Fiji – Nadi & the village


Fiji – Nadi & the village

Back for another update on Fiji and I know this is taking a while! Have been spending most of my time at work and finally got down to edit the photos. A couple more entry before Fiji travels come to an end. 

Continuing from the previous entry, we had a day out at Nadi and headed to Sigatoka River Safari at 8am in the morning for its River Safari ride. I don’t think I’m someone who is able to take 360 rides or drop-down rides etc but I do enjoy very much enjoy high speed rides or 360 turns. I googled before we set out for the day and was already looking forward to this as I personally enjoy rides like this (you’ll experience 360 turns via the jet boat rides) – this reminds me of the Shotover River ride I had in New Zealand Queenstown. 

The Sigatoka river ride was also another way for people to travel to the village (Fiji is known for the village tours). This is part of the Sigatoka tours by the way – you can easily book via their website here. In a nutshell, the tour we had covered these:

Bus ride to the Sigatoka Jet boats port with a guide along the journey sharing about the history of the area and the history of the villagers along the valley road
On board on the jet boat with the captains for our sigatoka river ride with commentary stops along the way and learning more about Fiji history and the history of the Sigatoka Valley
Village tour where we met the village guide, locals living in the village, village head and we experienced a traditional Fijian kava ceremony etc
Lunch at the village 

More pictures below ;)

 photo 030416DSC05672.jpg
Meet our Sigatoka River Safari guide, Clare Ann Steele. She was certainly very attentive, has an absolutely warm personality and took care of us during the entire trip. Thank you Clare x

 photo 030416DSC05662.jpg 

 photo 030416DSC05661.jpg
Where we enter the jet boats

 photo 240416DSC05709.jpg
The village 

   photo 240416DSC05702.jpg  photo 240416DSC05706.jpg

 photo 030416DSC05804.jpg  photo 240416DSC05765.jpg

 photo 240416DSC05725.jpg

 photo 240416DSC05717.jpg

 photo 030416DSC05809.jpg

Again, very thankful to have our trip planned by tourism Fiji and we were definitely very well-hosted by everyone we met. Thanks to these lovely people, we got to learn so much about Fiji within those few days and had such a great time x



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