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1202 HRS

The Monocle Cafe

 photo 200215DSC04471 copy.jpg 

 photo 200215DSC04468.jpg   

 photo 200215DSC04473.jpg

 photo 190215photo2.jpg
Gotten the latest copy.

 photo 190215xxphoto2.jpg    
Latte ftw ;)

 photo 190215ddddphoto.jpg
Lovely companions for the afternoon.

 photo 190215photo1.jpg
Hello shasha

 photo 200215DSC04000.jpg

 photo 200215DSC03806.jpg

 photo 200215DSC03813.jpg

As mentioned in the earlier entry, I was overjoyed to know that Monocle has set up its fourth cafe here Singapore (Tokyo, Hong Kong & London being the first three)!

Sharon introduced the Monocle magazine to me last year and it has since then, been one of my favourite magazines. As what Wikipedia quoted, the Monocle magazine 'aims to provide a global perspective on international affairs, business, culture, design, and fashion.'. I like how the magazine is also described as a "meeting between Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair". Sharon and myself particularly enjoy reading the travel segment. We thought the articles were short, easy to digest,  well written with succinct and useful information on the various places of interest.

Founded by Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian entrepreneur, Financial Times columnist, and was previously the founder of Wallpaper magazine – one of the most influential style and fashion magazines in the 90s. You won't believe it when I said we met him (together with his mom) right at the Monocle cafe that afternoon. Always excited to meet entrepreneurs and I was a little starstruck. He was really friendly to us all and we had the latest edition signed by him too ;)

Wanted to visit the Monocle cafe back then in London together with Sharon but we were in a rush and didn't manage to locate it – only managed to pass by the retail shop. Making it a point to check it out if I head back there.

In case you are wondering if the monocle cafe here in Singapore serves food, it doesn't. It serves only coffee and is more of a bureau, retail shop. Coffee will be complimentary if you get a copy of the latest edition but if not, it's S$6 for a cuppa. Tasted pretty good in my opinion and I spent almost 3 full hours there at their backyard, rapt in conversations with friends. Love the quaint location, the mysterious vibe and certainly a lovely place for an afternoon coffee/read.

If you are keen to visit, it's located at Chip Bee Gardens ;)

The Monocle Café
74 Jalan Kelabu Asap
Singapore 278267

Monday to Sunday 11am to 8pm
+65 64751791




0202 HRS

Lunar New Year 2015

 photo 190215DSC04034.jpg


The long weekend passed by really quickly and again, the holidays have come to an end. Had ample rest this Lunar new year and felt pretty recharged when I got back to work on Monday ;)

As usual, CNY was a simple, quiet affair. The first four days were decently spilt between home, relatives, friends and I liked it that we weren't rushing from places to places. Surprisingly, my parents were rather cool with me having my own programmes and I managed to skip all visiting, spending the bulk of my time resting at home.

The more interesting events that happened would – in no chronological order, be:
1. Late night movie with pooties – we caught Kingsman and it was pretty entertaining. So glad we went Cathay, they have the best cinema-mixed-sweet-salted-popcorns in my opinion.
2. Leisure gambling at Ming's place which I went home with losses – not the luckiest when it comes to gambling. No, never lucky.
3. Learning how to play Mahjong at Linny's place – plus catching up with her and her little kiddo, Evangeline.
4. Learning how to play poker with my university mates – a winning of $2. *jumps*
5. Went for a 60-min spinning class with Sharon – good, good workout and I'm aching right now. Class was almost empty but I liked it that way. Might be a good idea to plan workouts during festivities.
6. Visited The Monocle Cafe & bought a copy of favourite magazine – so, so stoked that it came to Singapore. And did I mention that we met the founder, Tyler Brûlé (and his mom)?  *starstruck*
7. Two-hour lunch date with June – Finally caught up with this dear girl over favourite banana butterscotch cake, caesar salad and tea at P.S Cafe Dempsey.


There, quite an enjoyable long weekend ;)

Accidentally left my camera with Linny, so am using random shots taken with my phone for a quick visual update on the past few days:

 photo EvernoteCameraRoll20150224125023.jpg
A visit to Granny’s is a must on the first day of CNY. As usual, most of us visitors will naturally load our bags down in coussie Eunice’s room and make ourselves comfortable. She decided to introduce 'welcome signs' in her room which were very….. eye-catching.

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-24at71206pm.png
(Taken two years ago) Reunited with my homies this new year once again *rawr*

 photo 190215DSC04022.jpg

 photo 190215DSC04034.jpg 

 photo 190215DSC04033.jpg
She said this was the Zombie pose.

 photo 190215EvernoteCameraRoll20150224125133.jpg
My uncle's new method of tossing YuSheng and how at ease this put us when tossing. Totally ingenious!!

 photo d190215dphoto.jpg

 photo 190215EvernoteCameraRoll20150224125110.jpg
Quite a bliss doing nothing at home for a couple of hours on the first day. Caught up on my reads while sipping on Osulloc green tea – heard so much about this brand and certainly looking forward to visit the cafe if I visit Korea. Thank you Elaine for the gift!

 photo 190215photo2.jpg
At the monocle cafe. Favourite magazine. New favourite hang out. Grabbed a copy of the latest issue which came with a complimentary cuppa coffee.

A more detailed update on Dayre (@beatricesays), by the way!




0902 HRS

Tour-guide for a day

 photo 140215DSC03592.jpg

As mentioned in the previous post, my Korean friend Bom Soon was here on business. He extended the trip for three more days and since he was here alone, I thought I'll get my friend Kristy (who speaks a little Korean) along to show him around Singapore.

The first few places that surfaced on my mind were Sentosa, The Zoo, Night Safari, Orchard Road & Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Many of which he visited days before I met him but when asked where/what else he was interested to visit/do, he specifically mentioned The Singapore Flyer, observation deck of MBS as well as getting gifts such as traditional Kaya and chili crab sauce.

With all these in mind, the plan went like this.


Thought Holland Village would be a good place to bring Bom Soon as there were multiple eateries (where he could get Kaya from Yakun), a variety of artsy shops and gift shops we could visit.

Decided on Chinese cuisine and we started the day later with a quick lunch at Crystal Jade. Since we had a bit of time to kill before heading to our next destination, we agreed that coffee/tea after a meal was a good idea. Popped by d'Good Cafe for a cuppa and continued chatting. Before we knew it, two hours have passed!

 photo 140215DSC03561.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03567.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03577.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03575.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03581.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03592.jpg


Thankfully Kristy drove, we were right on schedule for our next activity – The Singapore Flyer.

Being tour-guides for the very first time and aiming to show our friend the most of Singapore, we decided to park at MBS instead. We took a stroll along The Helix Bridge, (my first time doing this in the day actually), briefly introducing the Marina Bay area, enjoying the unblocked view of ArtScience Museum and MBS.

 photo 140215DSC03644.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03626.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03634ss.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03645.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03649.jpg  photo 140215DSC03648.jpg
Doing touristy stuff together ;D

 photo 140215DSC03651small.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03664.jpg  photo 140215DSC03661.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03676.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03682.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03687.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03712.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03710.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03698.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03697.jpg


How can Bom Soon leave without trying our local delights?

Kristy and myself were still pondering where should we go for a local feast. Due to time constraint (we underestimated the duration of our walk), we settled for Singapore Food Trail which was located just right below the Flyer. 

Not too sure if this was new, but the place was uniquely 1960s themed and we managed to find almost all kinds of local delights. Standard of food was pretty good in fact, except for Kang Kong which was quite disappointing. Bom Soon really liked the Hokkien Mee and I thought that was one of the better ones I had too. #localfoodftw

 photo 140215DSC03718.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03721.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03730.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03724.jpg

We ended the day with a movie, supper at Rochor beancurd (thought this would be another must-try in Singapore) and headed home to rest after sending Bom Soon back.

Dead beat but it was an enjoyable day. *smiles*

Come to think of it, it was actually quite fun to play host and explore Singapore in the eyes of a 'tourist'. Feeling a lil embarrassed to say that I haven't quite noticed how clean and beautiful Singapore is. How accessible and how safe our country is. How globally connected we are..

Although some seem to fly in the face of a strict government, but perhaps that's how amazingly organized we are, yet again – safe and being able to live in such a holistic environment and enjoy world-class infrastructure. Definitely agree that it's one of the best cities to live in and am proud to be called a Singaporean ;D

Making it a point this year to write more and update more consistently.

Have been rather active on Dayre, where I recently updated with two wordy posts.

Been a long while since I've written something & I'm kinda enjoying it. Taking it as a way to practise writing and as a base for memories, reflections.  Always remember this statement I came across very randomly – 'what gets us from experience to understanding is reflection." Many of us have the tendency to focus on the negative when problems arise and I myself am no exception. Jotting it down and sharing can be a good exercise at times. Perhaps once we look back on those entries, the reflection exercise could be useful in encouraging us to think about the positive in a structured and safe way, don't you think?

More musings on Dayre (@beatricesays) if you are keen and leaving the pictorial entries here for the blog instead.

Be back soon!

P.S: Happy Lunar New Year!




0802 HRS

An old pal in town

Can you believe it's already mid February of 2015? It's startling how time flies, especially in the recent few years.

I remember when I was approaching my 21st birthday, the adults used to tell me that once we've passed that, time will just go so quickly and before we know it, it's probably 5 years down the road. So here am I typing this while I'm trying to recall what happened for the past years and I can hardly remember anything.

Thank goodness for this journal to safe keep memories of the past. With that said, it's time for another update and here we go again ;)

An old Korean friend of mine visited Singapore this week for business and it was also the first time we met here in Singapore.

His name is Choi Bom Soon, and I've known him for about 5 years since 2010 back at LG's international blogger forum (my first 'work-trip) which took place in South Korea. He was the PR/events guy handling LG's account and also one of the few who spoke English. I guess that didn't take us all long to become friends ;)

For the past few years, a very fortunate me had the opportunity to visit Korea for work a couple of times – once for Korea Tourism Board and once for a press trip for Belif/VDL. And each time when I'm back there, I'll definitely meet Bom Soon up for a meal at least to have a catch up. It's always then I wish I had learned the language to better communicate with the Korean pals and besides that, it would be really awesome to be able to use that to understand the culture even more. Korea is definitely one of my favourite countries and in fact, a couple of friends and I intend to make visiting Korea a yearly affair and *fingers crossed* I think we might be heading there in April!

 photo 140215DSC03534.jpg
With pooties & Bom Soon. I thought it will be really nice if Pooties joins us for dinner as she (together with my another friend, Sharon) will be my Korea travelmates in April. Even if our trip doesn't realize, I suppose it's always a good thing to introduce good pals to each other and it'd be fun if any of us visits each other's hometown!

Was contemplating where to bring Bom Soon for his first leisure meal and as the meet up was pretty last minute, we had to play with options around town and decided on Hai Di Lao. Glad we didn't have to wait long and were seated around 15 minutes later.

 photo 140215DSC03527.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03518.jpg
Look at how happy pooties was <3

The past few times at Hai Di Lai were always with Pooties. I tried the one in China before and I thought the standard here in Singapore was comparable – except that the HDL in China had a lot more variety of food.

 photo 140215DSC03521.jpg
We never fail to order the fried 'nian gao' whenever we visit Hai Di Lao. Thanks Pooties for the recommendation and it has now become our must-have ;)

 photo 140215DSC03530.jpg 

 photo 140215DSC03529.jpg

 photo 140215DSC03514.jpg
Hello old pal ;D

The night ended pretty early as we were all pretty exhausted from work. We gave Bom Soon a lift back to his apartment before parting ways.

And since I'm at the topic of how Bom soon and I met, I thought it would be fun to dig up some old photos to see how much we've changed!

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-16at42540pm.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-16at42517pm.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-16at42531pm.png

 photo 140215IMG_0873.jpg

 photo 140215IMG_0876.jpg


APRIL 2014
 photo 140215DSC05326.jpg  


 photo 140215DSC03531.jpg

Besides the change in hairstyles, definitely all grown up. Good to catch up with you once again, dear pal and welcome to Singapore ;)




1101 HRS

Of Happy Occasions

 photo 020115IMG_5313.jpg

Sharon and myself had a date at one of our favourite hoods over the weekend and we decided to skip the usual brunches and head for a traditional one instead. Been a while since we did this and always happy to spend time together just like what we did during our Europe travel. They always say you get to know a person much better during travels and we are actually quite thankful to know that we can be pretty good travel buddies. Am already starting to look forward to our next trip together and we are in fact planning for one in the next quarter of the year ;D

   photo 020115DSC01830.jpg  photo 020115DSC01828.jpg

Been spending quite a bit of time working on Klarra's designs for the past few months and was really excited when I received the latest batch of designs last week. One of which was a romper + tulle set which was created after working on the sample for weeks with the team/factory – I honestly am quite happy with the workmanship, quality for this and this is one of my favourite designs in this batch for sure!

Dressing down in the romper for the day and adding on the tulle skirt together with a change of shoes – all ready for a wedding dinner :)

 photo 020115DSC01926.jpg

 photo 020115DSC01876.jpg

 photo 020115DSC02120.jpg

 photo 020115DSC02118.jpg  

 photo 020115DSC02067.jpg

 photo 020115DSC02063.jpg
You can view more about this outfit here ;) Personally like this shade although most of my friends like the bondi blue one instead!

A happy occasion to witness the union of dear Gloria & her partner, Glenn last Saturday. Knew Gloria back during my UBS internship days and we've been keeping in touch over the years and glad to have met them up in London a couple of months back when I was there (Glenn is working as a lawyer in the UK and Gloria is working as a banker there as well). They have been in a long distance relationship for years and really heartwarming to see that they came this far and finally tied the knot that night. Two of the most capable and humble people I've met and very, very happy for them to see them entering on a new phase of life ;)

 photo 020115DSC01813.jpg 

 photo 020115DSC01812.jpg 
Met a bunch of lovely new friends too ;)

Congratulations once again, Glenn and Gloria!