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0209 HRS

A quick update

Went on a short trip to Bangkok last week to attend Panasonic Beauty Press Conference and just got back a couple of days ago. Feeling extremely jaded ever since I got back and haven't exactly had time to take a proper rest. Been running around doing errands, a few meetings etc, and pardon for the lack of reply in emails! To those who have sent me one, please bear with me and I'll get back to you soonest (i'll make sure I check the spam inbox too ;)).

So still gonna hold on to the promise to update as frequently as I can, so here are some snaps taken using my iphone in the past week: (Good way for quick updates, inspired by Selene)

From Top to Bottom:
- Outfit of the day to catch the flight
- On the way to the Airport
- With another blogger, Zoe, who went on the trip too
- Arrived at Bangkok, en route to the hotel

From Top to Bottom:
- Checked into St. Regis (woohoo, one room each!)
- View from hotel's window
- Absolutely delish Red Velvet Waffles from one of the thai restaurants at Central World. (will update more soon)
- Make up & Hair for the formal dinner function with the Panasonic peeps at night

From Top to Bottom:
- New Day. Breakfast at Viu.
- Thai Style Eggs Benny
- Outfit & Accessories for the day
- Back.Look who came to receive me at the airport! <3

From Top to Bottom:
- Trying out a new ice cream parlour at the east – Mischievous us.
- Snickers ice cream with waffle. Waffle ain't that good, but snickers ice cream was thumbs up.




0509 HRS

7-Eleven, it’s a store and more


By just looking at the title above, I bet you already know what I'll be sharing today. 7-Eleven' -a store that EVERYBODY knows!
We basically see them everywhere in Singapore (could be just a street away still) or even overseas. In Singapore, I used to get crazy over Slurpee during my Primary/Secondary school days, and I'd still remember that we'll enjoy our drinks with the cute 'scoop' straws (Oh yes, my favourite was the green apple slurpee freeze). Nowadays, I'm less of a sweet drink fan though once in a while I'll get a Slurpee/Big Gulp when weather gets ridiculously warm. Apart from that, I'll usually patronize 7-Eleven for late night snacks, getting parking coupons/magazines, top up cashcard and yes, last minute gifts, mainly because it's 24 hours and their locations are all pretty accessible.

For overseas, 7-Eleven will usually be the first thought in my mind when it comes to getting some necessities that I forget to bring. But for Bangkok's 7-Eleven especially, they have this Sausage counter in every of their stall there and I personally love their Big Cheese/Foot Long Cheese Sausage – very reasonable priced, cost just about S$1 or slightly more for one and it has cheese oozing out each bite! Introduced a couple of friends and Ethan to it as well, and some of them liked it enough but ain't crazy over it, so generally, it's good but not one of the best. Worth a try if you pass by one in Bangkok!

So in a nutshell, I'm sure we all know that 7-Eleven is definitely a leading convenience store retailer (they have 570 stores in Singapore till date & still growing!). Big Gulp, Slurpee, Quickbites are their private labels, so you know for sure all these can only be found and bought in 7-Eleven exclusively. Anyway, I decided to pop by 7-Eleven to take a thorough look around its store to see what exactly are sold there and to get some necessities at the same time.

One thing for sure, 7-Eleven is known for getting food – snacks, quick bites, drinks etc.

Though most of the times I eat at home or dine in somewhere but sometimes, I do enjoy tasting these quick and easy food!

They look pretty appetizing I must say.

One of my favourite segments. I'm a Queen of Junk Food, heh.

New flavour in stall. Snickers used to be my favourite chocolate, but my current favourite would be Kinder Bueno!

i used to get crazy over this 'Craze Hottis' Crackers during my Secondary School days. it was introduced by one of my old pals, and she was telling me how tasty it was back then and we will get a small carton each to munch while making our way home.

Another segment that most of us will take a quick shop at – My ultimate favourite cup noodles is the Nissin Chilli Crab, very unhealthy I know but I love it!

Apart from snacks and quick bites, they do have a decent & wide selection of wines. If you are just looking for a standard common bottle of wine brand/type – eg. Australian Brand, Wolf Blass, you can easily find them here. Perfect for last minute gifts for house parties too ;)


Wasn't aware that 7-Eleven make available these nutritional gifts too. Wouldn't place this in the food category above because we'll usually get these for gifts than for personal consumption. Now I know where else can I get these.

And can't believe I didn't think of getting cards from 7-Eleven when I needed them last minute previously. Will usually think of the florist immediately for cards and such, but again, glad to spot on this section!

They do have technology items too. Perfect items for unisex gifts (eg. Christmas Exchange)

You can find up to date stuffed toys here too. Not sure why Angry Birds is still in the trend when the game has been out for so long, I've been spotting Angry Bird Designs for many things around (eg. upcoming mooncakes etc).

Magazines for sure.


From top to bottom, enough said.

Didn't see this mini packaging around or either that i haven't been shopping in these convenience stores. Just the ideal size for travel!


Quite impressed with the wide variety of lifestyle items and funny how I didn't realise that extensive range of items given that i've been in and out of 7-Eleven for countless times. And just as you thought the entry is coming to an end, we wouldn't be tasked to write if nothing exciting is coming along!

7-Eleven Leading Brands Awards is a yearly campaign where 7-Eleven recognizes the top and most loved brands that are sold in 7-Eleven for that year. To thank customers like us for our inputs and in commeration of this Leading Brands Campaign, 7-Eleven will like to reward both you and me with a contest that takes us to TRAVEL!  The best thing is that I just have to get my usual favourites at 7-Eleven (eg. 2 x Calbee Hot & Spicy Chips etc which easily hit $3) and I already stand a chance to win the travel vouchers and so can you. Basically, you get the chance to be paid to shop for your needs/food, what more can we ask for?!

YES. 7-Eleven has specially prepared up to S$5000 for Travel Vouchers for its customers.

And the mechanics are very simple – Just pick your favourite brand and get to stand a chance to win! You can simply be the one who walks away with them! Participation requirements are really easy:

Simple click the above image to get to the Nuffnang Website! And spending just $3 is completely not difficult at all, I bet two packets of chips will just do the trick or just a magazine.

Contest is really simple and all the best guys! Do note that contest period is from 12 Sep to 9 Oct 2012.


Additionally, calling to all Bloggers, you can also participate in another contest!

You can also join the 7-Eleven’s Blogger’s contest HERE and win additional $2000 cash when you take part in this contest!

Don't miss this annual contest when you can literally walk home with cash/vouchers with just shopping for your necessities. All the best to you guys! Here is my shopping haul from 7-Eleven on my recent trip there.

From clockwise direction: Sofy Comfort Slim Panty Liners, Female Magazine, Quick Bites Macaroni & Cheese, Nissin Cup Noodles, Calbee hot & Spicy Chips, Maybelline Makeup Remover (2 for S$4.20).

I thought the Macaroni & Cheese (from 7-Eleven's housebrand, Quick Bites) was surprisingly not bad, pretty tasty for a packed food. Ethan doesn't really like it but i personally like it though.

These were what I bought in the 7-Eleven store in just less than half hour. Calbee Hot & Spicy plus Nissin Cup Noodles (Chili Crab) are my favourite junk food and I would almost always grab a pack of those whenever I see them. Furthermore, I chanced upon the Maybelline Mini Make up Removers which were very reasonably priced, and in fact, I brought a bottle to Bangkok recently (just came back yesterday by the way). It was way light to carry, and very effective in removing my makeup. Good thing that I spotted on this when I was shopping at 7-Eleven, definitely a good steal! For those ladies who are travelling soon or so, this can be the perfect purchase and you can easily hit the minimum spending of S$3 with just two bottles of this mini-sized makeup removers. Who knows, you might be the next to walk away with the cash prize.

Good luck guys! ;)




1009 HRS

Laneige’s Flagship Store Launch

I'm flying off to Bangkok in a few hours!

Trip was confirmed last week and it's gonna be a short one – 2 days, as Zoe (another blogger) and myself will be flying there to attend a Beauty Press Conference held by Panasonic. Just received the itinerary and so thrilled to know that our flights are by Singapore Airlines and we will be putting up at St. Regis! How awesome is that, will definitely share more when I'm back. Thank you for the privileged invite, Panasonic!


Was invited to the official opening of Laneige's flagship store at ION Sky 55 last week and the theme was in Laneige's colours – Blue Lagoon. Glad to be invited to grace the event because Laneige is definitely one of  my favourite beauty brands around. Been using their sleeping mask since a couple of years ago (still using now) but I personally also think that their mineral make-up range is good. Visited Korea twice the past two years and stocked up on their sleeping masks and beauty products because they are much cheaper there. Heh.

The themed outfit of the day – Sky blue cropped blazer & Laurean shorts in while (just launched) from Klarra.

The view from ION Sky and they had this window panel that has 'Toa Payoh' printed. Coolios. Heard that food is good there too, hope to try it out someday.

Selene's outfit of the day by Klarra too. ;)

A Korean renowned makeup artist was flown in specially to demonstrate 3 different makeup looks that very night. Always wanted to have that glossy/waxy make up base look and glad to steal some tricks/tips on that day. A hint: The makeup artist applied the waterbank essence before dapping the face with Laneige's bb loose powder and those were all they applied for the base to achieve that glossy look. Took home some miniature samples and gonna test and try out to see if it really works.


And oh yes, the Lashes Entry is on the way! Spent quite a bit of time preparing for that as I had to take pictures of the different lashes i wore out on different days (so that each pair goes with slightly different make up instead of doing all at one shot by snapping the same hair/makeup and changing with various pair of lashes). Additionally, I recently discovered another brand of eyelash glue which works even better that the one I always use. Gonna be sharing all that on the Lashes Entry, so stay tuned guys! ;)

Got to go, need to pack for tomorrow. ;)




1209 HRS

Chemical Peel

Spent yesterday morning catching up with Lister & Crystal over brunch at Arbite and so glad to see them both. Understand that weekends are exceptionally precious especially when one is working five days a week and have a family to tend to. Really appreciate them taking time out to meet despite having two 5-months twin kiddos at home.

So we headed over to Arbite, partly because it's convenient for all of us (near our cribs actually) and also because I've been raving about it to them – I personally love Arbite's all-day breakfast sets as well as desserts. Not the first time I blogged about this place and I guess you have probably read this a couple of times.

V-low back coral dress from Fash Mob.

Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pancakes – I love. ;)

Love their Signature Breakfast set too. Crystal said the scrambled eggs (watery kind) was good.

Ethan and I each ordered Eggs Benny. They used to serve this dish on muffin tops but it was changed to Focaccia bread when I was there yesterday. First time seeing this combination, and it has a sweeter overall flavour plus a softer texture too. Tasted pretty good as well.

My Wfie's Chocolate Cake – Love this!

Thanks for the Picture, Lister!


66A Serangoon Garden Way,
Singapore 555962
Tel: 62870430 
Tue – Fri, 1130 am – 10.30 pm
Sat – Sun 1100 am – 10.30 pm


Thanks to Rachel from Ocean Health – Therapeutic Dematologic Formula, a couple of us together with our plus-one(s) were invited to do a Chemical Peel at an aesthetic clinic. Visited one of the partnering clinics, Calvin Chan Aesthetic Clinic, on an afternoon last weekday and got Gabby along as my plus-one to try out the treatment.

Here's a shot Gabby experiencing the treatment. Realised I didn't have any pictures taken because Gabby was whisked away to do her mask and the rest of us got so carried away talking to the doctor. Heh

I always thought that both Chemical Peel and Laser treat the same problem/have the same fix – brightening up dull skin, minimizing pores but until recently, I clarified with another aesthetic doctor and realised the difference in the end results.

Laser (which I previously blogged about) is for brightening of dull skin, minimizing pores. Usually you repeat 4-6 times of the Laser treatment to see optimal results but maybe because machines are involved, results are pretty distinctive after every session. Whereas for Chemical Peel, it aims to sooth out those lil bumps on the face by causing the dead skin to slough off. For this, they will increase the percentage of chemical as each session passes, (we tried the minimal chemical percentage on this session- 20%, and if we continue, they will increase the dosage along the way, and gradually increase to a maximum of 70% chemical content).

Anyway, for this particular treatment, my face did feel slightly smoother after the session although result wasn't exactly apparent. Was told that we should see skin flaking out after a day or two- which means the chemical peel is working on the skin, but for this time, I didn't experience any flaking though. Not too sure why again, but perhaps I need a slightly higher dosage of chemical content for it to work on my skin. Based on my understanding, it's normal (given that numbing cream isn't used nor is it using any machine) and perhaps only after a few sessions before we can see a noticeable difference. Will probably share more if I do it again and if I think it's effective. ;)

With Dr Calvin Chan & Rachel ;)

Was told that it was perfectly fine to apply Make-up after and I tidied up a bit before meeting Linny for dinner.

Flora overlapped skirt from Fash Mob.

We kept the night simple and went the newly renovated Hong Kong Cafe at Plaza Singapura. We ordered this Papaya Soup Bee Hoon which Linny was pretty sold the previous time she went and it was so good! The soup was sweet and tasty, definitely a must-have if you are craving for something soupy. ;)





0309 HRS

Nespresso 2% Party & Brand New Clarisonic Plus

Another jam-packed week but it has been going well so far.

Just bought new studio lights, backdrop for Klarra's shoots and was initially contemplating between one which was from a Chinese Brand and another which was from a Swiss Brand. Decided on the latter in the end albeit the somewhat hefty price as reviews did mention that it's one of better brands. Definitely would also prefer quality pictures for our website moving forward and to do more justice to the clothes as well as to the customers.

So everything arrived not long ago and my dad helped to set it all up which unexpectedly, took up more space than I thought. After much consideration, we have decided to get an office space, which will constitute our studio, a small workspace and as well as a mini warehouse for our goods. Dad has been really kind to help source for ideal office venue/space these few days and we have been to a couple to take a look but none suitable. Still on the lookout for now and hope we will manage to find one soon. ;)

On a side note, I do have to give thanks to my parents. They have been nothing but very supportive of everything which makes me somehow guilty (not sure if you get what I'm trying to say) and makes me feel the need to work ever harder. My only younger sister is still schooling, and the sense of responsibility gearing towards the family is definitely getting more apparent as time goes by. Worrying and feeling all up with the guilt because afterall, I'm not too sure if the folks/relatives can comprehend what exactly am I doing now and instead, I could sense their worry given that I steered apart from the usual route, ahh. That's probably the last thing I would want them to be concerned of and I guess I do really need to focus, having something even more quantifiable for myself at the end of the day, and to somehow ease their minds.. #growingupworries

OK, nuff said for tonight. Moving on to some updates!


Had the privilege to attend Nespresso's 2% Party which showcased a spectrum of Nespresso's machines and their capsules etc. How thrilled am I to be there given that I'm a huge fan of coffee, and of course, I'm impressed by ingenious idea of coffee machines as well as the convenience and technology advancement of them. Attended the event with Vel, Valerie together with a few others too, and it didn't take much to get Ethan along, given that he's a big fan of Nespresso too! Anyway, more pictures below ;)

Had a splendid night spent with the friends over great coffee and Nespresso Cocktails. Thanks for the invite, Dixie & Crowd!


Thanks to a lovely new friend, Acelyn, she was really kind to help to purchase a set of Clarisonic Plus on my behalf from the States and I just collected from her recently. Have heard so much about it from Vel and Selene, and they said it works pretty well and that it helps to cleanse the skin better for sure. Will see how this goes, and if it's worth a share, I will! ;)

If you are wondering how much I got the Clarisonic Plus for, it's SGD$298 and I think Singapore sells it slightly more expensive. You can check out Sephora for purchase and I was told that the Mia (the most basic set and costs about SGD$100 odd) is good enough in fact.