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Addictions Cafe


Not sure if you are looking for a brunch place, but I do have a new place to introduce. It's probably one of the newest places in town but unfortunately, I didn't think the food standard was recommendable. ;( Though i'm sure I won't be going back anytime soon, but it seems like they do have quite a few other appealing choice on the menu, so I might just give it a second try one day (for their mains & desserts).

The brunch place is called Addictions Cafe, and it's located at 22 Dempsey.

I heard about 22 Dempsey from Daphne (LB's Stylist) last week when she asked me if I've tried it. She mentioned that she was going to try it in a week's time and just nice, I was looking for a place for brunch with my Uni friends, so I told her I'll try and feedback to her before she goes. It was pretty hilarious how our conversation went during one of the shoots last week which happened to be on a Thursday,

D: Bea, have you tried 22 Dempsey?
Me: Nope, is it nice?
D: I haven't tried it, but I made a booking with my friends to go next week. I thought you might have visited it, so gonna ask you how was it.
Me: Oh I see, I shall try and let you know.
D: Huh? How are you going to? I'm going next week already.
Me: Yeah, I know. I'll try it this week then!

Then we burst out laughing, hard. Like… 'Hahahahahah' literally, (Daphne, I can still recall your laughter in my head!)

I find it very enjoyable to explore new places and true enough, the next moment I changed my initial arranged brunch place to 22 Dempsey without much thoughts and made a booking. So I realised that 22 Dempsey is actually an entire area called Tanglin Village (like Holland Village), and Additions Cafe is one of their outlets/restaurants (Like Wala Wala @ Holland Village). So when I made a booking with 22 Dempsey, I found it weird that they didn't ask me for the reservation time until I questioned on that. Turned out it was because 22 Dempsey is the name of their bar too, and it opens form 6pm onwards, so I suppose people who book will just head there at 6pm (still puzzled why they didn't ask for the timing, what if my schedule permits me to reach there only at 7pm?)

Anyhoots, back to Addictions Cafe.

In sequence:
Addictions BIG Breakfast (S$16) – which we thought the plate was huge, but doesn't look very presentable with food unfilled,
Eggs Benedict (S$16) - Eggs were a lil overcooked, and too little hollandaise Sauce :(,
Truffle Fries (S$14) – Truffle taste wasn't strong and,
French Toast with Berries (S$15) - The best outta the lot.

#OOTD, in Klarra's Arianna Dress. Totally in love with this piece, its prints and its neckline
Currently on backorders HERE, don't miss it (;

22 Dempsey Road, Tanglin Village, Singapore 
Tel: +65 6476 5961
Opening Hours  Daily: 11.30am – 11pm


A group of readers have been asking me about the facial place that I visit. And I guess to save you guys from the hassle of emailing, I shall share it here ;)

The facial place I go to is called LifeSpa, and I've been with them for a good 2 years or even more (Renewed my package like thrice or so). I like their service very much, actually, in particularly, my beautician's service. In fact, my package was based in Carlton Hotel but my beautician moved to the other outlet, which I followed suit after – that's how much I adore her service! They have two outlets, one at Carlton Hotel and another newly opened at TripleOne Somerset (You might still see the Pacific Plaza Outlet on their website, but it has recently closed down and shifted to TripleOne Somerset.).

My package enables me to switch between Massage or Facial, though I usually just use the facial side. The package consists of different facial treatments depending on your skin condition on the particular day and I love it that they always do Diamond Peel for me. And each of my sessions comes with an additional eye treatment or ampoule too. 

This by all means, is not paid to write, but just a random share ;) If you are really interested, I can refer you to them if you need me to, just drop me an email at

I think I'll be rewarded an additional facial treatment if I refer someone, but not sure if you are comfortable with me referring you or you prefer going straight, it's entirely up to you. Haven't exactly shared about this before nor referred anybody else before except for my girlfriend, Applepie, a year plus ago, but if you wish to let me benefit in some ways, I can refer you and hope to make sure they don't charge you an exorbitant price as compared to my package (that's if you are looking at the same thing)! Hee.

This was at the old outlet at Pacific Plaza (shifted to TripleOne Somerset now). Was surprised to find out that this particular branch serves Chinese desserts after facial too (the branch at Carlton doesn't). ;)

Lifespa Prestige at Carlton Hotel 
76 Bras Basah Road (near City Hall MRT)
Level 5 Carlton Hotel Singapore 189558
TEL: 6339 6966

Lifespa at TripleOne Somerset
TEL : 6737 6766




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Shiseido White Lucent Starter Kit


I previously shared about Shiseido White Lucent Range HERE and this range is perfectly suited to my needs – keeping fair & brightening the skin. Used to tan a lot but for some reasons, my perception changed these couple of years, and I think having a fair skin looks clean. Besides that, I think a fairer face looks much better when appearing on pictures as well, proven by the LB’s shoot I did over the years!

It’s never ‘fair’ enough and I suppose it’s really important to constantly take measures to maintain or lighten the skin because we are exposed to harmful sunrays every single day. If you have the same needs and concerns like me, you will be thrilled to know Shiseido White Lucent Range comes in a Starter Kit for you to kick start your whitening regime and try the complete range of basic skincare.

The set comes with:
1.     Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam (75ML)
2.     Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener (100ML)
3.     Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion (30ML)

I did a detailed review previously HERE and you can pop over to take a read if you are keen ;)

For purchasing, you can actually visit any of the Shiseido Counters, they can do a complimentary skin check for you to recommend suitable products.


Ethan sent an email to me yesterday's morning and told me that there's a good message in it. I read it the next moment and thought it's really meaningful, helped me to put some thoughts into perspective and I decided to share here. Hope it helps you in some ways or another! ;)

"Michael Leung, a famous TV Host and MC/DJ in Hong Kong , is also a child psychotherapist.  The a letter that he had for his son is quite moving. It would not only provide a guideline for children, but also benefit for all ages. 

My Son, I’m writing this list based on three fundamentals: 
- Life is unpredictable. No one knows how long we’re going to live, so some things are better said earlier than later. 
- I’m your father. I’d be the only one to tell you these things. 
- Everything on this list came from my own experience. I learnt them the hard way, and hopefully that’ll save some unnecessary steps in your life.  . 

1. To people who are unkind to you, don’t sweat it.

Through your lifetime, no one is obligated to be nice to you, besides your mom and me.  As for the people who are kind to you, treasure them, be grateful, but at the same time, be extra cautious. Everyone does everything for a reason. When someone is nice to you, it doesn’t mean they like you. You need to be able to see through the surface, instead of making them your true friends immediately.   (

2. No one is irreplaceable, and nothing is indispensable.
With that in mind, even when you lose the people or things that you love and treasure the most, in the future, you need to understand that it’s not that big of a deal.  

3. Life is short.
While you’re wasting it today, you’ll realize you’re at the end of it tomorrow. So the earlier you start to treasure your life, the earlier you can enjoy it. Instead of hoping for longevity, start to live life fully early. 

4. The thing called “The Best Love”, or “The One”, doesn’t exist.

Love is a feeling of moments. It will definitely changes over time and moods. If your so-called “Best Love” left you, please be patient and let time heals your wounds. Through time, your heart will come to peace and your pain will ease. Don’t over expect the beauty of Love, nor over exaggerate the pain when you lose it.  

You can start from nothing to your name, but you can go nowhere if you are not fully prepared.
Although a lot of successful people received high education, you might not be successful if you don't study hard.  The knowledge you consume will become your weapon. You can start from nothing to your name, but you can go nowhere if you are not fully prepared. Never forget that!  

6. I don’t expect you to support me for rest of my life, so I’m not going to do the same for you either.

When you’re grown enough to be independent, it will be the end of my responsibilities to you. From that point, it’s completely your own responsibilities and decisions, whether to take the bus or drive a Benz, or whether to eat shark fins or rice noodle.

When ever you decide to treat others, remember they won’t necessary do the same in return.
You can require yourself to be accountable to others, but don’t expect accountability from others to you. You can require yourself to be nice to other, but don’t expect the same from others to you. When ever you decide to treat others, remember they won’t necessary do the same in return. You must be very clear on this, or you’ll be very disappointed unnecessarily.   

8. There’s no free lunch in the world.  
I’ve been buying the Lotto for almost twenty years, but still poor. I had never got the third prize even once. So remember, you have to work hard to be successful.  There’s no free lunch in the world.  

9. You got your family by karma and it happens only once.
Please treasure every moment we spend together, because we don’t know how long it will last. After this lifetime, we won’t see each other anymore.   

Your Father"




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Weekend in Malaysia

My East-ie friends always love patronizing bugis area for two reasons, one which is the convenience of MRT Green Line, next which is the wide range of food outlets!

So the girls organized a belated but cozy celebration for dear Linny just last week and we visited one of the newly (re)opened malls – Bugis+.  Thumbs up to Capitaland for doing a great job after acquiring the now-defunct Iluma Mall, followed by renovating and rebranding the entire shopping centre. Personally feel that the shops' layout is much better now, and the mall does have quite a few prominent brands cum food outlets there.

#OOTD: Wore this Scallop Mini Skirt that I got from Struttt, which is one of their exclusive manufactured pieces.
Love the scallop designs at the bottom and if you are interested, you can find it under "Made with Love"! ;)


Dinner at Aloha Ma Maison.

We have completely no idea why this restaurant is named Aloha Ma Maison (apart from the Hawaiian-Decorations) because the type of food served is simply what you usually get in Ma Maison- Tonkatsu, Japanese rice with beef etc. We were expecting a fusion of Japanese cum Italian food (actually, more of the latter) but there weren't exactly many choices on that. The page on the menu that was most in line with the concept was probably the pancakes and salad segments, which we gave them both a try too.

Out of all the food we had, I think the best was the Cobb Salad (if I'm not wrong). Love the ingredients and condiments – the sauce was absolutely tasty! The Strawberry Banana Pancakes we had were good too albeit you can find it almost everywhere. The fruit tarts we had for dessert were equally good too, but it's the same as those you can get in Fruits Paradise or Ma Maison outlets.

The rest we had was of mediocre standard, and we all shared the same sentiments too.

Bumped into dear poots on the night and we just had to get a shot. ;)


Last weekend was pretty packed. Sandy, Eugene (my Uni friends), Ethan and myself arranged for an impromtu trip to Malaysia for golf on Sunday. It was arranged just hours before we set off at 6.30am in the morning, and love how spontaneous the both of them are always!

Keeping bare under the hot sun

We went to this place called Orchard Golf, and it was my first time playing 18-hole at a golf course in Malaysia. Heard the weekend golfing rate is RM150 per pax (18-hole) but they had some problems with the Buggy which caused us to wait for almost 2 hours, so we had a discounted rate of RM99!

For Golfers, here's the address if you need it. You can easily reach there via GPS and journey takes about 2 hours or less from Singapore. (:

KM 17, Jalan Kuali/Kota Tinggi, KB510, Kota Tinggi, 81900, Kota Tinggi,
Johor  Malaysia 07-8977934


Two things I enjoy heading into Malaysia for a day's trip are to enjoy Massage (at much better rates as compared to Singapore) and the Seafood Feast. This trip was no exception!

#OOTD: Donning on Struttt's manufactured polka dress. Made of a thicker cotton material with a flattering cut.
Versatile for sure – heels for days when I'm feeling dressier, or shoes like the pictures above to casual it up. ;)

First time trying Balonglong and i love this drink! Anyone knows if we can find this in Singapore?

Love the barbeque sticks! Can't believe we had almost 10-15 sticks each apart from the main dishes we ordered. Ethan has been raving about this place for seafood dinner for the longest time, but he was disappointed with the standard when we had it this time. The highlight was the Salted Egg Crayfish but perhaps it was too crowded, the sauce was pretty diluted and wasn't exactly satisfying.  Another of my all-time favourite would be the Cereal Prawns but the ones we had here was not too good as well, the cereal bits were a bit flat. ;(

Nonetheless, the food was good overall and i'll definitely give it a second try. If this restaurant is packed (most Singaporeans go there), you might want to hop over to the one beside it named "101". They have reasonably priced yet good seafood dinner too!

No.27 & 28 Jalan Sutera , Taman Sentosa,
Johor Bahru (Opposite The Store Shopping Complex)




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Colgate SlimSoft Party


I had an absolutely great time at the Colgate SlimSoft Party last weekend. ;)

It was an exclusive collaboration between Colgate & Nuffnang which five of us, namely, Maureen, Melissa, Brad, Daphne and myself were involved in. As you can see from the picture, we had a dressing theme to adhere to and it’s exactly in lined with the Colgate colours. Patriotic too, you may say, but indeed we are!


With buddy brad snapping away with our goodies in the goody bag at the event’s backdrop. Told him he’ll be better fitted to the theme with his camel blazer off!
I can’t believe we were welcomed by a personal standee each and I went all excited when I saw it! Very heartwarming and it felt extremely privilege to have a personal board like this – made us all felt really important that day. Teehee ;)

Make up for the day – Red lippie, pink eyeshadow to go in line with Colgate’s Theme.

Held at Skyve, one of the most talked about restaurants locally right now, we had an intimate and cozy affair with an attendance of about 70 people. We each had 10-15 invites for both friends/readers (which I would like to do a shout out later to my lovely friends and readers.) and Colgate/Nuffnang specially prepared delectable delights just for us all on that very afternoon.


Each table had a generous serving of tapas and food, which I couldn’t get enough of their truffle fries! As mentioned in my previous review of skyve, they definitely have one of the best tasting truffle fries you can find.

Noel was the emcee for the afternoon

We had cute lovely cupcakes oral-designed cupcakes

The afternoon was filled with programs, and we had quizzes done with I thought was pretty informative. Did you know the most sought after toothbrush colour is red? And two main things that you should look for in a toothbrush is the bristles(softness/width) and brush size?


Besides that, we had to do a catwalk that day with the Colgate SilmSoft Toothbrush, which I had no idea initially how were we going to pose with it! So buddy brad and I teamed up and we sort of did a product showcase to our newfound friends instead. Hope our mini performance went alright, and that you guys didn’t get too taken aback by our random stopovers at the tables!

The full strength of the bloggers & Mr Alek from Colgate, very humorous guy indeed ;)


Daphne, our mummy blogger ;)

And Maureen, another food blogger but this time, it’s a real lady!

Here’s Mel and one of our common friends in University. We actually knew each other in Uni before blogging. ;)

And a big fat kiss to the dearest boyfriend and friends who came down for a support! Smooch <3

Also, the Nuffies did a tremendously great job in organizing the entire event hand in hand with Colgate. Another big Thank you to Sarah/Gabby/Jayne/Amanda who constantly make effort to remind us for our campaigns. And Huiwen/Clara/Elise/Alvin to be fighting for campaigns for us! This event was definitely well-received and with such a passionate team of folks, you just couldn’t ask for more! ;)

Clara & Jayne

Hui Wen & Elise
Sarah & myself

With Gabby & Jayne.


Alvin, Noel & Gabby. You look absolutely gorgeous here Gab! My favourite picture of yours. ;)
Thank you to the readers who made the effort to come down. I’m always wondering who are behind the screens reading, and your attendance means a lot to me and it was very nice meeting ya’ll. Thank you for making me feel really loved and special! ;D

Dear Faith, Sandra, Shuling, Hazel, Zac, Yiyang and Zihan, it was really nice conversing with you guys!  *waves*

Hope to see all of you in future next time, and I’m sure we will catch up even more then! ;)
I was completely surprised that afternoon when Colgate picked my entries as the winning entries! It comes with a reward of an ultra generous hamper and a cash price. Absolutely ecstatic and jumping for joy, I have never exactly won anything in contest, ever, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
For that said, do take a read at my first post and second post for more oral care details if you haven’t!

Look at how generous the Colgate Team is, we each walked home with a generous hamper like this – literally enough for a one year supply or more!

Glad to be able to share this with the dear family and now I’m officially in-charge of the oral care and body wash for the family. (Didn’t know there’s body wash under Colgate until today) Hee. Will also allocate part of it to Ethan’s family. It’s a household delight! ;D


I’m also glad that my friends and all readers went home with a goody bag with a set of the latest Colgate SilmSoft toothbrushes that could last for at least a good 3-5 months.




Always a believer that if the product(s) is(are) not good, companies wouldn’t be spending thousands or thousands, or even tens/hundreds of thousands marketing it. There must be something really worthy about the product to be spending a great budget and effort.


So with that said, you know there’s something advantageous about Colgate SilmSoft. Colgate has been in the consumer industry for over two centuries and it has been the trusted household brand of many not without a reason for sure.

The Colgate Slim Soft toothbrush might seem or feel like a normal toothbrush, but making sure that your teeth/gums are healthy is a long-term process. One which there is no immediate effect except for constant care. With all oral care facts, this is no doubt one of the basic toothbrushes you should at least own and use! (And it’s so affordable too)

Last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to Colgate for this opportunity. For us to know and try out the latest innovation of Colgate, for bloggers to work together and for readers to get together with us too. Thank you for your generosity, kindness and time, it was a certainly great pleasure to be working with the team, especially with representatives flown in from Malaysia. Very honored and we had a fulfilling time. ;) 


Just got myself an exclusively manufacture lace paddlepop top from DOT.
Fit cum material are both absolutely comfortable and it's easy to match. Comes in a dress form too ;)

Matched up a cardigan with DOT's pleated dress. Wear it plain for a night out with your girlfriends or with a cardigan for a corporate look!




1007 HRS



Something really, really interesting to show you guys today, and it’s not something beauty, not something about hair, not something to eat, but it’s definitely something KwerKee.
I was personally very intrigued when I discovered about Kwerkee, an online store featuring all sorts of things you can ever find and apart from that, it’s not just things. They are out-of-this-world home and lifestyle products with contemporary, creative yet practical designs. And that’s what Kwerkee specializes in, and what Kwerkee is all about – “Daily Design Sauce”.
P.S: Do you know they are owned by renowned luxury fashion e-tailer Reebonz, you will be assured with their good taste and quality for sure ;)

Way, way cooool!
And guess what? A box came knocking on my door just last week and how excited am I to receive this from Kwerkee!
Just look at those words, definitely increasing the excitement by 10 folds and putting a grin on my face. I love, love, love the entire packaging, love the neon lime green sticker and the brown box. For some reasons, I’ve a thing for brown boxes and this reminds me of the crate” box which you see when you play Angry Birds – especially with the string!
P.S: Do you also know that this packaging is specially designed using Biodegradable boxes/paper bags?
Absolutely thrilled and I went on exploring immediately and you wouldn’t believe what the Kwerkee team has kindly handpicked for me.

Four items. At one glance, they are looking indeed intriguing and I can't wait to unbox them!

The Kwerkee team sent over a Nooka Watch, in a lovely shade of greenish-blue too. I have actually saw it once before, and it has a pretty unique way of reading time. It took me a lil slower to read time at first but it didn’t take long for one to get used to it. So reading time on the Nooka watch is in fact a breeze now. Love that it’s sporty looking (perfect for golf sessions), and it comes in many other preppy shades!
“Composed of a polyurethane rubber body with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal lens, these watches represent time in 4 different faces—all of which present a graphical representation of time that transcends the linguistics of math that make telling time difficult for a child to learn – creating a truly intuitive experience. “
If you are interested to learn more about the Nooka Watch, you can know more about it HERE. They have a video to demonstrate how it works too. ;)


Wore it for my golf practice yesterday ;)

Calling out to Hello Kitty Fans! Here’s a lil surprise for you. ;)
Thumbdrive is definitely a practical tool for most, and for friends who are in the work force/or schooling, this comes in very handy for sure. Furthermore, it comes in a really cute Hello Kitty Design!


Comes in many other cool designs too, just check out the Batman and long neck kitty on the picture above. They are totally making me grinning away,  WAY CUTE!

Very amused by this indeed. It’s an egg cooker and just look at how appropriate it is in its chicken shape! Now you don’t just get raw eggs from a chicken, you can get cooked eggs too! Hee.

Very practical for sure, and I bet you can easily put a smile on your momsie's face upon presenting this to her.


This is certainly my favourite of out the lot, and I must say, this cup-holder's design is absolutely ingenious!

It helps to save space, giving you a larger surface area on your desk. You wouldn’t need coasters for your drinks, and you wouldn’t need to be afraid of spilling your drinks all over your desk, drenching your documents, papers, notebooks or worst case scenario- Laptop. Plus, you might make new friends in the office with this, because most likely, (random) colleagues will definitely take a second look at this, or even stop by for a short chat to ask about this. Hee. I work from home and this is just the perfect household tool I need!

Oh yes, good for round desk too. Very sturdy and stable!


One of the rare finds in Singapore for sure. Kwerkee can just be the perfect place for me to grab some leading-edge innovative gifts for my friends/beloved’s birthday/ occasions. I think getting the gifts here for Housewarming and Christmas are both good ideas too, save me from squeezing my way in town!

Do pop over to take a look,  they do have a wide range of interesting yet extremely innovative stuff, and I myself am going to check out what’s new on the list! Additionally, guess what? Membership is FREE and FREE delivery to Singapore/Malaysia/Australia/Hong Kong too.

Prices are all available at Kwerkee’s website and they have a  feed tab  that shows the most popular products on the site. There’s a function for you to share on facebook if you would like to ask for friends’ comments or to just introduce some interesting topics on your facebook page. Furthermore, signing up with Kwerkee has never been easier especially with the Facebook Plugin!



Not only the complimentary membership, by clicking HERE, you can be rewarded when you refer friends to join!


Do check out or follow them on any of their social platforms below to be updated with fabulous, Kwerkee & clever innovations!


Here is what's brewing in this last bit of the Summer Season! A floral corset top from Pearlavish would simply be a sweet add-on to your wardrobe for chic and demure styles (;

Another Sweetheart Prints Dress from Pearlavish which features a unique back cum waist design. A playful look for this Summer for sure!