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0612 HRS

Moments with Pandora

  photo 031214DSC09234dddd.jpg
Haven't exactly had the time to head down to town for some Christmas shopping as work has been pretty hectic for the past month even. Can't believe how time flew by and within a wink of an eye, it's the last month of the year. Feels a little sad that 2014 is coming to an end but am looking forward at the same time as it's going to be a month of festivities and celebrations!

Speaking about Christmas, I was pretty stoked when I was told to head down to PANDORA to check out their latest Christmas series.

 photo 021214DSC08610.jpg

 photo 021214DSC08608.jpg

 photo 021214DSC08612.jpg

I personally don't own any PANDORA jewelry and this was the first time I've actually stepped into the store although I've chanced upon it many times back in London and especially during my trip to Denmark, Copenhagen. For those who didn't know, PANDORA is an international Danish jewelry manufacturer founded in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen and was started as a family-run jewelry shop there in Copenhagen before becoming an international brand. Denmark was one of the places I really enjoyed visiting and am still quite amazed by the Danish culture. Besides that, the Danes have impeccable taste and I honestly admire them for taking so much pride in every single thing (be it food, fashion etc) – it's impressive.

Anyway, back to my Christmas shopping experience at PANDORA ;)

I paid a visit to one of their many stores here in Singapore just last week to pick out something for myself and a gift for mummykins. Felt very welcome upon stepping into the store – love the warm lights and how clean, neat the interior was. I always had the impression that PANDORA is best known for their unique charm bracelets and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they have a wide array of necklaces, watches and designer rings.

 photo 021214DSC08614.jpg

 photo 021214DSC08620.jpg 

 photo 021214DSC_2317.jpg

 photo 021214DSC_2252.jpg

 photo 021214DSC_2169.jpg

 photo 021214DSC08622.jpg

I decided on a set of dangling pearl earrings surrounded with crystals for mummykins and this was from the latest Christmas series. Always thought pearls are quite a lovely design for moms and true enough, mummykins loved it. We both thought this was a classic, elegant and versatile design and definitely perfect for the upcoming festivities!

 photo 021214DSC09338.jpg

 photo 021214DSC09314.jpg

 photo 021214DSC09317.jpg

Moving on to picking out something for myself and I decided on building a unique charm bracelet for myself ;) Was pretty overwhelmed with the charm choices and I think I probably spent an hour there deciding on the charms for the bracelet. With that said, I must say the sales associates were absolutely patient and very professional in helping me throughout the whole customization process. As it was my first time, I thought three charms would be ideal for starters although I did think that it would be really awesome if I could fill up the entire bracelet – now I understand why so many of my friends are crazy over adding charms to the bracelet, it's addictive!

 photo 021214DSC09305s.jpg

 photo 021214DSC09331.jpg

 photo 021214DSC09286.jpg

 photo 021214DSC09349.jpg

Talking about the charms, I picked out two from the Autumn 2014 collection and one from the Christmas 2014 collection (which was recently available in stores) – am guessing you could tell which is from the Christmas series ;) I like the fact that we can customize the bracelets by combining these charms accordingly to your individual style and memories which you hold dear. Each and every charm has its own beauty and style, ranging from sweet ones all the way to classic and edgy ones. I actually thought we might even be able to tell a person's personality or style just by observing her charm bracelet! Plus each charm represents an unforgettable moment in life which you can add as a chapter to your story.

PANDORA jewelry has always been quite an ideal gift for ladies and the extensive range of the jewelry allows your loved ones, friends to constantly expand the collection be it charms, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. I thought the concept behind PANDORA is meaningful as well because each charm can signify a special moment and I'm pretty sure you can find a suitable charm to represent that moment.

 photo 021214DSC09284.jpg

These two gifts were just two of the many designs I've seen in PANDORA and these jewelry definitely make a good choice for gifts in my opinion. I actually saw a couple of guys visiting the store too and well, am pretty sure this will be a good gift to surprise their loved ones!

 photo 0312141DSC09355-1.jpg

 photo 121214DSC09914eee.jpg

 photo 0312141DSC09366.jpg

 photo 0312141DSC09371.jpg
My customized PANDORA bracelet <3

Do you know PANDORA has a VIP membership in Singapore? With an accumulation of S$3000 purchase within a span of 6 months, you would be qualified as a PANDORA VIP member and you get to enjoy 15% storewide discount on regular priced items as well as a one-time 20% discount during your birthday month. Besides that, you get invites to promotions and exclusive private events like the one below! This event was organized specially for PANDORA VIPs and it was a private event (specially to introduce PANDORA's  Christmas 2014 collection) held at the newly revamped ION store. Not just shopping, the team prepared special activities for all their guests such as Digital Caricature of guests with their PANDORA bracelets as well as providing names engraving services on Murano glass charms which were all given to the PANDORA VIPs as a personalised gift! There were refreshments served during that evening and even a photobooth for fun photos to keep ;)

 photo 031214DSC_2364.jpg

 photo 021214DSC_2317.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2161.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2158.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2370.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2323.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2268.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2255.jpg

 photo 031214DSC_2174.jpg  

  photo 031214DSC_2399.jpg  photo 031214DSC_2397.jpg
Happy customers for the night ;)

 photo 031214DSC_2385.jpg 

 photo 031214DSC_2403.jpg
Pretty gifts for the guests. I'm sure you would enjoy the evening if you were there ;)

All you have to do is to present your original receipts at your preferred PANDORA store and you will be automatically signed up as a VIP member. Besides these exclusive events, VIP members will enjoy 15% discount storewide on regular priced items, a one-time 20% discount during birthday month and other exclusive offers.

Last but not least, for more details of PANDORA and to see the latest Christmas collection, you can hop over to their Homepage or Facebook Page. Merry Christmas in advance and have a merry time shopping for Christmas gifts!

Take part in PANDORA’s Christmas Lucky Dip Promotion while shopping this Christmas! Receive a complimentary jewellery with a minimum spend of $250 nett. Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last. Enquire in-store for more details.




0112 HRS

Klarra Studio Preview

 photo 151214DSC08778.jpg

Time for an update ;)

I honestly do have quite a lot of backdated events to share which am thinking where should I start. I personally would really love to share on London's travelogue but would very much prefer to share them continuously than breaking up the entries with random posts in between. So I reckon it might better for me to quickly document the other events before I start on that – hope it won't be too long of a history by then! 

Was pretty occupied a couple of weeks ago on Klarra's Studio Preview, which took place last month in our humble little workspace. Since festivities are around the corner, we thought it would be a great chance for us to open up the space to welcome customers for a showcase and to have a feel of the physical pieces too. I've always been reminded that the quality of fabric is as important as the workmanship when it comes to apparel and since we started making our own designs, we have been very particular on fabric selection and have been spending time sourcing for good fabrics, matching them to designs based on cut and considering comfort. Although we have always tried our very best to capture good product photos in hopes to showcase our designs clearly but we do face challenges capturing the details (especially when shooting the white shades) – probably one of our biggest challenges and a downside of being everything-online I guess :( Well, thankful we have a space to hold this event to showcase this collection that we've spent months working on (and many more new designs coming your way soon for the festivities and Chinese New Year too) and I hope the customers went back feeling happy with their purchases ;)

The team and myself were also very excited for this event because it's not often that we get the chance to interact directly with customers. It was nothing but a great joy getting to know some of them during the preview and I actually had a couple of really lovely long chats with some dear customers. Sometimes it's moments like this when I wish we had a physical boutique! Well, definitely looking forward to the day we might and for now, am glad for instagram and facebook which allow us to stay connected after. We were really happy with the turn out and thank you to those who came <3 

P.S: Understand we had a bit of a technical issue with the invoicing on the first day and sincere apologies to those who experienced it, will make sure it doesn't happen the next time round!

 photo 151214DSC08872.jpg

 photo 151214DSC08886.jpg

 photo 151214DSC08743.jpg

We thought it might be a nice touch by having coffee served at the event and for that, we were absolutely excited to have Strangers' Reunion on board. I'm constantly on the hunt for good specialty coffee and Strangers' coffee really hits the spot (one of the best in town for sure) so I was secretly (not so secret now) overjoyed to have them joined us for the event. Not only that, Ryan, the boss of Strangers' Reunion and a Three-time Singapore National Barista/Latte Art Champion, ASEAN Barista champion (not gonna state down his long list of credentials but if you are keen to find out more, do click here) was there during our preview to specially craft coffee for the customers. What an honour for us!

 photo 151214DSC08951.jpg

 photo 151214DSC09067.jpg

 photo 151214DSC08918.jpg

 photo 151214DSC08987.jpg

Happy to have caught up with our local talented personalities/deejays Jean, Melody, Jiahui, Kimberly & many other familiar faces too. Thank you for the support and for dropping by despite your busy schedules <3

 photo 151214DSC08898.jpg

 photo 151214DSC08779.jpg    
One of the latest designs that was showcased during the preview – the Larsen Lace Dress in white & Jemma loves it ;D

 photo 151214DSC08895.jpg      

 photo 151214DSC08976.jpg
And not forgetting this, Thank you for the help, team girls! ;)




0212 HRS

Korea Beauty Vacation (Final)

The last day of the press trip came and we spent the morning saying our goodbyes with a hug. Sometimes it's only during farewells when you realised how fun the days truly were and how dear, how amazing the company, place were. Still thankful that I got to be on this trip and met such a lovely group – easily one of the most enjoyable trips I've been on!

  photo 031214DSC05102.jpg   photo 031214DSC05092.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05096.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05095.jpg

Lenus, Elaine and myself extended the trip for a couple more days and soon after our friends left, we proceeded to check into our respective hotels. We met up later in the afternoon with the plan to check out a couple of popular spots in Seoul and decided to head towards Ehwa Women's University area – an area known for shopping and food.
 photo 031214DSC05063.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05089.jpg 
True enough, there were rows and rows of shops and it reminded me a little of shopping in Bangkok. If you are looking at getting shoes/clothes at a steal, you might want to check this place out. There were tonnes of cafes around as well and we got ourselves this icecream pumpkin waffle puff with fruits drenched with chocolate sauce (which the stall owner was very kind to top it up after for us) which was sooo good!

We were thinking of where we should spend the evening and without much contemplation, we thought we should head back to Gariso-gil – probably my favourite area amongst those places I've visited in Seoul. Just a m a z i n g.

Not too sure how should I describe this place, but am pretty sure you will love the vibe and you will enjoy your time there. Another place with rows and rows of cafes, designer boutiques, concept stores and anyone could just easily stay in any of the cafes with a laptop/book, people watch all day long! Lenus and Elaine both loved this area as well, and did I mention it'd also be an ideal chill spot for a night out with friends over booze and wine as well?
 photo 031214DSC05135.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05117.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05110.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05106.jpg

  photo 031214DSC05139.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05173.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05165.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05144.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05158.jpg

  photo 031214DSC05162.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05146.jpg   

 photo 031214DSC05215.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05289.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05226.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05258.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05233.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05273.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05270.jpg  

 photo 031214DSC05301.jpg
We girls really know how to shop and ended up at Dongdaemun at 1am even after being out the entire day!

I was off to meet a Korean friend of mine who I met years ago during LG press trip. Happy to have caught up with him over breakfast on that weekend ;)
 photo 031214DSC05323.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05318.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05423.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05418.jpg

 photo 031214DSC05411.jpg  

And finally, I tried Softree on the final day before I left to catch the flight back. They ran out of honey comb (which was the recommended choice) so I settled for the original soft serve which was pretty satisfying in my opinion. Would have loved to try the other crumble one but I had a bit of a difficulty communicating and there was a queue behind me. Oh wells, I'm sure I'll be back to try it or please do try it on my behalf if you visit Seoul – I heard it's really good ;)

Here comes the end of the Korea travelogue and am looking forward to plan my next Korea trip – hopefully to catch the blossoms this time!




0212 HRS

Korea Beauty Vacation (Part 4)

 photo 1511141DSC04877.jpg
With Jean at a morning workshop by VDL.

Back to update on the second last post of my Korea travelogue. Know I've been taking forever to write this but I shall give myself a timeline and finish the travelogue by this week. Am currently on a work trip and it's quite funny how sometimes only on trips like this (which I'll be usually be out the whole day for meetings) that I've more time to blog as well. I guess that boils down to time management in a way or the other, and I really hope I'll be able to allocate a part of my time every few days to update this space like before. Have been feeling pretty nostalgic of late and the past entries served as good memories for me to read back and you should see those photos! Now that I'm at an age whereby most of my friends around me are starting to move on to the next phase of life and actually requested for past photos when planning for their weddings. Glad that these past photos have finally proven to be of a greater use! I used to take so many pictures of everything (which could be quite annoying to others) because I hope to blog on about the outings back then. I had the camera with me and went on and on until I actually felt quite annoyed with myself for having the need to snap every single time. But for what's worth, these pictures have become rather priceless, capturing so many precious moments (some I couldn't even remember if I didn't chance upon them) and bringing back really lovely memories. <3

Anyway, enough of my long-windedness and time for the travel update.


We attended a morning workshop organized by VDL and was presented to our seat in a spacious ballroom, located at the highest level of our hotel. Appreciate how much effort the team put in in terms of the details, making sure that we were warmly welcomed to the event ;)

 photo 1511141DSC04823.jpg

 photo 1511141DSC04814.jpg
The star product of VDL, the lumilayer primer which I personally like it very much – it gives a glow to the skin. In my personal opinion, the best way to apply is to mix this into your liquid foundation before applying on your facial skin.

 photo 1511141DSC04868.jpg
We were introduced to the brand and had a makeup demonstration by a renowned make up artist, sharing us how to achieve the 'Korean look' step by step.

 photo 1511141DSC04836.jpg
I always have a thing for matte lippie and the festival love mark from VDL as well as the Lip Cube (below) are two of my personal favourites! The shades are amazing and love how strong the colour comes off during application.

 photo 1511141DSC04838.jpg

 photo 1511141DSC04840.jpg
Definitely an innovative one and this could easily substitute the need of a lip liner!

 photo 1511141DSC04936.jpg
All freshened up with VDL products ;)

The morning workshop ended after lunch and we set off for a store visit at one of their most popular stores in town – the Myeong Dong outlet.
 photo 1511141DSC04956.jpg

 photo 1511141DSC04960.jpg
Literally stepped into a beauty heaven and you wouldn't believe the surprise we received! We were invited to pick out our favourite beauty products and as you can guess, I picked out a couple of matte lippie ;)

 photo 1511141DSC04974.jpg
Happy ladies + Hayden ;)

 photo 1511141DSC04978.jpg
With Hayden, writer from Cosmopolitan ;)

 photo 1511141DSC05002.jpg

 photo 1511141DSC04989.jpg

The press trip came to an end on that very day and we ended with a farewell dinner at a Korean Barbeque restaurant with the VDL team in Myeong Dong. You probably have seen VDL stores around in Singapore and in Korea, but you haven't, you might want to know that VDL has been used by many celebrity makeup artists around the world and is known to be in trend with the beauty industry. It's a global brand which focuses on latest technology in ensuring quality of the beauty products, accompanied with the trendiest shades and innovative application methods which you might never think of. Lip cube is an example and do you know they recently just launched this dual gloss-matte lippie? Basically the first layer of application will make the lips shine (gloss) but when you apply the second time, lippie turns matte – it's ingenious! I just received one and can't wait to try it myself ;D

If you are keen to check the products (as well as this latest dual gloss-matte lippie I've mentioned above), here are the store listings in Singapore:
VDL Singapore Bedok Mall Branch
VDL Singapore Bugis Junction Branch
VDL Singapore Jurong Point Shopping Centre Branch
VDL Singapore Suntec City Mall Branch

For more information, do click Here for their official website and Here for their facebook page ;)

Gotta go, an early day tomorrow and another day in the factory. Will be back soon for the last part of the trip!





0611 HRS

Korea Beauty Vacation (Part 3)

Suddenly awake and it's such an unearthly hour right now. Can't believe I'm typing this at 5am when I should be asleep before I get up for work at 8plus!

Didn't realize that I've been missing from this space for the past month and I think I've mentioned many times, but oh gosh, time just flew by so quickly and it's almost a month since I came back from London!

Was pretty much busy settling work stuff after being back and besides that, I've shifted to a new place (technically the family shifted weeks before I was back from LDN on an extremely random and short notice) and a lot of unpacking to do (I'm guilty that I've yet to unpack much and had to trouble my dad to bring all my stuff to the new place). Long story on how random this shift was, but all's good.

Apart from busy moving house and work, I was out of town last week for a work trip as well and it was a rather fruitful trip. Things are getting better or at least I think I'm quite recharged. Am looking forward to the festive season already ;)

I actually do kinda miss writing in this space and so I'm back. Hope I get more time to share and jot down more of what happened so as to keep this diary of mine alive. Tend to read back often and reminisce as I've a goldfish memory and definitely trying my best to be as diligent as possible going forward! Hope I'll be able to keep up with this promise of mine and no more excuses.

With that said, I thought I should continue my Korea travelogue! I'm hoping to start on my London travelogue after and I'm actually wondering how long will I need to blog to share three months' worth of pictures and memories. Heh But well, it was pretty exciting to me personally and I did try my best to explore/experience as much as I can. I hope the entries won't bore you as the most of the pictures might be of food, streets because I couldn't really work good enough shots with the selfie stick nor self timer (all the sharp gates in London) – but thankful for kind strangers and friends along the way who helped!

Anyway, Korea Beauty Vacation first ;)


Korea Beauty Vacation (Part 1)
Korea Beauty Vacation (Part 2)

So following up with the previous two posts, we spent a third day with the Belif team from Singapore and Korea. The third day was also the last day for Belif's press trip (the trip was separated into two part, Belif press trip first followed by VDL press trip next) and it was probably the longest day of the three days but it was an equally enjoyable one.

We set off early in the morning to a special place called Arriate Tea House. Not quite sure which area was this cafe located as I don't see familiar signs when I alighted but I'll include its address below if you are keen to try!

 photo 020914DSC04418.jpg 

 photo 020914DSC04429.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04449.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04530.jpg       
If there's anything to praise about the Belif team again, it would be how much effort they put into every single area – just check out the details!

 photo 020914DSC04464.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04475.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04521.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04460.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04513.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04520.jpg
With dear Jean & Elaine <3

Arriate tea house was quite an unusual space with a beautiful 'live' garden situated inside the cafe. The team specially prepared an individual tea set of us all and you will be amazed how good the thick honey cinnamon toast was!

 photo 020914DSC04561.jpg

We continue to learn more about Belif and also an interesting social campaign called the ‘Chok Chok Art Project 2013’, where belif Korea has introduced this initiative with the objective to bring ‘life’ to the dry, parched urban areas. ‘Chok Chok’ means ‘to moist’ or ‘moisten’ in Korean and envisions to ‘moisten’ the hearts and well-being of people in Seoul through the engagement of the artists with interesting street art. I thought it was a rather meaningful campaign and you should see how amazing the street art works were!

There were a total of 43 Chok Chok artists comprising of art students, with two Mentor Artists (namely, Delos and Youn Seo Hee) in this campaign. A total of 36 street art works were completed from August to November 2013 at various locations in Seoul such as Hongdae, Shinchon, Samcheong-dong, Itaewon and Shinsadong. We had the privilege to meet Delos, one of the Mentor Artists to understand more about this initiative and we had the chance to participate in a chokcok art activity – this was one of the popular street artworks around and we did a mini version of it on canvas for keepsake. ;)

 photo 020914DSC04543.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04544.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04484.jpg
A souvenir from Delos ;)

서울시 강남구논현로 520,
Yeok sam 1 dong, South Korea


We left to Garuso-gil for lunch and desserts before visiting one of the most popular Belif stores in Korea.

 photo 020914DSC04621.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04630.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04650.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04655.jpg
Deux creme at garosugil – definitely one of my favourite places for tarts in Korea and would definitely head back for more next time ;)

 photo 020914DSC04685.jpg
Wearing a skirt, upcoming on Klarra ;)

 photo 020914DSC04686.jpg  photo 020914DSC04687.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04727.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04718.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04714.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04690.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04703.jpg            

A little about Belif if you are new to the brand: 
Belif was first introduced by LG Household & Healthcare, one of the largest cosmetic companies in Korea. It offers a true herbal cosmetic brand which is formulated with superior ingredients and introduces efficacy in the safest and most honest way possible. It stands for the ‘trust’ and ‘belief’ that the brand hopes to deliver these values through its ingredients, formula and quality assurance.  

Belif was conceived from the herbal recipes and philosophy of Duncan Napier, a respected botanist and herbalist who opened the first herbal shop and clinic in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. in 1860. Applying Napiers’ 150   years of traditional herbal extraction and processing methods to its cosmetic products, belif labels the ingredients truthfully just as they are. The products are dermatologically tested and do not contain synthetic preservatives, synthetic colour, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil & animal origin ingredients. 

Belif was also first launched in Singapore in January 2012 in Wisma Atria, and currently has 6 store locations island wide:
Junction 8 #01-28B (Tel: 6734-8615) | Jurong Point #01-01 (Tel: 6794-3873)   Plaza Singapura (New wing) #01-61 (Tel: 6884-8662) | Suntec City #02-337 (Tel: 6837-0211)   TANGS VivoCity #01-187 (Tel: 6278-5751) | Wisma Atria #B1-64 (Tel: 6836-6409)

If you are keen to give the products a try, do pop by any of their stores to sample them ;)


The day ended with a farewell dinner with the Belif team at a really lovely rooftop restaurant at Garuso-gil. <3

 photo 020914DSC04745.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04731.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04769.jpg

 photo 020914DSC04806.jpg
The belif team, Korea and Singapore – missing Elaine!

 photo 020914DSC04804.jpg    
A shot with the Korean marketing manager, James from Korea and together with the president of Belif Singapore, Doreen and VDL ambassador, Cheryl ;)

Thank you Belif Korea and Singapore for such a wonderful experience in Korea. I had an amazing time and hope to be back in Korea some day soon!