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0310 HRS

Lin’s Wedding Day

This entire entry is dedicated to my dear bff Haslinda and her hubby, Yi Xiong for them to keep (they don't have a blog you see),
and as well as to all of us "crew members" behind the scenes on the happiest day of their lives.

After all these years of growing up together- mugging for exams tog, countless of meetups, travelling overseas, gamble together,
going through happy and tough times in relationships (not their relationship), talking about studies, jobs, future..
I'm still feel very amazed and surreal that my two dear friends have officially tied the knot on 25th September 2011, it was a Sunday.

And with my first girlfriend entering a new phase of life,
suddenly it feels like growing up is moving at an extremely fast pace..
and career will be one of the most important things you would think of before you get married, followed by kids. ( well, career has always been impt since you started studying)
Wouldn't say its bad, because you will just realize again,
if you want to lead a happy and blissful life like them, you gotta start thinking of what you want in life if you haven.
Afterall, we might not know what we like, but we know what we don't like.

Nuff said, before you decide to click away and stop reading this entry which i painstakingly put together all the gazilion amount of photos,
a video even, rearranging them and now writing. heh


It was my second time being a bridesmaid, and this time, we all were very involved in her entire planning together,
glad to be because this is definitely something i want to do for my beloved girlfriend (and for other girlfriends, when yours to come!) to hopefully get the dream wedding she wants.
No words can describe how heartwarming it is to see my girlfriend walking down the aisle with her husband on the actual day,
that's when you know everything is really worth it. :)

The four bridesmaids, Kaimin, leney, myself and Apple got up to reach linny's place at 4.30AM in the morning in due for preparations on the actual day.
And we brought all our bridesmaids dresses to prepare at her house, and before that, thanks to leney,
she bought the ingredients (for gatecrashing) the day before and we gotta start making our special recipes out of them for yx who will be coming in a couple of hours.

Haslinda looks even more beautiful that day, and it true that they say,
the bride is definitely the prettiest on the wedding day.

YX arrived at about 7.15AM, and we told them to stand downstairs before moving up first.
We made them shouted lovely dovely quotes to Linny right in front of the coffee shop!! teehee :p

These were the gate crashing games (you can see more in the video later!),
didn't manage to take a lot of pictures cuz we were too busy but here's a breakdown of what we did –
We went by SUAN, TIAN, KU, LA (Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy) and other random games:

1. (SOUR) We had lemons soaked in vinegar for them to eat, making sure all the pulps were eaten down as well.
2. (SWEET) Gummy bears sweet to be put on the bestmen's body parts (eg. face, neck) and YX (yixiong) had to use his mouth to eat them without touching
3. (BITTER) Blended pure coffee powder + wheat (wanted bittergourd but didnt manage to get it) + celery as juice for them to drink within 30 seconds with a long straw (3 mcdonalds straws attached into one),
if not forfeit, and drink another cup
4. (SPICY) Buns with blajiam (chilli) and a pure long chilli as toppings to eat it mouth to mouth (pair by pair) without touching.
5. We had him to find the key to lin's room which was inside a pail of very ICED water using his feet only (they cheated!!)
6. Wearing disposable undies that wrote "I love lin" and do a dance.
7. Leney made an amazing ice cube that has a cherry tomato in the middle, he and bestmen had to lick it all up and get the tomato before proceeding to the next stage.

Didn't manage to play this game cuz we were running outta time,
had to do it after the tea ceremony ended to not waste leney's effort in freezing the ice up together. hahahah.

Moved on for tea ceremony at the groom's place, but before that we went outdoor to somewhere nice for a group shot.

hahaha the photographer wanted to take some half shorts and we had to squat down to prevent ourselves from being inside the pics

our bridesmaids dresses from Love,bonito :D

Headed to YX's place after phototaking and linny had to change to KUA.
My mom saw the pictures and asked me if YX is a cantonese.
I said i don't think so, and she told me only cantonese dilect group has to wear KUA for wedding customs.
Apparently YX is teochew, but linny mentioned that the wedding package includes KUA and YX's mom wld like her to wear, so might as well take it! so cute.

Pwetty in her KUA!! :)

After tea ceremony at linny's place as well, we headed to check into M Hotel @ Tanjong Pagar to rest and prepare for the dinner plans!
Awesome to know that linny got us bridesmaids a room and the bestmen another room, apart from the suite that YX and herself would be staying.

We girls thought we would wanna look glam-up for linny's wedding as well,
and I got to know a new make up artist recently – her name is Candy and she has been experienced in this field for quite a no of years.
She was really detailed and patience with my makeover, which includes hair- a gorgeous tied up bun as well and thanks to her, I got a beautiful makeover in the very afternoon. 
Thank you Candy! :D

My makeover- told her i wanted korean make up! teehee smokey eyes. love the lashes she put on me, and more pinkish nude lips.

Not just myself,
but Candy gave my girlfriends makeovers too!

* Changed into our dinner outfits and am wearing the convertible maxi from Mylittlebow. Love how elegant looking it is!

Here's Candy for you, and two of us, kaimin and myself with our make up cum hair all done!
She does makeup and hair for weddings, ROMs, and also events like dinner and shoots,
if you are interested, you can hop over to see her portfolio and contact details HERE. :)

Kaimin and leney after their makeover, I love their hairstyles!

And apple has a very different cum loud hairstyle that day as well, courtesy of Candy too. ;)

we all liked Selene's hair, if only i got more volumized hair.

The receptionists!

Orange/coral is the new colour! teehee.

Finally it was time to head into the ballroom..

Yes, vincent and I were both the emcees for the night!
Did i tell you vincent won the 100.3 FM Mandarin DJ contest recently?! Awesome!

Our beautiful bride and handsome groom! :)))

Love linny's gowns!

Pretty girls – Wanqian and Caleen.

The lovely babes!! :)

And the ever so beautiful linny <3

Here's a video that the videographer she employed did,
check out what we did for the entire day eg. the gatecrashing teehee.

Haslinda's big day- 25th september 2011 from beatricetan on Vimeo.






0110 HRS

Haslinda’s Hens Night!

Haslinda's hens night was kept as a simple affair and the girls us decided to book a room at Studio M for a Girls Night Out.

We were deciding hard on which boutique hotel to choose from,
and we got sold by the loft concept and the entire architecture and decor of the room seemed rather modernized in the pictures online.
I do like the design very much but unfortunately, we weren't exactly satisfied with the stay because the room was really small despite the awesome high ceiling. :\
It would be just nice for two pax (yes it was meant to be for 2 pax anyway),
but probably the pictures seemed to portray the room to be much bigger as compared to the real thing.

Loved how we spent the night together, and we wanted to go partying away but figured that it would be a waste of money to book the hotel so we called off that idea.
But we had delicious dominos pizza delivery (gosh, their crust was really good,
and i love the garlic & cheese breadsticks as well as the cinnamon sticks) which is definitely my another favourite brand of pizza, also,
we brought all our manicure tools, nail polishes etc for a manicure session.
Not only those, we also brought drinks like Choya, martini asti etc and prepared a perfect show to watch together- BRIDESMAID. Teehee, perfecto!

The balloon in the middle wasn't purposely like that!
I was blowing the balloons and one of them in the pack came in this shape,
we thought it was hilarious and decided to put it up to surprise haslinda before she comes!


The girls checked in around 2pm, and decorated the place before linny arrived at 6.30pm.
Bought her this bride veil and wand (i dont know what's the wand for, it comes with the veil.
OR maybe, it's supposed to be a fairy thingy. oops) to wear it during the stay which was pretty cute and the girls bought piggy ears,
bunny ears headbands to accompany our Pajamas Theme as well! Hilarious!

Did i mention there is this cafe under studio M- called the MALTED MILK. It is actually related to Timbre, and if you love timbre's food,
you can get take aways or dine in at Malted Milk instead of going to timbre!
I didn't know that until selene told me, and we ordered room service in Studio M (oh yes, studio M partnered with malted milk for room services)so as to order timbre's Buffalo Wings!!
Awesome to know this cuz i'm a big fan of timbre's pizza as well as chicken wings too.

3 Nanson Road,
Level 1 Studio M Hotel, Singapore.

We had a uber good feast, kai min bought us this SOYA TARTS from selegie!! Healthier than egg tarts and I LOVE THEM TO THE MAX!
Heard its always sold out in the afternoon and you have to go early to buy, comes in many different flavours as well.
It's located near the rochor tau huay, but its at the other corner, beside the hainanese chicken rice stall.

Finally, its manicure time!

I think i might be able to try for a manicurist role.. I DID THIS!!! so proud of myself though it looks much better from afar.. oops. :p

Leney's pretty talented too, hehehe.

And cheers to the night!

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the pool while kaimin and linny went for breakfast.
We totally loved the pool area and the very balinese setting of the area.

The breakfast girls!

Checked out time was pretty late at 2pm, and we got hooked on the Monopoly Deal game.
Not a game person, and it was my first time playing and I must say it's pretty addictive, heheh, especially playing with the girls was so fun!

*Changed into this dress by myheartsdesire, love the colour combi and the layered top design!

Something special that we did for our dear Haslinda during this stay…
we prepared a surprised video for her and played it during her wedding!
As you can guess, we filmed it before she came on the first day of the hotel stay, and well, don't laugh at us!
My mom said apple and I sounded uber serious in the video, zzzzz. heh

Luckily for Mac, it makes video editing much better and nicer!
You can watch our works below!


One more outfit of the week!

* This black dress is colour exclusive to myheartsdesire, go get it while stock lasts!
Black dress will never ever go wrong and i love the "flaps" design at the top part!
Comes with a sash too, but you can wear it either with or not with.




0809 HRS

The Pink Ribbon Party

Thank goodness for a new Nex shopping mall near my area, I think it makes shopping and meals better with the wide variety of choices.
Every now and then, I'll head over there to take the circle line/ north east line or i will just take a random walk around there or watch a movie!

Then i passed by Foggiare at Nex and thought it looks really familiar..

True enough,amazingly, together with the online platform they expanded and are doing great with their 3 brick and mortar branches –
1. Nex Mall Serangoon, #01-19 S556083, Tel: 65096271 
2. Square 2 Novena, #02-73 S307506, Tel: 63972476
3. Iluma Bugis, #03-02 s188067, Tel: 65090955

I went in to take a look and i must say i just got hooked on shopping!
They have a extensive variety of apparels there and there are proper fitting rooms for you to try on.

This definitely makes shopping easier and if you would want to see the pieces in real before purchasing,
you know where to go.
No worries, you can also go shopping without cash at their boutique, they accept visa, mastercard, nets, unionpay too! :p

With weekly launches, you can see first hand online (check out their FB or twitter) and then visit their retail stores for the real piece if you want! :)

Check out the beautifully decorated store(s)!


Thanks to groupon, i managed to get this uber valued deal for Korean BBQ buffet @ Chang BBQ (iluma outlet).
Chang has always been known for his very quality and expensive korean bbq food and it's main restaurant is at dempsey actually.
I suppose the iluma branch is probably catering to a different crowd,
and hurhur (he has been to the one at dempsey)told me the price range was kinda drastic after comparing the two.

Was having a lil dilemma whether to share this place or not,
but decided that I will, good things are meant to be shared, muhahahaha,
and hopefully more korean bbq restaurants get threatened by the good sales of such restaurant after and then lower their price to remain competitive. lol :p

But well, this deal was really worth it in our opinions, and the usual price is doubled but nonetheless, it's is still worth it for the original price.
I'm definitely going back again for korean BBQ.
The tanjong pagar one that i used to frequent is totally crowded these couple of months,
and this shall be my new found place!

* Love this blue dress from pearlavish, the colour does not do justice here, IRL it's def a stunning shade!

TEL: 6509 8900 (Call to reserve seats would be better)


More outfits of this week!

*I am sure you will like this manufactured dainty dress by pearlavish, the cloth belt is detachable. :)

Apart from bff linny's wedding, past week was rather eventful.
Had a date night with leney,
and it has been a while that we just sat at macs @ lido and chatted all the way till 1am in the morning before heading back. <3

*Wore this colour-block dress from pearlavish and matched it with a simple pumps, necklace and i'm good to go, great quality i must say!

leney <3

I have been a customer of Pink Parlour for these two years, and for nails and waxing, that would be my usual place.
Met Fai, one of the in-charges there, and he was sharing with me about this exciting upcoming event,
and finally I received more news on it!

Pink Parlour is organising this PINK RIBBON PARTY that is of benefit of the Singapore Cancer Society,
and it will be hosted by celebrity Linda black!
Not just that, I heard from him that there will be a whole wide range of sponsors involved as well to celebrate life for this meaningful event as well.

Details are as below, and hope to see you there!
You can take this chance to enjoy some special show lined up for you on that day,
and have a chance to win home some great goodies too!

Check out their facebook or message them there for purchasing details!


More posts to come!

Attended this exclusive Pantene event together with vel, jie and nicole, and vel was the panel speaker!
It was held at Stellar @ 1-altitude and the place was beautiful.

* Summer yellow layered dress by Chandelle House, love the preppy colour and do quote "beatrice" to get $2 off your purchase at their store!

*Another basic essentials for all girls, and a manufactured piece by Chandelle House, don't miss it babes!
For those who are interested to model for them, do hop over to their site for more details.


Decided to blog on haslinda's hens night in another post because we took a massive lot of pictures. heh.
Till then, see ya! :)




0109 HRS

Krabi Escape (Part 3 Final)

Love is in the air!
Attended Shing's ROM and wedding dinner last week, and it was simply beautiful.
Everything was done in details and i heard she handmade/homemade almost the entire decorations for the wedding!
Am really glad to see my friends getting married and Shing, may jiahao and you live in bliss forever and all the best in your new life! <3

*Wore my really sweet purple dress from flymetoparis! Received quite a bit of compliments on the dress too!! <3

Will blog about Haslinda's hens night soon and what we did!
Here's a sneak!

*Love this lovely summer loose coral top from flymetoparis too, perfect for the weekend getaway for haslinda's hens night!
I wore it with my bikini, but it comes with an inner slip actually!


I am summing up the entire krabi trip today, and It's gonna be a mega long post!

The previous two entries are the first and second day, and this will be the third.
In fact there is a forth, but i think i wouldn't want to bore you out with taxi, airport and plane pictures because we left in the early morning. heh

Third day in Krabi was a very simple, free and easy and unplanned one.
The only two things we planned the night before were:
1. breakfast in the morning
2. rented a SCOOTER and await for it to arrive at the hotel in the morning 8am

Yes, as you can see it, the highlight would be the SCOOTER because none of us rode it before (i mean i sat on one before, but not operating it).
But don't worry, it's automated (just like operating an auto car, cept that it's on the hands instead of the feet),
and I suppose it helps that we both own a class 3 driving license!

Rental of bike was amazing affordable at a price of 200 bhat (SGD $8) for 24 hours!!!
For that, I will give a bonus to the resort because they partner with such services.
The bike company will deliver right to the hotel, and will come to collect from the hotel as well.

Hahaha we were marked "TOURIST" with the helmets on for the first half of the day because i was really worried about us on the scooter albeit hurhur's experienced driving skills.
None of the locals wore helmets at all, and hurhur wanted to follow suit.
But i suppose i am a true blue singaporean for this to forbid that straight away without thinking and urge him to wear it no matter what. heh

The day was really relaxing and we travelled out of Ao Nang as much as we could (before we reach the point that we can't remember any more routes),
and visited some parks, markets, beaches and further places for food etc.

A new hat he bought in krabi!

One thing about travelling in the open wind is that,
1. you get really natural breeze and it's so cooling
2. your hair, face, everything turn oily after you stop. ;/

check out the oily face and hair!

this place rocks. the thai food was SOOOO GOOD!
if you wanna try this place, from ao nang, drive towards the airport direction, you should see this on your left!

its just sprite!! not beer.

just 230 bhat for all that we ate! (sgd $10)


the previous driver was really inconsiderate! left us with barely any petrol to go far.

look at the art of the crabs.

sand rolled into balls by the crabs!! amazing. look like pepper balls!

The resort offered us complimentary dinner because we had a three day straight stay with them!

first round of dinner by the resort, and second round at a restaurant! gluttons us.




0309 HRS

Haslinda’s Big Day

Though they have legally registered their marriage,
but tomorrow will be the real big thing.

To Haslinda & Yixiong,
I am really so happy for you both!




0109 HRS

Krabi Escape (Part 2)

Hurhur and myself took some time off one evening last week to run, and he needed to train for his upcoming IPPT as well.
And goodness! it was no joke to resume back running after I stopped a couple of months back, and my stamina deteriorated, like completely.
I tried to push myself for this random run, and the max i could do was 11 minutes before I totally stopped to take a break. boohoo.

In my opinion, it is the most dreadful part trying to regain back your momentum, but i must endure!
As long as the momentum is back, I know it would be much better but for now, i suppose i will hang on to the fact that,
"no matter how much you dread it before you start running, you will feel GREAT after the run"

* I got this top from Frockettes that I thought would be versatile, and can be a sports wear or a casual outdoor wear. But i like it sporty!

And an outfit of the day – Comfortable, simple and fuss free.

*This long tunic collar top like from Frockettes is absolutely up for many styles. It can be easily paired with a leggings and you are good to go!
Match it up with the pumps, accessorize it with a scarf and it is one look that you can be most comfortable in.


As continued with the previous entry,
this is day two of my Krabi Escape!

One thing about Cha Wan Resort is that the breakfast is not the standard buffet selection you get in most hotel/resort stays,
but it has a breakfast menu that comes with three different sets of breaky- American, Continental, Local, and you would need to place the breakfast order the night before.
No worries if you happened to forget about it, you can just head to the restaurant in the morning and order still, just that you probably have to wait a lil for it to be served.

Well, the special thing about placing the breakfast order the night before is that you can specify the timing you want it to be served, and where as well!
Yes, either at the restaurant or YOUR BALCONY! woohooo!
Loved this service of theirs and it was an amazing feeling to be greeted with a table of food early morning when you opened your front door..

This was exactly what we were greeted on the first morning.
A set of continental and a set of American breakfast.

happy happy me! Love breakfast at balcony <3


We were actually prepared to head out prior to breakfast, as we had an arrangement with the Tour Agency for a Full-day of activities!
Like i have mentioned in the previous entry, we booked a tour on day one after consulting this agency along the road outside,
and i must say that I was rather impressed by their arrangement and the price that we paid was rather worth while (after bargaining though :p).
Will definitely go back to them if i visit krabi again!

The agency is called:
159/29 (Next to Krabi Resort) Moo 2, Aonang, Muang, Krabi, 81000
Tel: +6675 638347,  +6675 661270,  +6686 7438329

Look for ARPORN Kongmag ( We called her ar-porn)

They do not only do tour, but remember I said my friend mentioned it was a fixed rate of 600 baht (taxi) for airport transfer?
We got a slightly cheaper rate, and paid 500 baht (Taxi- actually Arporn drove us to the airport hahaha) when we left the resort for airport.
So if you are thinking of going to the airport from your resort in Aonang, you might want to contact her too!
Her command of english is rather good, so no worries about communication.

Waiting for the tour bus to arrive after breakfast.
Hurhur got this cool ocean park waterproof bag on Day 1 and he loves it the minute he saw it.
It comes in many different loud colours, and in sizes (litres).
But he didn't think that it was a need, so we actually took our time to check out the different shops,
and I think we visited about 10 shops or more to compare prices (muahaha), and the best price we could get after bargaining is 400 baht (SGD$16) for the 10 litres bag.

Hello morning.

Trying to tie my hair with my lil camera, pasted a mirror screen protector on the BACK of my iphone cuz i think the front would make the screen difficult to see.
And hurhur thinks i'm trying to be funny!

Our bus came at around 9am in the morning and went round the different resorts to pick people up.

Stopped by an area for toilet break!

After travelling for about one half hour, here was our first destination, monkey cave & temple.

the temple on our right.

It was quite awesome, there were so so sooo many monkeys just running around you just like that.

And i must say these monkey were completely aggressive and not a single fear for anything, eg. humans.

spotted one rubbing his….


hurhur and i decided not to spend on monkey food to feed them because the monkeys will totally crowd around you and climb on you after spotting food on your hands.
so we spent the time watching monkeys and at the same time, applying sunblock to prepare ourselves for the next activity.
But there was this really drama one that came jumping up on hurhur's leg and climbed to his body then hands upon hearing the opening of the sunblock cap,
and just bit on it refusing to let go!!!

Gosh, it was quite a frightful sight and hurhur had to threw the sunblock to the ground before he climbed back down to know that it was not food.

managed to capture a shot of that cuz it was truly hilarious albeit scary.

just within seconds- the teeth mark!
I think everyone ought to visit the monkey cave if you go to Krabi to probably have a close-up experience with the mammals!! heh ;p

We signed up for two activities – white water rafting and ATV for this tour,
and monkey cave was a threw in for the entire tour group.
I was so excited for the next activity which was White water rafting as it was my very first time!

This was the only picture i could get because i need to keep my camera after for the afternoon. :(

White water rafting is like this!

Hurhur and I coincidentally met two fellow Singaporean friends during this tour,
and we grouped together for this activity, and of course, an experienced coach at the back to guide us.

It was fun, but probably i was seated at the back so It didn't feel as challenging as I expected it to be,
and the distance we signed up for (5KM) was a lil short, lasted for about 20 minutes or so.
You can choose to go for the longer distance (10km) but that would be at an additional charge definitely.

Cool, lunch was next and we didn't know that we had included in the tour package!

All cooked instantly, and the whole portion just for us two. – Fried eggs, sweet and sour chicken, tom yum soup.


We had lunch first because part of our tour group signed up for elephant ride and went for it.
By the time they came back for lunch, we headed off for our next activity -ATV, and it would be my FAVOURITE activity outta the whole trip!

Same again, no cameras allowed (yes they wanna sell us the pictures taken and printed, and we bought them anyways for keepsake).

and ATV is this!
UBER FUN, and i love it!!
If you are not afraid of getting sticky, a lil wet, muddy, i would really recommend you guys to try this there!
It is exactly like the picture above, you would ride one each and explore the forest!

ATV was the most expensive activity outta all in fact.
Arporn provided us with the price, for just 2 hour of ATV cost 3300 bhat (SGD 140) per pax, best price was 2800 baht (SGD 110)/
Hurhur and i chose to do white water rafting (5KM) + 1 hour of ATV, and managed to bargain the price to 2200 baht (sgd 93) per pax for these two activities!
We both felt that it was worth the money, given the activities and the transport, meals etc.

We reached back Aonang around evening 6pm, and instead of thai food today,
it would be Italian food since the whole place is filled with italian restaurants and we wanted to buy pamper ourselves too.

We settled for this restaurant  which looked pretty popular after observing for both day 1 and 2.
Can't remember the name of it but the above picture shows the place.

refreshing coconut to share.

carbonara for me, and it was goooood!!
definitely as good as what you can find in those known italian restaurants in Singapore.

A pizza which was equally delicious.

The entire bill amounted to 430 bhat (SGD 18), and tell me, where can you find such delectable food at this great price in Singapore?!
Definitely worth the money once again, and you truly feel so pampered and eat like a king there. ;p

We tried out a fruit smoothie stall, and boy…… the mango smoothie that we ordered, used ONE WHOLE ENTIRE FRESH MANGO to blend it.
oh dear oh dear..I really love krabi.

Love it love it love it!!

Passed by these people who sell the paper latern by the roadside at night for 100 baht (SGD 4.50) and we decided to get one to try for the first time.

Not gonna tell you what we wrote!! :p

And a new experience ;)

heh, and one thing i will do in Thailand apart from massage is to get a hair wash at the end of the day,
Influenced hurhur on our previous thailand trip, and he likes it too! So we both went searching for a salon to get our hair washed for the tiring day.

Found it!
Hurhur and i got our hair washed at 100 bhat (SGD 4.50) and 200 baht (SGD 9) respectively.

That sums up the second day and I would do a final entry on krabi in the next post.
Till then, hope you enjoyed this post! :)




1209 HRS

Krabi Escape (Part 1)

I finally got together the pictures of Krabi and I am so excited blogging about this!

Am missing Krabi already and it is definitely another place that I wanna go back next time.
The entire place is rather similar to Phuket but it is less commercialized and cheaper,
but still, if you love more entertainment and crowds, Phuket would be the better choice.

Weather there was awesome!
Though it was hot and sunny, but it was dry and absolutely not humid,
definitely great for me in terms of the hair and the skin- not as oily after an entire day outside.

I got hurhur and myself these two bold coloured passport holders!

Krabi here we come!

Glad that we had the morning flight and it took about 2-3 hours before we reached the airport.

the ready-us to head off and explore the streets of krabi. <3

All donned in the perfect summer outfits from Love, Bonito.

The first thing we did after arriving was to change currencies and they had MUCH BETTER rates there then.
Shouldn't have changed the bulk in SG.

I asked a couple of friends about the transportation before I came to Krabi.
Many of them told me the same thing, which was a fixed rate of 600 bhat (SGD 25) for one way trip to your resort via taxi.

Hurhur and I decided to try our luck to see if we can get a better and cheaper alternative since it would cost the same if we sat the taxi upon reaching there.
True enough, luckily we did that, and we realised that there was a bus counter in the airport and we got our tickets at 150 bhat (SGD 6) each instead!
The thing I was amazed about the bus was that they will bring you right to the DOORSTEP of your resort,
given that there were about 8 different groups going to 8 different resorts in the same bus as us though.
Amazing and definitely worth the moolahs!

our bus tickets to Ao Nang- One of the main areas whereby tourists will visit and stay.

outside the airport

our bus!

bee <3

our resort was situated at the end part of Ao Nang in fact, so we were the last to get off.


The bus will have to turn right into this road, and you will be greeted with a whole board of hotel/resort names.
Ours was Cha Wan Resort and is recommended by my friend, Mark!

We saw this nice and modern looking resort and it might be the next one to stay if i visit Krabi again.

Finally we reached our destination- Cha Wan Resort (Thai Style Resort) at Ao Nang, a private resort.

The lil walkway to head towards the reception.

And more peeks of our resort and room! <3
The resort was indeed splendid and beautiful looking, but remember to bring insect repellent or something!
The walkway to the reception.

the rooms are situated in a bungalow looking building, with two resort rooms on each, first level and second level.

our room!
The room was equipped with a 29" teevee and a minibar, and there was also complimentary WI FI internet access provided.
But in my opinion, WI FI was a lil weak but manageable.
P.S: The reception area has a desktop for guest to use as well.

seems like it's a resort that many honeymoon couples frequent!

The toilet and the bathing rooms were separated.

The outdoor area just outside our room.

we can see the pool directly from our balcony!

We spent awhile relaxing around the room before we left to explore the streets of Krabi.
Timing was good, and it was about 3 plus in the afternoon, perfect for a bit of walk, massage and then dinner.

As our resort is situated pretty inside, one will need to walk out of this road to reach the main shopping area.

Taking a slow walk and exploring the different places along the way.

Passed by some pretty nice looking restaurants.

 It was bout 10 mins before we got onto the main road,
and there were roadside stalls there everyday during the 4 days we were there.
I love roadside stalls! Though many say unhygienic, but the food there is generally cheap and good!

settled for banana chocolate pancakes!! love the thai pancakes n crepes.

Coolios, seats to sit around the stalls and enjoy our pancakes.

It was so good albeit its oiliness. It tasted just like a roti prata actually, just that it was accompanied with sliced bananas and chocolate sauce.

Another of my favourites in thailand (not only krabi) are the 7-eleven stores.
They have loads of stuff and I love their CHEESE SAUSAGES, cost around SGD 1!
It's always a must have for me and i ate that at least once a day when i was in Krabi.
Not to forget, they have a whole range of drinks and juices as well.

Hurhur being a great fan of milk teas, got himself this Meiji milk tea which he said it can be found only in thailand and it was soo goood.
Quite nice to just sit by the side, enjoy the drink and people-watch for a while.

We went strolling down the streets and the shops were a repetition of each other.
But what i love is that most of their shops sell really gorgeous bikinis!! <3

pretty bikinis!!

spotted: burger king

Restaurants by the sea.
Oh yes, the streets of Ao Nang are near the sea.

There were many tourist information booths along the streets actually, so no worries about booking for a day's trip to phiphi island etc.
We passed by this particular one with this "Similan" island outside and we were rather amused by it!
hurhur was totally giving THE look.

But i have readers that told me Similan is in fact a very beautiful island for snorkeling!

Spotted some lil girls along the way, awwww sweet!

As you walk further down, you will pass by the sea, and then mountains,
rather picturesque and I love it that there were all shophouses, with no high rise buildings, just like a lil modern village.

This place was rather far from our resort, but there were more ATAS shops there.

like mcdonalds..

by this time, we were kinda tired from all the walking and decided to take a break at the mcdonalds because i spotted CHEESE FRIES there!

Gosh, since when did macs have cheese fries?
I like it because there was no mayonnaise, but i didn't think it was that great because the cheese was rather salty. hmmm
And macs fries are always specially nice, but i concluded that it didn't really go well with cheese though.

Soon enough, it was evening and then night.
one thing i love about thailand is the road side night stalls, whereby you can find many great, unique and cheap food, as well as shopping stuff!

Krabi has a fair share of small bars too.

I was totally craving for Minced pork with basil leaf (my favourite!!) at any thai food place, but apparently we couldn't find any solely thai food restaurants.
All the thai food were accompanied with another cuisine, and most restaurants are "Authentic Indian & Thai food" together.
We were rather skeptical about it and continued to look for a thai place to eat until we saw this Jamai Restaurant that seemed the best fit.

The whole place was kinda rundown but i always believe these people cook great food.
But after sitting down, we realised that it was muslim! which means no pork and there goes my minced pork with basil!!! boohoooo.

Tired us just decided to go ahead anyway.

we ordered these- tomyum soup, green curry, minced beef with basil leaf (to replace my pork craving!!) and apple smoothie.
The tomyum and minced beef were good, but i know it might be too salty for some's liking.
Green curry was a tad bland, but the apple smoothie was absolutely refreshing! I could make do with another cup of that.
The entire meal cost us about  SGD$10 for two!

We took a slow walk back to our resort and reached back about 9pm..

look at how beautiful the resort was at night too..

THAT was our room (spot the staircase) staring at you above!

and we took a dip to end of our first day in Krabi. <3

There was this "tourist information" shop that we first enquired after we headed out to the main street from our hotel, and its called Aonang April Travel and Tour.
Apparently, the rates we asked about for trips to phiphi island and for activities were pretty decent (after bargaining of course, but the margin was pretty huge),
and we booked a full day of activities immediately with them for our next day.

Hurhur and I tried something different for this trip and it was the first time for the both of us individually as well.
Uber fun i must say, and do stay tuned for it!




0909 HRS

Letting Go

This post definitely shows a very personal side of me.
But i am penning it down cuz i think it's definitely very useful in our not always smooth-sailing life.

I am currently reading a book now called "the secret of letting go"- by Guy Finley

Saw it amongst the other books at hurhur's place and i thought that could do me some help.
Frankly, I think i'm someone who holds on if I really think it's something worth, or something I have put my great effort in it till date.
Be it friendships, relationships, some form of business or whatever it is.

Perhaps It didn't seem like it through the eventful days which i penned down in words and gazillion pics here,
but this year till date hasn't been that well for me.
The most blessing thing I suppose for me now, is to be in love, and yes, to meet hurhur ;) (thank you bee <3)
And like they always say, Love plays a huge part in one's life, or Love conquers all.
I didn't really think that way before that, but I couldn't agree more now.
It changes the road ahead, it sure does and no matter how the relationship turns out,
for what its worth, we just have to keep believing that..
we all will and have a someone there, someone right- not just a lover, but a bestfriend and a soulmate, waiting for us.
We just have to keep believing it.

How we got together wasn't as smooth as how a couple gets together,
and it was through some hurdles and problems but I'm glad we walked down the road together.
It would be much much easier if those hurdles would be just things, issues, but nah, it was related to friendships,
and those that we treasured as well.

I kept holding on to the treasured friendship and slowly, i just realised it wasn't the same anymore.
It didn't seem like i was really affected by it on the surface, and only a couple of closer friends knew exactly how was i feeling deep down inside,
but well, it was just sad to know that the friendship didn't turn our stronger than i thought it would be, or hope that it would be.
i suppose we all think that we are right, but i also realised, some things are just not right nor wrong,
People have different perspective on matters, and hence, perhaps some stuff doesn't deem right to one, and if so,
those issues should be put across definitely, to be improved and make sure one does it right the next time.
And the key is, because there is Love in friendships too.

People make mistakes, people don't always agree with one another, people have very different views,
and with a strong friendship just like relationship, in my opinion, that is how friends grow together, agree to disagree,
understanding each other better through happy times and differences.
So that each other would know how to walk down the road together, accommodating willingly with each other's needs,
and knowing what the person likes, and dislike, or what the person is sensitive about.
These are my views, so naturally, i held on but not letting go, expecting one to share the same point of view, but i guess not.
We all can have fun together whenever, but when problem comes, you know who your real friends are.
And perhaps things should just go on its course, there is only so much i can fight for something..
i did and there is only a need to answer to myself for that.

Life still goes on, i don't think people really care whether we are happy or unhappy,
and the more we should brace ourselves up and walk down the road happily and positively.

"Our greatest strength isn't our ability to imagine brighter days ahead, it is that we are empowered -
in every present moment – to effortlessly dismiss any dark thought or feeling that, left unattended,
diminishes our happiness"

think this book does help in opening your mind, letting you have a different perspective in life.
Happiness or how are we feeling happy every day is actually all in our minds, just how we look at things today.
Nothing can change that, or allow that, only us, ourselves.
I'm still reading, but i can already feel that i am starting to master the skill of letting go each bit of unhappiness effortlessly,
yes, the key is effortlessly.
Thanks bee for being there, and to those friends who were as well, you know who you are. <3

And I seriously believe i can do that, a lil pathetic to know i need a book to understand myself better,
but well, if it helps, why not right?! Geez.


Nuff reflections of mine and on a side note, I just got a mailer from my NUS friend, Nalinah, (my hall mate back then),
asking if i wanna attend this fun-filled healthy event - HYPERJIVE (Mega 3 hours fitness event) with all my other friends!

I'm so glad that it's opened out to public because i always love going for such events whereby you can do all these activities (and not just eating, drinking, and movie) with your friends!!
I can still remember i used to go Singapore workout at the field with my parents back then and do the marching of feet action with clapping and "five five five" down, hahaha!

Well, a movie ticket cost about $10 already, so why not just replace the movie ticket for this event with friends or family together?!
Plus it's a healthy one, and i am sure you will feel good after the event cuz you exercise,
and it will be hilarious with the poses for your whole gang if most don't do kickboxing and yoga, but i'm sure it's gonna be awesome fun!!
NUS events are always super hype up, as what I have attended back then!
And you get to meet many NUS Hunks and babes. ;p

And oh yes, this event is accompanied with attractive goodies bags too!
Each goodie bag is worth $200, as what i know, items like:
-Shokubutsu items
- Ganier facial items
- Instant noodles
- SHAPE magazine
- Amore Beach bag
- Vouchers (frolick, botak jones, deuter, massage at sports physio etc etc)
- Lucky draw chance whereby there are 10 sets of Adidas water bottles and Iphone Sports Armbands are for grabs!!
- or participate in any of the exercise event and stand to win SKI 360 free passes & Jack's Place vouchers.

Any friends wanna go?!
It's this Sat! :)

For public, you are welcome!
You can contact my friends at:
Nalinah @ 82391685 / Fangli @ 98581643

Sign up online if you want too!





1109 HRS

Friends with love!

I got to know Alexa through an event, and she's definitely one of the nicest people around. :)
I can remember vividly how we sat at the busstop together with Carrie during our first meet up and we had a long talk while waiting for hurhur to come.
Though it was quite a rush at our recent meetup, but it was great to see ya once again Alexa!

we did a speedy manicure together at Pink Parlour and this was her favourite nail colour. 
i very much love it too, such an elegant colour. <3

i tried a new shade that was in stores that day, a pinkish coral shimmery tone, nice!

Pink Parlour is the dedicated nail place i usually go for nails in fact,
and i must say apart from brazilian waxing, pedicure and manicure will be their next forte.

Hurhur and I arranged a date night out last friday, and i met him after my manicure to head to Holland Village for dinner.
Brought him to one of my favourite italian restaurants - Amici ,  in Singapore, and it still is.

The place isn't huge to begin with, a lil cramp, but i guess that sums up its coziness in a way.
We were seated at this row of tables near the entrance.

Being a huge carbonara fan, i never fail to try every carbonara everytime i go to a new italian place.
For Amici, i think it's really delicious and I like it that it's not too salty as compared to some.

The pizzas are good there too, but they are known for their thin-crust, so if you are not a fan of that, better stick with pasta or mains!

The award winning Tiramisu at Amici. it was better when i last went, think it shrunk a bit, and it was not chilled enough this time.
Nonetheless, do give it a try if you love tiramisu!

Hurhur and I had a good one half two hour dinner,
before we made our way down to visit my friend's, Angelina private tasting at her newly opened chill out bar!
It's really nice to see how these friends slowly realise their dreams, and congrats!
Definitely an achievement and you have my support! :)

The bar is called The Studio Cocktail Bar (or see their facebook page here) and is somewhat different than the typical bars.
I must say the place is real cosy, and the unique concept is there- A bachelor's living room.
True enough, the entire place doesn't look like a place you can buy liquor shots, but it is! Awesome stuff.

The place.

Chilling out at the studio, love the photoframes!


They serve cocktails and liquor, perfect for a weekend chill out or after work chill outnight.
Nachos, chicken wings, and calamaris are a must-try! Completely home-made :)

the young capable lady boss- angelina! <3

and our partners <3

+65 6396 6345


Last but not least,
Two shots of us to end the night sweet and nice. :p

please ignore the messy fringe! time to trim it myself!


The next day was an eventful day as well.
My aunt was back in town and she loves Royal China the moment I brought her (after poot's recommendation),
and always crave for dimsum there whenever she's back.

* wearing almost famous tiffany blue structured dress, perfect for Brunch with my mom and aunts!

the best dimsum i have eaten till date.

love the cosy tiffany blue concept.

Nuff said for this place, because it's not the first time I have blogged about Royal China! heh
if you have not tried it, you have to! ;)


Just like the above, another friend of mine opened a new coffee house right at the hustle bustle Upp Thomson Road.
I took the afternoon out and decided to go for their soft launch and enjoy a cuppa coffee with friends!

it's called Habitat Coffee.

The two very friendly lady bosses!

Homely is definitely the word to describe the place,
and one of the best things (im sure we all love it) is that they have plugs and spacious tables,
for you to gather with friends, do some work together etc.
But of course, the BEST thing is their very rich and delightful coffee, all prepared and brewed by the boss!

Didn;t manage to snap a good shot of the coffee, so try it guys!

poots and her momsie! :)



Here are two more outfits of the day, More pretty dresses coming your way. :)

*Glam it up with a simple dress without much accessories and you are good to go! you can find this dress at Almost Famous too. :)

*How about a weekend maxi dress with vintage flora prints at Almost Famous? Definitely very victorian looking prints that they have!





1009 HRS


My cousin and I decided to begin on a lil venture and finally, we have put the pieces all together and the website is done.

It's called MyCandyTable ( ,
and I suppose the name does say it all on what is this venture about, and yes- its candy buffet!

We source out & home-make some of the unique candies/chocolates/ biscuits/ cupcakes/ everything desserts just for the candy buffet,
in hopes to create a uniquely different kind of buffet for your guest and all sorts of events –
hen's night, birthdays, baby showers, ROM, weddings, company events, school events etc.

The candy buffet allows you to do customization, and actually, we will provide our services of creating themes and conceptualizing for ya!

My cousin have had her experience doing conceptualized candy buffets for her kids, (yes two lovely adorable kids) as well as for friend's birthdays and kids as well.
She had a corner with this candy buffet & cakes apart from the usual food catering, and we all loved it to the max!
I am sure it will be one that will completely amaze your guests upon their arrival. ;)

Please support by joining the facebook & mailing list,
cuz we are creating more unique items/concepts and you might want to know what are they later!

Some photos to show you what we do:

Yes! We designed the wrappers for instance, the chocolate bars in one of the pictures above,
just provide with your logo, picture, words etc, we can customized them and wrap for ya :)

An example of the birthday- 1 year old baby Raynise

pretty and yumz!



I got my golf kicks!
After so many months of golf lesson, I think it's time to get myself a pair of golf shoes.

I always think those lil things happened for a reason,
and the thing was that my golf lessons are not really consistent but I had one yesterday morning.
If I didn't go for my golf lesson,
I would know that there is this Adidas clearance sale happening at expo since friday for three days, until today. :p

The clearance sale has items that totally are at a steal price,
so no complains going all the way to expo and do hurry go if you want to get something!

Showing you my loots.

My new golf shoes <3

Got running shoes for momsie- very lightweighted pair and perfect for exercising.

Love this Golf shorts and the taylormade visor.

A complimentary item upon leaving the place. love the colour and the huge logo!

*Structured keyhole collar dress from pearlavish, wore this very comfy dress for the entire day out and shopping at the adidas fair!


I met the girls for a dinner night out at Watami, and we had a very special reason for the meet up too!
My dear friend, haslinda is having her wedding dinner two weeks from now,
and how exciting that can be!

I suppose she's the first girlfriend amongst us all to get hitched,
so it gives us even more excitement to be planning for her.
We are now planning her hen's night first, and will keep you guys informed what did we do for the night! ;p

Linny in the right corner, and the four bridesmaids of hers! <3

*Donned with a mango top and a white flowy skiry from pearlavish, together besties – apple and linny <3


Before I returned the rented graduation robe to the school,
I decided to make full use of it and brought it to my grandpa's to take some snap shots with the extended family.

here's a decent shot of us. i'm second in line to grad! :)

and the funny one…. and gosh, stop looking at my cousin david's muscles please!!

the bodybuilder, cousin david.

my beloved aunt who is very closed to our family as well.

Anyway, I was pretty much into baking the past couple of months,
and given that, Momsie got inspired to do some baking every week since a month ago.
She was mastering the art of baking the pandan cake and told me her goal is for the pandan cake to taste like my granny's,
and yes, finally she got the perfect recipe and yes, i have been having pandan cakes for the many past weekends!! heh
Time to share with the relatives!

*Wearing pearlavish's lil red dress, getting a lil pose-y with momsie's pandan cake!