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My 3-day Juice Cleanse with Beauty Cleanse

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Can't believe it but I actually completed a full 3-day juice cleanse by Beauty Cleanse and it feels awesome!

I've heard of a juice cleanse programme a while back but didn't think of trying until recently. If you are wondering what/how's a juice cleanse like, it's basically about nourishing your body with life-infusing nutrients by drinking gluten-free juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized), organic fruits and vegetables. To make sure that you don't get hungry easily and that you get enough nutrients, the 3-day (or 5-day) juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices. Besides providing nutrients, these juices will help to flush out accumulated toxins and shed off excess weight from our bodies – leaving us feeling lighter, cleaner and more energized. This can be exceptionally good for us because by getting rid of these toxins in our bodies, it will help us to achieve better health, radiant skin and promote the renewal of body, spirit and mind.

So I was really pretty serious about starting my juice cleanse (definitely in need of this given the amount of my favourite trufflefries intake, sheesh) and I went to do a little research. Based on reviews and recommendations, I decided to start my juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse. Not too sure if you have heard of Cherie Calbom, but she is a famous nutritionist consultant and juice expert to many international celebrities, notable people, companies in the States. She is also the author of 23 books Life/health/juice cleanse books! From what I know, Beauty Cleanse's juices are all nutritionally designed by Cherie Calbom, so I was quite excited to begin my juice cleanse with them! Last but not least, Beauty Cleanse uses The Norwalk Juice Presser which essentially retains all the important vitamins and minerals, making sure one enjoys the benefits of a juice cleanse effectively.

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Everything can be easily arranged via Beauty Cleanse's website and I just had to decide on the dates and type (detox, weight loss, 3-day or 5-day). Was really happy know that delivery was fuss-free and the bottles of juices were delivered right to my doorstep the night before the start date!

 photo 010414DSC00044.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00014.jpg
Took this only on the second day so this picture shows 2/3 of the juice set. One reason why I chose Beauty Cleanse was because I had the option of including supplements as part of the juice cleanse – more below!

As mentioned earlier, the juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles a day and the blends will be repeated each day. Here are the various interesting blends:
1. Carrot Blend (carrots, celery, cucumber)
2. Light Green Blend (apple, cucumber, celery, kale, ginger)
3. Beetroot Apple Blend (beetroot, red cabbage, apple, celery, ginger)
4. Dark Green Blend (celery, cucumber, mint, romaine)
5. Honey Lemon (cayenne peppers, lemon, honey)
6. Cashew Nut Milk (cashew nuts, cinnamon, honey)

To be honest, I thought the blends tasted pretty good. I always think healthy food/drinks will be tasteless but it was a pleasant surprise to know that these juices were so easy to drink. The only blend I didn't quite like was the Dark Green Blend  – it tasted a little too raw for my liking. But the rest of the blends were smooth, tasty and if I have to pick, my top three favourite blends will be the Carrot Blend, Honey Lemon and Cashew Nut Milk (best!).

I wouldn't exactly say going on a juice cleanse was a very easy task for me because I'm quite a foodie and I do look forward to exploring food joints, going on brunch/meal dates etc. So as you can imagine, it was quite a tough challenge for me to stay away from solid food for 72 hours! To make it more manageable for myself, I arranged the juice cleanse dates carefully and scheduled/pushed away my meetings/outings to other days except for that three particular days. I suppose by not going out, I wouldn't feel hungry at the sight/smell of food and that this will prevent me from even thinking of breaking my juice cleanse. And to be honest, that certainly helped – I was starting to feel hungry at the end of the second day and but that kinda forced me to head to bed early (enforcing good habits heh).

Moving on to the supplements, the juice set came with:
 photo 010414DSC09990.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00020.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00022.jpg

The supplements served as additional benefits for the body and I took them in the morning after my first bottle of juice. The only thing I thought you should note in advance would be the Colosan Powder. A juice cleanse guide was sent to me before the cleanse started and the Colosan Powder was advised to be taken at the start of the day. This powder basically acts like a laxative and I actually went toilet for at least 4 times a day. A thorough cleanse indeed!

How my 3-day routine was like:
 photo 010414DSC09979.jpg

 photo 010414DSC09989.jpg
9.30am: Started off with warm lemon water first, drinking half of the Carrot Blend with one tablespoon of Colosan Powder *laxative effect*, followed by more warm lemon water and finishing up the entire carrot blend.
11.30am: Started sipping on the Light Green Blend (was advised to sip throughout the day and not drink the whole bottle at one go)
1.30 pm: Beetroot Apple Blend
3.30pm: Dark Green Blend
6.30pm: Spicy Lemonade
9.30pm: Cashew nut milk (advised to drink it one hour before bedtime)

Reading the juice cleanse guide, it's important to start the day with Carrot Blend (where you will add the colosan powder and shake/mix them together) and always end with Cashew Nut Milk. I repeated these steps for consecutive three days after. More about my experience below ;)

 photo 010414DSC00030.jpg

DAY ONE: These juices were needed to be kept refrigerated and perhaps I was drinking these cold juices the entire day, I actually felt pretty cold (more so in an air-conditioned room) and I had to bring a jacket along with me when I headed out. I thought I was going to feel hungry around lunch but I was surprised that I wasn't. And again, I was expecting myself to be hungry during dinner time but I didn't too. I didn't feel hungry at all for the entire day and that was definitely a first for me. Didn't feel uncomfortable, lethargic, restless nor dizzy. I've been having constipation problem for the longest time and I was actually really happy that I managed to make quite a few runs to the bathroom due to the Colosan Laxative powder! Glad that the first day passed by smoothly and I felt good, somewhat healthier and lighter.

DAY TWO: I get bloated easily so I try not to drink anything two hours before my sleep. But to adhere to the juice cleanse routine, I had my Cashew Nut Milk an hour or so before bedtime so I think that got me a little bloated. Went to seek help from the experts at Beauty Cleanse and I was told that one of the main causes was mostly likely due to my previous diet (high salt intake etc). Solutions going forward were firstly, to drink a glass of warm water before meals, secondly to incorporate celery into daily diet as it contains sodium and potassium needed for water balance. Not forgetting, drinking some peppermint, camomile tea after meals or taking Probiotic supplements Acidophilus at night would help. So I made myself some hot camomile tea during tea break in hopes to ease off the bloat I felt for the day.  Happy to have many more runs to the bathroom due to my Colosan Powder intake in the morning. Phew, good thing I kept the three days free from meetings and stayed in the office.

By evening time, I was starting to feel hungry but it wasn't that bad and I rested early so weird cravings won't surface on my mind.

DAY THREE: The hot tea on the previous day definitely helped – I felt much less bloated. Besides that, it was pretty amazing how two days of juices and toilet runs can make one feel so much healthier and lighter! I was feeling great physically and mentally knowing that I didn't give in to my temptations for the past two days and that I was on the final day of the cleanse. And when the night came, I'm done with the 3-day cleanse. Whoop!

Not only did I feel that the body system was cleansed, I definitely felt great, much lighter, healthier which I haven't exactly felt for a while. Surprisingly, I felt quite energetic although I didn't have any solid food for the past three days and somehow, I wasn't thinking about food too. Instead, my body was getting quite used to the juice cleanse. Happy to know that I managed to follow through the juice cleanse and very glad that I did this!

 photo 010414DSC00043.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00031.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00037.jpg  

 photo 010414DSC00034.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00113.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00104.jpg

As advised by Beauty Cleanse, I should consume raw food for the first few days after the cleanse as this will provide the body with vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and more while preparing the digestion system to deal with cooked food again. The body system was probably just getting used to cleanse and so it might cause one to feel nauseous, to have stomach cramps etc if I were to break the juice cleanse immediately by taking in red meat etc. So as to ensure the body gradually gets back to the normal daily meals intake, I was told to avoid red meat, dairy products or fried food. Instead, have more steamed fish, brown rice and fruits etc. It was definitely an eat-clean week ;D
Just thought of sharing the experience as I personally felt that I benefited from the 3-day program. Service was a grade-A because it was very personalized and the team was very attentive too. Beauty Cleanse has a few different types of juice cleanse programmes – for weight loss, for detoxing etc and I did the detoxing 3-day program ;)

If you are keen, you can find out more at Beauty Cleanse's website!




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One shade whiter teeth after 7 days!


A couple of weeks ago, Sophie, Melissa and myself were invited to Colgate's Optic White Launch which took place at ION Orchard. It was definitely something different than the usual launches because there was a fashion segment and all three of us were involved in the Fashion Show. ;) Started as early as 10am, we arrived at the atrium for rehearsal, hair and make up and we donned on our red gowns (which we fitted a few days before the event), specially designed and put together by Colgate's Team from Malaysia.  It was definitely an exciting one and the regional team actually came all the way down from Malaysia just for this event!

I'll let the pictures do the talking ;)

The Colgate Optic White is the newest range introduced by Colgate, and you wouldn't believe what this set can do. The set includes a Colgate 360 Degrees Optic White Toothbrush, the Colgate Optic White Mouthwash and not forgetting the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste can help you get one shade whiter teeth after 7 days!* Apart from the usual toothpaste that aims to keep our teeth clean and breath fresh, this tackles both of that yet includes the whitening effect which is what ALL of us want don't we? Ethan was very intrigued after I told him about this new range and he was excited to try the products out after I gave them to him. Colgate was very kind to pass me an entire set and I tried it shortly after for consecutive 7 days and longer (till now). I thought this range did help to lighten certain stains on my teeth which I personally felt were quite obvious if you were to look up-close! What I really like about this product is the smell/taste of it, it has the Wriggly Chewing Gum's mint taste and funny enough, I do find myself taking a slightly longer time to brush my teeth. Heh.

 *When toothpaste used as directed, for extrinsic stains only. Teeth Whitening results may vary individually.

Just a few days ago, I received an absolutely lovely gift set from Colgate and it was a plush mirror set! The Colgate Team has been really kind to customize such fashion boxes and besides that, they have also included in the complete range of products of the latest beauty must-have, the Colgate Optic White set.

A beautiful beauty box which came with Colgate Optic White Toothpaste/Toothbrush/Mouthwash and a Maybelline Lipstick to complete your smile I suppose! Very thoughtful of them ;)

How does Colgate Optic White help to achieve one shade whiter teeth after a week?

- It has Whitening Accelerators like Silica and Pyrophosphate to exfoliate stains and polish teeth surface (for extrinsic stains only)
- Ingredients/chemical that help fight cavities, protect enamel, remove plaque and freshen breath

I've been diligently using these three products together everyday for the past two weeks, at least twice a day or even 3-4 times for the mouthwash. And so far, it has been working pretty well and I do feel that freshness in the breath does stay for longer hours. The teeth do seem cleaner and I like it that the taste/smell is refreshing after every wash. Will share more about my experience on the respective products below!

- Prices:
250ML, SGD$4.50
750ML, SGD$9.90

One thing I like about Mouthwashes is that they are so convenient to use! If you are one who doesn't floss frequently, I would definitely recommend you to try out this mouthwash and all you have to do is include this quick step into your oral care (or after meals) and it helps to provide you with fresher breath and cleaner teeth. I thought the minty taste helps to refresh yourself after a half day at work even! Colgate Optic White Mouthwash has a special formula to maintain the natural whiteness of teeth. With regular use (2 times a day after brushing), it can help to prevent stain build-up to maintain the whiteness of your teeth longer.


- Price: SGD$7.90

I thought this new Colgate Optic White Toothbrush is really interesting and special as it has whitening cups attached to it. You can actually spot the three 'white cups' in the above picture and these whitening cups are soft rubber cups that are designed specially to hold toothpaste so as to effectively polish away stains and remove other debris from teeth. It's made of thin and soft polishing bristles which are of different heights and this does help to clean my teeth thoroughly especially at areas which are hard to reach. ;)


- The focus of the set. Helps to fight cavities, protect enamel, remove plaque and freshen breath :)
- Prices:
40G, SGD$3.80
100G, SGD$8.00

What's really special about this toothpaste is that it's formulated with micro beads! It has this combination of an interesting texture and minty taste which helps to create this freshness in my breath and my teeth somehow feels exceptionally clean after every brush. Silica and pyrophosphate can effectively remove stains on the surface of your teeth (exceptionally helpful to coffee-lovers!).

I do think having a nice smile is the best accessory one can have and in fact, everyone can get their own lovely smiles! These smiles involve having a set of clean teeth, and of course straight teeth (which can be done with braces or not – think the Japanese cute vampire teeth). But we all know that the former point is vital for everyone of us – be it to look good with a dazzling nice smile or for hygiene purposes. Colgate Optic White helps to achieve all aspects and prices are very pocket-friendly as well.

Do get yours for the family at the lifestyle stores like Guardian, Watsons, NTUC etc. For optimal whitening results, do get the complete Colgate Optic White Regimen: Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Toothbrush!




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Oh That Shop

I'm a huge fan of Thai Cuisine and for today, I thought i'll share with you guys my favourite Thai food place by far. Thanks to Ethan, I got to know this place since last year and have been introducing it to my friends whenever we are all up for a good Thai meal. So this time was no exception, and I gathered my Poly mates for a dinner there and yay, they loved it!

This place is called Thai-Tantric, and it's located at Orchard Towers. Not one of the best places to be located at (guys should know why), but it's probably one of the most authentic Thai food places I can find in Singapore. Prices are pretty reasonable there and they do have a wide range of Thai dishes available on their menu. Wouldn't want to put your hopes up too high, but from the past visits, standard of the food wasn't that consistent (very much depending on the cook) albeit food was pretty good most of the time. Another thing I like about this place is that they operate till pretty late hours as well (till 3AM), so it will be a perfect place for late night dinners or even supper. ;)

My usual favourites at Thai-Tantric would be the Honey Chicken Wings/Drumlets, Tom Yum Fried Rice, Minced Pork with Basil Leaves, Green Curry and Tom Yum Goong. These are definitely the MUST-TRY there. Unfortunately, they don't have desserts available and it would be awesome if they had the usual Mango Sticky Rice dessert – my meal would be totally complete.


#03-23 Orchard Towers,
400 Orchard Road
Opening hours:
11-3pm, 6pm-3am

The Poly mates and I then hopped over to Robert Timms for some desserts but we decided to skip desserts and spend the night over a cuppa coffee each instead (since the place is known for its coffee). Was hoping to receive my Latte with the cute bear doodling on the froth (as seen on the menu), but mine came without and Sharon told me later on that it must be requested before they will do it. Remember to get yours in their Signature Bear froth the next time you are there ;)

With Sharon dear <3

My old pals from Poly. Those were the days ;)

Wearing Apparelize's Blousen and I love the minimalist design of this piece. The unique sheer sleeves definitely put a sweet touch to this lovely off-white blousen. ;)

And guess what I brought home that night?

Sharon went on a holiday to Hong Kong a few weeks back and she was asking if I wanted to get anything from there – in particularly the luxury goods. So I have been eyeing on this particular pair of classic Chanel earrings for the longest time (it was supposed to be a reward for myself when I got my first job back then but kept putting off the thought to buy it) and such a coincidence, she was already planning to make a trip to the store to get the same pair as well. Lucky me, saved a bit as there was a slight difference in Hong Kong and Singapore's pricing. Thank you Sharon dear! ;)


Went Habitat Coffee today to support Ryan as Habitat Coffee turns one today ;) In celebration for its birthday, there was 1-for-1 coffee and both Selene and myself love Habitat's Hazelnut Latte. We did a lil food tasting there and Ryan was really kind to prepare a set of his recent creation – Truffle Egg Toast for us to try. It was absolutely delicious but unfortunately, it is not on the menu yet as he mentioned that he was still trying to perfect it. Hope it will be available soon and I'll definitely be heading back for that. ;)

Donning on my new dainty flora top from Apparelize. Simple, versatile and definitely easy to match. Wanted to wear a blazer over it but weather was a total killer.

Accessories of the day, love my new arm candy and ring ;)



Did a lil foot care shopping with Oh That Shop recently and how thankful am I to have found that shop!

It is a lifestyle shopping store, but it's probably one of the few that has a wide series of foot care products. I love wearing heels although it might be incredibly painful at the end of the day especially when it's a brand new pair of heels (or even flats). I shop for shoes almost everywhere and I'm a great fan of high stilettos (the 5-inches type, the higher the better), so naturally my feet will ache within a couple of hours which can be pretty embarrassing sometimes – I will either walk really slowly, or my walk will turn really awkward (as told by my friends, boohoo). Well, we have to admit that those killer heels (or rather, aching feet) do affect our posture, followed by our mood when we are outside, don't they? Those aching feet never fail to just drain me out of energy though I might have ample rest prior to the outing. And many a time, I'd just want to head back home quick.

So I personally will spend quite an amount on foot care all the time and I think it's important because I wouldn't want my feet to be filled with scars due to blisters etc! Great thanks for Oh That Shop to reach out to me because they have almost every kind of foot care products I need. Best of all, prices are very reasonable and glad to have it conveniently available at the one-stop online.

Here are what I've received.

These Gel Shoe Lifts are such great help in elevating the heel part of my feet. You know how sometimes we stick plasters on the back of our feet, hoping to prevent blisters but in the end, the plasters will be rubbed out untidily as we walk? This Gel Shoe Lifts help to increase at least about 0.5 to 0.8 cm on the heel part, and the extra height is extremely helpful in preventing the blisters (plus it makes us comfortably taller hee). Did I mention guys can get this as well? The Gel Pads are definitely well hidden in the shoes.

To be honest, it's my first time seeing/having a pair of Gel Bunion Toe Separators and oh boy, they are SO comfortable. A wonderful invention and the only thing is that only specific pumps, or covered shoes suit these.

This is what I ALWAYS look for when I buy my foot care products – Gel Heel Cushion. They help to elevate the heel part slightly, maybe about 0.2 cm, but that little height does wonders for my feet, helping to prevent blisters, to tighten and provide cushion for my feet in those heels.

Never tried these before and now I know what I've been missing out. These stick-on Silicon Gel Arch Support pads are ingenious! Perfect tools to make sure we are walking comfortable on cushions. My new found best-friend for my feet.


Last but not least, say hello to Woody the shoe stretcher! Great tool for the family ;)
You know how sometimes you just HAVE to get that pair of shoes though it might be one/half size too small or too big for you? Well, the above products are all the perfect aid tools for your bigger sized shoes, but THIS is the perfect tool for your squeezy sized shoes. With minimal effort, it works. ;)

Time to care for your feet with Oh That Shop. Blisters and scars aren't the more beautiful things on our manicured feet. ;)




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Past Week Dates

Went on a weekend date with Ethan just a week back and we decided to do something different this time. We would normally spend the weekends simple – catching up on American TV serials but we gave ourselves a little pampering treat this particular weekend – by booking a Couple Spa session at one of the newest/ and latest Spa places, The Spa Artisan.

Both of us love long massages and we are always on the lookout for massage/spa places in Singapore. There are many places in Singapore which offer the usual standard massage you get on streets of Bangkok, but they are definitely 4-5 times pricier – which I don't exactly feel are worth it albeit us saving on air tickets. If I'm looking for a good massage here in Singapore, I'd usually prefer to spend a bit more – which are usually the Spa places, where we get to enjoy their facilities and quality service which might not be available in the typical massage-and-go places.

So once in a while, Ethan and I will splurge and pamper ourselves with Spa treatments and we did it this time again. The previous time we went was the one at Aramsa Spa (blogged about it Here) which I was really satisfied with the experience. So I recently got to know that they opened a new branch at Fullerton Hotel, with the spa concept being totally different from the one I went to. Very excited, i made a booking for both of us to check it out on our mini date! 

Another thing about going for these quality spas is that they have a complete range of facilities to enjoy apart from the massage, which we can easily spend half a day there.

In fact, I'm quite impressed with The Spa Artisan, their interior was done up in great details based on a rainforest concept, and the area is designed to ensure great privacy and comfort. They have a swimming pool, Steam & Sauna facilities and also a Spa Lounge for relaxation, with a dedicated area for hot tea and biscuits to enjoy (should have totally brought my book along to read!). This spa has a pedi field even, though I'm not too sure how much does it cost but this will definitely come in handy for functions, especially when you are in need of a last minute manicure for a wedding dinner at Fullerton hotel etc. Heh

Enjoying tea before our treatments. Love the soothing hot flower tea they served.

Was told by this lady that Spa Artisan has brought in this exclusive Red Flower Oil Series- a brand from New York that’s been used in many upmarket hotel, resorts and spas all over the world, and that they are the only spa that has this so far. Service was extremely thoughtful as you can see above, and I decided on the Moroccan Rose at the very end, love the sweet smell!

"The Red Flower Massage: Healing and Tension Relieving  Allow yourself to be blessed with this healing aromatherapy massage that combines Swedish, Shiatsu and Lymphatic Drainage with gentle to medium pressure, long, smooth strokes to soothe discomforts in the  muscles, relieve emotional stress and alleviate tension.  Comes with a choice of flower skin massage oil . moroccan rose, italian blood orange or ocean"

Apart from the massage, I added on an exfoliating treatment on the same session too. Chose the Lemon Coffee Blossom scrub.
"Lemon Coffee Blossom Exfoliation: Exfoliate, firm and tone with this intensely vitalising scrub. A deeply invigorating blend of coffee, black olive, crushed almond, sugar, neroli, orange peel, lemon rind and fresh lemon juices. Protect and hydrate with a light application of cardamom oil."

Well, no pictures were taken during the treatment and I love my masseuse's service very much. The pressure was just right and she was really detailed in scrubbing my skin. There was bathing facility in the room so everything was very private and well-taken care of. Experience overall was awesome and I felt completely refreshed after the visit!

Tea after treatment.

Ethan did the Shiatsu Focus Massage (S$180 for 60 minutes) and I did the Red Flower Massage (S$180 for 60 minutes) + Lemon Coffee Blossom Exfoliation (S$128 for 45 minutes). It was worth it in my opinion! And if you are looking for a good massage place with your partner/friends, I would definitely recommend this as one of the places. ;)

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square, #01-13/14
Singapore 049178 

For Spa Reservations Tel: 6423 1382
Email: enquiries@thespaartisan.com 

Opening Hours 10am – 10pm, daily


The girls and I decided to spend the afternoon together on Monday last week, to catch up/ do our work over coffee. Wanted to patronize one of my favourite cafes, Arbite, but it completely slipped my mind that it is closed on Mondays! Ended up at Happy Daze Cafe after touring around Serangoon Gardens Area and I remember being not very impressed with the food/drinks the previous time I went (years ago) but we gave it a try nonetheless. Disappointingly, the food wasn't good at all in my opinion and I'm afraid I'll probably not head back anytime soon. ;(

#OOTD: Dressed in a brand new chain-black blazer that I got from Fairebelle. Impressive quality and love the unique chain details. Classy. ;)

11 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore     
Tel: +65 6285 2885  
Opening Hours:
Daily: 3pm – 1am


The usual gang came forward to celebrate the August Babies' birthdays just recently. Instead of having the idea of heading to a more elegant place for the night, we decided to have dinner at a comfortable place without compromising the quality of food, yet being away from the hustle and bustle. We settled at Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant at the east and how funny when one of the folks made a comment on how we are gradually aging due to the celebration's venue. Well, I would like to think that we are looking out for good food at affordable prices this time round. Heh ;p


#OOTD. Never get enough of eyelet details and I think they look really elegant with its simple cut-outs. This dress from Fairebelle has a gorgeous V-neck line and an accentuating waist design too. Love the cut!

One of the highlights of the night. Look at how big adorable Evan has grown, she is just 7 months old!

Food was SO good there. Love their cereal prawns with generous serving of cereal bits, their prawn paste chicken and the homemade minced pork tofu. These three are to-die-for, and please remember to order if you are there! Definitely a place for family gatherings and do make a booking if you are heading there, it can be quite packed during the weekends. ;)

Our birthday cupcakes baked by Selene, Yalin and Caleen :)

As you could see, we took two group shots – one with all the girls and one with all the guys. But Daddy Yixiong had to pacify lil Evan and this was the best shot we could get! hahah.

20 Eastwood Road, #01-03 Eastwood Centre, Singapore     
Tel: +65 6245 3881         
Opening Hours: 
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm




0207 HRS

Colgate SlimSoft Party


I had an absolutely great time at the Colgate SlimSoft Party last weekend. ;)

It was an exclusive collaboration between Colgate & Nuffnang which five of us, namely, Maureen, Melissa, Brad, Daphne and myself were involved in. As you can see from the picture, we had a dressing theme to adhere to and it’s exactly in lined with the Colgate colours. Patriotic too, you may say, but indeed we are!


With buddy brad snapping away with our goodies in the goody bag at the event’s backdrop. Told him he’ll be better fitted to the theme with his camel blazer off!
I can’t believe we were welcomed by a personal standee each and I went all excited when I saw it! Very heartwarming and it felt extremely privilege to have a personal board like this – made us all felt really important that day. Teehee ;)

Make up for the day – Red lippie, pink eyeshadow to go in line with Colgate’s Theme.

Held at Skyve, one of the most talked about restaurants locally right now, we had an intimate and cozy affair with an attendance of about 70 people. We each had 10-15 invites for both friends/readers (which I would like to do a shout out later to my lovely friends and readers.) and Colgate/Nuffnang specially prepared delectable delights just for us all on that very afternoon.


Each table had a generous serving of tapas and food, which I couldn’t get enough of their truffle fries! As mentioned in my previous review of skyve, they definitely have one of the best tasting truffle fries you can find.

Noel was the emcee for the afternoon

We had cute lovely cupcakes oral-designed cupcakes

The afternoon was filled with programs, and we had quizzes done with I thought was pretty informative. Did you know the most sought after toothbrush colour is red? And two main things that you should look for in a toothbrush is the bristles(softness/width) and brush size?


Besides that, we had to do a catwalk that day with the Colgate SilmSoft Toothbrush, which I had no idea initially how were we going to pose with it! So buddy brad and I teamed up and we sort of did a product showcase to our newfound friends instead. Hope our mini performance went alright, and that you guys didn’t get too taken aback by our random stopovers at the tables!

The full strength of the bloggers & Mr Alek from Colgate, very humorous guy indeed ;)


Daphne, our mummy blogger ;)

And Maureen, another food blogger but this time, it’s a real lady!

Here’s Mel and one of our common friends in University. We actually knew each other in Uni before blogging. ;)

And a big fat kiss to the dearest boyfriend and friends who came down for a support! Smooch <3

Also, the Nuffies did a tremendously great job in organizing the entire event hand in hand with Colgate. Another big Thank you to Sarah/Gabby/Jayne/Amanda who constantly make effort to remind us for our campaigns. And Huiwen/Clara/Elise/Alvin to be fighting for campaigns for us! This event was definitely well-received and with such a passionate team of folks, you just couldn’t ask for more! ;)

Clara & Jayne

Hui Wen & Elise
Sarah & myself

With Gabby & Jayne.


Alvin, Noel & Gabby. You look absolutely gorgeous here Gab! My favourite picture of yours. ;)
Thank you to the readers who made the effort to come down. I’m always wondering who are behind the screens reading, and your attendance means a lot to me and it was very nice meeting ya’ll. Thank you for making me feel really loved and special! ;D

Dear Faith, Sandra, Shuling, Hazel, Zac, Yiyang and Zihan, it was really nice conversing with you guys!  *waves*

Hope to see all of you in future next time, and I’m sure we will catch up even more then! ;)
I was completely surprised that afternoon when Colgate picked my entries as the winning entries! It comes with a reward of an ultra generous hamper and a cash price. Absolutely ecstatic and jumping for joy, I have never exactly won anything in contest, ever, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
For that said, do take a read at my first post and second post for more oral care details if you haven’t!

Look at how generous the Colgate Team is, we each walked home with a generous hamper like this – literally enough for a one year supply or more!

Glad to be able to share this with the dear family and now I’m officially in-charge of the oral care and body wash for the family. (Didn’t know there’s body wash under Colgate until today) Hee. Will also allocate part of it to Ethan’s family. It’s a household delight! ;D


I’m also glad that my friends and all readers went home with a goody bag with a set of the latest Colgate SilmSoft toothbrushes that could last for at least a good 3-5 months.




Always a believer that if the product(s) is(are) not good, companies wouldn’t be spending thousands or thousands, or even tens/hundreds of thousands marketing it. There must be something really worthy about the product to be spending a great budget and effort.


So with that said, you know there’s something advantageous about Colgate SilmSoft. Colgate has been in the consumer industry for over two centuries and it has been the trusted household brand of many not without a reason for sure.

The Colgate Slim Soft toothbrush might seem or feel like a normal toothbrush, but making sure that your teeth/gums are healthy is a long-term process. One which there is no immediate effect except for constant care. With all oral care facts, this is no doubt one of the basic toothbrushes you should at least own and use! (And it’s so affordable too)

Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to Colgate for this opportunity. For us to know and try out the latest innovation of Colgate, for bloggers to work together and for readers to get together with us too. Thank you for your generosity, kindness and time, it was a certainly great pleasure to be working with the team, especially with representatives flown in from Malaysia. Very honored and we had a fulfilling time. ;) 


Just got myself an exclusively manufacture lace paddlepop top from DOT.
Fit cum material are both absolutely comfortable and it's easy to match. Comes in a dress form too ;)

Matched up a cardigan with DOT's pleated dress. Wear it plain for a night out with your girlfriends or with a cardigan for a corporate look!




0406 HRS

Colgate Palmolive – Join us at the Party!


*As continued from my first Colgate Palmolive post.

As you know Colgate gave us a set of their latest innovation – New Colgate Slimsoft, I’ve been diligently using it everyday since then and it has served me great use!

Can’t believe I had the perception for 20 over years that toothbrushes should be hard cum stiff so that they are durable and can better cleanse the surface of our teeth. Until just last month when I was assigned to this campaign, we had a quick training together with a complimentary dental check up, then I realized from the specialists that the softer the toothbrush the better it is.

So the idea of a good and soft toothbrush basically helps you with two things:
1. Cleaning your teeth
2. Cleaning your gums

Many of us probably just think that brushing the teeth would suffice, but many a time, teeth problems are actually affected by the gums unfortunately. Gum diseases can be really terrifying and they are the causes for teeth to drop etc. I reckon that’s why the dentists and specialists ALWAYS remind/encourage us to floss our teeth as well.

A toothbrush typically focuses on cleaning the teeth whereas flossing focuses on cleaning the gums. I have to admit it can be such a hassle sometimes having the need to floss after brushing and sometimes, you might just run out of floss strings……. But what if there is something that can do BOTH equally good?

I’m not kidding! It’s none other than the Colgate SlimSoft.

There is no way facts can lie and what’s brilliant about the Colgate’s R&D team is that they came out with the perfect toothbrush- Colgate SlimSoft and it is currently one of the THINNEST bristles toothbrush in the entire Singapore!

With just 0.01mm bristles, they are as thin as the flossing strings or even narrower!

For those folks who don’t have the habit of flossing, this is definitely one of the best toothbrushes you can get in the market. For those who do flossing as part of a daily routine, this is also the perfect one for you to double cleanse your teeth and gums and do continue to keep your good habit. (;

Flossing strings are known to be durable and thin as they need to go through the teeth contact point right to the slight gap between the teeth to clean the gums. But with Colgate SlimSoft, the ultra slim bristles can easily enter the gaps while you brush your teeth. With that in mind, you can absolutely expect a much deeper cleansing.

The other reason why you should get the Colgate SlimSoft as your toothbrush, they come in Soft (Compact Head) and the Extra Soft (Ultra Compact Head).

Remember I mentioned earlier that specialists have been telling me the softer the toothbrush the better it is? The reasons are because the softness of the bristles can easily enter the areas that you usually need to floss, and also refers to the gentleness on your gums. So when you put two functions together, you get a deep and gentle cleasning on both your teeth and your gums!

One last reason on why you should get Colgate SlimSoft- It is only $3.30 and now, you get to purchase it at a really affordable price of just $2.45! So grab it within the promotion period before it reverts back to the usual selling price. They do have a family pack too, definitely worth trying given its beneficial features!

It’s completely affordable and a toothbrush lasts us for months! Maybe affordable is still an overstatement, for the awesome functions and price, it’s absolutely at a steal! You can simply purchase it conveniently at any Watsons or Guardian (;

I received two sets and gave one to my mom, have already gone to get the family pack for my dad and sister! Not sure why, but I'm in-charge of getting toothbushes for the family and what a coincidence I received this campaign. Now I know where's the good stuff hiding ;)

I’m actually quite a rough person when it comes to brushing my teeth and my gums tend to bleed at times.

From what I know, bleeding on gums means they are not exactly the healthiest, which also means that I should start taking care by flossing or by getting a much softer toothbrush than what I’ve been using for decades! (To think I even filtered out the slightly soft ones on the racks and only looked at the hard ones previously when I shopped for toothbrushes…)

Have been using this since the day I got it. Wasn’t exactly used to the softness initially but now I could feel or even see that the difference especially the areas in between my teeth. Comes in really handy, and helps me to remove the food effectively and quickly as compared to my previous toothbrushes.

Last but not least, guess what’s happening?

The Colgate Team has organized a Finale party specially for us and you, and by us I meant – Brad aka Ladyironchef, Melissa, Maureen and myself! And they are really kind to each of us by extending 10 invitations to you lovely readers for an afternoon filled with fun and activities at a cozy venue!

Do join us for this afternoon and I can’t wait to meet you virtual friends for some great fun! If you are interested to meet any of the fellow bloggers, eg brad the buddy, this is your chance too ;) Here are the details:

Venue: Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar , 10 Winstedt Road Blk E #01-17
Time: 3-5.30pm 
Date: 30 June , Saturday       

*You can sign up just here by filling in the form below & the management will notify the 10 readers by email on the invitation (;

Can’t wait to meet and get to know with you virtual friends!
Do come together to Join Ladyironchef, Melissa, Maureen, Daphne & myself for an afternoon, I'm sure it will be fun and I promise we will try our best to be good co-hosts too! :)




0706 HRS

Colgate Palmolive


Remember I mentioned here that a few fellow bloggers and myself are involved in an exciting campaign for you guys?

Well, this is by far most, one of the most insightful campaigns I’ve been involved in and we have three posts lined up to share with you guys. We will be sharing about this latest innovation in the market which I think will absolutely be of great help to you, your family and everyone’s daily life.
Shan’t keep you guys in suspense anymore, and the campaign that we have embarked on is none other than the Colgate-Palmolive!

This space of mine no doubt is a lifestyle journal, but if you are following closely enough (or even not so closely), you would know that I am a foodie at heart, and exploring new places for food is one of my greatest past times.
I suppose eating and enjoying meals are what the majority of us look forward in life given that we would need three meals a day at least. Not only that, the meal times can also be a good time for us to have a break (i.e looking forward to lunch time on a Monday work day) to re-energize!
So my point is, eating is an inevitable part of our daily routine and with that in mind, I do hope to emphasize that it is extremely important to ensure that we brush and clean our teeth properly, use the right toothbrush and ensure oral hygiene!
I will usually brush my teeth as frequently as I can whenever it’s after a meal, or whenever I can feel that my saliva is coagulating especially in the middle of the afternoon. But other than that, I’m guessing that the majority of us don’t exactly bring our toothbrush out with us during leisure outings or to work and neither do I. Most of the time, I would just rinse my mouth after a meal at the nearest ladies. And from what I know, that should be fine IF we clean the teeth well and thorough every night before bed.


Anyway, thanks to Colgate, I had my teeth checked just last week after 2 years of not visiting the dentist!

A shot at the dental clinic. Pardon this awkward looking shot! Was trying hard not to laugh because it was supposed to be a behind-the-scenes candid shot but somehow ended with a pose-y one with those cool 'goggles' on!  Even my pretty dentist was caught off guard!

Did an X-ray to locate the wisdom tooth and as well as some cleaning and polishing on the teeth.The general feedback provided by my dentist was that the condition of the teeth is acceptable and that I have really tight teeth contact points. She also emphasized on the importance of flossing and strongly encouraged me to start flossing my teeth which I seldom do so. 

To be honest, I have never really placed much importance in flossing, partly because it’s a hassle to do so and I would like to think that toothbrush will just do the trick. The dentist did flossing for me on that very day and my gums bled at certain areas and that was one sign of unhealthy gums! So it got me a lil worried, and I did some research when I came home…

As quoted in Colgate’s website,
Your teeth are clean and free of debris   
Gums are pink and do not hurt or bleed when you brush or floss    
3.     Bad breath is not a constant problem

*If your gums do hurt or bleed while brushing or flossing, or you are experiencing persistent bad breath, these conditions may indicate a problem.

THERE! So i went digging for more information on the severity of unhealthy gums in the long run…

As quoted in another website,

1.     Oral and facial pain – due to infection of the gums that support the teeth and can lead to tooth loss.
2.     Gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease
Problems with the heart and other major organs. -Mouth infections can affect major organs.
Digestion problems. -Digestion begins with physical and chemical processes in the mouth, and problems here can lead to intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.

Pretty serious and threatening problems I must say. On a side note, from a research that I saw previously, unhealthy looking teeth will actually make us look older than our age!

1.     Brushing thoroughly twice a day (at least two minutes or so)
Flossing daily (to remove plaque from places your toothbrush can't reach)
Eat a healthy diet to provide the nutrients necessary (vitamins A and C, in particular) to prevent gum disease
Using dental products that contain fluoride, including toothpaste    

*We should also schedule regular dental checkups at least once every 6 months or once a year at least.


Found this pretty useful poster at Colgate’s website:
Other than just brushing our teeth, it seems like we should incorporate flossing as a daily routine. But what if there is something that can help achieve the results we want?

That’s when this comes about – The Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush, currently one of the thinnest brush bristles you can find in Singapore!

Courtesy of Colgate, we received this complimentary set and had the privilege to try the toothbrush out before they are officially launched in the market! Stay tuned to the next post, we will be introducing it and some treats to you! ;)

*UPDATED: Read more on my next entry, Colgate Palmolive – Join us at the Party.