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1211 HRS


 *Waves from Genting*

Am currently in Genting together with the ReelityTV's crew, bloggermates, a couple of readers and we will be here for the next 5 days. Probably the longest stay in Genting but this time we came here with a purpose and we will be filming a gameshow for Resort World Genting! Filming begins only tomorrow morning and I've a feeling that one of our challenges would be the thrilling rides. Not really a great fan of those rides especially the Free Fall Ride, but let's see how it goes tomorrow. ;)

Pardon to those who sent me an email, been having back-to-back events and haven't had time to sit down to do my emails. Will do so whenever I've time so please be patient with me ;))


When it comes to online shopping, it's no doubt who are the bigger players in the market. One such local brand is none other than Hollyhoque (pronounced as 'Holly-Hock') and I'm sure you are familiar with its name. I personally got to know of Hollyhoque a couple of years ago, and they are known for its sweet, feminine and casual style. They are very well-received, recognized amongst the teens/young adults and with a surge in popularity, they have also invested their hardwork and time in opening their first ever brick-and-motar store. Congratulations Hollyhoque ;)

Just last week, I paid a visit down to one of our most popular shopping districts – Far East Plaza, to specially check out Hollyhoque's fashion boutique. The entire boutique is designed in a whimsical theme, very cozy and spacious at well. The boutique houses an extensive range of in-house label designs and you can certainly expect to shop from a range of classic favourites, together with brand new designs that might not be even released online! As always, one great thing about shopping at brick-and-motar stores is that we customers get to have a feel of the pieces, and at the same time, having the option to try them on before making our purchases. Definitely help to minimize post purchase dissonance!  


They have an array of accessories available for sale, such as bags, necklaces, bracelets etc.

A collection of self-manufactured shoes to complete your outfits too. Guess which pair I took home? ;)

One of my favourite pumps ;)

Took home this pair of wedges, love the design and its platform! ;)

Another Hollyhoque dress that I bagged home. Love every thing about this effortless boho chic T-shirt dress, its prints, its design, its cut and it's currently one of my favourite dresses in the wardrobe. This piece is still in stores, and this design comes in a sleeveless style as well. Feel free to try it out at their boutique and grab it before it goes OOS ;)

Glad to see that our very own local fashion brand has taken its business to a whole new level, creating an even more wholesome experience for their customers. Do support them and check out their store for more exclusive and upcoming designs ;)

To all readers,  just quote my name/blog to any of our staff when making payment and you are entitled to 10% discount store-wide at the boutique only.  Valid til 4th December. Happy shopping ladies!

14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza, #01-31
Singapore 228213


Some random updates on the go.

Ethan's family just got another new pup, a pure goldie named Carefree and look at how cute he is! For some reasons, Carefree and Trigger are always fighting and the little one is extremely aggressive (so he's kept in the cage as you can see above, although he should be let out to play in the day) Carefree is currently housed in this small cage first because he's still young, and Trigger is housed at another area with a bigger cage. But I heard from the housekeeper that Trigger has a new routine task ever since Carefree arrived – which is to walk over to Carefree's cage to accompany him first thing in the morning whenever he's let out of the cage when the housekeeper wakes up. Aww, that really warms my heart to hear and although I can see that they are always rough with each other, but the big boy (now 21kg) is constantly looking out for carefree. :)

Hello you big boy ;)


Attended ELLE'S Halloween Party on actual day, 31st October, courtesy of Sue Jean from Mediacorp. It was a Canon-sponsored event and I was there on a task actually, to sort of teach attendees some of my favourite poses for the night! I must say I had a good time that night, especially with the company of my dearest friends and I got to meet the Hot & Sexy Jean Danker who hosted the event. Good times pals!

Am excited that our first batch of self-manufactured designs has arrived! Couldn't wait and wore one of our designs out for that night, it comes in sizes and colours so do stay tuned to Klarra for the launch of it! Love this elegant bodycon piece. ;)

Had the opportunity to attend another event hosted my Mediacorp for i-weekly just two days ago, and it was a beauty workshop hosted for the public, partnering with brands like Panasonic, New Look etc.

Met two of our very own local gifted Deejays from Yes933 radio station, Jiahui & Cruz Teng ;)

Will be updating more on the above events again, and see you back here soon again!




0111 HRS

False Lashes!

I'm back with the long awaited entry that I've been wanting to share with you guys! Today's update came late again because I was in KL the past weekend to attend a wedding and unfortunate I was to have caught a fever the past few days since I was back. Glad to be feeling much better today and it's time for me to get back to my daily grind. Will try my best to update this space as much as possible because I've tonnes of pictures from past events that I've been wanting to share too. ;)


As promised, I'll be doing an entry about lashes, about the different types of False Lashes I usually use for different occasions and how I go about choosing the falsies.

To begin my entry, I'd just give a brief update on my eye make up journey. I think I was 16 when I first wore Mascara and I was so reliant on it due to fact that I have thin lashes and my eyes would feel bare without applying any eye make up. I've tried a few brands of Mascara back then and although I really like the smudge-proof/long lasting aspect of waterproof Mascara, I really detest the removal part ( it's a complete chore and I always have to use countless of cotton pads dapped with make up remover, spending a hard time soaking and swiping off the mascara). So I figured out that using a non-waterproof Mascara would be the best option and so I did, it was much much easier to remove and it doesn't really smudge unless one starts to tear or something.

Then I was 18 when I first wore lashes and that was the period when I was exposed to some modelling gigs. I still remember I was so intrigued when I first saw Falsies and was extremely excited to see what magic these plasticky things can do to my eyes. But I was also worried that it will be a torture removing the false lashes OR if my real lashes will be affected when I remove the Falsies whereby my real lashes get stuck onto the falsies or so. But shortly after I begun to use them, I realised my worries were all for naught!

So once I started wearing lashes, I got really reliant on them. There is a distinct difference when I put on falsies and when I don't, they really help to widen, define my eyes. Although mascara can be really helpful to lengthen/volumize the natural lashes, but False Lashes can do the same and so much more. Furthermore, what I love about wearing Falsies is that I don't have to put on Mascara after (unless you wish to achieve a more va-va-voom eye makeup, I would suggest you wear both) and in my opinion, removing Falsies is so much more convenient than removing Mascara (be it non-waterproof or waterproof).

I managed to dig out some of the current sets of lashes I have at home and here are they:

If you take a closer look, you would know I usually go for the Crisscross type instead of the defined type which is much more similar-looking to our real lashes I suppose. I used to think that the latter is more natural looking when worn but found out later (via makeup artists / countless attempt) that the crisscross lashes are the ones that will give a more natural look. So that explains why most of my lashes above are of crisscross patterns. Of course, length, thickness and denseness of the lashes also reflect how natural the Falsies would look upon wearing.

From the sets above, you can spot a mixture of thick/thin looking lashes. Usually I'll use the thick ones for shoots and the thin ones for daily make up.



These lashes are hand-made which are more expensive than the usual basic synthetic lashes. Love handmade lashes because they look really natural and have softer lash-bones as compared with the synthetic ones.

Love how the lashes fall in place neatly every time I wear it and previously when I wore them, some of my friends thought they were my real lashes!



Another handmade set and I love how this lash type makes the eyes wider, darker (smokey somehow) and yet looking natural at the same time. What I also love about this type of lashes is the arrangement of the lashes – shorter on one side and longer on the other (I shall name it the 'Tail' design). Of course, the shorter side will be placed nearer to the inner corner of your eye and it will give a nice looking 'tail' shape lashes at both ends of your eyes! Suitable for shoots and everyday wear ;)



Similar to type (2) except that this type is fuller/denser.




These lashes are the defined strip type, neatly arranged as you can see. And because the lashes are thicker, they tend to darken/widen the eyes more, giving a more dramatic effect. I'll usually use this pair for shoots/ glam-up functions.



Pretty similar to the type (4), except that the arrangement of lashes for this set is of my favourite – the 'Tail' design. This will definitely give you a dramatic 'catish' eye look. Another of my favourite for shoots / dinners ;)

Doesn't seem very dramatic above because I went light on the eyeshadow and I didn't line my lower eye lid. You can glam the look up easily by using darker eyeshadow shades and lining your lower eye lid!



Because this pair of lashes has the 'Tail' design and is longer in terms of width as compared to the rest above, this pair of lashes will be pretty obvious upon wearing but that's how some of us like it I suppose. Sometimes, based on outfits, I'll use this pair to help create a 'Flirty/Catish' eye look especially with the help of the crisscross cut (which the curled up lash ends due to the lightweight).  This is definitely a good pair for shoots as well. ;)

P.S: Don't mind the untidy-gross looking Falsies, I took this shot right after I removed my lashes and hence the glue was all stuck.



I don't really wear lower lashes because I think it's too dramatic for my everyday wear, or even for functions. Tried them once for a shoot and woah, they indeed made a great difference to my eyes, in terms of look and size! I guess that's how the Japanese usually do their eye make up too. ;)



I used to use DUO Eyelash Adhesive, both normal/dark-tone. For some reasons, the normal white tone Duo glue works better than the dark-tone, perhaps due to some ingredient or chemical content.  In my opinion, this brand does help to keep my Falsies in place for a good two hours or so, but the glue tends to lose its adhesiveness after that. It was quite a hassle to constantly check if the Falsies were in place and at times, it got really awkward because I had random people telling me that the Falsies were falling, boo! *slaps forehead* Anyway, I used this brand for one whole year because I couldn't find any better brand (or rather, I didn't really do my research) until Zianna and a makeup artist both told me to get this other brand instead.

This other brand of eyelash glue is called "STAR LASH" and oh boy, this glue is awesome! Strong adhesive and long lasting (regardless of what eyeliner I use). Furthermore, it's cheaper than DUO, costs a mere S$4.90 for a bottle and you can easily purchase it at any SASA store. Although it's a very small bottle, but I'm quite sure it can last for quite a while.

Don't worry about the glue's colour, it will turn invisible after applying.


Last but not least, I purchased all my lashes (seen above) from overseas, mainly in Taiwan / Bangkok because the lashes are cheaper as compared to Singapore. I think on average, I spent about S$3-4 on each box (consists of 10 pairs per set) and it's quite worth it because I tend to re-use a pair of lashes about 5 times. I think you can also get cheap sets in Singapore and from what I've heard, Far East Plaza has a particular shop, which specializes in False Lashes and they have a wide range of lash designs. Furthermore, I also heard that have constant promotions going on such as two boxes for the price of one (One box is about S$10 or so). Not sure what is the store's name but I guess you should be able to locate it easily by exploring the mall.

Can't believe I spent such a great deal of time on this entry and I do hope that it's useful for you ladies! Do drop me a comment if you have anything to ask, and i'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible ;)




0210 HRS

Panasonic Regional Beauty Conference 2012


Just last month, bloggermate Zoe and I had the privilege to be invited over to Bangkok to attend the Panasonic Beauty Regional Press Conference which Panasonic unveiled its latest range of innovative Beauty products in the South-East Asian markets. The two day trip had guests from various Asian countries, mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and last but not least, Singapore. Apart from Zoe and I who represented the 'bloggers' side for this event, we were excited to know that we had four more companions namely, Doreen and Meiwei who were from the Panasonic Singapore Marketing Team, Babara, a senior editor from Women's Weekly and Sarah, a writer from 8days. We also had the chance to meet with Panasonic's management, the Japanese. Special thanks to Doreen and Meiwei for this opportunity as well and for hosting us with great hospitality at the same time. ;)

We were whisked away to St.Regis for a night's stay where we were each put up in an amazingly gorgeous room (more pictures below). What got me even more excited prior to the trip was the news that we will each receive a 'Beauty surprise' prepared for us upon arrival at the hotel. You will be surprised to see what we received and oh boy, sure I was overwhelmed with a beauty surprise!

Will let the pictures do the talking. ;)

On the way to the airport.

Checked in and met up with the Singapore's Team over breakfast. ;)

With Zoe.

Definitely living up to its name, love our stay!

Checked into the room.

The room. Very spacious I must say.

The view from the other side.

St. Regis is also know for its bathtub!

The view outside the room.

And as mentioned earlier, we had a surprise awaiting for us. ;)

There! A set of Pink and gorgeous looking Panasonic Beauty products all wrapped up. How sweet and generous of them!!

They were really thoughtful to pack these boxes for us in an extra huge Naraya bag to easy carry the products back to Singapore.

Settled down a bit and started to unpack. Can't seem to pack light though it's just a two days trip.
Freshened up a bit before meeting the team to explore around St. Regis in search for a good Thai lunch.

A staff from St.Regis recommended this place called Kalpapruek.

The red velvet waffles are a MUST-TRY. Too Delish!

We had a sumptuous and satisfying lunch before we went back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the welcome dinner.

Spent the late afternoon checking out the gifts. Love them!

From clockwise -  Nano Face-Hair Ionizer, Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer, Nanocare Hairdryer,  Straightener and Pocket Doltz Toothbrush

“Beauty of Empowerment”, Panasonic Beauty products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of Asian women, in line with their modern lifestyles.
These products come in one shade – a stunning pink, which is gorgeous in my opinion! Always thought pink is a great colour for accessories, beauty products or gadgets. Will be sharing more on these products in another entry, so do stay tuned for it! ;)

All ready for the welcome dinner. ;)

Meiwei from Panasonic, coincidentally my Uni senior too :)


Begun the day with a hearty breakfast.

To kick start the official press conference, they introduced the four beautiful brand ambassadors and had them strutting off the stage with their endorsed products repsectively. These ladies are successful regional icons who have been appointed as brand ambassadors to represent the Panasonic brand in each local market. The regional brand ambassadors include:

1. Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya), representing Thailand Yaya as she is affectionately known, is a Thai-Norwegian actress who is effectively managing a booming career, and an education at a top local university
2. Atiqah Hasihola, representing Indonesia Atiqah is a critically acclaimed Indonesian actress who is a strong proponent of green lifestyle and is regarded as one of the most popular and stylish celebrity in the country
3. Duong Truong Thien Ly, representing Vietnam Thien Ly was one of the winners and Miss Photogenic in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, and is an advocate of various social and environmental causes in Vietnam
4. Marion Caunter, representing Malaysia and Singapore Marion is a Channel V International TV Host, who juggles her busy television career and motherhood

The press conference explained on how to operate the different products and they also invited renowned faces to give a live-demonstration.

We left for the airport immediately after the conference ended to catch our flight back. A pretty rush but fulfilling trip I would say. It was definitely a great honour to be there in Bangkok for this regional press conference and I can't wait to share more about these innovations from Panasonic. All of which are designed with the Nanotechnology, one of the most impressive technologies we could ever have. Till then, stay tuned! ;)





0110 HRS

Menya Musashi

Today's update came a lil later than usual as the past few days were exceptional hectic. Spent Saturday mastering the 'Gangnam Style' dance for Ethan and my friends' upcoming wedding specials.  We had a filming under the hot sun which another of his friend, Bob will then put together the clips to replicate the PSY MV and I can't wait to see how it turns out. It was definitely one of the best workouts anyone could have done – My back / legs started to ache the very next day. But actually, it was so much fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again!


Had a quick dinner with my dearest mommy-girlfriend, Linny just last week too and am amazed how much we can catch up within a short 2 hours. Additionally, I received a belated birthday present from her that very night – Naked Eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, which made me on cloud nine because it has been something I've been wanting to try too. Love the neutrals! Thanks for the pretty gift, my dear :)


Just last week too, we organized an outing to celebrate Yixiong's belated birthday (though he has the same birth date as me) as it's pretty difficult for Linny&Yixiong to join us as and when especially after Baby Evangeline was born. They are the first couple in the gang to start a family and it's so amazing to witness how they cope with their kid, the new phase, basically, everything. Definitely helpful for us to learn the ropes too. heh

The celebration was held at Menya Musashi, a Ramen restaurant located at Raffles City which we heard raves about it – It's always packed with people and you probably have to queue every single time. We tried making reservations but they only allowed us to be seated when everybody arrived, so we had to forgo the table first and re-queued later on. Queue was pretty insane and we waited for about half hour before we were ushered to our seats. Glad to have Baby Evan joining us for that day too because she definitely kept us occupied during our waiting time!

Love this lil lime green lady bug.

We decided to test out the guys' paternal instincts and Ethan kinda semi has it based on the left picture, but not so much on the right picture. :p

OK. Vincent was worst and it was totally hilarious! The left picture shows how he received Baby Evan even after testing out a few different arm positions, and that was the most comfortable way of carrying her. We all had such a good laugh!

"Hey, where's my food??"

*BANGS* "No food, No shoot"

"Yay, I got my food!"

The restaurant specializes in 3 different soup bases – white, red and black. I had the red one, which I personally thought it was the best outta all, but yet again, I don't exactly think their ramen was fantastic – soup was a lil too starchy for my liking (a couple of my friends shared the same sentiments). But Haslinda and Yixiong love the ramen there so I suppose if you are a fan of thicker soup base, you might want to try this ;)

Three Guys & a Baby – this scene was too weird that I just had to capture it down for keepsake. They said it reminded them of a movie though I'm not sure which.

Menya Musashi 
252 North Bridge Road 
#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre 
Tel: 63366500
Daily: 11:30 – 22:00

Outfit of the day: Scallop ends peach top from Pearlavish. Great cut, especially at the waist area ;)

Outfit of the day: Matched up a versatile and flowy blue midi dress from Pearlavish with my own studded vest. Love the shade and how it can be easily paired with outer apparels ;)





1210 HRS

Birthday with LoveBonito + Picotin

I know it's a lil late to be blogging about my birthday events now (given that my birthday was about two weeks ago) but I just have to pen them down for keepsake nonetheless! So here's the update on the mini celebration at LoveBonito's studio which I received a surprise from the team – a lovely bunch of Sunflowers and a birthday cake. It was another hilarious moment because I think the team was trying to surprise me by quietly entering the studio and they even got Ginny (the graphic designer) to come distract me in the changing room. But I took a peep halfway whilst changing (before Ginny could stop me) to talk to Nicole, saw Rach holding the lighted up cake + flowers and she startled upon seeing me, standing still with her expression priceless. Such an adorable team definitely and thank you for the dearest surprise – I was really surprised!

I'm so gonna miss LoveBonito, the shoots and the entire team – especially the creative team. After a continuous of five years modelling for LB, am officially putting a stop to my modelling services for them this month. Thought about it for the longest time and it was such a tough, tough decision but I guess good things always come to an end. From the bottom of my heart, I'm really happy to have crossed paths with the three dear girls, followed by the pixies and am happy for their success – they truly deserve every single bit of it. Happy that we ended off with a teary yet great note and i'm sure we will be keeping in touch. ;) Am thinking that I should do a 'farewell' entry such as "My Journey with LoveBonito" or something, that's if anybody is interested!

The creative team + me ;)

Hello bosses


Nicnic <3

Thank you Nicnic, for the birthday sweet treats!

I like the Chocolate tart (left) and it was good! A layer of creamy chocolate on top and bottom was some-sort like a brownie texture. Like it that it wasn't too sweet too.

The bouquet of flowers that brightened up my day ;)

Left the shoot with a gleeful heart & went over to Ethan's place to freshen up for his friend – Lye Heng's birthday celebration at night. Organized by his dearest fiance, it was a surprise dinner held at Picotin, another place which I've been wanting to try out. Known for its European fare, the place was hidden amidst lush surroundings and it definitely seemed like a perfect place to unwind.

Say hello to the latest addition, baby Charlotte, to Ethan's clique! And that's Stacey & Birthday boy, Lye Heng on the right.

Jeslyn & Kiat. Can't wait for their wedding which is upcoming next month :)

 Zihe & Jiahan, one of the most spontaneous and adventurous couples I've ever met.

Ethan looks kinda scruffy here which he usually doesn't. Must be his hair that night. And actually…. I've something against guys wearing pink. Geez (He knows that but he was sweet to think we should somehow coordinate our outfits that night. heh) My outfit of the day: Wearing Klarra's Ayla Dress in Magenta, love the shade and how snugly it fits!

The pastas were pretty good, but the pizzas were disappointing (or maybe the particular flavour I had). The best I had for the night was the Duck Confit and I would definitely go back for that. Picotin is also known to be a chill-out spot amongst friends over booze and wine, and they also do pizza delivery if you are keen to give the pizza(s) a try at least. It's pretty cool that they have various events lined up for customers every month, such as BBQ Nights, Live screening of sports events, Sunday Roast etc.

100 Turf Club Road 
Singapore 287992
Tel: 6877 1191
Opening Hours:
Breakfast 8am to 11am (Weekends & Public Holidays only) 
Lunch to dinner 12noon to 10.00pm daily


I paid a trip down to Soeurs located at Cineleisure to bag home some pretty shoes – this pair of Rose Gold Foil Flats + this Chunky Camel Brown Heels.

Been wearing the Rose Gold Foil Flats for almost 3-4 times this week and initially I thought I could only pair it with certain outfits – eg. like probably some more edgy looks. But I knew I had to get it because of the colour and was surprised that it's much more versatile that i've imagined! I can safely say it's my favourite pair of flats right now

Outfit of the day last week. Semi-leather sweater & mono-tribal skirt, both upcoming at Klarra. Matched the outfit up with the Rose Gold Foil Flats from Soeurs. That's one of my favourite shades of gold ;)

Love the foil details and anything-bling. Just perfect for the year end season.
Shall end of the entry with a surprise treat for you guys! Soeurs are having a massive Clearance Sale on this weekend and I'm pretty sure you will bag home some steals. Don't miss it!

Last but not least, you guys get 10% off total bill (not valid with vouchers or other promotions) when you quote my blog at Sœurs retail store. For those who are in love with the Rose Gold Foil Flats, do pay a trip down to get yours before it's sold out ;)

8 Grange Road #02-12 Cathay Cineleisure
Singapore 239695.
Tel: 6836 9648