (;

Love this mango dessert place. They sell all sorts of Mango desserts and if you are a Mango fan like me, there's no reason for you to miss out this place ;) It's called Mango Tango and is located at Siam Square Soi 4. Opens from 11.30am till 10pm.

My all time favourite. Love the crispy bits in the sticky rice!


Ethan was done with his business trip, and we spent the last three days touring Bangkok together. (:

Shifted to a new place called Abloom, a service apartment near chatuchak area.
We didn't like the location as there aren't shops around walking distance. The only catch is that it's located near a BTS Station (Salom Pao) & it's just 3 stops away from Chatuchak.

#OOTD: Klarra's Floral Romper (Upcoming, launching soon)

Thailand has one of the best tasting noodle soups. ;)

It's a mall consists of different prominent brands. Not a wholesale mall but if you are looking to shop for their local designers, you might want to pay this mall a visit. if you are looking for cheap thrill and bargaining, you can just skip this mall and probably head to platinum, night markets, sampheng (Chinatown) or Chatuchak weekend market. (; Love the food basement though, some sort like our Singapore's Takashimaya's food hall with unique and tasty delights.

Love churos and bought this at the food hall to try. But this turned out to be really burnt and awful tasting :(

This might sound silly, but does anyone know why Mos burgers' signage is in green in Bangkok? Please educate me!
And the crepe box looks really promising, if you do try, please let me know how it is it too. (;

Dinner was at Shangri-la.

Went on a dinner date on the yacht, courtesy of my Thai friend, Mam (:

International buffet was served on board while the boat toured around Chao Phraya River. We got to witness many different cultural spots & it was definitely an amazing experience. Thanks Mam!

Knew Mam last year in Korea when I was on the familiarization trip organized by Korea Tourism Board. She was one of the guests too (;
So great to meet Mam and to catch up with her over dinner. Absolutely privileged to be dining over a sumptuous meal and to be chauffeured for the night. That's Mam for you, very hospitable, kind & generous.

Patronized one of the newest night markets in town – Asiatique.

Things are generally more expensive and area is more touristy.



Begun the day with a good meal at 'The best of Boat Noodles" located at Victory Monument.  (Credits to J2kfm)


Winnifred/Shawn recommended me to try this and it seems like a popular eating place for the locals too.

True enough, food was so flavourful and good! There were basically different kinds of noodles/soups, such as pork spicy, non-spicy, tomyum etc and it was pretty funny how we both reacted when the bowls of noodles came- uber tiny portion! Ethan and I thought it was crazy for couples to be eating like 10 bowls or more but we ended up eating 12 bowls! Shawn even told me customers will get a free bottle of large pepsi for every 20 bowls ordered and I thought it was a typo in the message still! Geez. But well, it's worth a try for sure, very affordable and indeed tasty. Am definitely going back the next time I head to Bkk.

It can be quite confusing for first-timers, so if you need the map, there you go!

Shopping at Sampheng, Chinatown.

June recommended me this roasted duck noodles and it was oh-so delicious!!
Located opposite the only Watsons (under White Orchid Hotel) at Chinatown. It is not a shop but a road side stall.

Ethan had the mixed meat noodles & it was equally good.


Heading to Chatuchak ;)

Chanced upon this place that sells leather stuff with customization while going through rows of shops at Chatuchak. Rare find!

Check out the pretty things this shop does! They allow customization on the beautiful coloured keychains and I made a batch for my girlfriends and family.
Made a couple for myself too, love them!

Another of my favourite snack ;)

The chicken noodles that you have to try at Chatuchak, absolutely delicious (;

Last shot before we head back to Sunny Singapore.
#OOTD: Klarra's Kanedu Abstract Top (in Orange) & Klarra's Tishey Shorts in Neon Yellow.


Matched the outfit with Alexis Bag in Black from Yventually. Love how versatile this bag is and made of good quality too. Comes in a vibrant mustard colour too which I had a hard time deciding which to get. You might want to hop over to take a look at it! (;





0206 HRS

Bangkok Retreat


I'm finally here in Bangkok for my retreat stint.

Had quite a time trying to reach here and I was supposed to be arriving yesterday noon. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed last minute for about five hours and landing was also delayed due to flight traffic.  Wanted to avoid the massive jam in Bangkok during peak hours but I reached right smack between the peak hours time frame! Quite a hilarious moment when the cab driver mentioned that driving to Pattaya would be much faster than entering Bangkok City to my hotel. But the driver was really nice to take the small roads, being a tour guide along the way, and got me to Centara Grand in just about 40 minutes. Phew, was still expecting an hour half or more!

Anyway, Centara Grand Bkk is gorgeous! Great location and it is just 5 minutes away from Siam Paragon or 10 minutes to walk to Platinum area (where all the bargain shopping is). Besides that, the room is really cosy and comfortable too. Well, the company is treating the employees well, I must say. ;)


The morning view from our hotel room

Room service, breakfast in bed <3

Retreat starts now and…. see you folks soon again here ;)


Before i go off, here's some latest designs in town and you might wish to check them out! (;

Chandelle House has a series of sweet/dainty styles, and if you are a fan of those, you would have a great range to choose from!
This versatile sweet pink dress is one of their latest manufactured items and do hop over to their site for more colour choices (;

Once again, another minimalist design from Chandelle House.
Accompanied with unique details on the sleeves, you can just wear it plain like this or match it up with a blazer for a more corporate look!

Summer definitely calls out for prints! Pearlavish brings to you this lovely flare bottom dress with contrasting bird prints.
Material is oh-so-comfy and you will love the flare bottom. (;

Last nut not least, this corporate dress from Pearlavish is a classic timeless piece!
The cut and material are both amazing cum flattering. A piece you wouldn't want to miss for sure.





1209 HRS

Vel’s Mafia Birthday

I'm back folks!

Its a Sunday, and I feeling a bit of Monday Blues here. Boo!
Hope you guys aren't feeling this way,
because we shouldn't let this tiny bit of blues to spoil the remaining time of our previous weekend.

And why not let me share my BB-MM?
Which is a Bea's Breakfast for Motivational Monday. Hahahahahaha,

Let me share my own recipe for a breakfast I made last week!

I thought it looks yummy cuz of the strawberries,
and you can get this up within just minutes!

Its in fact very healthy food, (as recommended from my mother)
and its Strawberry Oat Meal with Flakes.
Apparently Oat is a very good source of fibre,
and girls, we should start eating it as meals because Oat helps dieting! 
I researched and found this explanation for it…..

"Not only it is a delicious dish for breakfast,
it is also a dish that helps in reducing your hunger,
thereby helping you stick to your diet plan.
This is because the fiber in oats forms gels to fill up.
And it is these gels that delay the emptying of your stomach so that you don’t feel hungry quickly. "

Easy peasy, low cost and healthy,
you just need to get:
1. Instant Oatmeal from your usual NTUC, Cold Storage etc.
2. Whatever ingredients that you want to add into the oatmeal porridge.

To keep it as healthy as possible,
I added it my favourite strawberries
and also sweetened cornflakes to give it a slight sweet and crunchy taste!

* *

My first time at MBS was actually attending Vel dear's 23rd Birthday at a HUGE SUITE!


It was absolutely awesome because there was a theme and everyone was extremely spontaneous about it.
Love themed parties and that's always the highlight of the gathering.

If you realised, the theme is MAFIAS and recalling the night,
I totally kudos to everyone for going all out for Vel.

Even Bryan too… this is hilarious.
Rach was asking Bryan to pose with me with the flowers on his hand,
and the black flower clip on his HAIR! :p

Look at how Mafia he went, (the tattoo stocking on the arm). Coolbeans.

Here's titus and lihui and….. fred's bag that i couldn't resist carrying it because it looks too unique.

The birthday specs!

Doing the Lovebonito poses! hahahaha

Here comes cake cutting session…

We had cups with our own names.

Uncle and Auntie was totally spontaneous too!

And we tried out the new camera of Rach!
Look at how it captures all of us.

Hope Vel had a blast that night,
and It was a fabulous party which i love every single bit of it! :)

* * *