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0404 HRS

Pure Colour Envy Shine


 photo 070414DSC01387.jpg

Guess what came in the mail the other day!

I always think events, anniversaries, functions and wedding dinners give us a reason to unbox/open a brand new set of make up, even though we might not have finished using the old sets – at least for me heh. #alwaysfullofexcuses So talking about that, I just attended a dear friend's wedding last week so that was a perfect time for me to test on these new Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks from Estée Lauder!
 photo 070414DSC01405.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01407.jpg
Thanks to the Estée Lauder team, I received four of the 16 cool and lovely shades namely (from left to right) to try:
1. 410 Mischievous Rose
2. 320 Surreal Sun
3. 110 Nude Angel
4. 210 Graceful

Kinda into all kinds of pink hues lately so my favourite shade of the lot would be the one on the extreme right – 210 Graceful. More pictures below to show you the shades!

You are probably thinking what's special about the Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick, and as the name sounds, the highlights of this range are the shiny texture and that it is able to sculpt your lips naturally, smartly. The shine feature illuminates, sculpts and defines your lips, making them look fuller and at the same time, shiny for long hours.  As for the sculpting feature, it introduces an advanced true vision technology which encompasses innovative sculpted pigments to provide colour that is multi-dimensional, giving your lips a sculpted look. With the Shine and Sculpting features, we will be able to have our lips shaped with a uniform layer of brilliant, fresh color with a high-shine finish.

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick range is developed with hyaluronic acid which helps to attract, capture and seal in moisture for continuous hydration! The lips will definitely feel softer, smoother, more supple and stay continuously moisturized throughout the day – especially for most of us who spend long hours outside at work.

Apart from the above mentioned, you'll be happy to know that the Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks are designed specially for Asian women, with colours that are complement most of our skin-tones and enhance/brighten our complexion ;)

 photo 070414DSC01408.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01417.jpg

What I like about the Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is that it is housed in a new, enviable sleek, slim, luxurious lipstick case and additionally, it has an innovative magnetic closure. The latter helps to close the case perfectly, conveniently and most importantly, securely with a click. My old lippies somehow have caps that fall off easily when put together with my other beauty products and many a time, the lippies stained my entire pouch plus other products and I had a hard time clearing that up!


The lipstick shades were all very intense and I tested out three of my favourite shades amongst the four as these three shades are what I would wear on a daily basis!

Prepared for the wedding dinner and have gotten ready with full makeup except lippie. More below – showing you the three shades that I've tested out ;)
 photo 070414DSC01429.jpg photo 070414DSC01427.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01420.jpg photo 070414DSC01421.jpg

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
320 Surreal Sun

 photo 070414DSC01543.jpg  photo 070414DSC01604.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01511.jpg  photo 070414DSC01541.jpg
As the name sounds, the sun word says that it has a tinge of orange/coral hue and it sure does! When I was much tanner, I used to enjoy using orangey pink lippie and blusher as they gave the illusion of a tanned, glowing sunkissed skintone. Pink didn't blend in well for my dark skintone back then. Have stopped tanning for years so now I'm slightly fairer and from time to time, I still enjoy using orangey pink hues (but perhaps slightly more towards the pink like this 320 Surreal Sun shade) for make up especially for beach vacations as I think they can still be very helpful to create a sunkissed skintone!

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
210 Graceful

 photo 070414DSC01525.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01566.jpg  photo 070414DSC01545.jpg
 photo 070414DSC01503.jpg  photo 070414DSC01629.jpg
 photo 070414DSC01499.jpg photo 070414DSC01491.jpg
The K-Pop craze has got me interested in all things pink and especially pink lippies! After trying out these three shades, this 210 Graceful pink shade is my favourite out of all and I think it gives the skintone a contrast. Furthermore, I feel that it makes my not-so-fair skintone fairer!

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
110 Nude Angel

 photo 070414DSC01411.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01466.jpg photo 070414DSC01458.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01450.jpg photo 070414DSC01448.jpg

I kinda like how natural this shade is, yet giving your lips a glossy healthy finish. This is the most natural shade amongst the four but it is also the lightest shade – which I think some might prefer a more obvious colour. But this to me is good for days when I prefer to keep my makeup light and simple or this can be great for events whereby you go for the dark, fully lined eyes and balance out the heavy eye makeup by having a nude shade on your lips!

 photo 070414DSC01396.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01391.jpg

The Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is priced at SGD$45 each and is available at all Estée Lauder counters. You can click HERE to check out the store locator ;)

Hope you enjoyed the entry and last but not least, you can also join in the fun and win yourself a gift set with SGD$100 worth of Estée Lauder products! What you have to do is:
- Wear your favorite Envy Shine color
- Take a photo and upload it to Instagram
- Hashtag #LipstickEnvyShineSG 
- From now till 30 April 2014.

10 lucky ladies will be chosen and announcement of winners will be on Estée Lauder's Facebook page  on 10 May 2014. Do join in the contest and you never know you might just be one of the winners!




0704 HRS

A Quick Update

 photo 140414DSC09791.jpg  

Attended the Nine West Private Summer'14 Preview a couple days ago and I love their Summer outfit hues this season! Nine West just brought in their first ever fashion line and you can spot a mixture of bold, striking shades for most of their designs. Will be back to share more in details with pictures!

Since we are on the topic of clothes and such, I would like to introduce one of our local accessory labels -  Rivière Accessories.

Rivière accessories
was launched about a year half back and has been well-received by the public with its statement pieces. It specializes in unique, exquisite chunky statement necklaces and love the big bold gems which are perfect to play up simple dresses. Rivière accessories also offers a wide range of other accessories such as bracelets, earrings, bags, clutches as well as accessories for your tablets!

Here are some of their latest designs:

 photo 140414RiviereLOGOLatest.jpg

 photo 1404142014-03-10154502-1.jpg  photo 1404142014-03-10154317.jpg

 photo 1404142014-02-20201000.jpg

Rivière Accessories is offering 10% discount to you guys, just quote 'Beatrice10' upon check out. Promotion ends 30th April 2014.




0604 HRS

Chicken Up

 photo 081014DSC09710.jpg

Had a date night with pooties at Chicken Up a couple of days ago because we were craving for Yangnyeom (Korean Seasoned Fried) Chicken! Was recommended to this place by a couple of Korean friends residing in Singapore as well a friend of mine, Dominic who was taking up Korean language course back then (and he was introduced by his Korean teacher or something). He told me that this place is popular amongst the Koreans here in Singapore and since we wouldn't be going to Korea anytime soon, we thought we had to pay this place a visit to satisfy our Korean Fried Chicken craving!

 photo 081014DSC09707.jpg

 photo 081014DSC09709.jpg

 photo 081014DSC09730.jpg
What I thought was really interesting was the Watermelon Soju (SGD30) – which came in the above form. Basically it was watermelon juice mixed with Soju so it tasted sweet – we both loved this drink!

 photo 081014DSC09717.jpg

 photo 081014DSC09715.jpg

 photo 081014DSC09747.jpg 
Spicy boiled chicken soup.

 photo 081014DSC09752-1.jpg
Soy fried chicken.

 photo 081014DSC09750.jpg
Original Yangnyeom chicken.

We had the buffet (SGD27.50/pax) which came with one serving of spicy boiled chicken soup and free flow fried chicken. In my opinion, the watermelon soju, soy fried chicken and the spicy boiled chicken soup were the best but the others were mediocre. Meal was good but wasn't that satisfying for us and in fact, I thought four fingers serves better soy fried chicken! Wouldn't recommend for ladies to go for buffet here because we had about 4-5 chicken each and we were so full by then.

As usual, company was awesome so it was a great night nonetheless! <3

 photo 081014DSC09742-1.jpg

 photo 081014DSC096511.jpg

 photo 081014DSC09642copy.jpg
Outfit for the date night ;)

#01-01, 48 Tanjong Pagar Road
Phone: 63271203
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 17:30 – 02:00 
Fri – Sat: 17:30 – 03:00


And whee!! I'm a happy girl today because I just received a pair of the super gorgeous limited edition 'Cherry Blossom' New Balance ML999 which was just launched in stores yesterday! 

 photo new-balance-ml999-cherry-blossom-pack-00.jpg

 photo new-balance-ml999-cherry-blossom-pack-02-1.jpg  photo new-balance-ml999-cherry-blossom-pack-01.jpg
Photos from

Chose the peach pink pair and this is probably my favourite New Balance lifestyle pair sitting in my shoe-drobe right now. Love the soft design of this model, the pastel hues and this design is definitely very apt for the term 'Cherry Blossom'! Personally think Grey is also one of the most versatile shades of all time and can't wait to mix and match them with my outfits – thank you so much, Merli! <3

P.S: This design is available at all New Balance Concept Stores, Leftfoot and limited edition stores ;)




1204 HRS


 photo 993761_10151528074796359_339393677_n.jpg

Whoop yay! The MSN TVC is out so I'm able to share the snap shots captured behind the scenes previously- although this might be pretty backdated heh.

Great thanks to Hanni, I had a chance to be cast and lucky me got the opportunity to work with an absolutely brilliant director Jay Soo, an efficient team/crew and not forgetting, MSN. This has gotta be one of the fastest shoots ever, everything was extremely well-planned and I guess that helped to speed up the entire filming process. Got to know these four macho guys (above) and if you find them familiar, you'll know that they are the special ones performing at USS: The Waterworld stunt show every week- the show where we get to witness a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, along with impressive thrills and spills from real explosions of fire! I guess that explains their body build and you can see more of their swift moves in the MSN TVC below ;)

More shots taken behind the scenes:
 photo 080414photo3.jpg

 photo 080414photo1.jpg

 photo 080414photo5.jpg

 photo 080414photo4.jpg
Reporting time was 5am and the team was so kind to prepare coffee and breakfast for us all <3

 photo 0804147.jpg

 photo 08041418.jpg 

 photo 080414178.jpg

 photo 08041416.jpg
With Hanni – Thank you ;)

 photo 08041415.jpg
That's Director Jay Soo in Blue ;)

 photo 08041412.jpg

 photo 08041413.jpg

 photo 08041419.jpg

And the final TVC ;)

MSN: Do You Know? (60s) from Jay Soo on Vimeo.

And tonight, I'm #thankful ;)

Goodnight, y'all!

 photo 010414DSC01045.jpg

Can't believe it but I actually completed a full 3-day juice cleanse by Beauty Cleanse and it feels awesome!

I've heard of a juice cleanse programme a while back but didn't think of trying until recently. If you are wondering what/how's a juice cleanse like, it's basically about nourishing your body with life-infusing nutrients by drinking gluten-free juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized), organic fruits and vegetables. To make sure that you don't get hungry easily and that you get enough nutrients, the 3-day (or 5-day) juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices. Besides providing nutrients, these juices will help to flush out accumulated toxins and shed off excess weight from our bodies – leaving us feeling lighter, cleaner and more energized. This can be exceptionally good for us because by getting rid of these toxins in our bodies, it will help us to achieve better health, radiant skin and promote the renewal of body, spirit and mind.

So I was really pretty serious about starting my juice cleanse (definitely in need of this given the amount of my favourite trufflefries intake, sheesh) and I went to do a little research. Based on reviews and recommendations, I decided to start my juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse. Not too sure if you have heard of Cherie Calbom, but she is a famous nutritionist consultant and juice expert to many international celebrities, notable people, companies in the States. She is also the author of 23 books Life/health/juice cleanse books! From what I know, Beauty Cleanse's juices are all nutritionally designed by Cherie Calbom, so I was quite excited to begin my juice cleanse with them! Last but not least, Beauty Cleanse uses The Norwalk Juice Presser which essentially retains all the important vitamins and minerals, making sure one enjoys the benefits of a juice cleanse effectively.

 photo 010414DSC00040.jpg
Everything can be easily arranged via Beauty Cleanse's website and I just had to decide on the dates and type (detox, weight loss, 3-day or 5-day). Was really happy know that delivery was fuss-free and the bottles of juices were delivered right to my doorstep the night before the start date!

 photo 010414DSC00044.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00014.jpg
Took this only on the second day so this picture shows 2/3 of the juice set. One reason why I chose Beauty Cleanse was because I had the option of including supplements as part of the juice cleanse – more below!

As mentioned earlier, the juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles a day and the blends will be repeated each day. Here are the various interesting blends:
1. Carrot Blend (carrots, celery, cucumber)
2. Light Green Blend (apple, cucumber, celery, kale, ginger)
3. Beetroot Apple Blend (beetroot, red cabbage, apple, celery, ginger)
4. Dark Green Blend (celery, cucumber, mint, romaine)
5. Honey Lemon (cayenne peppers, lemon, honey)
6. Cashew Nut Milk (cashew nuts, cinnamon, honey)

To be honest, I thought the blends tasted pretty good. I always think healthy food/drinks will be tasteless but it was a pleasant surprise to know that these juices were so easy to drink. The only blend I didn't quite like was the Dark Green Blend  – it tasted a little too raw for my liking. But the rest of the blends were smooth, tasty and if I have to pick, my top three favourite blends will be the Carrot Blend, Honey Lemon and Cashew Nut Milk (best!).

I wouldn't exactly say going on a juice cleanse was a very easy task for me because I'm quite a foodie and I do look forward to exploring food joints, going on brunch/meal dates etc. So as you can imagine, it was quite a tough challenge for me to stay away from solid food for 72 hours! To make it more manageable for myself, I arranged the juice cleanse dates carefully and scheduled/pushed away my meetings/outings to other days except for that three particular days. I suppose by not going out, I wouldn't feel hungry at the sight/smell of food and that this will prevent me from even thinking of breaking my juice cleanse. And to be honest, that certainly helped – I was starting to feel hungry at the end of the second day and but that kinda forced me to head to bed early (enforcing good habits heh).

Moving on to the supplements, the juice set came with:
 photo 010414DSC09990.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00020.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00022.jpg

The supplements served as additional benefits for the body and I took them in the morning after my first bottle of juice. The only thing I thought you should note in advance would be the Colosan Powder. A juice cleanse guide was sent to me before the cleanse started and the Colosan Powder was advised to be taken at the start of the day. This powder basically acts like a laxative and I actually went toilet for at least 4 times a day. A thorough cleanse indeed!

How my 3-day routine was like:
 photo 010414DSC09979.jpg

 photo 010414DSC09989.jpg
9.30am: Started off with warm lemon water first, drinking half of the Carrot Blend with one tablespoon of Colosan Powder *laxative effect*, followed by more warm lemon water and finishing up the entire carrot blend.
11.30am: Started sipping on the Light Green Blend (was advised to sip throughout the day and not drink the whole bottle at one go)
1.30 pm: Beetroot Apple Blend
3.30pm: Dark Green Blend
6.30pm: Spicy Lemonade
9.30pm: Cashew nut milk (advised to drink it one hour before bedtime)

Reading the juice cleanse guide, it's important to start the day with Carrot Blend (where you will add the colosan powder and shake/mix them together) and always end with Cashew Nut Milk. I repeated these steps for consecutive three days after. More about my experience below ;)

 photo 010414DSC00030.jpg

DAY ONE: These juices were needed to be kept refrigerated and perhaps I was drinking these cold juices the entire day, I actually felt pretty cold (more so in an air-conditioned room) and I had to bring a jacket along with me when I headed out. I thought I was going to feel hungry around lunch but I was surprised that I wasn't. And again, I was expecting myself to be hungry during dinner time but I didn't too. I didn't feel hungry at all for the entire day and that was definitely a first for me. Didn't feel uncomfortable, lethargic, restless nor dizzy. I've been having constipation problem for the longest time and I was actually really happy that I managed to make quite a few runs to the bathroom due to the Colosan Laxative powder! Glad that the first day passed by smoothly and I felt good, somewhat healthier and lighter.

DAY TWO: I get bloated easily so I try not to drink anything two hours before my sleep. But to adhere to the juice cleanse routine, I had my Cashew Nut Milk an hour or so before bedtime so I think that got me a little bloated. Went to seek help from the experts at Beauty Cleanse and I was told that one of the main causes was mostly likely due to my previous diet (high salt intake etc). Solutions going forward were firstly, to drink a glass of warm water before meals, secondly to incorporate celery into daily diet as it contains sodium and potassium needed for water balance. Not forgetting, drinking some peppermint, camomile tea after meals or taking Probiotic supplements Acidophilus at night would help. So I made myself some hot camomile tea during tea break in hopes to ease off the bloat I felt for the day.  Happy to have many more runs to the bathroom due to my Colosan Powder intake in the morning. Phew, good thing I kept the three days free from meetings and stayed in the office.

By evening time, I was starting to feel hungry but it wasn't that bad and I rested early so weird cravings won't surface on my mind.

DAY THREE: The hot tea on the previous day definitely helped – I felt much less bloated. Besides that, it was pretty amazing how two days of juices and toilet runs can make one feel so much healthier and lighter! I was feeling great physically and mentally knowing that I didn't give in to my temptations for the past two days and that I was on the final day of the cleanse. And when the night came, I'm done with the 3-day cleanse. Whoop!

Not only did I feel that the body system was cleansed, I definitely felt great, much lighter, healthier which I haven't exactly felt for a while. Surprisingly, I felt quite energetic although I didn't have any solid food for the past three days and somehow, I wasn't thinking about food too. Instead, my body was getting quite used to the juice cleanse. Happy to know that I managed to follow through the juice cleanse and very glad that I did this!

 photo 010414DSC00043.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00031.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00037.jpg  

 photo 010414DSC00034.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00113.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00104.jpg

As advised by Beauty Cleanse, I should consume raw food for the first few days after the cleanse as this will provide the body with vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and more while preparing the digestion system to deal with cooked food again. The body system was probably just getting used to cleanse and so it might cause one to feel nauseous, to have stomach cramps etc if I were to break the juice cleanse immediately by taking in red meat etc. So as to ensure the body gradually gets back to the normal daily meals intake, I was told to avoid red meat, dairy products or fried food. Instead, have more steamed fish, brown rice and fruits etc. It was definitely an eat-clean week ;D
Just thought of sharing the experience as I personally felt that I benefited from the 3-day program. Service was a grade-A because it was very personalized and the team was very attentive too. Beauty Cleanse has a few different types of juice cleanse programmes – for weight loss, for detoxing etc and I did the detoxing 3-day program ;)

If you are keen, you can find out more at Beauty Cleanse's website!