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0108 HRS

Creamy buttercrabs!

Mom and me in the hotel playing w photobooth!

I'm currently in taiwan, and it's my second day here!
Coincidentally, I got my passport stamped and realised that i was here in taiwan exactly one year ago, on the same month and date,
but this time round i came with my parents as my mom was on business trip.
And so far, it has been quite well spent with my parents here feasting most of our time away!


My french friend, loic, came to Singapore for a holiday some time back!
It was really nice to know him through the LG blogger forum trip at Korea last year, and didn't expect him to come Singapore for a tour this year,
so it was truly a pleasant surprise to see him. :)

I gathered a couple of girlfriends and hurhur along to meet Loic and his other friends, hoping to all get together for some booze and get-to-know session,
and it turned out great, we had endless chats except for the only thing – the music that night at Timbre@ Arts House was a tad too loud for us to hear one another. Heh.
Probably substation would have been a better choice as it has a bigger place as compared.

It's a pity that we didn't have another session before they left, but hope to see you again Loic! hopefully i get to visit france again! hahah.

Applepie & leneyzhang <3

The gang of us!

The french!

Hello french friends.

And loic in checkered shirt. :)


There is this place i would really love to urge you guys to try!
Food is awesome and atmosphere is good, except for the fact that if you are willing to splurge.

I am sure most of you heard about it before and yes- It's Seafood Paradise.

We had a gathering a couple of weeks ago for Haslinda's birthday, and everyone in the clique loves crabs!
With that in mind, we settled for seafood paradise after hearing the rave about their very popular CREAMY BUTTERCRABS!

My verdict of the place at the end is.. I WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK AGAIN!
The creamy buttercrabs is totally to-die-for, and I could die for the sauce!
Sounds a lil extreme, but its sooooo goooood.

hurhur tried both their outlets at Defu lane, and Singapore Flyer (the one below that we went),
and commented the atmosphere is better at the latter.
Btw, probably it would be a great place for family dinners!

seafood paradise at singapore flyer.

The birthday girl! <3

Joseph and shawnie. :)

The cutest couple


Sweet and sour chicken. Nice!

Hot plate beancurd. tastes as good as it looks now.

Kai lan with oyster sauce. Yum and tasty!

Beef cubes with garlic. tender, fresh and delicious!

LOVE THIS! salted egg prawns.

Chill crabs. its good as well, but i didn't eat too much of this because i was waiting for the one NEXT!


With the "gone" as THAT huge! *DROOLS*

The total bill for the 9 of us amounted to approximately $68 each.
To make me feel less guilty, I suppose once in a while, we can pamper ourselves with good food like this! :p





0208 HRS

Happy Birthday Ray-niece & Ramen Time!

My family is not a big one to begin with, but last weekend marked a special occasion because it was the 1 year old birthday of my first niece from the maternal side.
She is named Raynise, and she has an elder brother (my nephew) with the name of Raygen, and i have to admit,
everyone does agree that my cousin gives birth to really good looking kids- thanks to the big-eye genes of both of the parents!

The birthday party was themed rather princesses and yes, PINK.
And I can see great effort and time spent in organising this wonderful birthday celebration to mark the one year old. :)

It was held at National Service Resort and County Club.
Am impressed by their bungalows chalets and I would love to book a weekend there someday too!

The beautiful decorated wall.

and balloons that matched the theme..

and everyone loved this! It's awesome- The candy bar prepared by my coussie!

i'm not a fan of marshmallows anyhow but these coated with chocolate were looking really pretty.

and that's the brother, my nephew, he's such a lovable pie. All my friends love him too.
And the cupcakes cake.

chocolate cupcakes handmade by my talented cousin too!

and lil gold heart balloons for everyone. <3 all things pretty.
*Wearing a pretty summer white dress from Pearlavish.

check out the hand sign yo!

and the commercial pose that Raygen taught me.
I could totally pinch his rosy cheeks here!

The family, the parents in the middle, and the grandparents on the left. My young aunties and uncles!

Raygen and my momsie.


Hurhur and I are Ramen fans and we were both craving and looking for good ones to try.
After much asking, we were recommended to try our Ramen Champion at Illuma Level 4.

The main attraction of this place is that it has SIX authentic ramen stalls located all at the same place,
and with chefs flown in from Japan. Needless to say more, you know where to get good Ramen now!
Definitely an interesting concept and you can read more from the by clicking the link above!

Ramen Champion

The seating area inside.

It works like Marche with the "prepaid" card.
the cute thing is that they have this queue number token that you will bring back to your seat and collect your ramen with it when it vibrates!
Didn't manage to take a picture of it though.

hungry hurz with is bowl of large ramen, (Not that large anyway)

His- the no.1 Hakata Ajitama Ramen from Ikkousha stall.

Mine- Miso Ramen with butter and corn from Gantetsu stall.

I must say they do have great Ramen and the soup base tasted rich and absolutely tasty. I like the taste of mine, but hurz preferred his.
Am dying to go back to try this "black" ramen that I saw many people eating, and also to try the "Bario" stall that I saw most people queuing up at.
Will definitely go back for more!

When we left the place…

Check out the queue! This was around 8pm on a Wednesday night.

*Wearing the corporate dark green dress from Pearlavish.

*And another corporate nude dress that you might not want to miss out from Pearlavish too!




1108 HRS

Amazing bonds

I have been doing my essential basic manicures with Pink Parlour every now and here's one gorgeous shade that I just did last week.
Will never get bored of this shade and i am sure it's a hot favourite amongst all girls!
Goes well with the leopard prints Clutch hurhur got for me. <3

And I am always spoilt for choices at there because they indeed have a wide range of nail polish colours, designs over at their outlets.
I must say they are pretty quite up to date with the latest nail fashion and thankfully for the outlet near my house,
I can easily do my manicure/ waxing whenever I need to.

I am a bit delayed, but i just tried the shattered nails design!
Didn't manage to take a picture of that, they did a good job though and it looks unique but based on personal preference,
I actually prefer the simpler designs and solid colour nails.
Neon coloured nails is a hook to me too!

Love the pink and zebra deco in the shop. <3


Sometimes i think it's really amazing how people can be out of touch for years but come together just like we have met a day ago.

Dom and Sharon are two such people who I met in poly, and they are indeed dear to me and definitely friends that I want to keep.
I have been in touch with Dom for years here and there we seldom have a meet up due to him being overseas for further education or it will be our schedules that clashed.
It was a glad moment that I met Dom for a dinner last week when he was back, and he gathered sharon together and it was amazing!

We spent the night talking about old times, catching up and summarize the years' doings and updated each other like never before.
You could feel that there is still a bond there and it was never lost… :)
Couldn't imagine that we had almost 5 hours of continuous chat that night and boy, it felt good.. geez.

A shot of us 3 years back celebrating Sharon's bday..

and the recent dom and sharon! <3



And here are sneak peeks that my hong kong entry will cover!

Dolling up and wearing a gorgeous-cut black dress from Le'Jetaime to have our morning breakfast at a gorgeous "palace".

Meeting Goofy!

Star guest, teehee.

awaiting for something to happen together with the massive crowd.

A parade you would never want to miss!

Us exploring the place

love these!!

Thank you to  Le'Jetaime for this unique grey dress for my hongkong trip and yes, more about our disney ROOM!




1007 HRS

Lin&Xiong: Behind the scenes

23rd july marks the day whereby my first ever girlfriend got hitched! *throws confetti!*

Just like most couples nowadays, she had her ROM first and it was truly a very heartwarming yet simple event that day.
The couple just gathered some family members and relatives, and a couple of us headed to help her out with the event as well.

While Linny was at the bridal shop doing her make up in the morning,
we had the balloons pumped up and decorated the entire function room with it as fast as we could in due for our bride-to-be to arrive.
But I must say our team worked hand-in-hand pretty well, and we even did up a balloon chain within 15 mins!

Let the peeks do the talking!

Hurhur and my handmade cupcakes as gifts for her :)
And the balloon pumper was really one of the best inventions but it was a tad overwhelming for apple and myself given it was our first time using it!

Thanks to the guys who took up the tough job- tying the balloons!
Awwwww, yixiong took much effort to prepare the gorgeous ring holder.

A few snapshots before the bride-to-be arrives!

*thank you Hey, Adonia for the lovely blue dress, perfect for the occasion!

And finally, the moment came…

And it's official! <3
I can't wait for hen's night next and I am gonna start planning and source for ideas. :p

Here are two more dresses that are perfect for the weekends and ROM occasions too!

*Love the colour of this topshop inspired toga dress from Hey Adonia too.
Feels a bit like what sex and the city ladies will wear. ;p

*And a unique collar dress that can be either corporate or casual from Hey Adonia. :)


And last but not least, i was surfing a couple of days ago and decided to do a quick join at this Lancome Mascara online event going on,
would share about the new mascara (that's provided if i can be one of the 3 lucky winners geez), but that would be very much dependent on you guys actually.
It's really simple and hope you can cast a kind vote for me! :)

1. Like Lancome FB page
2. Like my photo entry at Lancome's FB page




0107 HRS

Gorgeous ones..

I must say it's a complete delight to be receiving pressies from Tangem,
and for friends that have seen me around these two weeks,
you know I have been putting on these three gorgeous ones and pairing them with almost all of my outfits for majority of my days.

Shimmer Earrings from Tangem International.

I must say this is currently my utmost favourite pair of earrings in my whole earrings collection,
and the design is absolutely B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.
The cut, the size of the dangling round crystal pendant, and the crystals that surround the whole front part of the hook,
are exactly what put me in love with this pair of earrings.

It goes with most of my outfits, especially for work, a day out to town, or even when i'm donning on casual outfits as well.
The pendant size is reasonably visible from afar and and what's great about it is that it's absolutely light in weight given the visibility and size of the pendant.
Quality is another factor to me when I look for jewellerys and I am sure most of you share the same thoughts.
I have been wearing it for the past two weeks, and it remains as shiny as it is sitting on my rack now. ;)

Myself with my shimmer earrings!
(Usual price is S$45, but quote "beatricetan" to receive it at the promotional price – S$38.

Another delight – Ribbon Pendant and Necklace set from Tangem International.

The entire ribbon filled with good quality crystals is what made it alluring and elegant.
And this is definitely, in my opinions, one of the better designed ribbon shapes around. :)

Could pair this up with both "serious" outfits or even the more funky, cutsey outfits!

Together with the shimmer earrings and ribbon necklace.
(Usual price is $46, do quote "beatricetan" for a promotional price – $39)

Last but not least, the Glamour Ring from Tangem Internat.

The crystals are shining really brightly that my pictures do not do justice to it.
But the combination of the different sizes of crystals pieced up side by side absolutely allows the ring to shine out amazingly yet not making it chunky, instead sleek.

Glamour Ring on my finger!
(Usual price is S$43, quote "beatricetan" for promotional price – $36)

Do hop over if you are interested to get a better look at these beautiful pieces or to see more designs that Tangem has!


Here's a short random part of last week in pictures!

Awwwww. Canon, the dog that makes me look forward to LB's shoots as well! <3

*Dusty pink blazer from Princessess, quality is good and great for work wear or chic wear.

*How about some clutches to match your outfits? Versatile baby blue clutch from Princessess too.

Love my leopard prints maxi dress from H&M and python skin pumps from FEP!

Movie night out to catch harry potter at Lido. <3




0507 HRS

Mercedez-Benz Car Launch

The latest C class coupe.

Apart from my usual favourites – Fashion and Food, I must say car is another thing that excites me as well.

Looking at the beautiful cars is probably just like guys reading looking at FHM magazines,
and sitting in it it's like the hot girls sitting on the guys' lap,
and test drive it its like a hot girl giving you a surprise kiss,
and owning it it's like the hot girl saying "YES" to be your wife. Muahaha. :p

So it was an exciting moment to be able to attend the recent Mercedes-Benz launch at Keppel Road with hurhur and his brother, Jiren.
i donned on a dress that the Lovebonito's team picked for me – the covet coral dress and paired it up with the covet wedges,
and i simply love everything about this dress – the midi style, the colour and toga cut and the material!

Trust me, the real life is absolutely much nicer than the pictures here!

Mercedez-Benz launched two car models that very night,
which are the latest version of SLK and as well as the C-Class Coupe and yes, SLK is a gorgeous car!
But I thought the previous SLK model was kinda more feminine looking than the latest one,
which is slight more squarish- well, some said the latest model is designed to target the male audiences more than the females.

The latest SLK.

The brudders and the gorgeous car.

The crowd!

Me and the C-class coupe.

The launch was pretty simple, and we left after a while but spotted the UBER GOREGOUS one at the entrance instead- the SLS.

Looks familiar?
Such a gorgeous one..

We spotted the white one instead..

A snap shot for keep sake.




0107 HRS


A virtual collage gift for my two dearest friends, linny girlfriend and her hubby xiong.

May happiness be with you two always. <3





0207 HRS

An evening with Lancome

Wearing LB's latest red dress! <3

Vel and I spent our Friday evening at Lancome's Visionnaire event,
and we were both truly honoured to be invited to this private event!

It was a small scaled event which had renown make up artists, editors as welll as bloggers,
and I have to say the evening was awesome meeting a couple of new friends, who are lifestyle and beauty bloggers, and they were absolutely friendly.
Small world to know that we are friend's of friends, and it was good to see a couple of familiar faces around too, people like Si Hui, and Juliet.
Wonderful evening, I must add! :)

Can't wait to get the full sized product to try out and apparently this is an upcoming new skincare product that will be launched by Lancome,
called the visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] which aims to correct wrinkles, unevenness, and pores issues!
Sounds exactly like what most of us face isn't it?

Here are a couple of peeks for the evening!

Glad to have Vel to attend the event together! <3

The makeup segment with many of Lancome latest products to try out.

New friends we met!

Alexa from Nuffnang, and Carrie!

Really friendly girls!

Charlene and Juliet, nice and lovely girls to talk to. oh yes, did i charlene is a beauty blogger?

Some new outfits that you might want to check out this week!

*Blue/white zigzac prints dress from myheartsdesire.

*Nude corporate workdress from myheartsdesire




0507 HRS

My daily skincare/essential products

Finally, I took some time out to take some snap shots of my daily essential products, and i know it's really delayed as promised to some readers!

For my facial skincare, I used to try out different products ranging from the lower end to the higher end ones
eg. those dermatologist customized facial products (together with my mom, and we can share some products together),
and I realised that I have pretty sensitive skin that reacts to the products I use just after a short while.
Because of that, i have to watch what I use as well due to the fact that if the products are too strong in terms of ingredients/chemicals used,
it will cause lil spots that itch just like mosquitoes bite bums on the face, ewwww.

The good thing about stronger products is that, no doubt it has high effectiveness,
and from what i know, the effectiveness is a result from the strong ingredients/chemicals, and these will penetrate into your skin better than the average.
But the other thing that I was told to note was that,
the strong chemicals will be effective upon using, but after a while of usage, the skin does get immune to it, and as we age,
we would need even stronger products to maintain or even much stronger products to enhance.
So i was kinda advised to use products that I need and catered to my age group instead.

But of course, definitely, for certain of my needs, i do use stronger products but for most now, i will use the average ones.

Here's a snapshot of the products for my daily usage!

Cleansing of face:
1. Nivea Sparkling White, Whitening Foam
2. Nivea Sparkling Whitening Scrub

I am not sure about you girls, but I really loathe facial foam that has certain ingredients that create the oily effect after cleansing.
Supposedly to cleanse it clean as well as to retain the moisture with that layer of oil after washing,
but I don't like the feeling as it makes me feel that i haven exactly cleansed it well.
But definitely, make up remover is needed before that if you are washing after a day of applying make up. (read on for make up remover below)

I scrub using the whitening scrub probably once a week and wash my face at least twice a day – once in the morning when i wake up, and one at night after bath.
The Nivea whitening foam is just perfect for me for both the day and night wash.
It doesn't have the oily effect, but a smooth and supple one instead. I like!

Been using this for quite a while, maybe 2 years? I remember bringing to the MBS stay with my girlfriends,
and applepie tried this and got this after the stay as her daily facial foam as well.

Make-up Remover:
1. Fasio Point Make-up Remover
2. Cleansing Express Sebum

My concern in terms of removing make up is always the eye part – Waterproof Mascara and Eyelash Glue!

I used to use Loreal eye makeup remover and I have to say that that product is great as well,
(the one with the  blue liquid and transparent liquid together in the bottle, and requires a shake whenever using), but it does have a oily feeling.
However, i do agree that for makeup remover, the oil based is extremely effective in helping to remove the waterproof mascara and eyelash glue parts.

Fasio is good as well and not as oily as the oil based products, but enough to remove effectively as well.
Normally I would use both in the sense that I will wipe the same facial area a couple of times to ensure that make up is totally off.

But now, thanks to the reader who told me quite a while ago about this awesome makeup remover, i have been using that since then!
You are gonna LOVE this, my girlfriends love it and another friend actually asked me not to share it on the blog because the product is already sold out most of the times in stores,
and I will make it harder to get somehow. Muahaha.

YES YES YES, the Cleaning Express Sebum is the BEST make up remover on earth for now, that I can ever find.
I loved that it is water-based, not oil based, and it is uber effectively in terms of removing makeup!
No need to explain much about this, just try it! You can get them at Watsons or Guardian stores.

After Cleaning: 
1. Kose Junkisei Prime Lotion,
2. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
3. Obagi Clear
4. Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Serum
5. Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel
6. Cellnique Contour Reversal Cream

I would apply ALL these products in sequence everyday twice after washing my face.

Some of the products I have used it since i reviewed it and you can see them here:
For Kose Junkisei Prime Lotion – link HERE.
For Cellnique products- link HERE.

As for Obagi Clear, it is a strong product that is recommended to be by a dermatologist,
and its a bleaching cream, which is to lighten marks.
You can consult and get it at raffles hospital aesthetic department if you have concerns for marks actually .

Morning Essential:
ZA True White Day Protector

This has been my sunblock for years and I love it!
Again, I dislike sunblocks that make the skin oily and sticky after, and this is awesome.
it gives protection yet upon applying, you have to wait a while and let it sets, the skin will feel supple and ready for you to apply make up next.

For Hair Care:
1. Loreal Professional Leave in Polymer Ar
2. Loreal Professional Playball

For now, I would apply the Loreal Leave in Polymer for a protection layer before straightening my hair with a rebonding clip.

When i used to have permed hair, I would apply the playball serum on the hair for protection before blowing dry, or re-curling the hair.
it smells really sweet and not too sticky/oily.

Better to apply as the heat is really gonna damage the hair!


That's all for my daily skin care and hope it helps to answer some questions!
If you like to see more of this kind, do click a like to let me know, and if you have an questions, do drop me a comment! :)
And also, do let me know what else will you be interested to see?
I will try my best to share it if I do or have! :)




1107 HRS

I do, I do!

The bride-to-be being blindfolded.
*Stripe coral/white from PopCherryCrush.


After being together with her beau, yixiong for a good whole 6 years, they are finally tying the knot! :)
Words can't say how excited and happy I am for her, and i know Haslinda is in safe hands now.

She is the first amongst us to get hitched and I know we will be all uber excited to help her with the planning.
But prior to that, yixiong got a couple of us to do a mini but romantic proposal on last Saturday,
and check out the peeks below!

Thanks to yx's brudders- Wei Quan and Jeffrey, together with Kaimin who got down to a pavilion at botanical gardens in the late afternoon for set up.
They prepared candles and sparkles, as well as having balloons along the walkway leading towards the main proposal destination!

Hurhur and I arranged a movie night out with a couple of the girlfriends- Apple, Selene (and yes, Haslinda), at his place during the same time too.
When the sky turned dark in which the set up was supposedly done, yixiong gave us a Q for us to bring lin to the venue.
Muahaha, we lied that we gonna stop over at Cluny court as I need to get some "girls thing" from cold storage but we had to stop there to walk to botanical gardens in fact.

We led the blindfolded haslinda to the centre of the pavilion!

in which she stood before these words that yixiong made using candles one by one..

and here it was.. THE MOMENT.. *tears*

The witnesses!!!
*Wearing top from PopCherryCrush.

The bride-to-be all in happy tears!!

Applepie was so excited about the story about the ring- yixiong got her ring all customize from scratch and it's inspired by top brands!

The night definitely ended with happy tears, and i'm proud of yixiong for his doings as well.
It's a brand new phase for these two goody friends of mine, and I sincerely wish them all the best and best! <3
Love you two! <3


I had much lovings last week too because the STB (well, its a acronym we formed- Selene, Trish, Bea, when we were in the poly days) met up to celebrate Trish's belated birthday.
Didn't know Trish visited Timbre once (as it was with us as well years back), and this time was the second time she visited Timbre only.
Poots, you are missing out their roasted duck pizza and buffalo wings!! Geez.

I suppose everyone is aware of their famous roasted duck pizza! *SLURPS*

My strawberry mojito with me and the birthday girl.

And leney dear. :)
*Padded bejeweled top from PopCherryCrush.

Lovely and simple time spent with the girls that night.
And btw, if you wanna visit timbre, be sure to make reservations first, and they only accept ONLINE reservations!
I made it once and its pretty cool, you get to choose seats just like when you are making a movie booking. Heh

*Here's the Padded bejeweled top again, paired up with another new item from PopCherryCrush- the nude work scallop work skirt!
check back at their website on 21st July, 10pm for the launch!