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Night out with friends

 photo 020117IMG_5319.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5287.jpg  photo 020117DSC05626.jpg  photo 0201017.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5299.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5316.jpg   photo 020117IMG_5317.jpg

Heard a lot about Equinox but first time dining here. The view was spectacular and easily one of the best places to see Singapore's skyline. 

Thanks for arranging this, Justin and Edna. The night was lovely x




1205 HRS

Filming for Panasonic 99s Wonders

I was completely spent during the weekend as I was out filming on both days for almost 17 hours each day! This has got to be one of the longest and most tiring shoots I've ever had. No complains for sure because there were approximately 10 people involved in the production and I'm sure the crew spent longer hours on shoot set than I am.

We did a filming for 12 short webisodes, introducing the lastest range of beauty products by Panasonic and the videos will showcase some tips/tricks that will definitely be helpful for you guys. Furthermore, a lot of effort was taken to set up the gorgeous princess room which I strongly urge you to watch at least one of the upcoming videos to take a look at how amazing the room is! Heh. The entire room – painted walls, bed frame, shelves etc, were put together from scratch specially for this shoot and I'm sure you'll be impressed with the work of the crew!

Can't wait to share the videos and here are some behind-the-scenes shots. ;)

 photo 2905132013-05-18183941.jpeg  photo 290513photo2.jpg

 photo 290513photo5.jpg  photo 290513photo4.jpg
Say hello to my huge zit! My first time having 'special effects' done on my face, was so intrigued by it!

 photo 290513photo1.jpg
So much work in the production and really thankful again to have a patient team with great people to work with again!

Two full days of about 35 hours of makeup was no joke and usually after shoots, I'll do a scrub, mask to prevent clogged pores that will then lead to breakouts and dirty, hagged skin.

I personally don't really have any favourite mask to introduce as my usual masks were the very affordable ones from Beauty Diary, mass brands from Korea etc and I thought they were not too bad but not exactly impressive after using. Pardon me for being quite a noobcake (learnt this word from my NUS mate, minyi. Love how hilarious it sounds when you read it out loud.) but I had that impression that masks were moisturizing but not as moisturizing as compared to our skin care products such as moisturizer which we'll use on a daily basis. Besides that, I also thought that the masks from good/luxury brands will probably just be slightly better. But the makeup artist I met on shoot set urged me to put one at night after the first day of shoot and also emphasized that a good mask makes a huge difference.

Not getting paid for this, but Lancome sent me a complete set of skin care products previously with no obligations of us to blog, publicize on them and for that, I thought they were really, really generous. From the bag of products, it came with this set of Lancome Genifique Masks that contained just 3 x Mask sheets which psychologically, made the pack precious and the masks seemed like miracle pieces though I was still a tad skeptical.

It was funny how I told the make up artist, Fion, that I've a pack of Lancome masks which I've been keeping them aside, waiting for an appropriate moment to use and she went like "When is an appropriate time to use? Just use it!". True true. One thing about me is I always don't bear to buy/open new things (except for clothes & accessories teehee) until I've really used up my old ones but the fact is, I'll forget that I've them or where did I place them and by the time I realised/found them, they have already expired. Boohoo.

So anyway, I was overly sweaty, oily by the time I reached home, so I decided to heed Fion's advice, pampered myself and opened this pack of Lancome Genefique masks to use one. Oh boy, luxury brands are indeed luxury for a reason. The mask was awesome!! Starting from the texture of the mask (you'll love it!) till the end-result, I swear I've never felt so impressed by a mask before. I can't really explain but for some reasons, I felt that my skin was revitalized, hydrated instantly and it felt almost 5 times more moisturized as compared to the usual masks I've been using. Oh dear, what have I been missing out!

 photo 290513IMG_5706.jpg

 photo 290513IMG_5702.jpg  photo 290513IMG_5694.jpg

And oh, by the way….. I used a second piece right after my second day of shoot.
So much for keeping them for an appropriate time. Geez!





0404 HRS

Go Feline with Maybelline Magnum Mascara!


 photo 3103131IMG_0895.jpg

Just last month, I joined in a filming for Maybelline's Vlog series and this time, the theme was WILD CATS! Together with Eunice and Tammy, we were each assigned a particular animal theme and we actually paid a visit to the Wild (yes, unfortunately it's only the Zoo in Singapore) to hunt for inspirations to do up a complete look. The focus this time was the eyes because it was all about Maybelline's Latest Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara. The Magnum Mascara was THE best seller back then and this time, it's back with a different yet gorgeous packaging and a revised formula – "Lush Collagen formula and claw brush fill out lashes up to 7 x the volume for fabulous cat-like corners, instantly. Smudgeproof and waterproof. It's wild! "

As you can guess from the above picture, I was assigned the Leopard look, whereas Eunice and Tammy's inspired animals were the White Tiger and Black Panther respectively. We filmed for two Vlogs, one on our hunt for inspirations and the next on a tutorial, sharing on some tricks/tips to achieve your desired Feline Cat Eye look. Videos are below so stay tuned to the end of the entry ;)

It was definitely great fun being outdoors filming for the videos albeit the scorching hot weather. Thank you to Jerraine and Mei Juan for arranging and it was a joy working with you both!

Some behind the scenes pictures below:
 photo 0104131IMG_0902.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_0963.jpg  photo 0104131IMG_0958.jpg
 photo 0104131IMG_0957.jpg  photo 0104131IMG_0954.jpg
All ready for the hunt for inspirations! Finally put this cowboy hat to good use after wearing it only once in Kota Kinabula years ago. Bought this there at a steal and it has been one of my favourite hats since then ;)

 photo 0104131IMG_0970.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_1005.jpg  
Thought these meerkats were really adorable!

 photo 0104131IMG_1003.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_1001.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_0999.jpg
One of my favourite animals because of their prints  ;)

 photo 0104131IMG_0985.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_0982.jpg

 photo 0104131IMG_0903.jpg  
And after the Hunt… Managed to dig out my long lost booties to match-up a wild cat inspired outfit. Love this pair and I used to wear it a lil more frequent and that was before I've chucked them aside in the cardboard one day and totally forgot about this pair of shoes. A lil sad to find the faux leather flaking out at the end of the shoot and I think I won't be able to find the same similar ones ;(

 photo 0104131IMG_0922.jpg  photo 0104131IMG_0912.jpg
 photo 0104131IMG_0916.jpg   photo 0104131IMG_0913.jpg
 photo 0104131IMG_0942.jpg  photo 0104131IMG_0941.jpg
Brought one of my favourite GUESS bags out too ;)

 photo 0104131IMG_0909.jpg
The ladies goofing under the hot sun…

 photo 0104131IMG_0931.jpg
.. and back to serious work.

 photo 0104131IMG_0925.jpg

In case you haven't spot Maybelline Cat Eyes' Magnum Mascara, I thought I'll share some pictures of it here. Besides the gorgeous packaging, this mascara is waterproof and it is really long lasting too. Love it that it helps to lengthen and curl better within a few strokes! Furthermore, the price is reasonable too and do check it out at Watsons, Guardian and other departmental stores etc ;)
 photo 0104131maybellinecateye.jpg  photo 0104131mascara.jpg

Last but not least, here are the two Vlogs and do support by watching them! We had a professional videographer and he did a great job filming/editing the videos. Hope the tips will be helpful for you ladies too  ;)

Have a great week ahead folks!




1003 HRS

Mediacorp Celebrates Women’s TVC

Just about a month ago, I did a filming & shoot for Mediacorp Celebrates Women'13 TVC. This TVC is part of an annual initiative introduced by Mediacorp and it is in conjunction with international Women's Day (which falls on March 8). From what i understand, it's a month's long campaign too and every year, Mediacorp will come up with interesting, fun yet relevant ways to express the diversities in the life of being a woman. Am absolutely proud to be a woman on the planet Earth and I'm sure all of you ladies feel the same way too!

Very excited to know that the TVC is still being broadcasted on our local channels like Channel 5, 8 and CNA (so I've heard) and am feeling extremely honoured to be part of this. I'm quite sure there is a whole bunch of people out there who have what it takes or even more, so I'm really thankful. Here's a shout-out to Pei Ling from Mediacorp & Founder/Director Terrence Tan from ICE Inc (who was also the creative mind behind 'Save my World' MV for MediaCorp's annual Saving Gaia campaign to mark World Environment Day), THANK YOU for the opportunity.  :*)

For those who haven't caught a glimpse of the TVC, the mediacorp team has very kindly uploaded both the English & Mandarin versions to their youtube channel, so here you go!

The full shoot day was for both Print Ad & TVC and it took us all a consecutive 12 hours to call it a wrap but time definitely flew by in the blink of an eye! I thought I was quite well-rested albeit the long hours and for that, I've to say another great Thank you to the crew behind-the-scenes – the guys from The Republic Studio (Print Ad) & Bert Lighting House (TVC).  A very fun-loving team to work with for sure, and to Director TT & the crew, thank you for being really patient with me throughout the shoot. :)

Some behind-the-scene pictures below:

Reported at 8am for shoot and the crew was very thoughtful to get us all coffee & breakfast ;)

The shoot board.

It's quite funny to know that both Albert (the guy above) and I didn't exchange any single word throughout the whole shoot, but I suppose that's how professional the production crew is to make sure we 'interact' in the advertisement.

Watching Albert doing his takes. I can't imagine watching myself here, going to be quite…. awkward.

I had 9 different hairstyles for the shoot and they were all done by Marc Teng, a veteran in the beauty industry.

My main view for the day.

Instagrammed these two photos, and as you can see, here were 6 of the 9 hairstyles I'd for the TVC. Thank you Marc Teng for the fantabulous makeup & hairdos ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed the TVC and will be back on this space for more updates soon!




1112 HRS

Bring up the fun with Resorts World Genting!


So I was back in Genting after half a year, and this time was for a Reelity Webseries Shoot. Together with 3 other bloggermates, 4 evangelists, Gabby and Jayne from Nuffnang and not forgetting the Reelty production team, we headed up to Genting for a 5D4N stay, courtesy of Resorts World Genting (Thank you Kenix & Carol!). Spent approximately 3 full days filming for the gameshow there which we had to perform a series of tasks around Genting and you wouldn't expect what they had us to do! The first three episodes of the webseries have been aired on ReelityTV, so watch them HERE to see what kind of challenges did we do. ;)


Filming started as early as 8am, we had the privileged-passes and were let in before doors opened!

With the 3 other bloggermates and the 4 evangelists ;)

Do watch the webseries to find out what was our first challenge. ;)

Each of us was paired up with an evangelist and say hello to Amanda, my spontaneous partner.

Lunch  at Happy Valley was truly a feast.

Crayfish with cheese, yum ;)

Dinner was at my FAVOURITE restaurant in the Genting – Imperial Rama. Missed this place ever since I've patronized it half a year back courtesy of RWG too. Definitely one of the best restaurants there!

Some of the must-have(s):

Mushrooms in Truffle oil.

Salted Egg prawns that EVERYBODY loved!

Durian Tempura which was heavenly. I'm never a fan of Durian but this was an exception. The creamy paste inside the fried dough was too delish to resist and I personally felt that it has more of a milk taste than the overpowering Durian taste. For Durian lovers, you have, have have have to try this. As for those who aren't, I would suggest you give it a try too, it's too tasty. Heh


My lovely roomies – TypicalBen & Shiberty Jess ;)

Filming took place at Bubbles and Bites, an Italian Restaurant.

The ReelityTV crew at work.

Jayne and Gabby who dearly accompanied us throughout the 5 days .<3

Bubbles and bites had this futuristic interior and we just had to snap some pictures for keepsake!

You will be surprised to know what challenge this was. P.S: Video's at the end of this entry!

With Tenant, an intern with RWG who accompanied us for the 5 days stay too ;)

And a pleasure once again to meet with Carol ;)



We made a trip to the brand new Snow World!

Rudi from ReelityTV, and Noel was our host for the gameshow

With Amanda, Zhi Wei and Juli

Jess loaned me her cute Penguin beanie as a good luck charm and it was sucha cute beanie. Thanks for being such a sweetheart, Jess! ;D

With Juli, the beauty guru.

With Boon Leong, who was part of the Themepark Management Team.

And that's Noel pose for you, he's really good at doing this particular hand sign with an expression which I can't seem to master (but I think Amanda mastered it well! Heh).

Last but not least, it was a wrap and a picture of the whole team for a night of celebration!

With Joshua, who started ReelityTV and do support him for his works ;)

A shot with the dear friends from RWG. :)


Lunch was at 'Hao Peng You', an authentic Chinese Restaurant.

The salted egg prawns, a must-have ;)

Ben and I were told that Daily Fresh at Genting sells really good waffles so we just had to get some before we left Genting. Here's Ben looking all happy while waiting for his waffles.

Just check out how unique the flavours were. I tried the original one and it was so good, definitely heading back for more next time!

Before I sign off, here's the video of the latest episode- the semi finals. Hope you enjoy it as I did and am looking forward to the final one next! ;)

Reelity Showdown Genting Semi Finals from reelitytv on Vimeo.

Thank you RWG for the opportunity to visit Genting once again and for organizing such a wonderful experience for us all. Till then, I'll see you again, Genting ;)


New lace top from Pearlavish and definitely a versatile piece to match up your glitz and glamour bottoms for this Festive season!




0211 HRS

skoob’s 1st Birthday!

P.S: Will be updating the last of Koh Samui next! ;)

Whoopee, Episode One of Metro’s Christmas Web Series is out! Did Christmas shopping for this episode and watch to see some interesting products. I must say the Christmas Trees themes by Metro are amazingly gorgeous! Note: In this episode, we’ve an expert to teach us on some tips on Tree styling too. ;) 

Definitely a very enriching experience hosting #MetroSG's Christmas WebSeries and a BIG thank you Metro Singapore for the very privileged opportunity despite me being an amateur – felt that I was pretty stiff on shoot set. It was my first time hosting so hope I didn’t sound too nervous and hope you don't mind my mistakes/uneasiness if you spot any! More to work on for sure, but never more thankful to get to be part of this. Would be really awesome if you can lend me your support too by watching and spreading the first series! You can help by tweeting this on twitter and at the same time, stand a chance to win an attractive gift, courtesy of Metro:  “ Watch #MetroSG’s 1st Xmas webisode http://bit.ly/V5naiT & help me to win a hamper worth more than $500! (Pls RT) “ 

Hope you are the one who gets to walk home with the product hamper! ;)

Will blog more on the filming experience once I've gathered the pictures! ;)



Ever since I'm introduced to skoob last month (see entry HERE), I’ve been spending quite some time reading everyday especially after Ethan got me the iPad as a birthday gift too. I read my books via both iPhone & iPad, but you have to agree that iPad makes reading so much better. In fact, I would say reading on iPad is excellent, have never thought that reading ebooks than physical books can be so enjoyable and convenient and I suppose the latter is the reason why some of us switched to e-books as well. Amongst all the reasons of why e-books are better nowadays, what I truly like about reading e-books is that we can easily 'Define' the unknown word with just one touch! Definitely a very conducive platform to read, understand and learn better.

Anyway, ever since i'm a member of skoob, I'll receive promotions, news update about the latest books in town from time to time. The latest news I got hold of is definitely one not to be missed! It's  SKOOB'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

It's skoob's first birthday anniversary still, and they will be lining up some special promotions just for you guys! Just read on to find out what are the treats they have specially prepared for existing/new skoobers ;)



Take this chance to READ and WIN! For those who love reading and always spending money on books, here are some exciting gifts skoob has lined up for you to thank you. Click on the above picture to check out more about the prizes! In a nutshell, only for the next 2 days, you can get a chance to take home either a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a Samsung S3 or a Sony Xperia S 10. Fret not if you are not the top 3 spenders, for consolation prizes, you get to win skoob mini portable speakers!

P.S: You can still be the top spender within these two days, check out skoob's website to see what's the highest spender's amount and quickly purchase your books within these two days to top the amount!



Apart from the above prizes that you get a chance to win, skoob came up with more exciting rewards ongoing for you too. Take this chance to get more rebates and be it you win the above prizes or not, you will still be rewarded with skoob rebates! You will automatically receive your rebate voucher via email the following month, which you can use it to purchase your next read on skoob ;)



For those who missed out this complimentary $5 voucher the previous time, skoob has kindly extended this offer from now till year end. You don't have to purchase anything to get the voucher, so why not just get it first?! It will definitely be of good use if you spot any book you would like to purchase and read in the future. Access www.skoobvoucher.com via your mobile phone (remember only 3G, Wifi is not applicable) to obtain your free $5 e-book voucher or just scan the QR Code above ;)

P.S: Some books cost less than $5 even!



I'm currently at the third book of this Trilogy by E L James. I wouldn't deny that it's an absolutely erotic novel, but I thought the love portrayed in the book by EL James was captivating/ admirable. OK, just let me be a typical-girl-who-loves-romance-novels-and-dreams-to-have-this-kind-of-undying-unrealistic-love for once here, but I promise I'll get back to reality after completing the novel. heh And somehow, E L James portrays the main character – Christian Grey, as an extremely charming, handsome, mesmerizing, devoted, rich guy (to the extend that I am quite sure this kind of guy doesn't exist although it makes you feel as though Christian Grey does exist when you read the book).

It was COMPLETELY hilarious when I found out that my girlfriends were reading too, and we would discuss some of the terms which we seriously had no idea what they mean. The terms were just too foreign and we had to google the words many a time. BUT like I've mentioned above, reading e-books on Paddy (my iPad) is just one of the best ways to read. Just two touches on the screen – Touch-&-hold-on-the-word > 'Define', tadah, you get the meaning of the word instantly. Can't be more thankful to be exposed to skoob and ebooks, I'm constantly learning (be it necessary or non-necessary hmmm… but I would like to think everything/every word is necessary, it never harms to learn more ;p).

To view more on Fifty Shades of Grey, CLICK HERE
To view more on Fifty Shades Freed, CLICK HERE
To view more on Fifty Shades Darker, CLICK HERE
To view more on Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, CLICK HERE


One thing I like about skoob is that I can always get to know which book is worth reading next. Since i'm about done with the last Trilogy book, Fifty Shades Freed, I've already spotted my next new read , Bared To You by Sylvia Day. Her second novel from the Trilogy – Reflected In You, has topped fifty shades in the New York Bestsellers currently. Always trusting the bestseller books because they are categorized under that for a reason!

A lil on this book, obtained from skoob's website:
- "Intensely romantic, darkly sensual and completely addictive, Sylvia Day's Reflected in You will take you to the very limits of obsession – and beyond." 
- "If I were to recommend any book today to readers who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey . . . this would be the first one I would offer . . . It is full of emotional angst, scorching love scenes, and a compelling story line."
- "Far sexier than Fifty Shades of Grey . . . this is an erotic romance that should not be missed"
- "A well written and sexually charged romance with characters who have real depth . . . it's what Fifty Shades of Grey should have been"

OK, to put it bluntly, it seems like it's another sex book (The term that one of my friends named the book, Fifty Shades of Grey . Previously she saw me reading it, she went like " Are you reading that sex book too? "). Let's see how special this Trilogy is to have topped Fifty Shades.


So thanks to skoob, I got myself a copy of the first of the Triology- Bared to You by Sylvia day, in Paddy:

I haven't completed the book yet but the scorching love scenes (so they say) have already begun at the first few chapters. It's somehow similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, in terms of storyline and concept wise and it topped EL James's Fifty Shades of Grey in the market which was shocking to many because of how popular Fifty Shades of Grey was previously. Anyway, I did some reading and realised that many did a comparison between both authors and complimented Slyvia Day's novel to be "better written," "sophisticated," and "engaging.  For the first point, probably so because Fifty Shades of Grey is somehow an easier read as compared but in terms of sophistication + engagement, I think these two books are on par. On the other hand, Slyvia Day also received criticisms, saying that her story concept was ripped from Fifty Shades of Grey.

In my personal opinion after reading the first few chapters, I think how the story of the couple started was a bit…. insane and unrealistic actually. But I'm still keen to read on to see how the story develops. Just a brief synopsis from wiki if you are unsure what's this about:

"Bared to You centers on Eva, a young woman who was raped by her stepbrother as a child. She finds it difficult at times to overcome this past, but is instantly drawn to billionaire Gideon Cross as soon as she meets him after falling down in a lobby. Gideon has suffered a bad childhood himself, which he initially tries to deny. The two must find a way to slowly heal each other in order to move on from the past and to a brighter future for both of them."

To view more on Bared to You, CLICK HERE.
To view more on Reflected In You, CLICK HERE.


Previously I've a girlfriend who told me that she felt so shy and awkward holding the physical book of Fifty Shades of Grey up in buses, trains on their way to work/home because it seemed like EVERYONE has already read the book (due to the stares she got when she was reading in public transports). I can imagine how awkward yet amusing the moment can be and I bet those starers were probably waiting to see if she will have any reaction while reading and went thinking "hmm which page is she at? which scene is she at?". Too hilarious. And that's the point I'm driving at now, E-BOOKS ARE YOUR SAVIOURS! So that adds on to the cool factor of skoob, nobody knows what you're reading, and I've to stress on my favourite aspect, you get to define the words just within a touch.

Another great thing about skoob is that they have the synopsis, reviews included under each book and also, you get to sample 10% the book anytime before you decide whether you wish to purchase it! They are indeed generous as compared to other e-books stores and apart from that, ebooks are generally much cheaper in skoob as compared to others (I've surveyed this and I've friends telling me that too.)

I've tonnes of other books i would love to read too, like The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom (above, and that's Mitch Albom on the left by the way), Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling etc.


It's an exciting period where you can:
- Earn rebates when you read
- Get the chance to win Galaxy Note II (just be the top spender and you can visit skoob's website to see the current status of the top spenders!)
- Get an introductory $5 to keep or start your reading adventure with skoob if you have not tried





0411 HRS

Back from Genting

A short and quick update because I'm really tired and my eye lids are extremely heavy now.

Just got back from Genting yesterday and oh boy, it feels good to be back! During the past week, we had 3 full days of filming which started at 830am all the way till 5pm and I was completely drained out after the 3rd day. Wouldn't complain because I had other bloggers, evangelists, the ReelityTV's production crew as well as Jayne/Gabby from Nuffnang as companions and they were a fun bunch of people to hang out with. Had the opportunity to catch up with dear Carol & Kenix (from Resort World Genting's Maketing) once again and thanks to them both, I had the honour of being whisked away to Genting on a second sponsored trip but this time with a special initiative – the RWG Gameshow.

We did a Gameshow filming for RWG and it will be aired on ReelityTV probably in a couple of weeks time. Together with the other 3 bloggers and 4 evangelists, we were divided into 4 teams (1 blogger + 1 evangelist) and we had to battle against each other. The production crew incorporated an elimination system (which I thought it was a pretty harsh move) in the competition whereby the losing team in each round will get kicked out, and just imagine how intense the competition was! But I suppose that creates excitement and I better not go on further in case I divulge too much information on the gameshow and destroy the element of surprise. I myself can't wait to see the videos and stay tuned to catch us in our silly and crazy moments! ;)

Photobucket Photobucket
My two roomies, TypicalBen & Shiberty Jess.

The 4 bloggers + 4 evangelists.

The team (missing Gabby/Jayne from Nuffnang).