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0109 HRS


Yayy i finally sorted out and edited the peektures for the CHURP CHURP gathering that happened around 2 weeks ago!

Well, if you have not heard before of what's Churp churp, I am sure you definitely heard of Twitter!
Churpchurp is the community that rewards you when you share various events, campaigns & updates via your Twitter Account.

Sounds skeptical about it at first?
To those who are, yes i was the same as you, and kinda puzzled about it at first and was thinking, "really? so good? how true is it??"
Until i got myself an account and received CASH whenever I participated in their campaigns and well,
turns out its an awesome thing because i get to know of the latest promotions yet earning cash at the same time!
Anyway,  free account so I was also thinking, why not just sign up and try!
You can read more about them HERE.

YES YES, so it went from awesome to even more awesome when I was invited to perform magic at their first community event!
Along with three more bloggers/twitterers – qiuting, ladyironchef, jessica, (ahhhhh, im the most junior twitterers and definitely feeling very privilege! :p),
we were tasked to be trained with a magic trick prior to the event to perform to the audiences.
Anybody is invited and the majority of the crowd are fellow twitterers toooo! so exciting.

The event was held at this place around bukit timah, called binjai park.

guess what?! it was held at this arty fatsy place, cool beans..

creative clownish lights!


and yes, that's the churpchurp mascot!!

and myself were the early birds..

first task before learning magic, colour the mascot and it will be given as a accompanying gift for games later!

our BARE birdy.

starting on mine…. woohoo, pink is the way to go, i wanna make it feminine… :p

qiuting was next to come!

hello, magicians to be!

DONE! our birds!

omg qiuting drew really cute long lashes on her birdie and she said its TU DOU they bird is wearing. 9 outta 10 people never heard of tudou and i didn't too!! hahahha
but it supposed to be a kind of outfit that the ancient girls wear. and mine looks like ah ma the more i see it :((((, hahaha but well.. u can basically tell which are drawn by girls…

with legendary bossming!

that's our pro magician who is gonna teach us a trick each

looking intensely, but giving the wow but ayeee, stop cheating me kinda look.

boss ming's turn

practising our trick for later

finally jessica is here! we missed you for the first half of the practice!

and yes games and shows begun!!

Some of us!! :D

Meileng and huiwen, two pretty churpchurp babes

and my fellow twitterer who received the birdie i drew! heh oops, hope it didn't give you a shock!! hahaha

game started


AND YES YES! the awesome cupcakes that jessica baked that was why she was late.
uber look alike and she's talented I must say!

loved it! <3

Great event i must say, hope to see you guys around soon again!!




1208 HRS

Hongkong Disneyland 5th Anniversary! (Part 2)

 *EDITED: thanks readers, im not well with the characters and yes its pluto!!! not goofy!

  As continued from the previous entry, we were really tired at the end of the day but when we reached upon the hotel and checked into our rooms,
the excitement overpowered the tiredness and we can’t stop snapping away!

The keys to our room, cute.

Walking along the Disney corridors to our room.. 5731!
It feels as though im walking inside of the train, and the door looks like the train door we saw in the mickey cartoons,
And finally, the long awaited, check out our DISNEY ROOMS!

The teevee area, and the table that you can use the broadband cable  24/7.
wo queen sized beds and one thing that I am particular about hotels is their beds as well.
The bed was really comfortable to sleep in, and I didn’t even dream the whole night given that I dream almost everyday.
Not to forget, cleanliness is also another factor that I am very particular of, and yes, no doubt it’s clean and shiny.

gorgeous plate in the middle of the wall.

the bathroom. Everything is really exquisite looking and extremely adhering to the Mickey theme.

Rise and Shine! There was a full day of itinerary packed for this second day but we were definitely re-charged.
The first event of the day which I definitely wouldn’t want to miss it the international buffet breakfast at the Enchanted Gardens.
It wasn’t called Enchanted Gardens for no reason, and read on, you will get what I mean. J

the beautiful wall in Disneyland hotel which we must take a picture at for keepsake!

Everything here is very magical looking and you almost felt like you are in another world.

Finally, we were here!
This was the entrance to the restaurant- the Enchanted Garden, and the queue was already forming in the early morning.
But service was fast and prompt, we were seated in no time  at a perfect spot just right in the middle.

The Enchanted Garden was absolutely one of the main highlights in Disneyland,
and reasons being are because you get to dine in a utmost gorgeous place with a wide spread of food,
at the same time, be welcomed with Disney “live” characters walking around the room to greet you for phototaking. Excitement much!


The well décor upon walking into the restaurant.

Amazing, enchanted gardens no doubts.

Spotted! pluto being goofy.

us with awesome service first thing when you sat down – coffee or tea?

From western, to Chinese hongkong food, they have everything.

love these!! Uber cute looking, mickey pancakes, I am sure all of us love this and it tasted good as well.

Jam’s in glass bottled just for you and your dough, elegant!

I took these for a starter. yumz

Chinese food, kuey tiao soup, yumz again.
You wouldn’t be dining for long before you spot the Disney characters.
We were so excited that we kept waving to the respective character and signaling them to come forwards (yes, for peektures!),
but were greeted with a wait hand signal in return.  We even tapped characters that were within our reach,
and I think the only thing we missed doing was to grab them and pull them towards us. Hahaha.
But well, fret not if u spot all favourite characters,
they actually have a standard route to walk and will follow that to walk diligently for a couple of times.
So don’t be like us so kiasu and constantly flag them to come,  teehee. :p

Finally, PLUTO was the first!

Followed by mickey, apple loves mickey, and so does adorable xiao lu (the little girl)


Hello pretty daisy. Can I have your eyelashes please?!
Breakfast was done after an hour or two, and we went round exploring this elegant hotel once again.


we spotted a room that specializes in dolling up little kids in magical outfits, Disney princesses outfits to be exact.
to all families, you might want to bring your kids here!
The next part of the itinerary was back to the huge themepark which we couldn’t finish exploring the previous day.
One thing I love about the place was the shophouses concept, and you can spot nothing like a high-rise building. 
Once you cruise down the streets, you will be very amazed I’m sure with the very detailed architect of the shophouses,
and yes, those are shops and you might even think the signboard and all are just for show but definitely not.

us in this lil fantasy cottage <3

yes, real bakery which looks too nice to be true

upon entering the bakery, be greeted by cute lil pastries! Looks yummy
Our idea was to try the respective rides we didn’t try on the previous day, and first stop was this Space Mountain.
I must tell you this was my FAVOURITE ride of the whole lot!!
But it was apple’s least favourite.. okay, I think it wasn’t even in her favourite list at all.

Space Mountain was the most thrilling rides of all and it was in fact a roller coaster! I don’t think im a huge fan of those madness coasters,
but this was pretty exciting yet mild at the same time. I wouldn’t comment much on this because you have to try it!
Don’t worry it’s not like those crazy dangerous  ones which will scare the hell out of you..

But still. Maybe we have different risk appetite… muhahah!
Awesome fun guys, you must try it!
The great thing about it was that we had FASTPASS!!
It allows you to cut all the queue and go to the priority queue, you get to save time!
Oh, I just learnt that a limited number of passes are given out FREE in front of the rides daily!

This is total unglam shot but I will show you anyway. It was captured on screen and I am at the extreme left hand..
but guess where’s apple?! Hahah hilarious!!

The 5th anniversary of Disneyland, and the castle bridge was decorated beautifully with props.

Teacup ride was next, relaxing and one for everybody of all ages!

teacup along the path

Frozen treats for the hot weather.


used to eat this when I was really young, think it was 50cents back then or something.
Based on the maps and guides, we went towards watchin the Lion King show which had various timings.
This show exceeded my expectations and it was exactly like a musical with awesome performances, dance and singing from the crew.
Don’t miss this one!

The huge crowd. First come first serve!

Excellent performance!
We continue to walk around and along the way, you will be surprised with real live Disney princesses available for phototaking.
We didn’t manage to get a snap or two together with them due to the queue, but definitely we could get a good glimpse of them.
They are GORGEOUS, and the skin (yeah I know it might be thick make up as well), but it just looked flawless. *jealous*

Sleeping beauty <3


snow white.

spotted this pianist who pedaled to the middle of no where and started playing the piano.

cool things along the way


we went to try the astro blasters as well, which was a shooting game.

we have to get into each seat and it will bring us around in a dark tunnel to shoot with laser to earn points!

Being welcomed by staff to ask us to take a picture with this self-made frame.

We left the themepark around evening, and onboard the train to the main city train station, check out the windows!

The rest of the day goes on and it was definitely a very fun-filling trip! The themepark was huge to begin with,
and countless of rides to play, so I would recommend that you go for at least a two-day.

We enjoyed ourself tremendously and apple was even thinking of bringing joseph back for a second time!


More OOTD!

*Lilac halter covered back dress from pearlavish, perfect for dinners!

Celebrated cousin eunice 21st with the family <3 and donned on a coral boho dress from pearlavish,
extremely easy on the skin and love the embroidery collar design.

*Coral boho casual dress from pearlavish.




0108 HRS

Hongkong Disneyland 5th Anniversary! (Part 1)


I know this is very back dated, but i finally got ready the photos,
took too many and will spilt the hongkong post into two!

I’m went to Hong Kong a month ago for a short summer getaway and this time round,
we visited Disneyland apart from all the shopping and eating. 
it was a totally different experience and it was an eye-opener to be there.

True enough, everybody always known Hong Kong as shopping, eating, shopping and eating again,
which applepie and myself were no exception prior to this trip, and Disneyland was supposedly the last thing on our mind when arranging a trip to Hong Kong. 
But this first trip to Disneyland changed our impression of it and applepie was even asking me,
why didn’t she slot in a Disneyland visit at all when she came to Hong Kong for the previous couple of times! Thank you Disneyland for the awesome trip there!

To those who never thought of visitng HK Disneyland, and for those who want to visit but yet to, this entry is dedicated to you! :p




HK is about 4 hours away from Singapore, and we had a pretty good timing flight on that Friday – 6am.
Applepie and I  reached HK airport at around 11.30am and we were figuring out the best way to go to Disneyland. 
So looking at the most convenient mode..


we boarded the airport train.
Silly us didn’t realize that it will be a longer way, a detour in fact, and we still took a cab halfway which increased our total transport cost!
After experiencing and researching, the best way to get to Disneyland straight from airport would be:
1.      Either by taxi from the airport but preferably take the green taxi as it the colour determines its main assigned area.
(BEST CHOICE! Especially if you have luggages and want to reach there in a shorter span)
2.      Take the airport train to hongkong station and then change to another train that leads to disneyland.
(longer timing, and have to walk quite some distance and have to transit quite a couple of times on the way.
You can change to TungChung Line in Tsing Yi station and this route is cheaper as compared to the first.)

It didn’t take long to reach out destination – The Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, and you can spot it right from the entrance.
Disneyland has only two hotels there which are the one I just mentioned as well as The Disneyland Hotel.

Our hotel for two nights.

They frontdesk at the lobby.


Peeks of the hotel lobby.


tired but excited us!
We couldn’t check into our rooms until 3pm and decided to explore + snap around before our meeting with other friends from HongKong!

Everything in the hotel is totally fitted similarly as Disney theme to the utmost.

I then realized that we were travelling with bloggers from two countries- Taiwan & Malaysia.
It was an awesome experience making friends with them including the in-charges and you will see more of their peeks below.
Shortly after, all of us gathered and made our way to have lunch at The Disneyland Hotel instead.

It was quite a long distance to walk over and we had to take a free shuttle bus right outside the hotel, which took about 5 minutes of travelling time.
As Disneyland is a huge compound altogether, everywhere is rather easy accessible via their free shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus right outside our Hollywood hotel.


Here was one of the highlights of the trip, the lil adorable Kiddo- XiaoLu,
the child of the Taiwanese blogger, Kelly!


And here we were, The Disneyland Hotel!

I was instantly in love with the decoration of the whole hotel completely grand and posh.
Definitely would love to stay in this hotel if I’m going back to visit HK Disneyland!


XiaoLu is just only two years old and I have to admit she’s really good at posing!
Check out her mini mouse look-alike pose. ;)
Our first stop of the day was lunch at this absolutely gorgeous restaurant called Crystal Lotus for Dim Sum at the Disneyland Hotel.
It has a very authentic Chinese atmosphere there and the entire decorations made it look as if you are entering a palace!

The dim sum restaurant.

Pretty and elegant looking lotus lights.
The friends were really kind to arrange a set lunch for both of us, and we had a total feast!

Yes, we had all these on the menu!
Our first dish came…

Roasted suckling pig with cucumber and sweetened paste in steamed piggy mask buns!
HOW CUTE!!! I love this dish- the steamed piggy mask buns tasted exactly like the mun tous, sweet and soft,
and the roast pork meat was tendered with uber crispy skins!


Happy and hungry us.

Little pig barbecue pork bun and little green men pork and vegetable bun.

Mickey’s seafood and glutinous pancake

Apple and I received slightly different pigs and we decided to place them together.
LOOKING UBER CUTE!!! :p can’t bear to eat it… but we gobbled them up within mintues.

Braised seafood pumpkin puree soup with mickey’s shape pumpkin that tasted like sharkfin soup somehow.

Wok-fried shrimps and Disney root vegetables

Red-braised pork loin stuffed in whole Chinese pear.

Fried-rice with Tasmanian  crabmeat stuffed in whole crab shell. LOVE THIS!


our desserts- chilled mickey’s red bean honey pudding and Chilled mickey’s green tea jelly.
The bun was steamed lotus red bean puree bun!
Before we moved on to visit Disneyland’s themepark, I had a visit to the Disneyland hotel ladies and W.O.W… love love love the decorations!

Everything was just so exquisite!
We had a total sumptuous meal and not to forget, a completely full mean though the portion looked small.
But the following activities were lined up just nice for us to get our food digested!

We took the shuttle bus and here was the bus-interchange.

Walking towards the themepark, and that’s the two Taiwanese bloggers as well, guy in pink and girl in flora.

We were here!!

You will be greeted with a whole clear view without any high-rise buildings to block your view.

The MTR train station that is near the themepark that allows you to travel up to town easily and back.

Hello Disneyland!


Here’s Catherine!

The tickets to enter, which you can keep for memory’s sake after that too.

When entering, you will see helpful staff dressed in total Disney related outfits welcoming you!
We stopped by the gift shop for the first stop, and look at the amount of items they have.
You will be amazed to see the different types of things that can be made out of Disney characters.

the shop.

a huge collection of mugs!

cute looking mini mouse apron!
We were told that there would be a Disney character’s march in show for us to see, and the staff gathered everyone to the side of the path. 
I was clueless to what was going to happen and realized that there will be a parade named the Flights of Fantasy Parade which is exclusively for HK Disneyland 5th Anniversary!
Yes, its their 5th Birthday this year!

Look at the amount of people at Disneyland on a weekday and how interested they were awaiting for the show!

Finally they came! All characters will take turn to appear and in real-life sizes.
I love the song and the dance they choreographed and you can feel as though you are in a different world…

I love their dresses!

I adore the Disney princesses much more than the characters! :p

I think this girl is uber pretty!

Entering the second part of Disneyland.
We were there at the perfect time because Disneyland has lined up special programs for their 5th anniversary!
The good thing is that Disneyland will actually arrange different programs every year and the Taiwanese blogger Kelly was telling me it was her second time there even!

You can walk through the castle and be welcomed by the other part.

Our first ride! Here’s Kelly, xiaolu and her grandmother. :D

Some other rides that we took along the way

Winnie the pooh fans, you will love this!


we had to sit in the pot to experience a pooh journey in the tunnel.

The Malaysian bloggers who were in the same pot as us.

There were time slots for shows, so do be sure to check them out and get your seats early.
Very privileged, we entered the grand hall and I was excited to watch the musical!

That’s the other in-charge, Nicole. J

Won’t say too much of it if not I will spoil the fun, but I have to say I truly enjoyed the musical! You have to watch it yourself!
It was named as the Mickey gold award ceremony, and the show was really entertaining.

For families, no worries, there are baby prams in the themepark for you and your child

You can take pictures with real-life Disney princesses along the way.
Every single one of them was amazingly beautiful..

And we walked into the Adventure land of Disneyland.

A boat ride called the Jungle River Cruise to explore into the woods.

our boat captain which was humorous!!

our boat-mates. geez

Other than boat rides and all, they have 4D theatres!!

love the castle decoration, the lights!

our glasses and awaiting for our 4D rides!

our friends from Taiwan too! J
The 4D show was one of my favourites! You will actually be watching a clip by Disney characters and the 4D effects was amazing,
and that’s the catch, you could feel as though the characters came to life! Must try!

The rides took us almost half the day, and before we knew it, it was dinner time.
Dinner was arranged to dine in at the plaza inn restaurant which was located right smack in Disneyland.

you will be greeted by another exquisite looking restaurant.

I must say we were fed well, another set dinner for us!


it was authentic Chinese food and look at the amount of food we had for the two of us girls!
This was the time we needed the guys to help, hahaha.
Full and extremely satisfied! <3

There was a fireworks show at 8pm, and the crowd was already forming at 7-ish.
We have to sit down at the floors, so I would recommend you guys to wear shorts or pants if you are visiting Disneyland. J

The illumination of the castle, awesome…

A 20 minutes fireworks show that totally awed us, you will definitely enjoy it.

I was told that the firework show was also one of the specials for HKDL 5th anniversary!
The show was truly amazing and the fireworks was such a beautiful sight.
The show ended around 9 plus and we were feeling really tired and can’t wait to get back to the hotel to take a rest.

I will be back very soon to show you the hotel rooms and more of the rides!!




1008 HRS


I was browsing my past pictures and was at the album that contains pictures when I went Brunei half a year ago.
Though my aunt is a true blue Singaporean, I suppose she has lived in Brunei all her life after starting a business with her husband there eons ago.

On a random note, one fact that I have not shared before here is that I went over with my parents to Brunei when I was little (like say, 5 or 6 years old) as they needed to help my aunt,
and I was put to the international school there for just a while.
I can't exactly recall what happened back then, but i do recall having a Caucasian girl as a good friend while i was in school.
This was because I vividly remembered that I asked her to be beside me to cut my birthday when my parents brought a cake to the school for celebration.
It was then, i suppose, that's when i first encountered a friendship, which touches my heart and stays in the memory with me till now.

So back to the topic, I was back in Brunei to help out my aunt with some tasks since i had just graduated and was available back then,
and this time round, my aunt brought me to meet some of her friends there and some of which who are rather affluent.
Perhaps property value doesn't appreciate as much as Singapore does as they definitely have a much larger piece of land and is one of the largest oil producers,
so most families mostly live in big houses that perhaps cost just as much as a HDB in singapore i guess!

Here's one that I was rather impressed with its whole architect, and it's a huge house for a family of five,
but cosy is absolutely the perfect word to describe their place.
Maybe you can steal some of their design or perhaps it will trigger some other impressive design for your house!

The living room.

The other part that was connected to the living room.

A view from outdoor.

I suppose it's normal to find webs in huge houses, no time for thorough cleaning!

and definitely, a pool of koi fishes for great feng shui.

Uncle told me these koi are not afraid of humans, and will eat the food off your hand instead of just throwing food to them.

True enough!

The outdoor area just beside me while i was feeding the Koi fishes. Impressive!

Check out the bar counters, you never need to leave the house to chill or gather anymore, just missing a bartender.


Definitely, one must be uber friggin wealthy to own a house like this in Singapore!

Some outfits of the week! :)

*A stripey casual dress from myheartsdesire which is perfect for a weekend out to anywhere!

*And a coral structured dress from myheartsdesire which you can glam it up for work, or keep it simple for a casual day out to town.




0508 HRS

Touring Taiwan (Day 3 & 4) – Last Post!

This shall be my last post on Taiwan and i can feel that you guys will get bored if i continue any further,
or oh noo, please don't tell me you are bored now..
Well, nevertheless I'm gonna complete this post :p and feature some highlights!


As the previous hotel Eclat was further from the main area of Taipei, we shifted and booked a room at this hotel in the vicinity of Xi Men Ding.
Trust me, if you want to visit Taipei and don't know where to stay, just stay at Xi Men Ding and it will not go wrong!!

This was the hotel we shifted to. TS HOTEL.

But sorry to say, i don't think i will go back to this hotel to stay again though the location is good.
Didn't think that the room was really comfortable and cosy as it looked, and the furnishing was kinda old.
Perhaps they were renovating the stairs area and the whole room smelled like a construction site, the only good thing was the bathroom which was cleanest!

out we went! awwww <3

first stop, ah zong mian xian at Xi men ding!

tadah! yum yum tooooo.

daddy's fav

really really favourite.

2nd stop- taipei main station. not just a station but a shopping mall.

shopping shopping shopping

we saw this stall that sells mixed chinese vegetables salad, and i was told it's a shanghainese dish,
but being a typical singaporean, a lot of people was queuing so i got in and bought us a bowl! :p

eh…. i don't know what to say because i don't really know how to appreciate this salad. it wasn't that bad, neither do i think its fantastic.
It cost NT150, which was S$7 for it, not exactly cheap cheap.

ohhh are those macaroons? hmmmmm

3rd stop- SHI LIN NIGHT MARKET! we spotted this cart which sold fried milk balls, unique!!

Ordered one stick, NT20 = S$0.80
I must say i like it! crispy on the outside, smooth and sweet on the inside

this is a must try in taiwan!

dinner! wanton noods and beef noodles!


We decided to explore out of taipei, and visit YI LAN, another town.

The train.

my new sandals from taiwan! uber comfy.
For anything SHOES, the best places to buy is definitely Taipei Main Station underground shopping mall!

Passed by some really nice looking scenery..

this is yi lan for you!

Our first stop was this river park place which we all concluded that it looks like bedok reservouir in singapore.. seeesh..

except that they have a section with crops! thats the best i can explore there.

my parents are huge fans of visiting farms, and all things sightseeing!

while i was buying bubbletea, the customer service girl told me that this stall across the road used to be very famous all around taiwan.
They sell chicken, just like KFC but mainly barbequed kind. She mentioned that it is the ONE AND ONLY branch here all in taiwan only (yes, taiwan, not taipei)!!

and so, we definitely have to try it..


here it is!
no doubt, it was REAL GOOD. uber yummy and meat was tendered and i love the rich unique sweet bbq taste.

after the meal, we went for a walk before we started looking for a toilet.. and guess what?
I love their 7-11, totally everything there. there are seats, there are ATMS, there are toilets!

and they produced chips too, yum!

then home sweet home!

if you are interested to go taiwan and wanna see where else did i go,
you can view my past entries here!
They are more comprehensive and i covered more places back then.

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

hope it helps!




0108 HRS

Touring Taiwan (Part 2)

The main itinerary one spent in Taiwan I suppose, is visiting the countless Night Markets and mainly consists of eating and shopping.
We were no exception and seriously, everything that can be eaten, its definitely useful to create some food out of it that can be sold around.
This was pretty interesting, you definitely get to try very different food as compared to Singapore or your country!

Day 2 in Taiwan in peektures & captions below, enjoy! :)

Morning, checking some mails and preparing to head out ;)

Neon orange nails <3

Modern furnish on a antique body, not quite a total antique but pretty cool for a hotel phone though.

Love this screen in the bathroom!
it's directly facing you while you are sitting on the toiletbowl, muahaha.

self-timer shorts with my all time ready parents! <3

family, blood runs thicker than water, the most important people of all. <3

oufit of the day, skirt that apple got for my from BKK, and red pumps that hur got for me <3

Outside our hotel, Eclat hotel.

The days we went was the Typhoon period, and hence, a rainy season as well.
Cabs were an average of S$4- S$6 bucks a trip, which was rather reasonable for the three of us, so off we head to CHENG JI MIAN XIAN (陳記專業麵線) for lunch.

Upon getting down the cab, you can easily spot where is the shop, given that long queue outside.
It was drizzling yet people were queuing right out of the shop.

I was recommended to Cheng Ji Mian Xian by a Taiwanese blogger I met on a hong kong trip, everybody normally talks about Ah Zong Mian Xian,
but she was very certain that the former has better Mian Xian, and here we went!
Cheng Ji's locations are not as accessible as Ah Zong Mian Xian's, If you are interested to try this in Taipei, here's the address!

住址 (ADD):台北市和平西路三段166號

The queue- all for the same thing, mee sua!


After eating both, I concluded this is better. They have oysters (rather huge ones) and pig intestines (my favourite!) both in the mee sua,
whereas Ah zong has only pig intestines and tasted a bit more saltier. Both are nice but if I can only decide on one to eat, it definitely has to be this!
My mom shares the same sentiments too.

I love this chilli paste they have, it is spicy cum sour, perfect to complement the taste of the meesua :)

We saw this dumpling stall located right beside the meesua stall, and apparently there were a lot of customers as well.
People were sitting at the table and having one entire plate of dumpling per pax, dumplings must be really good for them to be doing that.

And we got a plate for ourselves too! yes it was delicious!

Opposite the meesua at 台北市和平西路三段166號 , was streets of shops and we took a tour around the area.

it was an area which was meant more for the old folks to gather and play chess etc, and that place consisted of temples and all etc.

Daddykins and momsie!

Love this brand of bubbletea! KOI is singapore is actually franchised from 50Lan in Taiwan,
but this is another popular brand of bubble tea in Taiwan which supposedly has strong tea taste for most of their drinks.

Since the start of the trip, Dad's wish was to go to WAN HUA NIGHT MARKET, and he was so eager to really visit there for food!
Reason being was that he saw it on the teevee and told us that there are so many good food there. heh
So we had our night planned to visit wan hua hua shi jie, and here we were!

upon entering, we spotted this massage place, and who doesn't love massage!

the rates,
We chose the 40 mins for 400NT which is about S$16.
Definitely not as cheap as bangkok, but definitely cheaper than Singapore,
and we actually went round asking for massage prices as different parts of taipei and even outside of taipei for the trip,
this place has the best price to offer.

prety nice.. just that it's a lil bright for massage! haha.
the lady mentioned that the couple at the extreme left were singaporeans too!

automated chairs. cool.

by the time we ended, most of the shops were closed.
But well, Taiwan is known for night markets so just walk on and you will be greeted with one at the end.

there you go!

cuttlefish bbq on the spot!

dinner was at this place because im craving for LU ROU FAN!

VERY YUMMY!!! lu rou fan is a must try in taiwan.

After dinner, we didn't stop there and in fact, went to the well known TAIPEI 101.
There is a fee to pay to go up to Taipei 101 but we weren't that interested to.

the shopping mall at Taipei101

A place where all branded were there.

and it was Taiwan father's day 2 days later (on August 8th) i asked daddykins to take a pic with the poster and there you go! geez.

As you walk out of taipei 101, there are more to see, and that's a cinema area.

Looks good but i was too full to try!

This sums up the 2nd day and more to come for the 3rd day!


On a side note, I had a night out with my two dear poly friends, Shing and Joanna last week.
it was awesome because SHING is getting married and we received the wedding invitation on that very day. *Throws confetti*

The girlies- Shing and joanna :)

The bride-to-be!! :D

*Wearing my pre-fall unique top from Frockettes, comfy material and colour is awfully striking!  <3

And I can't wait to visit the salon soon to rebond my fringe and do a treatment,
I received comments that i look younger with this hairstyle (ahhh do i really look much older with my previous hairstyle?!! :(( ),
anyway john, you rock!

*Wearing a Kimono black work dress from Frockettes, great find!

Singapore, 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Quote my blog to get 10% discount for all hair services!




0308 HRS

Touring Taiwan (Part 1) & Dempsey House Brunch

Oops!! I was in krabi for the past few days and was missing from here.
Am back now and I have a whole lot to share about Krabi too, the trip was just awesome and I would love to go back next time again!

Would share more after i gathered the photos and sort them out once again,
yes, my madness taking picture habits, so I need to spend much more time sorting it out, boo.


Have sorted out the previous trip's peeks already, so here it is.
Taiwan trip, here's the journey in peektures and captions! :)

My bright PINK passport cover which I got from a booth at Milennia Walk Mall.

Was brought to the staff canteen at the airport for breakfast before flight at Terminal One and i must say I love their staff canteen.
Cheap and good food. <3

daddykins feeling hungry.

After 5 hours, we arrived at Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport, first thing we did is..

Visit the telco booth, thanks to the advancement in technology, we can now NOT live without it.
No worries if you are holding an iphone 4 which uses the mini sim card, they cater to that as well.

The rates.  NT100  = S$4.17
Full day 3G connection!

Airport transfer to the hotel is definitely much much more expensive, and it cost approximately about NT 2000,
just as the previous time i came to Taiwan, bus is definitely a more preferred choice, NT 140 per trip to Taipei Main Station
(the stop which leads you to almost all places in taipei and almost most hotels in xi men ding).

We sat the Freego Bus, which goes to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing station, the train stop that is nearer to the Hotel we are staying.

me and my almost round sunglasses!

Travelling reads..

We arrive after about an hour at the Zhong Xiao Fu Xing train station,
and within taipei, cab is definitely cheaper, so we took the cab and went to out hotel- Eclat Hotel.

Took a random walk around the area as it was still early for check in.

Love their 7-11! Each store has seats inside, and some has toilets, ATM too.

Random sidewalk fruits stall. Looking really fresh and HUGE.

Nice bakery store..

First stop that Dad wants to go, MOS BURGER. hmmm.
I very much want to save the calories to eat my ji pa (chicken) and drink my bubbletea!!
Well, just two butterfly prawns and a cup of tea was fine though. heh.

I joined momsie on her business trip but daddykins was a surprise!!
So we actually waited outside the hotel till mom arrived after her meeting at Gao Xiong, and before we knew it, it was evening already..

Finally mom arrived and yes, checking into our hotel. Nope not this, this is beside our hotel!
Atas area as it was a hotel booked for my mom's business trip,  would very much prefer xi men ding area!

But i must say it feels really grand once you stepped in.

Small but cosy and elegant.

Here comes the part which we all might want to see, the ROOM!

Ah really nice room for one and two… but a tad small for three with two single beds.
But well, nothing to complain given that we bunked into mom's business trip room which was meant for her alone.
The standard room was quite small i must say which made it kinda hard to walk, though everything else was good.

But the LCD and radio was shiokness!

Complimentary Nespresso!

The bathroom with screen and electronic-mated bowl! shiokness x 2.

Coin train tickets that worked like ez-link in Singapore!

First stop for the night, xi men ding for dinner.

my lovely parents. <3

going into xi men ding..

dad and mom were very amused with this mascot!

And i saw my favourite- smelly tofu!

yum yum yum, i never find it smelly anyway, just feel that there's this different smell and taste accompanied with smelly tofu whenever i eat it.
Well, i just love it!!

And I was uber lost in the xi men ding trying to locate this restaurant which dom highly recommended me to go,
we three walked for almost an hour before locating it when it was situated just right inside xi mending.
It is called Nanajyoutatsu, and it's BBQ food. It's a lil pricier than food in taiwan generally, but the quality of the food was good and unique.
If you would like a good meal and don't mind spending more than the many great street food in taiwan, you can try this!

Comes with free flow of chicken soup in a flask!
*Wearing Hope Alethia's peach coral pussybow blouse, my mom loves this top! <3

momsie and me <3

One thing i adore about taiwan is that everyone there is really friendly.

missing the food already! lamb sticks and fish jaw meat.

We were encouraged to join their membership for NT300 and were rather skeptical about it at first.
The good thing as told was that it could be used immediately for this very dinner,
so we decided to decide later and was presented with the first bill (on the left) when we were done.
That was approximately S$93 for the meal, and we then asked for the bill with the member's price + the registration fee (NT300), and that was the bill on the right.
NT1774 = S$74, Quite a difference!!

And that's the whole of the first day in Taipei, and hotel sweet hotel after.

Will continue with day two on the next post and here are some outfits of the days!

*Hope Alethia's Linen Tea Dress in Wheat, great material I must say!

*With equally good material and I am feeling extremely comfortable in Hope Alethia's Linen Sundress in peppermint!


I met up with a dear ex-colleague, Lynnette, whom I have known through my internship last year,
and we had a great catchup over brunch at Dempsey's HOUSE.

Never knew they have such a wide variety of food, with mixture of lunch mains and english breakfast choices.
They have pizza too, given that HOUSE and Skinny Pizza belong to the same family of restaurants.

love minimalist decor of the place.

fresh flowers on the table

and the rustic feel of the interior.

our choices for the day

Eggs Benedict- all time favourite

fish and chips- I didnt think this was good though, it was quite oily for that day.

This was one of the best!! Strawberry shortcake with cream.
I am not a huge fan of cream, and usually those shortcakes have layers of thick cream, this is different though. love it!

its salted caramel banana cake, and the taste was extremely appetizing and delicious.
Would definitely go back there again for even just a desert.

look at the shortcake, YUM!

Here's dearest lynnette <3

*Polka dot tea dress from Pearlavish for a weekend brunch, definitely a perfect dress for it and it is one of my favourite dresses now!

More outfits of the day.

* Another pretty dress, retro polka dot spag/tube tea dress from Pearlavish, <3

* Another dress on the new list, coral flare Workdress from Pearlavish, love the colour!




1108 HRS

New hair with VIM!

if you see the above picture,
you know that it's not one of my favorite picture because:
1. I have totally washed off the initial pretty colour that i like it a lot.
2. the washed off colour is kinda gross,
3. the roots have grown out, and I seriously detest the different colour shade.
4. the hair has grown, and the hair cut is out of shape.
5. Overall, it looks like grass that is exposed to the sun, drought, and dried up turning brownish..

and if you know me well again, you know I will definitely pay a visit to the salon as soon as I can, and there i went!
Back to my usual place, Salon Vim to look for my dedicated stylish stylist Mr John.

But anyways, so you have seen my hair in the picture above,
and If i zoomed into the ends of my hair..

ARGH. the result of being lazy and not getting treatment as often as i needed it ,
and not taking care of the hair by diligently applying products before ironing it..

love the wide range of magazines there!

Also, I was pretty much sick of my usual choice of colour- brown, just the different shades,
so i actually thought of a colour I wanted (ok they said its not considered a colour on the colour chart) – Jet black.
But i think i heard it before, and john mentioned it to me that if i were to dye that colour,
i might face difficulties getting a colour change after that or achieve my desired next colour because jet black is the toughest to get rid of upon changing a hair colour.

But thankfully for such a stylist, he worked with what I wanted,
and improvise it with his idea of a nice hair colour/style (muahaha, he's good), and in the end here was what i did:

He gave me a dark shade but in the more natural shade yet obviously dark,
and did some ash highlights on it to enhance the look!

The highlights does make the hair seems straighter and well,
do you know the trick to have healthy looking hair is also the colour of the hair?
i bet you do, and definitely this new colour that i did give the hair a more healthy look and yes yes, made me look fresher too. Teeheehee.

Of course not just the hair colour, but i did a hair treatment at the same time to salvage my hair,
and it's staying healthy for the past few days after I did it.
BUT… I must start my diligent duties again before the hair turns damagey-dry, and grass appears…

John gave me some bangs too, and i am loving it!! Here are some peeks on the new hair! <3

I am going back again for a treatment soon, and as well as doing some soft-rebonding to my fringe!
I am sure some of you people face problems like this as well- having bangs but the hair isn't curly but isn't as straight too,
and it makes the fringe part very irritating and untidy, like some curly surly out of shape hair.
And YET, we don't want the fringe to be so straight that we look like some straw broom.

Will share my experience after i try that particular rebonding with John soon!
if you are keen to visit them too, here's the info:

Singapore, 238895
TEL: 68847757 / 68847767

Quote my blog to get 10% discount for all hair services!




1208 HRS

An afternoon with Estee Lauder!

I spent a Saturday afternoon at Estee Lauder’s and it was a simple affair but a wonderful one.

am glad Vel and Pegs were there to grace the workshop as well,
and I bet we girls went home happily with some make-up tips and advices we received from the workshop as well as the latest products to try out at home!

we each have a bag of present from estee lauder <3

and it came with a gorgeous blue huge rose!

The room we were in.

Vel dear <3

Refreshments were provided and I love the cupcakes- bottles and wordings that spelled Estee Lauder <3

Us with the amazing cupcakes, we could not resist bringing one home!

My  gorgeous neighbours- Vel and Pegs!

I was really excited to try out the latest products launched by Estee Lauder as they were products that I use pretty frequently or even daily ,
and it’s a joy to be trying out new ones so as to discover better suited products for my skin!

In the bag of pressie was a gorgeous set of skincare and makeup related stuff:
- Pure ColorLipstick in Pink Lolita
- Pure Color Eyeshadow in Broadway Gold – an extremely pretty nude bronzy shimmer eye shadow
- Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion
- NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

You sure wouldn’t want to miss the main focus of the above product-
The New Idealist even Skintone Illuminator, and this is by far,
one of my latest favourite skincare products that I have been using since the day I got hold of it.

Before my usual daily steps of applying the moisturizer,
I heeded the advice that I have learned from the workshop, and apply this serum onto the clean skin.
It is known to be a clinically proven product to reduce the look of uneven skintone in just two weeks and helps to blend spots,
soothing anti-irritants, giving you a fresher cum radiant look!

At the workshop when we first tired it,
we were tasked to remove our make up and apply a thin layer of the serum onto our bare skin,
and you can feel and see the result almost immediately.
No doubts about that, and I could relate the instant result with the outlook of the serum as well.
Check out the texture of the serum:



If you look carefully, you can see that it is a light goldish shade with a slight shimmer surface and that will definitely help to create an instantaneous glow on the face.

I love the texture of the serum,
it’s very smooth on the skin and very pleasant smelling.
Another nice thing about it is that it doesn’t feel thick and sticky on the face as it’s oil-free.
The clinically proven product will then slowly even out the skintone as time goes by, neutralizing the blotchiness of the facial skin.

And thanks to estee lauder for the Hydrationist Moisture Lotion as moisturizer,
the lipstick and eye shadow in the gift bag as well to compliment the whole “after” outlook when we applied the NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator.

the lipstick in Pink Lolita

The Pure Color Broadway Gold eye shadow which I love equally!


The “after” look – all happy and cheery!
If you are interested to try it out first, there is a facebook app that will enable you to get your free sample of NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator!
Click HERE to find out more!

We got to get our pictures taken by a Polaroid camera and had a mini art and craft session!

Pegs, flowery mine and vel’s in the middle! Our decorated polaroids!

And the girls who attending the workshop. Nice meeting you all!
Thank you Estee Lauder!


some outfits of the day(s)!

*Got this satin elegant tube dress from ClosetMatterz, and I love the ruched design in the middle front part.
definitely can think of many occasions to wear it, and yes, september is the wedding month, so perfect!
Matched it up with my own belt and i'm ready to go!

*what about finding clothes that is for fall and winter and not too overdressed yet stylish?
This might be THAT dress you are looking for!
that are so many choices of colours for this dress at ClosetMatterz, and here's one that I picked! vermillion, love it! <3




1008 HRS


I am back from taiwan and back to everything else.
The trip was awesomely great, despite all the feasting and feet blisters from walking,
but I definitely spent some quality time with just momsie and daddykins! <3


Hurhur and I had a mini self- "photoshoot" a week ago with his so called Vintage "Ma-zhi" because it will be gone to other owners in a few days time.
(yes, as this was backdated, it is now gone :(, we went dating in this car! muahaha )

Reason for the car to be called Ma Zhi was because:
1. "Ma zhi" relates to the brand of the car, Mazda
2. "Ma zhi" is babe in chinese!

So we thought of snapping some shots for this vintage beauty for keepsake along the way at some nice place with wide space,
and managed to find this carpark that was beside the trees and bushes at ECP.

vintagey ma zhi & her owner.

hello you handsome.



ma zhi <3


Some outfits of the day!

*Navy satin button sleeveless top from myheartsdesire. Definitely versatile!

*And a workdress for you corporate ladies, with special pointy sleeves from myheartsdesire too.