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0310 HRS


Let's begin with something new today – WEEKBITS!

Apart from the usual post of lifestyle and daily doings,
i'm thinking to do a weekly thingy on the blog to make sure i will share something out on a consistent basis,
and it shall be named the WEEKBITS as shown above.

Every week will feature one topic and I'll probably make it at least 5 things/angles to show,
and I suppose it will be a helpful thing for myself to keep a tight record of everything and at the same time,
do something for you guys and share whatever you would want to know!

So for now, if you would like to see anything or know anything- gossips, beauty, fitness, ideas, food etc (based on my personal point of views),
please feel free to drop a comment to tell me what you would like to see in the blog!


The past week of feasting has not stopped yet,
and this post albeit short, will still be one of the food & fashion galore entries!!

My dear linny is working with LoveBonito as a full timer and it was totally great to see her almost in every shoot recently.
We had a simple evening last week, with just the two of us heading out to spend some girls night out,
and watched a chick flick – I don't know how she does it by Sarah Jessica Parker as well as having dinner at a new found place in town!

I'm always a fan of bold colours outfits and this electric blue (exclusive colour) paperbag skirt from Hey,Adonia is looking real pretty!
Furthermore, it's a plus point always as well if it's anything high-waisted,
probably of longer torso which i feel that high waisted helps to accentuate the legs. Heh.
Suppose all girls have to play with each of our own figure to get the right clothes and wear them out best.

Love these red earrings and my sweetest girl. <3


Dinner was at Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar @ Cine Leisure Orchard, recommended by poots.
It is known for its roasted chicken and of course, salad bar but we were too full to have a full meal and got ourselves a plate to share instead.

This was a quarter chicken for S$8.50 , and I topped up S$3.50 for a salad bar one-time buffet which comes with a soup as well.
I was a tad unsure how does it go about but realised that without the top up, it would be two side dishes, but if you top up the latter,
you get one round of servings for all the entire dishes at the salad bar, in which you can take as much as you want,
as long as they don't flow out of the plate. heh

The roasted chicken was delicious, came with a choice of either mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce while you order at the counter.
Definitely gonna head back again to give it a second try!


Tel: +65 6235 6092
Opening Hours
11.30am – 10pm
11.30am – 11pm

Had more loves for the past weekend, both poots and i decided to go for a good brunch at Habitat Coffee!

It was opened as a coffee house but it serves food now and we had quite a feast for brunch.

Ordered this lychee tea as well as peach tea (S$4.90), which was not like others.
I don't really like bottled tea drinks as they are either too sweet or the taste is rather artificial.
But these teas at habitat coffee are specially homemade and brewed, love the brewed taste!

Decked in summer wear for the warm and sunny Sunday afternoon,
my comfy top and the same paperbag skirt in red this time exclusively by earlgreyparty,
love the skirt!

Our brunch!!

We had choco banana pancakes which was yummilicious, love the huge slices of banana pieces! heh. (S$10)

Had a big ben set! Would prefer sauteed potatoes usually, but their mash potatoes tasted pretty good without sauce.
Love that the sausages were stuffed with cheese! (S$12)

And this was my favourite outta all!! TRUFFLE FRIES!!!
you have to order this together with your cuppa tea or coffee, awesome snack! (S$8)
Glad to have this near my area and i'm so gonna have this everytime i visit there in the future.

Ryan (the boss at habitat coffee) is really one such passionate cum friendly person which treated us with great hospitality and warmth.
The cafe is located at Upper Thomson Road and guess what is the best part?


Tel: +65 6456 2567

Opening hours
Tue – Fri: 11am to 10.30pm
Weekends: 10.30am to 10.30pm


Poots and I didn't stop at just brunch, we were such gluttons and went opposite to this new ice cream shop called Salted Caramel,
and as the name says it, it is famous for its salted caramel ice cream.

But after trying out the different flavours, the one i prefer most was chocolate sorbet instead,
the salted caramel flavour in my opinion was pretty mild in the caramel taste and the salty taste overpowered the caramel in fact.
Waffles was good, and definitely heavenly with a ice cream and waffle combo.
if you are a ice cream fan, give it a try!



TEL: +65 6753 1718

Opening hours
SUN – THU : 1200-2300
EVE OF PH, FRI & SAT : 1200 – 0200


Don't miss out the fashion inspirations this week!

A simple lil black dress from Hey,Adonia which is what all girls need. Definitely will not go wrong!





1110 HRS

Birthday Week!

The past week was truly a FEASTING week, and I supposed that is implicit for everyone's birthday's week.
I might put on a good few kilos with all the food, but I must admit those meals were great, and worth the kilos! teeheehee.

So there are three food places to introduce today,
think perhaps i blogged about two before but that was eons ago.


The gang organised a dinner last wednesday in due to celebrate the October babies' birthdays,
apparently there are four of us who are born in October, but unfortunately, i was the only one who can make it for the dinner.
Well.. special and exclusive huh. (*ignore denial)
And the place we went was real SATISFYING, we are definitely going back for more!!

I was told NOT to share this place on my blog (was introduced by crystal & lister at first)
and with a heavy heart.. I am still gonna share with YOU. Heh.
So please be kind!! Share with me all the good food places by dropping a comment so that i won't get your seat if you are visiting these places,
any cuisine but preferably Italian, Japanese, DimSum, Thai, Seafood- Crab, Western, Korean, English Breakfast. :p

We booked for 10 of us and got a private space without asking, marvelous!

My foodie khakis.

This place is known for having a fusion of Thai cum Chinese food, and in fact,
i'm not really a fan of a fusion type of food because i always think that the food of that particular cuisine would be best at a place where they solely specialize in that cuisine.
But amazingly, this place has great variety and standard of food is excellent in my opinion!

Prices are very worth it, and the quality of food exceeded our expectations given the price.
A good place for family gatherings especially when the older generation prefers chinese cuisine mainly.

They signature fried rice.

Phad Thai

Plum sauce chicken

Broccoli with REAL crab meat

BEST BEST BEST! Buttered Squid, the sauce is to-die-for!

BEST BEST BEST AS WELL! Jingdu Pork Ribs is a must try!

Pork floss fried tofu.

And for dessert, i was surprised by cupcakes baked by Selene! <3

banana cinnamon cupcakes, YUMZ!


If you realised, i have not shared the name of this place and you might have heard or went there before, it is:

6542 0957
LUNCH: 12- 3PM

Thank you to the lovely peeps for the dinner and for my birthday dinner outfit,
am wearing Thread Theory's stylish black maxi jumpsuit (inspired by well known Nasty Gal) for the evening!


Sometime last week, I met up with good-o sharoniee, darryl and sinyee,
and after hearing so much about Strictly Pancakes, we decided to head there for dinner.

Yes, weird to pancakes for dinner you might think, and that it's not really a proper full meal,
but the serving was pretty huge!
Pancakes were kinda fluffy and thick, though i very much prefer thinner pancakes (something like macs),
but taste of pancakes was pretty similar to what Macs has.


Wearing a ultra comfy knit top from Thread Theory, love knitted tops! they go well with everything! :)

The place was cozy albeit that it was pretty cramped, so wise to make a reservation if you are heading there.
Flavors of the toppings with pancakes were really special and different,
you can expect savory flavors like garlic butter prawns (i had that!), eggs benedicts, sausages with pancakes etc,
or sweet flavors like snickers sauce with pancakes, banana chocolate etc.

Since i'm at a place that offers such unique flavors,
i settled for Garlic butter prawns pancakes though i was feeling rather unsure about the taste.
Was convinced by sharoniee after she said that it might be the best on the menu.
True enough, i think that it was the best outta the three flavors we ordered, but i got so full after eating just one pancake!

Maybe it's just me, but i got really "gelat" (too much) of pancakes after eating just one.
The taste was pretty unique but perhaps because of the uniqueness, i don't really know how to appreciate the taste.
Worth a try, but it's pretty pricey for just pancakes, heh.
Think i got an overdose of pancakes, will be a while after that i will be craving for pancakes again.

Eggs benedicts pancakes, a tad weird, and i feel that the pancakes are too thick for my liking.

this is worth a try!

Snickers sauce with kinder breno and ice cream, too sweet and "gelat" after eating one pancake as well.
Better to share it amongst everybody.

If you are a pancake fan too,
you can give it a try!


6333 4202


The bridesmaids and the bestmen of our beloved newly weds was invited by them to have a dinner gathering one Friday night.
Simple outfit for the day, and wearing this flowy top from Closet Matterz which is versatile and easy- with a leggings and im done!

We had Korean food at Seoul Yummy (Suntec) for dinner and I actually visited the place before, at the Clarke Quay Central,
and I remember that it was good, food was delicious and authentic, tasted just like what i ate in Korea.

The sweeties.

We got ourselves a dinner set, what i love about that place is that they have different dinner sets,
and four of us shared a $88.90 set, which had four mains and many more side dishes etc.
But in comparison to the standard of food, i prefer the Clarke Quay branch though.

this was yummy!

#B1-048/049, SUNTEC CITY MALL,

6836 2883


And one more outfit of the past week!

A manufactured colourblock dress from closet matterz, elegant looking and comes in many different colours, was in a dilemma choosing the colours!
Perfect for dinner functions i must say. :)




0310 HRS

Just Vim

With Yina at Salon VIm!

As you can guess… I visited my usual Salon Vim and got myself a haircut, colour and treatment recently!

It's really just amazing how different you feel upon stepping into the Salon and when you leave after doing the necessary.
The good feeling – a fresh new look at its optimal condition, that is just what ALL of us deserve totally from time to time and I am sure,
the confidence level goes up the next moment by a lil notch everytime you do your hair.
Maybe it's just me or so, but I just don't want to go right straight home after trips to Salon Vim and would want to be out with the new hair,
because going home would be unfair and a waste to the pretty hair, GEEZ.

The only thing i have not tried all these years is to cut the hair short SHORT,
still rather unwilling to give it a try yet cuz my hair takes forever to grow.
So i kinda ran of out ideas on what to do with my hair each time I visit the Salon,
BUT it will always be a good thing to have a salon I dedicate myself to,
simply because I will just go to my usual stylist, John, at Salon Vim and say:

"John, just do whatever you want, I trust you"

And i really do! heh, probably to be safe than sorry, i will keep him updated with what am I doing for that period (eg. career wise),
so that he knows when to play loud and when to play tame with the hairstyle.

This recent hair colour that he did for me was something new in terms of techniques.
Glad to be using Loreal Professional's INOA colour – Ammonia Free No odour!! and I wanted something like an uber dark brown tone for my hair time.
The colour that John did for me faded a bit already, but you can refer to THIS post to see the dark toned hair colour.

What was special about the recent dye that I like was that John didn't just give me a dark colour and that's it,
in fact, he helped play with colours to enhance the visual texture of the hair by giving me a slightly lighter toned highlight on the hair.
Well, we can't improve our hair that dramaticallyin a short while, so might as well get a better dye to help make the hair healthier as time goes by!
This way, you will never be deemed as belonging in the ultra bad hair category for any moment in time after your salon trip.

So the latest technique he tried on my hair was called the TIME MASTER. Sounds really long lasting.
Won't want to bore you with the terms, so it's basically the combination of two similar colour tones,
and the way how it is highlighted accordingly to your head shape.
I suppose for this, you need the right hairstylist who has been through training to do it well,
and I am sure John has already tried and tested (i'm one of them) heh, so i assure you..

Decided to camwhoreeee a few more shots (actually a lot more with different hats but i chose these few, well…we are all the same!!) with the new hair!!
This new technique of hair dye is suppose to interpret WILD yet CONTROLLED hair.
Yes i can see that it makes the hair tame and neater even with highlights!

How do you like my new watermark? :p

If you are interested to try out my dedicated stylist John @ Salon Vim:

Singapore, 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Book an appointment and quote my blog for 10% discount for all hair services!


*And if you are wondering where is this lovely green dress from (i wore this in all the self-pic above!),
you would love to check it out from DOT (Yi Xiao Dian)!

*I simply love dresses like this, simple and not too complicated with design,
yet very comfortable on the skin, yet another piece by DOT (Yi Xiao Dian)!


Got myself some items from my friend's shop to support her for charity causes!

Quite amazed by the handcrafts, given that these are done up carefully in details by unfortunate women using old magazines,
and the quality is terrific! Very durable, especially the bag, and I am sure it can last long.
Definitely a good buy for my household!

Got these items:

Tissue box.

Holder for Remote or anything in fact.

And a shoe shape holder for my stationary as well!

They will only be selling for a limited period, and I think it's done up well and classy,
do pop over to their page for more details. You can message them there if you are interested to get any item!
Do show some kindness and support them at their page by liking too. ;)


And oh yes, i have just gotten tickets for myself and the girlfriends for this upcoming Hip Hop Party at Marina Barrage - the O.N.O Hip Hop Hooray!
Heard that it's gonna be really exciting as they will be featuring 8 well-recognized Hip Hop deejays in the local/international scene, such as:

DJ Andrew Chow,
DJ Andrew Tee
DJ KoFlow
DJ J Styles
DJ Ollie Des
DJ Titus
DJ Xarin Garuda
DJ Krumbs

It's gonna be one amazing big-scale event and yes!! I am actually gonna be there to support my friend as well, DJ KRUMBS!
Got to know him through my hall (hostel) back in NUS, and he was already deejaying for quite a while,
very talented guy i must say.

Come join the party!
Details are as follow:

Date: 22nd October 2011, Saturday
Location: Marina Barrage (we will be facing Flyer and the CBD area, party under the stars!)
Time: 8pm doors open (9pm, DJ starts)

$30 inclusive of 2 standard drinks (advance)
$40 inclusive of 2 standard drinks (at the door)
Tickets are currently out on sale HERE.

No worries if you want to drink and party all night, just make sure you don't drive!!
Got to know that they have shuttle bus services at half hour interval,
round trip form Barrage to Marina Bay MRT Station (when MRT is still open),
and after that, it will be from Barrage to MBS Convention Center Bus Stop.

Got the tickets too though its outdoor, cuz rain or shine, they promise to keep you partying!
You can check out more at their site HERE.
Or you can see their facebook page as well and fine out more,
at the same time, they have this "Guess the Deejay" contest going on, and we can all win something!!

Too bad I'm not the 500th ticket holder (500th purchase), if not i will get to win a PUMA apparel worth $150!
See ya there!! ;)




0110 HRS

Foodeavour- AOBA Hokkaido Ramen

I had a wonderful birthday celebration planned by hurhur this year,
and I shall leave the details to the post birthday entry once the pics are done and up! ;)

Was really touched by the act and very astonished to be blindfolded at 12AM on the day of my birthday,
and received this in my hands the very next moment…
He knows me best, and got me a gift on my wishlist- the prada wallet which was what i have been looking for the longest time,
getting friends to check in hong kong etc but always didn't bear to part with the moolahs in the pocket. heh

Yes, I'll make sure i will take 1000000 times good care of it. ;p


Daiso has always been my favourite shop, and i always leave there with NO intention to buy anything,
but always come out with a bag full of things, especially snacks from there.
But still, i love doing shopping there, they have totally tonnes of stuff!

*Wearing a green corporate work dress from pearlavish, love the neckline cut and the sleeves. Definitely enhances your shoulders.

Spent about an hour in fact doing shopping at Daiso today and by the time hurhur and i stepped out of the store,
we were famished!

Wanted to queue for Itacho (our favourite japanese sushi place) but the queue was horrendously long as usual,
and we decided to dine in at this Ramen place- AOBA Hokkaido Ramen @ ION Orchard.

We were rather skeptical about dining in at first because there was no queue at all and the place was not quite filled given that it was peak dinner time somehow.
But the starving stomachs couldn't hold much longer and we ordered a set each- One Ramen and one hot stone rice.

Taken from, didn't manage to snap any pics of the place.

Mr hurhur

Our Shoyu Ramen- SGD$16.90.

I must say the food was really satisfying (don't think it was because we were hungry), but I like their Shoyu Ramen!
The broth was tasty, and the noodles were thin and al dente,
plus the fact that i like my Ramen plain with just char siew and egg, without much bamboo shoots and bean sprouts etc,
and that was exactly how the Ramen was cooked.
Awesomeee <3

Our yakiniku (grilled meat- pork) stone rice, SGD $9.90

The hot stone rice was equally delicious as well,
and we had the yakiniku (grilled meat- pork) stone rice, and it was just simply heavenly…
Love stone pot rice because even after 15 minutes, the entire bowl will still be pipping hot!

We also topped up $3 to get a side dish and a drink each for the complete set.
Didn't manage to get any pics for this.

TEL: 6509 9394


More outfits of the week, BFI!

*A good quality structured scallop neckline dress from pearlavish, one which accentuates your waistline!

*A coral maxi from pearlavish, which comes with the belt as well and good inner lining.
Bet it would complete the entire look with just a simple straw hat! ;)




1210 HRS

Something New Coming Your Way

Some say that we dress-up to attract attention from the opposite sex, but I beg to differ.
Reason is simple, I would think that dressing up is a form of self-love & respect,
and wanting to feel good after dressing up to make sure we get that confidence in ourselves whenever we head out.
Afterall, impression counts isn’t it?

And yet again, I strongly believe how we dress-up to derive a style of our own (I believe we each are associated with a particular main style,
and I bet your friends will point out that style for you if you haven realized it yourself!) is actually associated with what shows we watch and who are the people we follow –
and slowly, aim to achieve the so called similar style and all because that person(s) is just so beautiful (or handsome).

No doubt. Eg. I have a friend who has the height and look like Alessandra  Ambrosio from Victoria Secret.
(my favourite is still mirander kerr)


In terms of her hair, style and the way she portrays herself..everything is so similar.
With that in mind, she (my friend) looks really hot too (and no, she doesn’t dress like the above).
And after a while, I realized her biggest idol is truly Alessandra  Ambrosio since she was young!!

Guys, not gonna tell you who she is, she’s attached and getting married!!

So, I think I’m in love with too many characters and that’s probably how I get my  “I-think-its-nice-but-hurhur-thinks-its-weird-sometimes” style. Geez.
Well, apparently, hurhur thinks I dress weirdly at time, it goes like this:

Me: (done dressing up) bee, I just bought this new top, pretty??
Hurhur: hmm Ok.. not bad but it’s kinda weird looking. But I don’t know how to appreciate what you are wearing today…
Me: huh? Not why weird??! I like this top a lot!
Hurhur: I don’t know.. sometimes the stuff you wear is kinda different and weird..

Well. After talking to a few guys and girls (mentioning about their BFs),
the nice style refers to just a simple dress or the basic outfits, and weird is most probably referring to like cape designs, hole designs of the top, unique neckline etc. 
But but…. IT’S STYLE! See how gossip girls dress!!

So my point is, that’s another reason to show that our main aim is not to attract
(though im sure there is a bit of that, I mean, who doesn’t want to impress the “guy/girl” he or she likes right?)
but wanting to make ourselves feel good.
So it doesn’t matter if whoever finds it weird because it’s subjective,
or unless its like way overbearing to most such as some girls-
wearing super low cut but has the not supposed to surface bra showing out,
or very obvious VPL or skirts as short as the undergarment etc, for that, it’s really really.. weird in a negative way.

So coming back into the style topic, yes, I love watching gossip girl and exploring their styles!
I know a lot of  my guy friends watch it too, so definitely, the styles are truly not weird sometimes, just UNIQUE. Teehee.
But there are certain apparels that I never thought could go together,
but after watching, it does create a very different yet admiring outfit after they pieced them together.
That’s one of the awesomeness about the show!

And talking about that,
a few bloggers and myself attended an amazing party by Robinsons & Mio Tv-
The Prime Time Fall Fashion, last week at one of Singapore’s newest and well-known club – Avalaon @ MBS.

First pic: Nicole, Yina & myself
Second pic: Myself, Nicole, Vel, Valerie & Michelle.

Great to know that Vel and Nicole were gracing the event as well,
and it was see familiar faces and it was good to see other familiar faces like Huiwen, Clara, Alexa, Yina, Zoe, Qiuting which made the night an enjoyable and fun-filled one.
Not only that, I made three new friends, our very own Miss Singapore 2011 (this year!) Valerie, and two Michelle, definitely a pleasure. 

We had a lil fun at the entrance before the event starts!

With vel, Nicole and huiwen. Vel wore this real gorgeous pair of wedges that made us all feel short! Heh.

Nicole and I decided to go RED for our dressing,
and it was uber easy to spot us amongst the crowd as most were donned in black. In the end,
we received so many printed-out shots by the event’s team and were tasked to pass to the friends in the pictures. Heh.

With Alexa and zoe.

And we spotted tough FRESH MEAT outside patrolling, I was feeling normal but I think vel was really excited (check out the cheeky look). Geez. :p

Looking at the Robinsons above, you know there is something different and exciting about it. A new feel of Robinsons and I like it.

The event that shows case the collaboration between Robinsons and Mio TV was quite a different experience.
As you might be thinking how they can team up, well, here what I am for to tell you!
Friends who know me would know that I can never get enough of the US TV series,
especially exciting & addictive ones like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl etc and the next I am looking to watch is Nikita by the ultra hot Maggie Q!
And also, it’s awesome to be already subscribed to Singtel (in fact, my whole family is) be it for phone, internet, or TV because mio TV will be bringing to us all of these shows,
and the best part is they will be right on TV as soon as 24 hours after the US telecast!

With ultra clear quality, here are some of the shows:
1. Gossip Girl
2. The Mentalist
3. Nikita
4. Revenge
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Vampire Diaries
7. American Horror Story
8. Person of interest
9. Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova
And many other more awaiting for you!

So like I have mentioned, these shows are popular because they have great story lines and very gorgeous and popular stars starring in it,
and that’s how people derived their admired characters in them, at the same time,
get their styles and re-create looks from these hit US TV series! Read on to know the next exciting part!

We headed right into Avalon first… and love the walkway!

 Cool beans and roles changed, Nicole was my model for these shots. ;p

It was my first time stepping into Avalon and it was closed this even, it definitely looks very promising and I will be back to check out the club some day again. ;)

The bloggers all sat together and I must say the club has really comfortable seating cubicles that give you adequate privacy as well. Check out my gorgeous table mates!

Qiuting, Michellesweets, Valerie and michelleagy

Thanks to the staff to help us capture these shots!

And we met another familiar face – a tweeter friend qiuting and I met at the churpchurp gathering!

We had our share of drinks before the show starts, and as it’s called the Prime Time Fall Fashion,
we had the privilege to sit through the remarkable fashion show that Robinsons and Mio TV put together.

Like I have mentioned earlier that the shows introduced stars and another side of fashion that help re-create looks for people like us, and from these admired characters,
many of us actually get our dressing inspirations by watching them on shows.

And that’s how Robinsons play a part in helping us re-create these looks- by providing the widest range of styles including the basics as well as uniquely different outfits to make sure you walk in trend.
With that in mind, we were so excited about the fashion show that will be happening that night, right in front of us.

And lights changed, music out, we all faced towards the walkway. And before the show starts, look at the incredible view that was right in front of us…

Finally, show started!

Love the walkway and how the models stride across, all styled up with just Robinsons wardrobe! Ladies and Gentlemen,
you will be surprised to see what has Robinson’s designers came out for you in stores… check it out below!

It’s very interesting to view a short clip of the characters in the various US TV series first before we see real life models catwalking down the long stage,
each and every donned in the most stylish styles ever, similar looking to what you see on screen.
I was truly surprised by the latest collections that Robinsons came up with, how they styled and accessorized,
and I was already falling in love with so many pieces as the models walked by one by one. Kudos to Robinsons for such great styling and show!

super gorgeous!

Be your own celebrity and not just magazines, or shows now, you can actually GET those outfits with Robinsons!

I would probably head down myself to any of the Robinson stores again,
most probably the recently launched Robinsons Marina Bay Sands as it has a different range as compared to the rest-
a lifestyle concept boutique (which means you can find everything under one roof, from accessories to home fragrances,
lifestyle goods, lingerie, beauty products and fashion apparels).

To those who are in need for outfits for upcoming year ends events such as weddings, birthdays etc,
here’s good chance for you to do some shopping at Robinsons at this period, why?

1. Robinsons will present an exclusive $50 Gift card to you with a min spend of $250 for a limited period.
2. Get a complimentary (for ladies only) Smoky Fall Makeover in latest fall colours with a min nett spend of $250 on ladies fashion brands. (Centrepoint and raffles city outlets only)
3. Or spend $100 and play Hooky in New York where a lucky winner (you) and guest
will be whisked away sitting business class for a 5D/4N stay at the upscale W Hotel in Times square (I WANT I WANT!!)
4. Or get caught at Raffles City by Robinsons’ Fashion Police in Action and win $50 Robinsons Shopping Vouchers. (raffles city only on 1st Oct 2011)
Thanks to Robinsons and Mio TV for letting us know about such promotions and events coming up and like I have said, good things are meant to be shared.
Teehee, (please, please.. times square times square.. ;p)

So the exciting us went snapping away before the fabulous night ends..

Nicole and I are crazy over red lipstick, she recommend me to get it at Bobbi Brown, colour- old Hollywood. And I got it at Robinsons raffles city!

Lovely time spent with the bunch of bloggers and glad to meet two other new friends!

The view at the outdoor area of Avalon was truly amazing.

For more information, visit Robinsons and Mio TV. (will insert link in the post)




0210 HRS

Happy Birthday Bea!

It's my birthday today!!

I did this post in advance, and I should still be outside now. Heh

Hurhur is planning something and i was tasked to keep my Thursday and Friday (oct 6 & 7) free from programmes!
Am so excited that i bugged him so much to tell me some hints and from those,
I told him we shall play a game- I will write my guesses down on a paper prior to these two days,
and reveal it only after the entire thing!
And let's see if i'm a good guesser or he's a good "surpriser"! Geez.


Had a shoot two days back and in the midst of the shoot,
i was thoroughly surprised by the LB Team  with a very pretty cake for my early birthday celebration!
It was truly astonishing, and i really felt so loved!!! <3

Thank you Rach, Vel, and Jie (who wasn't there that day) and everyone else,
everyone should have birthdays like this, simple but extremely heartwarming and appreciated at the same time. :D

They said my picture was sent to the home-made bakery and that the fondant girl is ME!!!
Oh gosh, hahahahaha the fringe is really funny, and i don't think it looks like me,
I don't want to look like that please!! lol

Hurhur saw the picture and said it's kinda alright like that, small and sitting on the cake,
but if it's blown up to a real life size, he thinks it will be very scary. -.-



And i tweeted this out of fun a few days back:

it was so nice and hilarious that the Vel&Fred actually got me an additional HUGE apple strudel apart from the birthday cake,

No joke, it was HUGE!!
Awwwwwwww! So touched!
Simply love these girls since the day i met them <333




0110 HRS


In celebration of Zouk's 20th Anniversary + Dr. Martens #Firstandforever campaign,
I am sure you have heard of these two well known international brands, Zouk & Dr Martens,
and now it has come together for a very meaningful collaboration.

It is named the #FIRST Exhibition whereby they invited 20 of the scene's designers, creatives, thinkers, artists,
to come forward and customize their own limited edition Dr Martens 1461 3-eye style shoes.
To name a few, people such as:
Poptart, Syndicate, Holly Graberek

Those shoes will be exhibited at the event on this coming friday (October 7) in Zouk,
and after that, it will go on auction on 8th to 25th October at a mini gallery in Zouk,
as well as places in Singapore like Dr Martens outlet, Blackmarket, Pigeonhole etc!
Not just that, the proceeds will entirely go to Zouk's adopted charity for 2011: Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

I will be there to check out this interesting exhibition this coming Friday!
To fans of Zouk & Dr Martens, for more details, check out their facebook page or the auction page.




0310 HRS

Lin’s Wedding Day

This entire entry is dedicated to my dear bff Haslinda and her hubby, Yi Xiong for them to keep (they don't have a blog you see),
and as well as to all of us "crew members" behind the scenes on the happiest day of their lives.

After all these years of growing up together- mugging for exams tog, countless of meetups, travelling overseas, gamble together,
going through happy and tough times in relationships (not their relationship), talking about studies, jobs, future..
I'm still feel very amazed and surreal that my two dear friends have officially tied the knot on 25th September 2011, it was a Sunday.

And with my first girlfriend entering a new phase of life,
suddenly it feels like growing up is moving at an extremely fast pace..
and career will be one of the most important things you would think of before you get married, followed by kids. ( well, career has always been impt since you started studying)
Wouldn't say its bad, because you will just realize again,
if you want to lead a happy and blissful life like them, you gotta start thinking of what you want in life if you haven.
Afterall, we might not know what we like, but we know what we don't like.

Nuff said, before you decide to click away and stop reading this entry which i painstakingly put together all the gazilion amount of photos,
a video even, rearranging them and now writing. heh


It was my second time being a bridesmaid, and this time, we all were very involved in her entire planning together,
glad to be because this is definitely something i want to do for my beloved girlfriend (and for other girlfriends, when yours to come!) to hopefully get the dream wedding she wants.
No words can describe how heartwarming it is to see my girlfriend walking down the aisle with her husband on the actual day,
that's when you know everything is really worth it. :)

The four bridesmaids, Kaimin, leney, myself and Apple got up to reach linny's place at 4.30AM in the morning in due for preparations on the actual day.
And we brought all our bridesmaids dresses to prepare at her house, and before that, thanks to leney,
she bought the ingredients (for gatecrashing) the day before and we gotta start making our special recipes out of them for yx who will be coming in a couple of hours.

Haslinda looks even more beautiful that day, and it true that they say,
the bride is definitely the prettiest on the wedding day.

YX arrived at about 7.15AM, and we told them to stand downstairs before moving up first.
We made them shouted lovely dovely quotes to Linny right in front of the coffee shop!! teehee :p

These were the gate crashing games (you can see more in the video later!),
didn't manage to take a lot of pictures cuz we were too busy but here's a breakdown of what we did –
We went by SUAN, TIAN, KU, LA (Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy) and other random games:

1. (SOUR) We had lemons soaked in vinegar for them to eat, making sure all the pulps were eaten down as well.
2. (SWEET) Gummy bears sweet to be put on the bestmen's body parts (eg. face, neck) and YX (yixiong) had to use his mouth to eat them without touching
3. (BITTER) Blended pure coffee powder + wheat (wanted bittergourd but didnt manage to get it) + celery as juice for them to drink within 30 seconds with a long straw (3 mcdonalds straws attached into one),
if not forfeit, and drink another cup
4. (SPICY) Buns with blajiam (chilli) and a pure long chilli as toppings to eat it mouth to mouth (pair by pair) without touching.
5. We had him to find the key to lin's room which was inside a pail of very ICED water using his feet only (they cheated!!)
6. Wearing disposable undies that wrote "I love lin" and do a dance.
7. Leney made an amazing ice cube that has a cherry tomato in the middle, he and bestmen had to lick it all up and get the tomato before proceeding to the next stage.

Didn't manage to play this game cuz we were running outta time,
had to do it after the tea ceremony ended to not waste leney's effort in freezing the ice up together. hahahah.

Moved on for tea ceremony at the groom's place, but before that we went outdoor to somewhere nice for a group shot.

hahaha the photographer wanted to take some half shorts and we had to squat down to prevent ourselves from being inside the pics

our bridesmaids dresses from Love,bonito :D

Headed to YX's place after phototaking and linny had to change to KUA.
My mom saw the pictures and asked me if YX is a cantonese.
I said i don't think so, and she told me only cantonese dilect group has to wear KUA for wedding customs.
Apparently YX is teochew, but linny mentioned that the wedding package includes KUA and YX's mom wld like her to wear, so might as well take it! so cute.

Pwetty in her KUA!! :)

After tea ceremony at linny's place as well, we headed to check into M Hotel @ Tanjong Pagar to rest and prepare for the dinner plans!
Awesome to know that linny got us bridesmaids a room and the bestmen another room, apart from the suite that YX and herself would be staying.

We girls thought we would wanna look glam-up for linny's wedding as well,
and I got to know a new make up artist recently – her name is Candy and she has been experienced in this field for quite a no of years.
She was really detailed and patience with my makeover, which includes hair- a gorgeous tied up bun as well and thanks to her, I got a beautiful makeover in the very afternoon. 
Thank you Candy! :D

My makeover- told her i wanted korean make up! teehee smokey eyes. love the lashes she put on me, and more pinkish nude lips.

Not just myself,
but Candy gave my girlfriends makeovers too!

* Changed into our dinner outfits and am wearing the convertible maxi from Mylittlebow. Love how elegant looking it is!

Here's Candy for you, and two of us, kaimin and myself with our make up cum hair all done!
She does makeup and hair for weddings, ROMs, and also events like dinner and shoots,
if you are interested, you can hop over to see her portfolio and contact details HERE. :)

Kaimin and leney after their makeover, I love their hairstyles!

And apple has a very different cum loud hairstyle that day as well, courtesy of Candy too. ;)

we all liked Selene's hair, if only i got more volumized hair.

The receptionists!

Orange/coral is the new colour! teehee.

Finally it was time to head into the ballroom..

Yes, vincent and I were both the emcees for the night!
Did i tell you vincent won the 100.3 FM Mandarin DJ contest recently?! Awesome!

Our beautiful bride and handsome groom! :)))

Love linny's gowns!

Pretty girls – Wanqian and Caleen.

The lovely babes!! :)

And the ever so beautiful linny <3

Here's a video that the videographer she employed did,
check out what we did for the entire day eg. the gatecrashing teehee.

Haslinda's big day- 25th september 2011 from beatricetan on Vimeo.






0110 HRS

Haslinda’s Hens Night!

Haslinda's hens night was kept as a simple affair and the girls us decided to book a room at Studio M for a Girls Night Out.

We were deciding hard on which boutique hotel to choose from,
and we got sold by the loft concept and the entire architecture and decor of the room seemed rather modernized in the pictures online.
I do like the design very much but unfortunately, we weren't exactly satisfied with the stay because the room was really small despite the awesome high ceiling. :\
It would be just nice for two pax (yes it was meant to be for 2 pax anyway),
but probably the pictures seemed to portray the room to be much bigger as compared to the real thing.

Loved how we spent the night together, and we wanted to go partying away but figured that it would be a waste of money to book the hotel so we called off that idea.
But we had delicious dominos pizza delivery (gosh, their crust was really good,
and i love the garlic & cheese breadsticks as well as the cinnamon sticks) which is definitely my another favourite brand of pizza, also,
we brought all our manicure tools, nail polishes etc for a manicure session.
Not only those, we also brought drinks like Choya, martini asti etc and prepared a perfect show to watch together- BRIDESMAID. Teehee, perfecto!

The balloon in the middle wasn't purposely like that!
I was blowing the balloons and one of them in the pack came in this shape,
we thought it was hilarious and decided to put it up to surprise haslinda before she comes!


The girls checked in around 2pm, and decorated the place before linny arrived at 6.30pm.
Bought her this bride veil and wand (i dont know what's the wand for, it comes with the veil.
OR maybe, it's supposed to be a fairy thingy. oops) to wear it during the stay which was pretty cute and the girls bought piggy ears,
bunny ears headbands to accompany our Pajamas Theme as well! Hilarious!

Did i mention there is this cafe under studio M- called the MALTED MILK. It is actually related to Timbre, and if you love timbre's food,
you can get take aways or dine in at Malted Milk instead of going to timbre!
I didn't know that until selene told me, and we ordered room service in Studio M (oh yes, studio M partnered with malted milk for room services)so as to order timbre's Buffalo Wings!!
Awesome to know this cuz i'm a big fan of timbre's pizza as well as chicken wings too.

3 Nanson Road,
Level 1 Studio M Hotel, Singapore.

We had a uber good feast, kai min bought us this SOYA TARTS from selegie!! Healthier than egg tarts and I LOVE THEM TO THE MAX!
Heard its always sold out in the afternoon and you have to go early to buy, comes in many different flavours as well.
It's located near the rochor tau huay, but its at the other corner, beside the hainanese chicken rice stall.

Finally, its manicure time!

I think i might be able to try for a manicurist role.. I DID THIS!!! so proud of myself though it looks much better from afar.. oops. :p

Leney's pretty talented too, hehehe.

And cheers to the night!

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the pool while kaimin and linny went for breakfast.
We totally loved the pool area and the very balinese setting of the area.

The breakfast girls!

Checked out time was pretty late at 2pm, and we got hooked on the Monopoly Deal game.
Not a game person, and it was my first time playing and I must say it's pretty addictive, heheh, especially playing with the girls was so fun!

*Changed into this dress by myheartsdesire, love the colour combi and the layered top design!

Something special that we did for our dear Haslinda during this stay…
we prepared a surprised video for her and played it during her wedding!
As you can guess, we filmed it before she came on the first day of the hotel stay, and well, don't laugh at us!
My mom said apple and I sounded uber serious in the video, zzzzz. heh

Luckily for Mac, it makes video editing much better and nicer!
You can watch our works below!


One more outfit of the week!

* This black dress is colour exclusive to myheartsdesire, go get it while stock lasts!
Black dress will never ever go wrong and i love the "flaps" design at the top part!
Comes with a sash too, but you can wear it either with or not with.




0809 HRS

The Pink Ribbon Party

Thank goodness for a new Nex shopping mall near my area, I think it makes shopping and meals better with the wide variety of choices.
Every now and then, I'll head over there to take the circle line/ north east line or i will just take a random walk around there or watch a movie!

Then i passed by Foggiare at Nex and thought it looks really familiar..

True enough,amazingly, together with the online platform they expanded and are doing great with their 3 brick and mortar branches –
1. Nex Mall Serangoon, #01-19 S556083, Tel: 65096271 
2. Square 2 Novena, #02-73 S307506, Tel: 63972476
3. Iluma Bugis, #03-02 s188067, Tel: 65090955

I went in to take a look and i must say i just got hooked on shopping!
They have a extensive variety of apparels there and there are proper fitting rooms for you to try on.

This definitely makes shopping easier and if you would want to see the pieces in real before purchasing,
you know where to go.
No worries, you can also go shopping without cash at their boutique, they accept visa, mastercard, nets, unionpay too! :p

With weekly launches, you can see first hand online (check out their FB or twitter) and then visit their retail stores for the real piece if you want! :)

Check out the beautifully decorated store(s)!


Thanks to groupon, i managed to get this uber valued deal for Korean BBQ buffet @ Chang BBQ (iluma outlet).
Chang has always been known for his very quality and expensive korean bbq food and it's main restaurant is at dempsey actually.
I suppose the iluma branch is probably catering to a different crowd,
and hurhur (he has been to the one at dempsey)told me the price range was kinda drastic after comparing the two.

Was having a lil dilemma whether to share this place or not,
but decided that I will, good things are meant to be shared, muhahahaha,
and hopefully more korean bbq restaurants get threatened by the good sales of such restaurant after and then lower their price to remain competitive. lol :p

But well, this deal was really worth it in our opinions, and the usual price is doubled but nonetheless, it's is still worth it for the original price.
I'm definitely going back again for korean BBQ.
The tanjong pagar one that i used to frequent is totally crowded these couple of months,
and this shall be my new found place!

* Love this blue dress from pearlavish, the colour does not do justice here, IRL it's def a stunning shade!

TEL: 6509 8900 (Call to reserve seats would be better)


More outfits of this week!

*I am sure you will like this manufactured dainty dress by pearlavish, the cloth belt is detachable. :)

Apart from bff linny's wedding, past week was rather eventful.
Had a date night with leney,
and it has been a while that we just sat at macs @ lido and chatted all the way till 1am in the morning before heading back. <3

*Wore this colour-block dress from pearlavish and matched it with a simple pumps, necklace and i'm good to go, great quality i must say!

leney <3

I have been a customer of Pink Parlour for these two years, and for nails and waxing, that would be my usual place.
Met Fai, one of the in-charges there, and he was sharing with me about this exciting upcoming event,
and finally I received more news on it!

Pink Parlour is organising this PINK RIBBON PARTY that is of benefit of the Singapore Cancer Society,
and it will be hosted by celebrity Linda black!
Not just that, I heard from him that there will be a whole wide range of sponsors involved as well to celebrate life for this meaningful event as well.

Details are as below, and hope to see you there!
You can take this chance to enjoy some special show lined up for you on that day,
and have a chance to win home some great goodies too!

Check out their facebook or message them there for purchasing details!


More posts to come!

Attended this exclusive Pantene event together with vel, jie and nicole, and vel was the panel speaker!
It was held at Stellar @ 1-altitude and the place was beautiful.

* Summer yellow layered dress by Chandelle House, love the preppy colour and do quote "beatrice" to get $2 off your purchase at their store!

*Another basic essentials for all girls, and a manufactured piece by Chandelle House, don't miss it babes!
For those who are interested to model for them, do hop over to their site for more details.


Decided to blog on haslinda's hens night in another post because we took a massive lot of pictures. heh.
Till then, see ya! :)