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0110 HRS

Fancy Tribal


A day before my Koh Samui trip last week, I decided to pamper myself and got my nails done in due for the special weekend (since it was my birthday). Went looking for my usual home-based manicurist, Jenny (who i've been going to for two – three years) who stays in the west. Being a North-Easter like myself, West is ALWAYS far, but good things (in this case, good services) are definitely worth travelling for. ;)

Jenny shifted to a new place and she actually created a PINK Princess Room (shall name it The PPR, i tend to name things i realised), and you should see it – very cosy, love the Chandelier, there's a LCD screen for you to sit back and enjoy a show whilst doing your manicure/pedicure, and of course, drinks to be served.

Told Jenny to showcase her creativity on the nails' design and I'll not be restricting her neither do I have any preference on that particular day. One great thing about Jenny is that she's always full of ideas and I like it how she makes sure we all go home with unique and exclusive designs (unless one specifies to do a duplicated design). Trusted my nails to her for a good 3 hours on that afternoon and if you are following me on Instagram: @beatricesays, you have probably seen the end-product – a gorgeous set of colourful tribal-designed nails.

Welcomed into the room by Jenny, looking adorable at her work station ;)

My BEFORE – Boo. You can see two of the nails chipped off and these nails are never going to be pretty unless I trim them all to the same length, or I do Acrylic/Gelish. And needless to say, I op-ed for the latter and it was my first time doing Gelish!

The colour palette she prepared for my nails' design.

Base-coat painted and moving on to the next step. One beauty about Gelish nail polish is that it only hardens if we place it under these UV lights. So any mis-drawn stroke etc, it can be easily wiped off and be re-drawn.

Remember this chipped off nail in first few pictures at the start of this entry? Jenny saved it by doing Gel extensions for it. Was quite intrigued with the process and if you are too, more pictures below ;)

Letting it harden..

Quite amazed to see this and i know it looks a lil… gross here.

Check out my extended nail after it was filed and buffed!! So convincing!

Same process for the horrible looking thumb.

Too cool. Love this shade of pink ;)

Here are some other designs Jenny did and are available upon request. ;)

Last but not least, the final-product.

Don't you just love the colours?

I love it that the design is not overly precise which adds on to the intricacy of the Tribal design and that it adds on to the exclusivity aspect too.

Thank you my dear friend, Jenny. Love the nails! It has been a week half, and the nails are still very much intact. For those of you who are interested to get a session with Jenny, please do find her contact details below. She's a very friendly and personable manicurist I assure you ;) Additionally, she came up with a special promotion for you readers and do refer to the below for more details. Remember that an appointment is required!


+65 93823884
Location: 45 Pavilion Place, Singapore 658381




0610 HRS

New toy, Paddy

Happy Sunday Folks!

The past few days were pretty eventful and no complains about that as busy is good. Have been tied up with some usual events, Klarra's launches, LoveBonito's shoots but there were a few special events this week as well. Had a Radio interview with Ming for 938 Live, attended Guess 30th Anniversary Party as well as a celebration for my dear friend Yi Xiong's birthday (which we happen to have to same birthday).


First and foremost, I have to share my JOY! Apart from the Koh Samui birthday trip that Ethan completely surprised me with, he presented me with another birthday gift – an IPad 3, just two days ago. Well, wouldn't say he presented to me because in actual fact, I discovered it before he could hand it to me. I was at his place after dinner on Friday, and my typical habit would be to unload my bag on his chair whenever I step foot into his room. And when I did so this time, the Ipad3 Box was staring at me (although it was hidden in a box, hidden in another bag) and I paused – it can't be for himself because I got him one last year. I think Ethan saw me pausing and he probably ran like 150km/hour to the chair and grabbed the bag, gasping and saying "Noooo!" and for that moment, I thought I was happy for nothing as it wasn't meant for me. Then he said, "Why was it there?! You weren't meant to see it" …. and I knew it's FOR me. *beams*

Day two with Paddy (named the Ipad3 Paddy, did I tell you Ethan's Ipad is called Cubey?) and i'm beaming with joy whenever I look at it. Was utterly surprised and it was such an unexpected gift. Was already more than thankful to be whisked away to a gorgeous villa at Koh Samui, and now Paddy, which obviously I know that it's not cheap per se. Feeling absolutely loved and doted on I must say :*)

By receiving Paddy, I'm sure the Mister knows how I feel about gadgets. If I were to pin point what were my high purchases all these while, they have got to be gadgets. I always get extremely thrilled and elated when it comes to buying, receiving, exploring these tech stuff and I can just spend hours playing with them. They are probably the kind of purchase that I think is worth money spent and Ethan always says I use my gadgets like a guy – completely hooked on 24/7, anywhere, fully utilizing all aspects and last but not least, r o u g h. (oops)

Trying to take good care of Paddy as much, and I just visited Epic Center yesterday to get a cover and a diamond screen protector that costs $39.90 (well, which is just shimmer protector except that it sounds very.. classy). A fan of anything-bling. ;)


As mentioned earlier, I had a Radio Interview with Ming for 938 Live – The Living Room. Thanks to Ming for the experience and we were interviewed about blogging, netccentric and oh yes, the latest talk-about in town, NuffnangX. NuffnangX is a phone application specially created for you guys to read blogs on the go! It has a user-friendly interface which allows one to read blogs easily (I know it can be pretty frustrating sometimes in regards to the alignment of pictures/words when you enter a blog via the phone's browser etc) and this application also allows you to chat with each other. It was quite a joy to converse with some of you new virtual friends out there, and thank you for reaching out to me and making me feel appreciated too. ;)

A video to sum up what NuffnangX is all about if you are interested or still confused.

Do do a search for 'NuffnangX' at AppStore and download it, it's Free anyway and it makes reading blogs so much easier! Just as for me following my other bloggermates.

Back to the interview at 938 Live, at Mediacorp.

Thanks for the snap shot, Ming!

Getting prepared to go on air.

Interview lasted for about an hour and a final shot to end of the experience!

Hair is turning to a yucky uneven light gold colour and was planning to head to SalonVim after the interview to trim my tresses and do something about the colour. But time didn't permit me to do so and I spent the afternoon running some errands before I headed to Guess 30th Anniversary Party.

There was no theme except a requirement to be decked in Guess Denim! Here was the pair I previously got for myself and I matched it up with a causal top and my new favourite Liara Peplum Blazer from Klarra.

Macho guys queuing for hotdogs. ;)

We had a good view of the stage and of course, celebrities if you realised.

Selene was completely SMITTEN by Dai Yang Tian and she was like a total #fangirl which was a first to me. For the past years I've known her, I've never seen/heard her being crazy over a local celebrity except for this guy, yes, Dai Yang Tian. She was so excited and nervous that I had to ask him for a shot with her and look at how shy she was below.

hee, but least we got the shot for you lene! ;p

It was a great evening with performances, fashion show, food and wine. Thank you Guess for the invite! ;)


Last but not least, Thanks to my dedicated friend, Lister, whom designed my blog and of course JJ, whom developed my blog, that explains why I'm still happily blogging away on this stable blog-site which I'm completely satisfied about. ;)

They have been nothing but great pals to work with and a big shout out to JJ, for helping me to maintain my blog too, fixing errors etc, making it more comprehensive and much more user-friendly as time goes by. With that said, JJ recently created a new tagging system and i've more or less settled the tagging part by associating appropriate tags to my respective entries. So if you click into the 'Tags' icon at the top right hand corner of my blog, you will see a list of tags and that could be exceptionally helpful for those who are looking for my travel, beauty entries as I understand some of you feedback-ed to me that you can't seem to find the past entries. Hope this help!

If you are in need of a website developer especially for company's website or blog site (eg. changing to a DotCom),  you can either click on the 'JJtan' icon as seen on my printscreen above, or click HERE to reach him. ;)




1110 HRS

Early birthday dinner with the Family

Am back from Koh Samui a couple of days ago, and it was a perfect getaway to escape the daily grind! Thank you Ethan, the other half whom carefully (and secretly) planned the trip and it was such a heartwarming surprise given that it was my first time spending my birthday overseas as well. I took tonnes of pictures and haven’t had time to sort them out since I got back, will do so soon as I definitely wish to pen down the trip for keep sake too. ;)

Two pictures for a start!

At Koh Samui’s airport which looks like a resort.

The other lovely surprise. <3


Had an early birthday celebration with the family a few days before my actual day and I was tasked to decide on the venue. The whole family loves Japanese cuisine and so I decided on Shin Minori located at UE Square as it offers buffet over a wide-spread of dishes. I always feel that buffets are great for a group of people to spend some quality time, catching up over food and such without worrying about table hogging or being pressurized to leave.

The restaurant wasn’t too crowded when we reached at about 7.30pm which I thought it was perfect (not a fan of crowded places and queues) and we were ushered to a corner table for our meal. Service was pretty prompt and pleasant and appreciated that this particular waitress patiently explained to us on how the ordering works after knowing that it was our first visit.

First dish was a plate of assorted Sashimi which was absolutely fresh and I thought they were rather generous with the cut actually. The other dishes were served shortly and it didn’t take long for the entire table to be filled with food. I was happily tucking in my food when I saw a food fly buzzing around and I just shoo-ed it off upon seeing it.  To my astonishment, I spotted not one, not two, but about 3-5 flies coming together the next moment, hovering our food despite us shoo-ing them off every 5 seconds or so. It was so irritating and I was pretty annoyed by it I must say, that would probably be the last thing I would expect to encounter in a restaurant, less say a Japanese restaurant located at quite a decent level in a mall.

Well, we wanted to finish up the food on the table before shifting places, but I guess we were more or less full after the first round (partly because of displeased experience I would guess) and so we left after that. Personally didn’t quite enjoy the food, thought it was of mediocre standard. Sad to say, but I probably wouldn’t head back there for food anytime soon. The waitress was very apologetic about it at the end of our dinner which made me unsure if I should escalate the matter or not, and hence I didn't. Hope the restaurant will do something about it going forward though. :\

Anyway, to keep things more light-hearted, here are some pictures of the night. ;)

Hair and make up for the night.

With mummykins. ;)

The two other beloved ones. ;)



Outfit of the day: Zanica dress from Klarra. Love the light-gold embroidery design at the bottom part of this elegant yet unique piece, told myself I’ve to get this when I first saw it. Heh. It’s currently on backorders and it’s closing this week, click here if you are keen to get a piece for yourself! It’s very appropriate for dinners and functions. ;)

Lined the bottom of my eyes for a slight smokey eyes look for the night. For some reasons, I don’t think I suit extreme dark smokey eyes and this is probably the maximum level of ‘smokiness’ I like it to be.


An update on past outfits ;)

You've probably seen one of these pictures in my previous entry because I saw enquiries on this pair of shorts. It's an absolutely comfy pair of crochet shorts from ThreadTheory, and a classic pair of white crochet shorts never go out of trend. It's utterly versatile and that's what I like about it.

I'm quite a fan of long skirts and this piece from ThreadTheory is in a lovely pastel green shade and elegant pleats. Love how the skirt soften up the outfit, creating a sweeter/demure style for us ;)







1210 HRS

Myanmar Yangon (Part Two)

Hi from Koh Samui!

 it's a surprise birthday trip planned by the Mister & I only found out about the destination this morning at the Airport.  It's probably my first time spending a birthday overseas, feeling thankful, blessed and very loved indeed *smiles* This place is beautiful and the villa we are staying at currently is insanely gorgeous. Snapped gazillion photos for the first day already, and two more days to go.

Am currently blogging at 12am Thailand time and I'm officially 24 now. Age is catching up way too fast and the years after the 21st celebration basically zoom-passed, don't you think? Can't believe I'll be in the mid-twenties category next year already. Anyway, shall maximize our time here and shall do a quick update below.


[Continuing from the previous entry]

Nang brought the entire crew to this popular restaurant for lunch and i was told that they serve pretty good Burmese food.

These are basically what the Burmese people eat. A wide array of dishes with white rice, was told that they are known for curry and spices.

Was also told that this is the traditional common food in Burma – assorted raw vegetables. They will usually dip each slice into a bowl of hot water (brown bowl behind) and followed by dipping the semi-cooked slice into the green sauce before consuming it. The green sauce is their traditional home-made fish sauce by the way, tasted pretty good in my opinion.

Nang calls this the Burma Bubble Tea, just that it was served in a bowl with white pearls. Our dessert for the meal.

Didn't manage to capture many shots for the remaining day as it was an entire 'work' afternoon till evening. Nang and I went back to freshen up before she brought me out for some Japanese food. Was craving for Japanese cuisine and Nang recommended this restaurant called Fuji. which she frequents with her friends. Always trusting my dear friend's taste buds and true enough, food was better than I expected.  Love this place!

We had such a feast there and if I were to recommend a dish there, you have to try their Agedashi Tofu Salad, too good.

Outfit for the night. A skater dress from ChaceyLove, i bet you'll love the unique neckline and the flare bottom, very flattering upon wearing. ;)



Yogurt to kick start the day.

Nang with her traditional Burma costume. Had my hair and make up done but the hair wasn't exactly flattering due to the instant curls. Had to wait for it to set down as my shoot scene was only an hour later.

Burmese snacks.

One of the shoot scenes.

Lunch was at Junction Square.

Patronized Y K Ko. Nang mentioned that it's a famous chain in Yangon and they are known for their burmese noodles.

Soup version.

Dry version. Both are pork noodles but I prefer the dry version, much tastier.

The return flight timing was changed last minute and I had to leave Yangon a day earlier. Suppose to visit the famous Pagoda but I guess I'll leave this to the next time. Thank you Nang for hosting me with such great hospitality, you were such an awesome host! ;)


Had an early birthday celebration just last week with the entire gang and very kind of them (in particular Selene) to organize it for the October Babies. ;) We went for a sumptuous dinner at Watami @ Central, and it was very kind of the restaurant to arrange a private room for us. As usual, Japanese food is my favourite cuisine of all so no complains even though service at Watami that night was unfortunately, terrible. Anyway, the highlight of the night was the birthday cake baked by Selene and requested by yours truly teehee. I requested for a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and if you know me well, you would know I'm a great, great fan of Red Velvet Cakes/Cupcakes and Cheese. Love anything with these two!

Took some pictures with the girls while waiting for the rest to arrive


Outfit of the day, top by ChaceyLove & Bottom by Klarra.

Was amused by Vincent's Lego organizer which he bought it from the newly opened Lego Lang in Johor Bahru and had to snap a shot of it

Finally, the highlight of the night, the red velvet cheesecake! I requested for the rose design too heh, thank you Zhang, for acceding to my request ;D

Girls and anything pretty. ;p

Thank you Guys! And Happy Birthday to Joseph & Yixiong too ;)

We ended the night catching a movie – Premium Rush together and it was such a bad movie in my opinion. Not much of a story line and didn't think it was worth watching.


Love the pastel floral prints and the peplum design of this top by ChaceyLove. Received compliments and my friends love this piece as well ;)


A few of you guys enquired about this red bag, and it's from Yventually. Very practical piece and I'm able to store a lot of my 'barangs barangs' in this bag. Love the shade of red too ;) It comes in a gorgeous musturd/orange shade as well if you are fan of bold colours!

Another of my favourite from Yventually. This cobalt blue envelope clutch is simply versatile and i love the texture/design. Great piece!

Last but not least, I'll end of with two 'outfit of the day'.
You probably have spotted this dress in my previous entry, and it's a gorgeous lace dress from My Little bow with unique puffed-sleeves that I brought for one of the shoot scenes. Am in love with the soft lace and the neckline actually, great for dinner/outdoor or even work ;)

And a simple pink colourblock dress from My Little Bow which is perfect for work, weekends, or a getaway. My favourite part of this dress is the neckline & the sides of the neckline, the entire cut just makes the shoulders look more flattering.




0110 HRS

Myanmar – Yangon (Part One)

I finally got down to transfer and arrange my pictures that I took on my trip to Yangon last week. Not surprising that I always end up with hundreds and hundreds of pictures just within a short period of time and not joking when I say that I would spend hours filtering/editing pictures for an entry which I know is often read finished in just 5-10 minutes. Nonetheless, it's always a joy to look through those shots & I am aware that there's a faithful group of you guys checking in, so it's definitely worth the time spent. ;)

 Anyway, here's the 'Part One' pictorial update on my trip to Yangon for a commercial shoot. Do enjoy the massive amount of pictures below!


Flew via Myanmar Airline International (MAI). Thumbs up for the service and ride was surprisingly smooth. ;)

Arrived around noon and thankful to be received by my dearest friend, Nang, whom helped me truckloads with my VISA, making sure I got through customs without any hiccup. Spent the rest of the afternoon checking out this new shopping mall called Junction Square which is known to be one of the popular hang-out areas for young adults.

Some sort like Far East Plaza in Singapore, you will see shops selling fashion apparels, accessories etc.

Artists doing caricature sketching along the walkway.

They have a level that is dedicated entirely to food.

Spotted a CP bistro. I love CP – especially their frozen food for steamboat (the must have CP Wanton or Spicy Drumlets) which we can easily buy at our local supermarkets. They have really good tasting products and am surprised to know that they have bistros.

Decided to grab a cuppa ice cream by Scoop to share, recommended by Nang. One of the popular ice cream chains there.

Hello Nang ;)

Took a leisure walk in their supermarket, and how i love checking out grocery stores when i'm overseas. You get to see really amazing/unique products and Nang showed me this – coconut yogurt freshly prepared every day, and those brown bowls you see above are filled coconut yogurt too. Wanted to head back to the grocery store to purchase one to try after dinner but didn't get the chance to do so (for the remaining days too), was told that it's a must-try! Boo ;(

Coconut yogurt in smaller packaging.

Dinner on the first day was at Acacia Tea Salon. Love this place- their parisian interior, the atmosphere. I bet you will love it too.

Nang insisted that I do some touristy shots. Which is nothing new because I take snap shots like this ALL the time in Singapore too. Heh

We had our own little private cozy room for dining ;)

Always trusting the local expert to order ;)


Day started at 8am and it was the first day of the two-day shoot. We had about 4 scenes for this day, and the first two took place at a gorgeous mansion.

Way huge and luxurious.

Outfits that I brought along for the shoot. All in different shades of blue and according to the bank's main colour.

With the cute lil boy I met on shoot set. His entire family was involved in the family shoot scene except him in fact, so he was roaming around mischievously and I managed to catch him for a quick snap.

Hair and make up done!

The bank i was shooting for – KBZ Bank. The birthday scene.

With the make up artist. Donning on the classic white blazer by Frockettes as seen in the previous entry. Love how versatile it is. ;)

A cup of freshly-brewed coffee to perk us up in the morning. Was told that Coffee Circles is a famous coffee chain in Yangon.

The sister of the mischievous little boy. How adorable!

The Burmese wooden doll, Nang and I thought it resembles the lil girl very much. heh

On set.

And a change of outfit for the next scene.

Will continue the update in the next entry. ;)