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I'm back from Myanmar yesterday and was there for a good whole 4 days.

Went there for a shoot and it was a commercial shoot for one of the banks there – KBZ Bank. Was told that the shots will be on posters, brochures etc and I seriously can't wait to see how the pictures will turn out. Kudos to the professional photographer, Lin Tun from Leopard Photography and the crew from KBZ Bank, the photoshoot was a breeze. Of course, not forgetting dearest Nang for giving me the opportunity ;)

It was my first overseas photoshoot and definitely one to be remembered. It's a pity I couldn't stay there longer to tour around Burma, and I'm hoping to head back sometime in the near future to tour around and visit their famous Pagoda at least heh. Anyway, sneak pictures for now and will be back for more ;)

Flew up on Sunday via Myanmar Airline International (MAI) and so glad to finally met up with Nang. Haven't seen her since our Uni graduation!

On set.

Some pictures taken from Nang.

Goofing around during shoot. Heh

First time trying Burmese food and am in love with it! Anyone knows where has good Burmese food in Singapore?

Wore a white classic lace dress from Pearlavish for one of the shoot scenes.

A bohemian styled flare dress from Pearlavish, love the sew-on details ;)



skoob, skoob…. skoob. I like the name, the way it sounds (I pronounced it as 'scoop'), the wordings and I thought it was brilliant that it's named skoob.

skoob is basically 'books' spelled backwards and I personally thought it's simple (written & sounding), clear cut and creative at the same time. No prizes for guessing what does skoob do, because it's pretty self-explanatory with their logo shown above and yeapado, it's a dedicated website that makes available e-books for people like you and me.

As much as I love owning/reading the physical book, it can be pretty inconvenient at times to bring along books especially when I'm out with small bags like a clutch or just a pouch. Furthermore, most books are available in probably one size/cover and it can be pretty bulky (imagine those hard cover big ones) to bring along for outings given that one of the best times to read is when we are on our way travelling.

I've grown to love reading e-books since a couple of months back, all thanks to the the big toys like IPad, Blackberry Playbook and of course, not forgetting IPhone / Samsung S3 which most people are carrying these days. The e-books are simply easy to access, no need to cater for an extra space in our bags (And especially for guys who love to read! You guys don't exactly carry bags, and you have to admit that the phone is your best library.) and what I like most is that you can easily bookmark those pages, highlight words that you don't know (and check them up) etc. All these simply make reading/learning fuss-free and the only fallback I could think of is the draining of battery of the devices (but that can be easily solved with a portable charger – still lighter than a physical book).

So talking about e-books, you might be wondering where are the sources, OR you might already have your own sources but I think our very own local e-book store, skoob, is worth sharing. To make things easier to read, I've summed in up in point forms why skoob is a good choice for e-books.


Once I entered skoob's website, I was immediately brought to attention the different categories of the e-books – Bestsellers, New Releases, In the Limelight, Hot Picks. Thoughtful of them to segment the e-books accordingly, and these are just the categories that we would love to visit for a person browsing for books to buy, don't we?!

So instinctively, I checked out the Bestsellers first and it was pretty obvious to me which is the most talk-about book in the market right now. Once again, no prizes for guessing it right!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. I've heard SO much about this book from random friends (and even friends who don't usually read at all) and there must be something really interesting about book.  So it being the best-selling book in the market right now, it took only seconds to find the triology books (Fifty Shades of Grey/Darker/Freed) on skoob when I first visited the website. Having no clue what the book is about, I was surprised to find out that I managed to get a good preview of the first book. Realised later on that skoob has this 10% preview for ALL its books and that's a really generous move I must say. Cheers to skoob for that.

Anyway, It didn't take too long to discover what's different about this novel and I hope I'm not too slow because I've just downloaded the triology via skoob's website , and I'm going to start reading the first book later!  *grin* Based on Wiki, this series sets the record of the fastest selling book of all time, surpassing JK Rowling which is certainly quite a deal, and definitely a book that should not be missed. Download the free sample on skoob for a sneak preview, and then if you are hooked, purchase it! It is so much cheaper (up to more than 50% savings) to buy on skoob than other channels.

I did a lil googling around because I heard that various celebrities tried reading out loud the book's content and it was way hilarious. One such was Ellen DeGeneres's version – totally cracked me up!

On the other hand, skoob has a way extensive collection of e-books and here're some that you might be interested in:

If you find The Secret by Rhonda Byrne familiar, you probably have read Xiaxue aka Wendy's entry.

Not just novels, you can get all kinds of e-books at skoob as well.

Yes, one of the important points that you might be enquiring next. I actually got hold of a chart in terms of price comparison and to keep it friendly, I blurred the competitors' name out and you just have to take note of the main part – skoob is generally cheaper than the rest of the e-books retailers. Based on the bestseller and especially for those who are keen to read Fifty Shades of Grey too, you might be interested to know this:

One great thing about being a member with skoob is that you get to enjoy the complete free e-books! They do have some that are pretty up-to-date like 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' or 'Eat Pray Love' which I have just downloaded as well. Member is free anyway.

How cool of them to name a member 'skoober'. And guess what's brewing for the top spendng skoober?  A SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE WORTH $848…. COMPLIMENTARY EVERY WEEK!

I've to emphasize, it's a weekly contest! If you are a bookworm, this is a very good chance for you because you simply just do what you like, spend less and read more books, yet you get the chance to walk away with the Samsung Galaxy Note that aids you in your reading even better after.  From internal sources, people generally spend about $300 – $400, top skoobers so far spent about $400 average. What's best about this is that it's a fair and transparent contest – you can just enter skoob's website everyday to take a look at the current top skoober's spending (see above)! Tactics or no tactics, you can easily replace the top skoober and be the one.

Another note – Contest cycle starts and end every Saturday, so be sure to make all your purchases before Saturday! To show you how true it is, here are the top spending skoobers for the past weeks.

Mentioned earlier on but going to list this down here again. Most places have a standardized book preview of the first chapter only, but for skoob, you get to preview the first 10% of the book – which can be about one chapter or slightly more. I thought this is a great aspect of skoob. You know how we always visit the physical bookstore and we wish that we can read more of the book than just the synopsis? And furthermore, some of the books are tightly sealed with plastic wrappers which completely do not allow us to take a read. With skoob, we can conveniently sample all the books that we want anytime. Definitely a highlight of skoob!

Very kind of skoob to give me this $5 e-book voucher to give to you guys, and you can actually buy a book (and have 'change' even) as I did spot a few which are a mere S$3- S4! With this $5 e-book voucher, you can save quite a bit if you are thinking of purchasing some new releases or bestsellers. No minimum purchase is required for voucher usage too ;)

Do note for this $5 e-book voucher:
Scan this QR code or access to get your $5 eBook voucher. Upon successful registration vouchers will be sent to your email within 7 days.

Fortunately, this discount applies to SingTel users only. If you are one, you can pay via an alternative method through their phone bill and enjoy a 10% discount off all purchases.

E-books are absolutely convenient and easy to access and anywhere we go (especially on the way to work/meeting/school etc), we can just read it via our phone, tablet etc. What I really like about the idea of e-books is that we don't have to bring those physical (huge) books out, and at anytime, we can choose to read different books – you know how sometimes we read two different books in the same period) etc. Or if you are home and surfing, you can read them on your laptop/desktop too. Just perfect!


For starters, I'll definitely urge you to join a skoob member since you get to enjoy Complimentary e-books regardless! You can just feel free to try it out by reading those or just use the sure-receive $5 voucher to get a book you like which costs around that amount. It's only for a limited period, so don't miss this special collaboration skoob has partnered here ;)

On how you can be a skoober, just follow the simple steps below:
1. Register for a FREE skoob account on (via computer)
2. Download Free Books/Free Previews or purchase a book on the website. (via computer)
3. Download skoob FREE app on your iOS or Andriod devices, sync your books and you can start reading straight away! (anywhere)

Enjoy, you bookworms! ;)




1009 HRS

Guess Denim – Finding my Perfect Fit


You probably seen me less in Jeans because I find it extremely difficult to find the perfect jeans for my legs.

In my personal opinion, when it comes to wearing bottoms, it's largely dependent on the body proportions of a person. From what I know, the ideal body proportions – in particularly leg-to-body ratio, should be about 3:2, which based on research, legs being 40% longer than the body. And what I realised is that with the ideal body proportions (which I deem it as long legs), one would usually wear bottoms beautifully.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that how I wish my body proportions are the ideal but no, it's probably 5:5. So in terms of body proportions, high waisted bottoms and shorter tops (tuck-out tunics do not suit me) are probably better suited for myself. In my personal opinion, most jeans nowadays from everywhere are mainly hipster – low cut, so it's not exactly very easy for me to find the perfect fit. So as expected, I'd go extremely crazy whenever I chance upon a place with wide range of jeans, because that would mean they have more than enough choices for people who are of different body proportions. And one such place that I recently stepped my foot is, is none other than GUESS.

It's definitely useful to own a pair of jeans (especially for travel purposes eg. cold countries etc) and usually the bigger brands are the ones who carry the wide range of jeans with different cuttings etc.  With that said, GUESS is for sure, the first place you should start when you are shopping for a pair of jeans. Reason is very straight-forward – GUESS was one of the pioneers that created designer jeans. They certainly have countless years of experience in jeans design/cuts than anyone else in the industry.

"During the 1980s Guess was one of the most popular brands of jeans. The company was one of the first companies to create designer jeans."

Here are 2 main points on what I personally like about GUESS Denim:
1. GUESS Denim is all handcrafted - consistency in designs is maintained albeit slight difference in every pair, which means every pair of GUESS Jeans is UNIQUE.

2. Different fit by GUESS and that's how I found mine (read on to know!)
- Power Skinny (Best Seller),  Legging Fit, Low Rise, Ultra Skinny Leg
- Brittney Skinny, Slim Fit, Medium Rise, Skinny Leg
- Brittney Petite Skinny, Petite Fit , Medium Rise, Skinny Leg
- Sofia Skinny Curvy, Curvy Fit, Medium Rise, Skinny Leg
- Daredevil boot, Slim fit, Low Rise, Boot

Arrived at the store @ Takashimaya.

Touring around the store, and my dear buddy said that posing with the mannequin is a cool thing to do.

The range of jeans they have.

I thought the Denim Menu was catchy.

There were TOO many to choose from and I swear I had a hard time picking my favourite.

GUESS was very kind to assign a denim specialist to aid me in finding my perfect fit, and I spent about an hour trying on gazillion pairs of jeans which I felt bad for troubling him. But he was extremely patient with me and not sure if it's a good thing (or not), but I ended up finding 4 pairs of jeans that I really like. No doubt my friends call me a shopaholic and that I go crazy in store once I've found something I like. heh. Here's my trying process.

On a random note, make up for the day.

FIRST PAIR, think it was the Brittany Cut.
- Not exactly the perfect fit as it was too long for my legs. And the tie-dye patterns on the jean do not look very flattering for me.

- I LOVE. Love that it fits my legs nicely and that it's super stretchy – comfortable. Love the intricate lace details at the back pockets too. One of the 4 pairs which got me in a huge dilemma which to get.

Did I mention that it's handicrafted too?

- Not the best fit for me though, I think maybe it's the tie-dye patterns on the jeans, again.

- I love love LOVE this pair! The fit is perfect and guess what? It's mid-rise, meaning it's better fitted for me who doesn't have long enough legs. Just see how the jeans fit my legs snugly and somehow the cut lengthens my legs. And if you realised, the length is just nice for me (in terms of Asian height). Last but not least, LOVE that it's neon in colour – one of my favourite shades this year. The second pair in the 4 pairs that I adore.

- This was the third pair in the 4 pairs of jeans. And I love the washed out denim shade and the length is perfect!

- This was the last pair in the 4 pairs. Completely in love with this pair, the shredded design, and bottom shredded cut, the fit, the mid-rise, the colour. All these sum up to a unique pair of jeans for sure. Matched it up with some outer jackets from GUESS too, love how versatile it is.

Supposed to concentrate on Jeans but i got carried away, and look at how gorgeous this leopard prints jacket is. <3

Love the shredded ends too.

Guess which pair I confirmed and brought home in the end? Heh.


This dusty pink pair. Hee ;)
Zianna saw me in this pair of jeans that day and went on to try it as well, she loved it!


Now something special for you guys, courtesy of GUESS.

Just Try-on ANY pair of jeans in ANY Guess boutique and enjoy S$20 off your denim purchase. Promotion ends 30th September,so don't miss it!

Shall end of with two dear folks who were with me during the GUESS fitting.

Thanks Braddy for helping me to capture those shots ;)

And the Denim specialist who patiently helped me the whole evening. ;)

Thank you guys!


Lastly, it's also GUESS'S 30TH BIRTHDAY!

They are going to celebrate their anniversary with a bang and it's a strictly-by-invite-only event. You can get the chance to be a part of this and I promise you that the night would be of great fun and surprises! I only have 3 pairs of tickets to give out so do refer to the below for more details.

Send in photos featuring yourself trying on GUESS denim and upload them in a tweet with hashtag #GuessJeansParty. Best photos will win the invites! (Please note that only public tweets can be seen. Tweets by locked accounts cannot be viewed)

Winners will be notified by 1st October.




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Official Launch of Wisma Atria New Facade



This update came a lil later than usual but better late than never still. heh 

Attended the official opening of Wisma Atria New Facade two weeks ago together with lene and it was definitely a grand fashion and music affair. The event was put together to welcome the new facade (cost $31m!) and the new tenants of Wisma which are amazing reputable brands that I'm sure you've heard before – Coach, Timewise by Cortina Watch, Dickson Watch & Jewellery and TAG Heuer. And what I enjoyed about the night was certainly the fashion show of these brands, started and ended with our own very local top model, Sheila Sim. I thought she was really amazing on the runway and proud to have a talent like her in local fashion industry.

Hair & Makeup for the night.

Spot celebrities like Rozz, and one of the twins – May or Choy.

Waiting for the fashion show to begin.

Sheila Sim in red.

Thanks Lifestyleasia for this picture. It's pretty hilarious how Lene named it the 5 minutes of fame and even blogged an entry dedicated to that!

Outfit of the day from Klarra, love the back design of this dress.
It's currently sold out but we will be bringing it back to store soon, do join our mailing list to keep yourself updated if you like this piece! ;)


Am doing an upcoming campaign for GUESS and you wouldn't want to miss what's going on for that. Visited GUESS store and did some fittings there and will share more in due time! Have drafted and submitted the entry so stay tuned to see more updates on that. There's something special for you guys ;)

Here are some pictures I took in GUESS's fitting room when I paid the store a visit. Some pictures of my new gorgeous gold-foiled blazer from Klarra, and it's currently sold out too but available on backorders. Glad to see great response for this piece and thank you for those who supported! ;)


Last but not least, say hello to our two new tall and gorgeous models – Shiyao & Amanda. They have officially joined Klarra's family as our residential models and glad to have them both. It gets really exciting to style them up and to shoot them and can't, can't wait for the next shoot! 

If you would like to see more of their pictures, do take a peek at our facebook page. ;)

I thought they both look amazingly gorgeous (not to mention they are tall and have great figures!) and resemble some celebrities when I first saw them and when I finally put together the pieces…
I personally feel Shiyao resembles Chinese Actress Li Bingbing a lot.

And Amanda resembles Chinese Actress/Singer Bai Bing, in certain angles.

Anyway, got to go, will be back for more updates soon! ;)




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A quick update

Went on a short trip to Bangkok last week to attend Panasonic Beauty Press Conference and just got back a couple of days ago. Feeling extremely jaded ever since I got back and haven't exactly had time to take a proper rest. Been running around doing errands, a few meetings etc, and pardon for the lack of reply in emails! To those who have sent me one, please bear with me and I'll get back to you soonest (i'll make sure I check the spam inbox too ;)).

So still gonna hold on to the promise to update as frequently as I can, so here are some snaps taken using my iphone in the past week: (Good way for quick updates, inspired by Selene)

From Top to Bottom:
- Outfit of the day to catch the flight
- On the way to the Airport
- With another blogger, Zoe, who went on the trip too
- Arrived at Bangkok, en route to the hotel

From Top to Bottom:
- Checked into St. Regis (woohoo, one room each!)
- View from hotel's window
- Absolutely delish Red Velvet Waffles from one of the thai restaurants at Central World. (will update more soon)
- Make up & Hair for the formal dinner function with the Panasonic peeps at night

From Top to Bottom:
- New Day. Breakfast at Viu.
- Thai Style Eggs Benny
- Outfit & Accessories for the day
- Back.Look who came to receive me at the airport! <3

From Top to Bottom:
- Trying out a new ice cream parlour at the east – Mischievous us.
- Snickers ice cream with waffle. Waffle ain't that good, but snickers ice cream was thumbs up.




0509 HRS

7-Eleven, it’s a store and more


By just looking at the title above, I bet you already know what I'll be sharing today. 7-Eleven' -a store that EVERYBODY knows!
We basically see them everywhere in Singapore (could be just a street away still) or even overseas. In Singapore, I used to get crazy over Slurpee during my Primary/Secondary school days, and I'd still remember that we'll enjoy our drinks with the cute 'scoop' straws (Oh yes, my favourite was the green apple slurpee freeze). Nowadays, I'm less of a sweet drink fan though once in a while I'll get a Slurpee/Big Gulp when weather gets ridiculously warm. Apart from that, I'll usually patronize 7-Eleven for late night snacks, getting parking coupons/magazines, top up cashcard and yes, last minute gifts, mainly because it's 24 hours and their locations are all pretty accessible.

For overseas, 7-Eleven will usually be the first thought in my mind when it comes to getting some necessities that I forget to bring. But for Bangkok's 7-Eleven especially, they have this Sausage counter in every of their stall there and I personally love their Big Cheese/Foot Long Cheese Sausage – very reasonable priced, cost just about S$1 or slightly more for one and it has cheese oozing out each bite! Introduced a couple of friends and Ethan to it as well, and some of them liked it enough but ain't crazy over it, so generally, it's good but not one of the best. Worth a try if you pass by one in Bangkok!

So in a nutshell, I'm sure we all know that 7-Eleven is definitely a leading convenience store retailer (they have 570 stores in Singapore till date & still growing!). Big Gulp, Slurpee, Quickbites are their private labels, so you know for sure all these can only be found and bought in 7-Eleven exclusively. Anyway, I decided to pop by 7-Eleven to take a thorough look around its store to see what exactly are sold there and to get some necessities at the same time.

One thing for sure, 7-Eleven is known for getting food – snacks, quick bites, drinks etc.

Though most of the times I eat at home or dine in somewhere but sometimes, I do enjoy tasting these quick and easy food!

They look pretty appetizing I must say.

One of my favourite segments. I'm a Queen of Junk Food, heh.

New flavour in stall. Snickers used to be my favourite chocolate, but my current favourite would be Kinder Bueno!

i used to get crazy over this 'Craze Hottis' Crackers during my Secondary School days. it was introduced by one of my old pals, and she was telling me how tasty it was back then and we will get a small carton each to munch while making our way home.

Another segment that most of us will take a quick shop at – My ultimate favourite cup noodles is the Nissin Chilli Crab, very unhealthy I know but I love it!

Apart from snacks and quick bites, they do have a decent & wide selection of wines. If you are just looking for a standard common bottle of wine brand/type – eg. Australian Brand, Wolf Blass, you can easily find them here. Perfect for last minute gifts for house parties too ;)


Wasn't aware that 7-Eleven make available these nutritional gifts too. Wouldn't place this in the food category above because we'll usually get these for gifts than for personal consumption. Now I know where else can I get these.

And can't believe I didn't think of getting cards from 7-Eleven when I needed them last minute previously. Will usually think of the florist immediately for cards and such, but again, glad to spot on this section!

They do have technology items too. Perfect items for unisex gifts (eg. Christmas Exchange)

You can find up to date stuffed toys here too. Not sure why Angry Birds is still in the trend when the game has been out for so long, I've been spotting Angry Bird Designs for many things around (eg. upcoming mooncakes etc).

Magazines for sure.


From top to bottom, enough said.

Didn't see this mini packaging around or either that i haven't been shopping in these convenience stores. Just the ideal size for travel!


Quite impressed with the wide variety of lifestyle items and funny how I didn't realise that extensive range of items given that i've been in and out of 7-Eleven for countless times. And just as you thought the entry is coming to an end, we wouldn't be tasked to write if nothing exciting is coming along!

7-Eleven Leading Brands Awards is a yearly campaign where 7-Eleven recognizes the top and most loved brands that are sold in 7-Eleven for that year. To thank customers like us for our inputs and in commeration of this Leading Brands Campaign, 7-Eleven will like to reward both you and me with a contest that takes us to TRAVEL!  The best thing is that I just have to get my usual favourites at 7-Eleven (eg. 2 x Calbee Hot & Spicy Chips etc which easily hit $3) and I already stand a chance to win the travel vouchers and so can you. Basically, you get the chance to be paid to shop for your needs/food, what more can we ask for?!

YES. 7-Eleven has specially prepared up to S$5000 for Travel Vouchers for its customers.

And the mechanics are very simple – Just pick your favourite brand and get to stand a chance to win! You can simply be the one who walks away with them! Participation requirements are really easy:

Simple click the above image to get to the Nuffnang Website! And spending just $3 is completely not difficult at all, I bet two packets of chips will just do the trick or just a magazine.

Contest is really simple and all the best guys! Do note that contest period is from 12 Sep to 9 Oct 2012.


Additionally, calling to all Bloggers, you can also participate in another contest!

You can also join the 7-Eleven’s Blogger’s contest HERE and win additional $2000 cash when you take part in this contest!

Don't miss this annual contest when you can literally walk home with cash/vouchers with just shopping for your necessities. All the best to you guys! Here is my shopping haul from 7-Eleven on my recent trip there.

From clockwise direction: Sofy Comfort Slim Panty Liners, Female Magazine, Quick Bites Macaroni & Cheese, Nissin Cup Noodles, Calbee hot & Spicy Chips, Maybelline Makeup Remover (2 for S$4.20).

I thought the Macaroni & Cheese (from 7-Eleven's housebrand, Quick Bites) was surprisingly not bad, pretty tasty for a packed food. Ethan doesn't really like it but i personally like it though.

These were what I bought in the 7-Eleven store in just less than half hour. Calbee Hot & Spicy plus Nissin Cup Noodles (Chili Crab) are my favourite junk food and I would almost always grab a pack of those whenever I see them. Furthermore, I chanced upon the Maybelline Mini Make up Removers which were very reasonably priced, and in fact, I brought a bottle to Bangkok recently (just came back yesterday by the way). It was way light to carry, and very effective in removing my makeup. Good thing that I spotted on this when I was shopping at 7-Eleven, definitely a good steal! For those ladies who are travelling soon or so, this can be the perfect purchase and you can easily hit the minimum spending of S$3 with just two bottles of this mini-sized makeup removers. Who knows, you might be the next to walk away with the cash prize.

Good luck guys! ;)