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0108 HRS

Touring Taiwan (Part 2)

The main itinerary one spent in Taiwan I suppose, is visiting the countless Night Markets and mainly consists of eating and shopping.
We were no exception and seriously, everything that can be eaten, its definitely useful to create some food out of it that can be sold around.
This was pretty interesting, you definitely get to try very different food as compared to Singapore or your country!

Day 2 in Taiwan in peektures & captions below, enjoy! :)

Morning, checking some mails and preparing to head out ;)

Neon orange nails <3

Modern furnish on a antique body, not quite a total antique but pretty cool for a hotel phone though.

Love this screen in the bathroom!
it's directly facing you while you are sitting on the toiletbowl, muahaha.

self-timer shorts with my all time ready parents! <3

family, blood runs thicker than water, the most important people of all. <3

oufit of the day, skirt that apple got for my from BKK, and red pumps that hur got for me <3

Outside our hotel, Eclat hotel.

The days we went was the Typhoon period, and hence, a rainy season as well.
Cabs were an average of S$4- S$6 bucks a trip, which was rather reasonable for the three of us, so off we head to CHENG JI MIAN XIAN (陳記專業麵線) for lunch.

Upon getting down the cab, you can easily spot where is the shop, given that long queue outside.
It was drizzling yet people were queuing right out of the shop.

I was recommended to Cheng Ji Mian Xian by a Taiwanese blogger I met on a hong kong trip, everybody normally talks about Ah Zong Mian Xian,
but she was very certain that the former has better Mian Xian, and here we went!
Cheng Ji's locations are not as accessible as Ah Zong Mian Xian's, If you are interested to try this in Taipei, here's the address!

住址 (ADD):台北市和平西路三段166號

The queue- all for the same thing, mee sua!


After eating both, I concluded this is better. They have oysters (rather huge ones) and pig intestines (my favourite!) both in the mee sua,
whereas Ah zong has only pig intestines and tasted a bit more saltier. Both are nice but if I can only decide on one to eat, it definitely has to be this!
My mom shares the same sentiments too.

I love this chilli paste they have, it is spicy cum sour, perfect to complement the taste of the meesua :)

We saw this dumpling stall located right beside the meesua stall, and apparently there were a lot of customers as well.
People were sitting at the table and having one entire plate of dumpling per pax, dumplings must be really good for them to be doing that.

And we got a plate for ourselves too! yes it was delicious!

Opposite the meesua at 台北市和平西路三段166號 , was streets of shops and we took a tour around the area.

it was an area which was meant more for the old folks to gather and play chess etc, and that place consisted of temples and all etc.

Daddykins and momsie!

Love this brand of bubbletea! KOI is singapore is actually franchised from 50Lan in Taiwan,
but this is another popular brand of bubble tea in Taiwan which supposedly has strong tea taste for most of their drinks.

Since the start of the trip, Dad's wish was to go to WAN HUA NIGHT MARKET, and he was so eager to really visit there for food!
Reason being was that he saw it on the teevee and told us that there are so many good food there. heh
So we had our night planned to visit wan hua hua shi jie, and here we were!

upon entering, we spotted this massage place, and who doesn't love massage!

the rates,
We chose the 40 mins for 400NT which is about S$16.
Definitely not as cheap as bangkok, but definitely cheaper than Singapore,
and we actually went round asking for massage prices as different parts of taipei and even outside of taipei for the trip,
this place has the best price to offer.

prety nice.. just that it's a lil bright for massage! haha.
the lady mentioned that the couple at the extreme left were singaporeans too!

automated chairs. cool.

by the time we ended, most of the shops were closed.
But well, Taiwan is known for night markets so just walk on and you will be greeted with one at the end.

there you go!

cuttlefish bbq on the spot!

dinner was at this place because im craving for LU ROU FAN!

VERY YUMMY!!! lu rou fan is a must try in taiwan.

After dinner, we didn't stop there and in fact, went to the well known TAIPEI 101.
There is a fee to pay to go up to Taipei 101 but we weren't that interested to.

the shopping mall at Taipei101

A place where all branded were there.

and it was Taiwan father's day 2 days later (on August 8th) i asked daddykins to take a pic with the poster and there you go! geez.

As you walk out of taipei 101, there are more to see, and that's a cinema area.

Looks good but i was too full to try!

This sums up the 2nd day and more to come for the 3rd day!


On a side note, I had a night out with my two dear poly friends, Shing and Joanna last week.
it was awesome because SHING is getting married and we received the wedding invitation on that very day. *Throws confetti*

The girlies- Shing and joanna :)

The bride-to-be!! :D

*Wearing my pre-fall unique top from Frockettes, comfy material and colour is awfully striking!  <3

And I can't wait to visit the salon soon to rebond my fringe and do a treatment,
I received comments that i look younger with this hairstyle (ahhh do i really look much older with my previous hairstyle?!! :(( ),
anyway john, you rock!

*Wearing a Kimono black work dress from Frockettes, great find!

Singapore, 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Quote my blog to get 10% discount for all hair services!




0308 HRS

Touring Taiwan (Part 1) & Dempsey House Brunch

Oops!! I was in krabi for the past few days and was missing from here.
Am back now and I have a whole lot to share about Krabi too, the trip was just awesome and I would love to go back next time again!

Would share more after i gathered the photos and sort them out once again,
yes, my madness taking picture habits, so I need to spend much more time sorting it out, boo.


Have sorted out the previous trip's peeks already, so here it is.
Taiwan trip, here's the journey in peektures and captions! :)

My bright PINK passport cover which I got from a booth at Milennia Walk Mall.

Was brought to the staff canteen at the airport for breakfast before flight at Terminal One and i must say I love their staff canteen.
Cheap and good food. <3

daddykins feeling hungry.

After 5 hours, we arrived at Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport, first thing we did is..

Visit the telco booth, thanks to the advancement in technology, we can now NOT live without it.
No worries if you are holding an iphone 4 which uses the mini sim card, they cater to that as well.

The rates.  NT100  = S$4.17
Full day 3G connection!

Airport transfer to the hotel is definitely much much more expensive, and it cost approximately about NT 2000,
just as the previous time i came to Taiwan, bus is definitely a more preferred choice, NT 140 per trip to Taipei Main Station
(the stop which leads you to almost all places in taipei and almost most hotels in xi men ding).

We sat the Freego Bus, which goes to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing station, the train stop that is nearer to the Hotel we are staying.

me and my almost round sunglasses!

Travelling reads..

We arrive after about an hour at the Zhong Xiao Fu Xing train station,
and within taipei, cab is definitely cheaper, so we took the cab and went to out hotel- Eclat Hotel.

Took a random walk around the area as it was still early for check in.

Love their 7-11! Each store has seats inside, and some has toilets, ATM too.

Random sidewalk fruits stall. Looking really fresh and HUGE.

Nice bakery store..

First stop that Dad wants to go, MOS BURGER. hmmm.
I very much want to save the calories to eat my ji pa (chicken) and drink my bubbletea!!
Well, just two butterfly prawns and a cup of tea was fine though. heh.

I joined momsie on her business trip but daddykins was a surprise!!
So we actually waited outside the hotel till mom arrived after her meeting at Gao Xiong, and before we knew it, it was evening already..

Finally mom arrived and yes, checking into our hotel. Nope not this, this is beside our hotel!
Atas area as it was a hotel booked for my mom's business trip,  would very much prefer xi men ding area!

But i must say it feels really grand once you stepped in.

Small but cosy and elegant.

Here comes the part which we all might want to see, the ROOM!

Ah really nice room for one and two… but a tad small for three with two single beds.
But well, nothing to complain given that we bunked into mom's business trip room which was meant for her alone.
The standard room was quite small i must say which made it kinda hard to walk, though everything else was good.

But the LCD and radio was shiokness!

Complimentary Nespresso!

The bathroom with screen and electronic-mated bowl! shiokness x 2.

Coin train tickets that worked like ez-link in Singapore!

First stop for the night, xi men ding for dinner.

my lovely parents. <3

going into xi men ding..

dad and mom were very amused with this mascot!

And i saw my favourite- smelly tofu!

yum yum yum, i never find it smelly anyway, just feel that there's this different smell and taste accompanied with smelly tofu whenever i eat it.
Well, i just love it!!

And I was uber lost in the xi men ding trying to locate this restaurant which dom highly recommended me to go,
we three walked for almost an hour before locating it when it was situated just right inside xi mending.
It is called Nanajyoutatsu, and it's BBQ food. It's a lil pricier than food in taiwan generally, but the quality of the food was good and unique.
If you would like a good meal and don't mind spending more than the many great street food in taiwan, you can try this!

Comes with free flow of chicken soup in a flask!
*Wearing Hope Alethia's peach coral pussybow blouse, my mom loves this top! <3

momsie and me <3

One thing i adore about taiwan is that everyone there is really friendly.

missing the food already! lamb sticks and fish jaw meat.

We were encouraged to join their membership for NT300 and were rather skeptical about it at first.
The good thing as told was that it could be used immediately for this very dinner,
so we decided to decide later and was presented with the first bill (on the left) when we were done.
That was approximately S$93 for the meal, and we then asked for the bill with the member's price + the registration fee (NT300), and that was the bill on the right.
NT1774 = S$74, Quite a difference!!

And that's the whole of the first day in Taipei, and hotel sweet hotel after.

Will continue with day two on the next post and here are some outfits of the days!

*Hope Alethia's Linen Tea Dress in Wheat, great material I must say!

*With equally good material and I am feeling extremely comfortable in Hope Alethia's Linen Sundress in peppermint!


I met up with a dear ex-colleague, Lynnette, whom I have known through my internship last year,
and we had a great catchup over brunch at Dempsey's HOUSE.

Never knew they have such a wide variety of food, with mixture of lunch mains and english breakfast choices.
They have pizza too, given that HOUSE and Skinny Pizza belong to the same family of restaurants.

love minimalist decor of the place.

fresh flowers on the table

and the rustic feel of the interior.

our choices for the day

Eggs Benedict- all time favourite

fish and chips- I didnt think this was good though, it was quite oily for that day.

This was one of the best!! Strawberry shortcake with cream.
I am not a huge fan of cream, and usually those shortcakes have layers of thick cream, this is different though. love it!

its salted caramel banana cake, and the taste was extremely appetizing and delicious.
Would definitely go back there again for even just a desert.

look at the shortcake, YUM!

Here's dearest lynnette <3

*Polka dot tea dress from Pearlavish for a weekend brunch, definitely a perfect dress for it and it is one of my favourite dresses now!

More outfits of the day.

* Another pretty dress, retro polka dot spag/tube tea dress from Pearlavish, <3

* Another dress on the new list, coral flare Workdress from Pearlavish, love the colour!




1108 HRS

New hair with VIM!

if you see the above picture,
you know that it's not one of my favorite picture because:
1. I have totally washed off the initial pretty colour that i like it a lot.
2. the washed off colour is kinda gross,
3. the roots have grown out, and I seriously detest the different colour shade.
4. the hair has grown, and the hair cut is out of shape.
5. Overall, it looks like grass that is exposed to the sun, drought, and dried up turning brownish..

and if you know me well again, you know I will definitely pay a visit to the salon as soon as I can, and there i went!
Back to my usual place, Salon Vim to look for my dedicated stylish stylist Mr John.

But anyways, so you have seen my hair in the picture above,
and If i zoomed into the ends of my hair..

ARGH. the result of being lazy and not getting treatment as often as i needed it ,
and not taking care of the hair by diligently applying products before ironing it..

love the wide range of magazines there!

Also, I was pretty much sick of my usual choice of colour- brown, just the different shades,
so i actually thought of a colour I wanted (ok they said its not considered a colour on the colour chart) – Jet black.
But i think i heard it before, and john mentioned it to me that if i were to dye that colour,
i might face difficulties getting a colour change after that or achieve my desired next colour because jet black is the toughest to get rid of upon changing a hair colour.

But thankfully for such a stylist, he worked with what I wanted,
and improvise it with his idea of a nice hair colour/style (muahaha, he's good), and in the end here was what i did:

He gave me a dark shade but in the more natural shade yet obviously dark,
and did some ash highlights on it to enhance the look!

The highlights does make the hair seems straighter and well,
do you know the trick to have healthy looking hair is also the colour of the hair?
i bet you do, and definitely this new colour that i did give the hair a more healthy look and yes yes, made me look fresher too. Teeheehee.

Of course not just the hair colour, but i did a hair treatment at the same time to salvage my hair,
and it's staying healthy for the past few days after I did it.
BUT… I must start my diligent duties again before the hair turns damagey-dry, and grass appears…

John gave me some bangs too, and i am loving it!! Here are some peeks on the new hair! <3

I am going back again for a treatment soon, and as well as doing some soft-rebonding to my fringe!
I am sure some of you people face problems like this as well- having bangs but the hair isn't curly but isn't as straight too,
and it makes the fringe part very irritating and untidy, like some curly surly out of shape hair.
And YET, we don't want the fringe to be so straight that we look like some straw broom.

Will share my experience after i try that particular rebonding with John soon!
if you are keen to visit them too, here's the info:

Singapore, 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Quote my blog to get 10% discount for all hair services!




1208 HRS

An afternoon with Estee Lauder!

I spent a Saturday afternoon at Estee Lauder’s and it was a simple affair but a wonderful one.

am glad Vel and Pegs were there to grace the workshop as well,
and I bet we girls went home happily with some make-up tips and advices we received from the workshop as well as the latest products to try out at home!

we each have a bag of present from estee lauder <3

and it came with a gorgeous blue huge rose!

The room we were in.

Vel dear <3

Refreshments were provided and I love the cupcakes- bottles and wordings that spelled Estee Lauder <3

Us with the amazing cupcakes, we could not resist bringing one home!

My  gorgeous neighbours- Vel and Pegs!

I was really excited to try out the latest products launched by Estee Lauder as they were products that I use pretty frequently or even daily ,
and it’s a joy to be trying out new ones so as to discover better suited products for my skin!

In the bag of pressie was a gorgeous set of skincare and makeup related stuff:
- Pure ColorLipstick in Pink Lolita
- Pure Color Eyeshadow in Broadway Gold – an extremely pretty nude bronzy shimmer eye shadow
- Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion
- NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

You sure wouldn’t want to miss the main focus of the above product-
The New Idealist even Skintone Illuminator, and this is by far,
one of my latest favourite skincare products that I have been using since the day I got hold of it.

Before my usual daily steps of applying the moisturizer,
I heeded the advice that I have learned from the workshop, and apply this serum onto the clean skin.
It is known to be a clinically proven product to reduce the look of uneven skintone in just two weeks and helps to blend spots,
soothing anti-irritants, giving you a fresher cum radiant look!

At the workshop when we first tired it,
we were tasked to remove our make up and apply a thin layer of the serum onto our bare skin,
and you can feel and see the result almost immediately.
No doubts about that, and I could relate the instant result with the outlook of the serum as well.
Check out the texture of the serum:



If you look carefully, you can see that it is a light goldish shade with a slight shimmer surface and that will definitely help to create an instantaneous glow on the face.

I love the texture of the serum,
it’s very smooth on the skin and very pleasant smelling.
Another nice thing about it is that it doesn’t feel thick and sticky on the face as it’s oil-free.
The clinically proven product will then slowly even out the skintone as time goes by, neutralizing the blotchiness of the facial skin.

And thanks to estee lauder for the Hydrationist Moisture Lotion as moisturizer,
the lipstick and eye shadow in the gift bag as well to compliment the whole “after” outlook when we applied the NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator.

the lipstick in Pink Lolita

The Pure Color Broadway Gold eye shadow which I love equally!


The “after” look – all happy and cheery!
If you are interested to try it out first, there is a facebook app that will enable you to get your free sample of NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator!
Click HERE to find out more!

We got to get our pictures taken by a Polaroid camera and had a mini art and craft session!

Pegs, flowery mine and vel’s in the middle! Our decorated polaroids!

And the girls who attending the workshop. Nice meeting you all!
Thank you Estee Lauder!


some outfits of the day(s)!

*Got this satin elegant tube dress from ClosetMatterz, and I love the ruched design in the middle front part.
definitely can think of many occasions to wear it, and yes, september is the wedding month, so perfect!
Matched it up with my own belt and i'm ready to go!

*what about finding clothes that is for fall and winter and not too overdressed yet stylish?
This might be THAT dress you are looking for!
that are so many choices of colours for this dress at ClosetMatterz, and here's one that I picked! vermillion, love it! <3




1008 HRS


I am back from taiwan and back to everything else.
The trip was awesomely great, despite all the feasting and feet blisters from walking,
but I definitely spent some quality time with just momsie and daddykins! <3


Hurhur and I had a mini self- "photoshoot" a week ago with his so called Vintage "Ma-zhi" because it will be gone to other owners in a few days time.
(yes, as this was backdated, it is now gone :(, we went dating in this car! muahaha )

Reason for the car to be called Ma Zhi was because:
1. "Ma zhi" relates to the brand of the car, Mazda
2. "Ma zhi" is babe in chinese!

So we thought of snapping some shots for this vintage beauty for keepsake along the way at some nice place with wide space,
and managed to find this carpark that was beside the trees and bushes at ECP.

vintagey ma zhi & her owner.

hello you handsome.



ma zhi <3


Some outfits of the day!

*Navy satin button sleeveless top from myheartsdesire. Definitely versatile!

*And a workdress for you corporate ladies, with special pointy sleeves from myheartsdesire too.




0108 HRS

Creamy buttercrabs!

Mom and me in the hotel playing w photobooth!

I'm currently in taiwan, and it's my second day here!
Coincidentally, I got my passport stamped and realised that i was here in taiwan exactly one year ago, on the same month and date,
but this time round i came with my parents as my mom was on business trip.
And so far, it has been quite well spent with my parents here feasting most of our time away!


My french friend, loic, came to Singapore for a holiday some time back!
It was really nice to know him through the LG blogger forum trip at Korea last year, and didn't expect him to come Singapore for a tour this year,
so it was truly a pleasant surprise to see him. :)

I gathered a couple of girlfriends and hurhur along to meet Loic and his other friends, hoping to all get together for some booze and get-to-know session,
and it turned out great, we had endless chats except for the only thing – the music that night at Timbre@ Arts House was a tad too loud for us to hear one another. Heh.
Probably substation would have been a better choice as it has a bigger place as compared.

It's a pity that we didn't have another session before they left, but hope to see you again Loic! hopefully i get to visit france again! hahah.

Applepie & leneyzhang <3

The gang of us!

The french!

Hello french friends.

And loic in checkered shirt. :)


There is this place i would really love to urge you guys to try!
Food is awesome and atmosphere is good, except for the fact that if you are willing to splurge.

I am sure most of you heard about it before and yes- It's Seafood Paradise.

We had a gathering a couple of weeks ago for Haslinda's birthday, and everyone in the clique loves crabs!
With that in mind, we settled for seafood paradise after hearing the rave about their very popular CREAMY BUTTERCRABS!

My verdict of the place at the end is.. I WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK AGAIN!
The creamy buttercrabs is totally to-die-for, and I could die for the sauce!
Sounds a lil extreme, but its sooooo goooood.

hurhur tried both their outlets at Defu lane, and Singapore Flyer (the one below that we went),
and commented the atmosphere is better at the latter.
Btw, probably it would be a great place for family dinners!

seafood paradise at singapore flyer.

The birthday girl! <3

Joseph and shawnie. :)

The cutest couple


Sweet and sour chicken. Nice!

Hot plate beancurd. tastes as good as it looks now.

Kai lan with oyster sauce. Yum and tasty!

Beef cubes with garlic. tender, fresh and delicious!

LOVE THIS! salted egg prawns.

Chill crabs. its good as well, but i didn't eat too much of this because i was waiting for the one NEXT!


With the "gone" as THAT huge! *DROOLS*

The total bill for the 9 of us amounted to approximately $68 each.
To make me feel less guilty, I suppose once in a while, we can pamper ourselves with good food like this! :p





0208 HRS

Happy Birthday Ray-niece & Ramen Time!

My family is not a big one to begin with, but last weekend marked a special occasion because it was the 1 year old birthday of my first niece from the maternal side.
She is named Raynise, and she has an elder brother (my nephew) with the name of Raygen, and i have to admit,
everyone does agree that my cousin gives birth to really good looking kids- thanks to the big-eye genes of both of the parents!

The birthday party was themed rather princesses and yes, PINK.
And I can see great effort and time spent in organising this wonderful birthday celebration to mark the one year old. :)

It was held at National Service Resort and County Club.
Am impressed by their bungalows chalets and I would love to book a weekend there someday too!

The beautiful decorated wall.

and balloons that matched the theme..

and everyone loved this! It's awesome- The candy bar prepared by my coussie!

i'm not a fan of marshmallows anyhow but these coated with chocolate were looking really pretty.

and that's the brother, my nephew, he's such a lovable pie. All my friends love him too.
And the cupcakes cake.

chocolate cupcakes handmade by my talented cousin too!

and lil gold heart balloons for everyone. <3 all things pretty.
*Wearing a pretty summer white dress from Pearlavish.

check out the hand sign yo!

and the commercial pose that Raygen taught me.
I could totally pinch his rosy cheeks here!

The family, the parents in the middle, and the grandparents on the left. My young aunties and uncles!

Raygen and my momsie.


Hurhur and I are Ramen fans and we were both craving and looking for good ones to try.
After much asking, we were recommended to try our Ramen Champion at Illuma Level 4.

The main attraction of this place is that it has SIX authentic ramen stalls located all at the same place,
and with chefs flown in from Japan. Needless to say more, you know where to get good Ramen now!
Definitely an interesting concept and you can read more from the by clicking the link above!

Ramen Champion

The seating area inside.

It works like Marche with the "prepaid" card.
the cute thing is that they have this queue number token that you will bring back to your seat and collect your ramen with it when it vibrates!
Didn't manage to take a picture of it though.

hungry hurz with is bowl of large ramen, (Not that large anyway)

His- the no.1 Hakata Ajitama Ramen from Ikkousha stall.

Mine- Miso Ramen with butter and corn from Gantetsu stall.

I must say they do have great Ramen and the soup base tasted rich and absolutely tasty. I like the taste of mine, but hurz preferred his.
Am dying to go back to try this "black" ramen that I saw many people eating, and also to try the "Bario" stall that I saw most people queuing up at.
Will definitely go back for more!

When we left the place…

Check out the queue! This was around 8pm on a Wednesday night.

*Wearing the corporate dark green dress from Pearlavish.

*And another corporate nude dress that you might not want to miss out from Pearlavish too!




1108 HRS

Amazing bonds

I have been doing my essential basic manicures with Pink Parlour every now and here's one gorgeous shade that I just did last week.
Will never get bored of this shade and i am sure it's a hot favourite amongst all girls!
Goes well with the leopard prints Clutch hurhur got for me. <3

And I am always spoilt for choices at there because they indeed have a wide range of nail polish colours, designs over at their outlets.
I must say they are pretty quite up to date with the latest nail fashion and thankfully for the outlet near my house,
I can easily do my manicure/ waxing whenever I need to.

I am a bit delayed, but i just tried the shattered nails design!
Didn't manage to take a picture of that, they did a good job though and it looks unique but based on personal preference,
I actually prefer the simpler designs and solid colour nails.
Neon coloured nails is a hook to me too!

Love the pink and zebra deco in the shop. <3


Sometimes i think it's really amazing how people can be out of touch for years but come together just like we have met a day ago.

Dom and Sharon are two such people who I met in poly, and they are indeed dear to me and definitely friends that I want to keep.
I have been in touch with Dom for years here and there we seldom have a meet up due to him being overseas for further education or it will be our schedules that clashed.
It was a glad moment that I met Dom for a dinner last week when he was back, and he gathered sharon together and it was amazing!

We spent the night talking about old times, catching up and summarize the years' doings and updated each other like never before.
You could feel that there is still a bond there and it was never lost… :)
Couldn't imagine that we had almost 5 hours of continuous chat that night and boy, it felt good.. geez.

A shot of us 3 years back celebrating Sharon's bday..

and the recent dom and sharon! <3



And here are sneak peeks that my hong kong entry will cover!

Dolling up and wearing a gorgeous-cut black dress from Le'Jetaime to have our morning breakfast at a gorgeous "palace".

Meeting Goofy!

Star guest, teehee.

awaiting for something to happen together with the massive crowd.

A parade you would never want to miss!

Us exploring the place

love these!!

Thank you to  Le'Jetaime for this unique grey dress for my hongkong trip and yes, more about our disney ROOM!




1007 HRS

Lin&Xiong: Behind the scenes

23rd july marks the day whereby my first ever girlfriend got hitched! *throws confetti!*

Just like most couples nowadays, she had her ROM first and it was truly a very heartwarming yet simple event that day.
The couple just gathered some family members and relatives, and a couple of us headed to help her out with the event as well.

While Linny was at the bridal shop doing her make up in the morning,
we had the balloons pumped up and decorated the entire function room with it as fast as we could in due for our bride-to-be to arrive.
But I must say our team worked hand-in-hand pretty well, and we even did up a balloon chain within 15 mins!

Let the peeks do the talking!

Hurhur and my handmade cupcakes as gifts for her :)
And the balloon pumper was really one of the best inventions but it was a tad overwhelming for apple and myself given it was our first time using it!

Thanks to the guys who took up the tough job- tying the balloons!
Awwwww, yixiong took much effort to prepare the gorgeous ring holder.

A few snapshots before the bride-to-be arrives!

*thank you Hey, Adonia for the lovely blue dress, perfect for the occasion!

And finally, the moment came…

And it's official! <3
I can't wait for hen's night next and I am gonna start planning and source for ideas. :p

Here are two more dresses that are perfect for the weekends and ROM occasions too!

*Love the colour of this topshop inspired toga dress from Hey Adonia too.
Feels a bit like what sex and the city ladies will wear. ;p

*And a unique collar dress that can be either corporate or casual from Hey Adonia. :)


And last but not least, i was surfing a couple of days ago and decided to do a quick join at this Lancome Mascara online event going on,
would share about the new mascara (that's provided if i can be one of the 3 lucky winners geez), but that would be very much dependent on you guys actually.
It's really simple and hope you can cast a kind vote for me! :)

1. Like Lancome FB page
2. Like my photo entry at Lancome's FB page




0107 HRS

Gorgeous ones..

I must say it's a complete delight to be receiving pressies from Tangem,
and for friends that have seen me around these two weeks,
you know I have been putting on these three gorgeous ones and pairing them with almost all of my outfits for majority of my days.

Shimmer Earrings from Tangem International.

I must say this is currently my utmost favourite pair of earrings in my whole earrings collection,
and the design is absolutely B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.
The cut, the size of the dangling round crystal pendant, and the crystals that surround the whole front part of the hook,
are exactly what put me in love with this pair of earrings.

It goes with most of my outfits, especially for work, a day out to town, or even when i'm donning on casual outfits as well.
The pendant size is reasonably visible from afar and and what's great about it is that it's absolutely light in weight given the visibility and size of the pendant.
Quality is another factor to me when I look for jewellerys and I am sure most of you share the same thoughts.
I have been wearing it for the past two weeks, and it remains as shiny as it is sitting on my rack now. ;)

Myself with my shimmer earrings!
(Usual price is S$45, but quote "beatricetan" to receive it at the promotional price – S$38.

Another delight – Ribbon Pendant and Necklace set from Tangem International.

The entire ribbon filled with good quality crystals is what made it alluring and elegant.
And this is definitely, in my opinions, one of the better designed ribbon shapes around. :)

Could pair this up with both "serious" outfits or even the more funky, cutsey outfits!

Together with the shimmer earrings and ribbon necklace.
(Usual price is $46, do quote "beatricetan" for a promotional price – $39)

Last but not least, the Glamour Ring from Tangem Internat.

The crystals are shining really brightly that my pictures do not do justice to it.
But the combination of the different sizes of crystals pieced up side by side absolutely allows the ring to shine out amazingly yet not making it chunky, instead sleek.

Glamour Ring on my finger!
(Usual price is S$43, quote "beatricetan" for promotional price – $36)

Do hop over if you are interested to get a better look at these beautiful pieces or to see more designs that Tangem has!


Here's a short random part of last week in pictures!

Awwwww. Canon, the dog that makes me look forward to LB's shoots as well! <3

*Dusty pink blazer from Princessess, quality is good and great for work wear or chic wear.

*How about some clutches to match your outfits? Versatile baby blue clutch from Princessess too.

Love my leopard prints maxi dress from H&M and python skin pumps from FEP!

Movie night out to catch harry potter at Lido. <3