1102 HRS

Night out with friends

 photo 020117IMG_5319.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5287.jpg  photo 020117DSC05626.jpg  photo 0201017.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5299.jpg  photo 020117IMG_5316.jpg   photo 020117IMG_5317.jpg

Heard a lot about Equinox but first time dining here. The view was spectacular and easily one of the best places to see Singapore's skyline. 

Thanks for arranging this, Justin and Edna. The night was lovely x




1003 HRS

Till we meet again

 photo 060315DSC04803.jpg

 photo 060315DSC04945.jpg

 photo 060315DSC04972.jpg

Meet Aden, Celia & Desmond :)

Had mentioned earlier that a few overseas guests were in town. They were distanced family friends from Chao Zhou and were here for whole two weeks, putting up at the guest room at home. I had an enjoyable time hanging out with them every night and it felt like a mini gathering with friends.

For one of the days, they spent the whole morning doing marketing, an afternoon preparing the ingredients, and the evening whipping up a homecooked dinner for us all. Oh boy, it was such a sumptuous one and everything was amazing (love that curry fried rice especially). Really lovely to have Sharon and Poots joining in for the meal and we hung out all the way till 2am – not quite usual for a workday heh.

Feeling a little sad after sending them off late last night.. :(

On a random note, it's starting to feel a lil frightening that time is passing by so quickly and 2015 is whizzing by so fast. Can't believe it's going to be April soon and that's a quarter of the year done. Where did all the time go?! Seesh.




0703 HRS

The Provision Shop

   photo 010315DSC04734.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04736.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04701_1.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04760.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04739.jpg  

 photo 010315DSC04713.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04709.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04690.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04696.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04718.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04699.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04698.jpg 

 photo 010315DSC04730.jpg

 photo 010315DSC04732_1.jpg

Sunday brunch with the gang once more

Arranged last minute in the morning before we all met up three hours later at The Provision Shop, a quaint little cafe tucked away from the hustle and bustle. But mainly, we were there to show our dear friend, Calvin, some support as he has recently started helping out there.

Located at Outram, I realised I was probably the only one who wasn't aware of its existence. Was told this little cafe has been around for a year or two, with loyal customers heading back there for its homemade desserts and food. Didn't try the food as I joined only after lunch. Had two cuppas latte and stole a mouthful of the homemade brownie – very dense, rich and I liked that it wasn't too sweet, they certainly didn't skimp on cocoa! Serving was pretty huge as well and I would recommend sharing amongst four to five people.

Thanks for the great hospitality Cal, will be back there for a proper meal next time :)

Block 3 Everton Park
#01-79, Singapore 080003
Monday to Saturday: 11:30 – 21:00
Sunday: 10:00
- 18.30
Tel: 6225 9931

P.S: Quick update while I'm having a quick break at starbucks before my next appointment. Back soon!




0412 HRS

Christmas Eve

Here comes the joyous time of the year and the past weeks have been pretty eventful ;)

Attended a wedding on 23rd December, where I reunited with my University (uni) mates at Traders' hotel to celebrate our fellow uni pal, Kevin and Patricia's wedding. It has been a while since we all got together (last I can remember was the Bali trip we went a year half ago) and we had such a good time catching up, reminiscing good old times and bringing back old silly jokes. So much laughter that night and Congratulations Kev, Pat!

 photo 2412141DSC00653.jpg

 photo 2412141DSC00651.jpg
From left to right: Minyi, Eugene, Sandy, Calvin, Angie and Nicholas.

Wish I'd managed to capture a group shot with the bride and groom but unfortunately, I didn't boo. Nonetheless, here're a couple of shots taken with the rest of the uni mates ;)

- –

Christmas Eve was simple but really nice ;)

I went for a gathering at my friend, Ryan's place and his family is probably one of the most talented families I've come across – a family with artist, interior and fashion designers, food creators. Ryan was the designated chef that night and you wouldn't believe how sumptuous our spread was – to think we were actually expecting something simpler! Together with Ryan's siblings Sanchia and Dylan, they were very kind to do morning market runs to get the necessary ingredients and prepared the dishes right from scratch. We had lamb leg with mint sauce, garlic sauce, grapefruit feta cheese salad, ham, mixed potatoes, baked salmon etc. Meal was absolutely delicious and easily one of the best homecooked meals I've had at a house party!

 photo 2412141DSC00677.jpg   

 photo 2412141DSC00688.jpg

 photo 2412141DSC00655.jpg

 photo 2412141DSC00661.jpg

 photo 2412141DSC00664.jpg

 photo 2412141DSC00720.jpg
Not forgetting that we ended off the meal with an amazing cheese platter with truffled parma ham (favourite!) and two of my favorite cheeses, Camembert and Blue Cheese. Perfecto ;)

 photo 2412141DSC00726.jpg
Met two lovely new friends, Ben and Grace that night and here's a group shot. Thank you for the great hospitality, Ryan & family ;)

What a great time for us all to get together and I hope you've had a splendid Christmas celebration with your loved and dear ones too. Will be back to update on Christmas day next!




0407 HRS

Grecians Cook Off

 photo 290614IMG_9789.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07505.jpg

We had so much fun having a battle of the sexes in a cook off challenge at poot's work place. Two yummy cakes baked by two of our dear friends (yay to tasty, quality, no shortening cream cakes) for pooties and I could see she loved them! Been a while since we had the whole group coming together and suddenly… I do miss those times. Glad pooties organized this and it was a really lovely evening!

Oh yes, theme was Ancient Greek so almost all (opps, I didn't adhere to the theme because I had an event before that but they managed to dig out a random white cloth and luckily I was in a white top). You should totally see the guys' dressing, oh boy, so much skin and for a moment, someone commented they looked like monks cooking. It was SO hilarious!

More below ;)

 photo 290614DSC07389.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07397.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07381.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07469.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07457.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07434.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07515.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07517.jpg

 photo 290614IMG_9893.jpg

 photo 290614IMG_9815.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07550.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07548.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07554.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07542.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07524.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07523.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07513copy.jpg

 photo 290614IMG_0019.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07603.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07602.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07582.jpg

 photo 290614DSC07607.jpg

 photo 290614IMG_9791.jpg

 photo 290614IMG_9782.jpg

Happy Birthday Pooties!




0209 HRS

Spathe Public House

Baaa, I've been under the weather these few days and am down with a bad cough and flu. Felt (and still feel) extremely lethargic, unwell for the entire week and my work's piling! Hope I'll recover soon to get back on track and to those who have sent me an email, please pardon me and give me some time to get back to you! 


A short quick entry with massive pictures today.

Chanced upon the reviews of this brunch place called Spathe Public House after surfing around and was convinced to try it out because of their highly raved Garlic Fries. Wasn't too sure of the other food initially, but after visiting this place and tried out almost 6-7 mains, we all concluded that this has got to be one of the best restaurants around. Definitely in my 'Top 10 brunch places' list and I'm SO going back there! More below ;)

 photo 060913DSC05100.jpg

 photo 060913DSC05224.jpg  photo 060913DSC05222.jpg

 photo 060913DSC05136.jpg
Interesting interior but the place was a lil dimmed for my liking (for brunch & for pictures but luckily we got that only spot which was below a rooftop window), perhaps it will be a pretty romantic and cozy place for dinner dates ;)

 photo 060913DSC05135.jpg
The hungrymen.

 photo 060913DSC05148.jpg  photo 060913DSC05146.jpg
Love how they presented the drinks.

 photo 060913DSC05195.jpg

 photo 060913DSC05194.jpg
Thumbs up for their homemade lemonade, very refreshing and almost 4-5 of us ordered this!

 photo 060913DSC05134.jpg
This is DA' BOMB!! You have got to try this, trust me. I'm a huge fan of truffle fries and I told myself, nothing can beat truffle fries but this proved me wrong. Probably one of the best tasting fries I've ever had. Please head there to try at least once!

 photo 060913DSC05213.jpg
Waffles with Crispy Chicken Leg. I thought the combination was pretty unique but perhaps not all fancy that. And oh boy, the chicken leg pieces were succulent, perfectly marinated and indeed crispy. I think they can easily make the chicken leg pieces as a main dish and I'd order that!

 photo 060913DSC05164.jpg
Bacon and scrambled eggs waffle with special sauce (which tasted like HP sauce). Not too bad but not my favourite outta all.

 photo 060913DSC05197.jpg
Pork Belly, not too bad as well. In general, pretty good standard food in my opinion!

 photo 060913DSC05153.jpg
Paella – This comes in sharing portion or individual. We wanted to order the sharing portion but was afraid it was huge so we ordered the individual portion which turned out to be tiny. But least it was enough for all of us to take a mouthful to taste and this was pretty good as well.

 photo 060913DSC05161.jpg  photo 060913DSC05158.jpg
The staff recommended the meter long sausage and so we ordered. Am not exactly a fan of hotdogs (unless they are cheese hotdogs), but this was surprisingly good – even the salad at the side! The bread was amazingly soft, I liked that the hotdog wasn't too soft, and the bratwurst was very nicely marinated without being too sweet/salty. Would recommend this if you are heading there in a big group!

 photo 060913DSC05154.jpg
Happy faces with happy tummies.

 photo 060913DSC05172.jpg
Min: *adjusting* What?
Me, San, Angie: We smell something funny…

 photo 060913DSC05169.jpg
Min: Noooo, not me!
Me: Not me too!
San: Err… not me too.
Angie: Definitely not me

 photo 060913DSC05173.jpg
*hold breath and try for a good picture*

 photo 060913DSC05181.jpg
There we go. Time to dig in! ;D
 photo 060913DSC05191.jpg
Finally a group shot ;) Thankful to have these guys <3

 photo 060913DSC05115.jpg

 photo 060913DSC05111.jpg
Thank you Min & San, for being there for me all these while. For the longest time, I thought that it would be hard to meet good and close friends as we grow older, but these girls change the way I think. <3

 photo 060913DSC05244.jpg  photo 060913DSC05225.jpg
#OOTD: In Klarra's Eudora peplum baroque romper and I can't tell you how much I adore this piece! Love the fit, design as well as the prints <3

 photo 060913DSC05258.jpg  
And my new Michael Kors Watch, my first white watch ;)

 photo 060913DSC05119.jpg
Thanks San, for getting me an authentic Kate Spade Silicone case from the States! You know I'm using it and I love it!

I thought the prices at Spathe Public House were pretty reasonable for the standard of food – we spent about $28 to $35 each. Here's the address if you are keen to go and do make a reservation just in case!

#01-01, 8 Mohamed Sultan Road
Phone: 67351035
Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 23:00




0408 HRS

Till we meet again

Whoop! Last Friday, I had the opportunity to be part of a live radio interview on 91.3FM with a group of bloggers from Nuffnang, all thanks to Jianhao (our local famous youtuber) for arranging! If I'm not wrong, this segment happens every Friday from 4pm to 7.30pm where deejays, Adam and Josh will perform live interviews with various different youtubers, bloggers and social influencers about themselves, respective fields of work, interesting facts or even latest gossips/news.

 photo 180813DSC09066.jpg
At the studio.

 photo 180813DSC09076.jpg
We were separated into teams and mine was with Qiu.

 photo 180813DSC09078.jpg

 photo 180813DSC09093.jpg
The deejays and the other fellow bloggers who were present for the interview. Thanks for the invite, Jianhao! ;)


 photo 180813DSC09109.jpg
From left to right: Jean, Mandy, myself, Yu Jin, Eugene, Jonathan, Sze Min, Nang, Justin, Malvin, Mark. (Missing Eileen)

For the first time in two years (after graduation), the NUS mates finally met up together. Given that all of us have lost touch since then and have embarked on a new phase – different jobs and industries (Eugene was posted to Japan and Nang went back to Burma), it was really awesome to see that almost all turned up! We spent the night catching up, updating each other on our jobs, partners -  L I F E in general, and it came as a surprise to most of us knowing that one of us even got married! A really glad thing to know that everyone is doing well – some are self-employed, pursuing their own dreams, and the rest have landed themselves in a good place as well. ;)

We had a long but really fun night! Started with drinks at Bitters and Love – a cozy bar at North Canel Road, and ended up at Mink at Pan Pacific to continue the night. Apart from attending events which were held in clubs, I can't exactly remember when was the last time I've set foot in a club and partied.. hmm, probably in a year or so. No frequent clubbers in the clique, but the girlfriends and I do enjoy places with booze and live band! But I do think it's always the company that matters and this gathering with the uni mates was probably one of the most enjoyable ones I've had!

 photo 180813DSC09104.jpg
At Bitters and Love.

 photo 180813DSC09100.jpg
Malvin, Justin & Mark – probably the best drinkers for the night! 

 photo 180813DSC09102.jpg
Eugene refused to show his face for a while..

 photo 180813DSC09099.jpg
Hello hotties ;)

 photo 180813DSC09098.jpg
Had a good time with Jean & Mandy too ;)

 photo 180813DSC09122.jpg
Nang, nang, nang…

 photo 180813DSC09121.jpg
Just like boys from a boy band.

 photo 180813DSC09119.jpg

 photo 180813DSC09113.jpg
One of us must be quite a good photographer to capture this pretty decent non-flash shot despite the dimmed room! #ilovemycameratoo
 photo 180813DSC09116.jpg  photo 180813DSC09115.jpg
With Sze and our favourite drink for the night ;)

 photo 180813DSC09117.jpg
I thought this was a really nice shot of Jonathan, Yu Jin and Eugene. They looked as though they just received the news of a promotion!

Am definitely looking forward to more gatherings with the uni mates, more to come! Signing off now and have a good Sunday y'all ;)

P.S: Thanks for organizing, Sze!




1007 HRS

Sunray Cafe

Finally managed to find some time to get the pictures sorted out. I used to load them to my external hard disk every single day and save them accordingly to folders of dates, but I haven't been doing so for almost a month. Guess that made pictures sorting time-consuming and (memory) challenging. Pictures went a long way back but well, this space serves as a memory lane for me so here we go!

Celebrated Eugene's (my Uni-mate) birthday a couple of weeks back. It was planned by Sandy, his beloved girlfriend, and she managed to locate a nice quaint cafe away from the hustle and bustle. Named the Sunray Cafe, it is probably one of the most spacious cafes you can locate around Serangoon Gardens. And did I mention it's a pet-friendly place as well? ;)

 photo 170713DSC00798.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00812.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00774.jpg  photo 170713DSC00797.jpg

Food wise.. some hits and some misses but overall, it was pretty good. Happy to know that they served Truffle Fries (which I was told that it will be a recommended side dish) but the basket of fries we had was a lil over-fried that day and didn't taste as good as we expected it to be. The highlights for the night would be the Asparagus with Bacon (can't remember the price), Asam Fish (S$13.90) set, the Fish and Chips (S$14.90) set and the Chicken Chop (S$15.90). I actually ordered the grilled Salmon but I thought it was too dry for my liking.

 photo 170713DSC00792.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00785.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00783.jpg
#OOTD: Wearing Klarra's Aliyah Floral Blazer.

 photo 170713DSC00821.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00830.jpg   photo 170713DSC00825.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00823.jpg    photo 170713DSC00817.jpg
 photo 170713DSC00831.jpg

 photo 170713DSC00826.jpg

Whee! I finally tried Sadierose's Salted Caramel Cake. I was tasked to get the birthday cake and I decided to support my dear polymate, Amanda, who owns Sadierose. She was really generous, and thoughtful, to pack an extra serving of Caramel Sauce for us to go with the cake! Oh boy, you should totally see our faces when we had the first bite.. too good, too good!

 photo 170713DSC00841.jpg

  photo 170713DSC00858.jpg 

 photo 170713DSC00845.jpg   photo 170713DSC00838.jpg
 photo 170713DSC00846.jpg
Happy Birthday, Eugene!

Would definitely head back to Sunray Cafe again to try their brunch or something. Glad to know of this place and it would be a nice place to hang out during the weekends, reading a book and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee. ;)

79 Brighton Crescent
Phone: 62838700
Operating Hours 
Mon – Tue: 18:00 – 00:00 
Wed – Thu: 11:00 – 00:00 
Fri: 11:00 – 01:00 
Sat: 10:00 – 01:00 
Sun: 10:00 – 00:00




1012 HRS

Xmas BBQ & The Boxing Crab

Pictorial entry for today. Here was what I did on Christmas Day – over at Ethan's friends, Charmaine & Doong's place for a seafood BBQ night. ;)

Charmaine and Doong's lil kiddo, Charlotte. ;)

Mom to be – Jiahan, Jeslyn, Mommy Charmaine & Baby Charlotte.

The guys' 'mandatory' pose every year.

#Outfit of the day: A classic embroidery dress from Red Velvet Rose & it came with a detachable Peplum sash! Wore this dress in a more casual way so I skipped the sash. ;) *Quote "Beatrice" and get 10% off total purchase. Valid till 31 Jan 2013. 

All happy with the gift-exchange!


Kai min & Ethan's birthdays were around the corner and Selene's birthday was on Boxing Day so we had a dinner planned for them at The Boxing Crab, located at Sentosa, Underwater World. It was a seafood restaurant and we were pretty disappointed with the food/service. Exorbitant prices (guess due to the location as well) and I suppose apart from their Pumpkin Sauce Crab, the rest were just mediocre in my personal opinion.

Kiddo in the house!

The signature dish, it was good but we thought it had a BBQ Twisties taste accompanying it.


#Outfit of the day: A sophisticated oxblood red dress from Red Velvet Rose with a slit at the front. Love the design and fear not of being exposed because the dress has a shorter lining beneath it. Great dress for casual/dinner wear ;) *Quote "Beatrice" and get 10% off total purchase. Valid till 31 Jan 2013. 





1012 HRS

Post Christmas

Hope you guys have had a splendid Christmas! Had a couple of early Christmas gatherings with friends and so Christmas Eve was spent doing work but ended the night with an impromptu Steamboat with the Ethan, Selene & my lil sister. Simple but very heartwarming. <3 Christmas Day was spent with Ethan's pals and I bagged home a present that got me all smiley – A Sandalwood & Ginger Reed Diffuser and it's sitting in my room right now. Been wanting to get one for the room and love how it beautifies the room yet emits a nice woody fragrance. ;)

One of the early Christmas gatherings was a Staycation with the UniMates! We got ourselves a room at Amara Hotel for the evening with 3 couples staying over for the night. Celebrated Ethan's birthday too (coming up on 29th!)  and had loads of fun playing Taboo, Truth Truth Lie. Love the company & can't wait for Chinese New Year's gathering & our Bali trip in May.

Prepared Christmas hats for the gang.

My gifts for the mates and made these from scratch for the peeps – designed using photoshop, printed them and packed in a special drink powder pack & marshmallows each.

#Outfit of the day: Black Faux Leather Dress from Fash Mob & love the body-hugging big at the top and the flare-ness of the bottom. Very comfortable fit & the girls love this piece too!



The ever sweet couple ;)

Played with Sandy's Canon S110 & the WI-FI function was way cool! Transferred the pictures immediately to Paddy.


the awesome girls ;)

Arranged for Timbre Delivery for the night – the roasted duck pizza always hits the spot!

Minyi's classic expression and the happy guys.

Rive Gauche's Strawberry ShortCake was soooo good, Thanks Sandy! ;)

Happy birthday bee!

A toast to end the night ;)


Anyway, I visited a new spot, Carpenter & Cook for tea recently with June for our usual catch up. This cafe seems really well-received so far (based on reviews from friends) and they are known for serving a wide array of delectable, pretty looking tarts and such. Two of us couldn't resist the sweet treats staring at us from the counter and we placed an order of 4 desserts plus 2 pots of tea within minutes! Was told that they only serve muffins on the weekends (I was there on a Sunday) but we didn't wish to over-order so we didn't get some to try albeit them looking really toothsome.

Bill amounted to about $24 and I thought it was reasonable for the quality of food. LOVE this place & I'm definitely heading back for more soon. ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this banana chocolate cake they had.

It was the Christmas season and they were giving out free cinnamon butter cookies to customers!

Always love catching up with you <3

#Outfit of the day: Wore my new Black Midi Dress & Belt from The Rosette Label & love the quality as well as how this dress fit. If you are keen to get this dress for countdown parties, they offer 1 day express delivery by the way!
P.S: The Rosette Label is actually a continuation of PopCherryCrush and they have rebranded and shifted to a domain to serve you guys better ;)

Carpenter and Cook 
19 Lorong Kilat  #01-06 
Tel: 64633648
Tue – Fri: 12:00 – 22:00 
Sat: 10:00 – 22:00 
Sun: 10:00 – 19:00