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Fiji Travelogue #4 | Outrigger Resort

   photo 040516DSC05508.jpg  photo 040516DSC05505.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05499.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05515.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05518.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05512.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05525.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05560.jpg   

 photo 040516DSC05567.jpg

 photo 040516DSC05562.jpg

We shifted and stayed in 4 hotels altogether during the week in Fiji.

The next hotel we left to after Sau Bay Fiji was to Outrigger Fiji. Outrigger is a 5 star resort located in the heart of Fiji's Coral Coast and is set on a white sand.
Everyone we met along the way knew about this resort and had good comments about it.
It is in fact a chain of resorts, situated in Hawaii, New Zealand, Guam and Australia too.

We felt very welcomed into the resort and for sure, service never fails in Fiji. The room we had was facing the beach and we spent the evening watching sunset from our room before we went off to explore the compound and have dinner. Sunset was absolutely beautiful with the purple sky..

Did i also mention we tried Kokonda (the last picture) for the first time?

We heard about this dish since the start of our trip and this is a traditional food in FIji. it's a cold dish (more of an appetizer), made up of raw fish marinated and soaked in citrus juice over night, and then served inside a bowl of coconut milk. We had this dish a couple of times at different places and it seemed to have a few ways to go about preparing it. If you are staying in the outrigger, do try it at the fine-dining restaurant there. I do enjoy this dish and will absolutely have it again if I see it.




0905 HRS

Fiji Travelogue #3 | Sau Bay Fiji

We had a three-night stay at Sau Bay Fiji and this place is quite a hidden gem I must say.

Sau Bay Fiji is a private luxury boutique resort nestled on a shore and surrounded by virgin rainforest. It's not a huge compound with about 4-5 cottages + a safari tent cottage (this was really cool) and I actually think that's the beauty of this place. Quaint, cozy, very private and safe. 

One great thing about Fiji is you could experience a whole range of activities from soft adventure to extreme sports. At Sau Bay, it wasn't just a stay, but you could easily go for hiking (there is climb just behind the resort where you can explore the nature and see the sun rise/set etc), kayaking, snorkelling, sailing & scuba diving. The resort has a private boat to take you anytime. Besides that, it also offers village tours which we wanted to experience very much. In case you are thinking if there's any other things to do in Sau Bay, they do have in-house masseuse and you'll love the view from the spa house (pictures below).


 photo 040416DSC04471.jpg 

The cottage where we stayed.

 photo 0204161DSC04325.jpg   photo 0204161DSC04339.jpg   

 photo 0204161DSC04346.jpg  photo 0204161DSC04341.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04347.jpg  
View from our room.

  photo 040416DSC04366.jpg 
Perfect day to hide in the shade to read a book.

 photo 040416DSC04365.jpg 
Walking down to the other cottages.

 photo 040416DSC04570.jpg
In Klarra's v-back romper.

 photo 0204161DSC04322.jpg
The common area for drinks, breakfasts and chilling out. There's a bar there as well.

 photo 040416DSC04360.jpg  
Daily homemade bread and love this.

 photo 040416DSC04399.jpg 

 photo 040416DSC04424.jpg
Homemade breakfast with eggs of your choice – love how everything can be customized and how flexible the hosts were.

 photo 040416DSC04412.jpg 

 photo 040416DSC04437.jpg 
The safari tent which can accommodate a family of 3-5 people.

 photo 040416DSC04440.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04388.jpg
Wearing Klarra's slit front maxi skirt.

 photo 040416DSC04450.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04454.jpg
Spot that heart shape formed by this tree, one of the favourite spots for couple & wedding shoots.

 photo 040416DSC04669.jpg
Both Nigel and Carol own four lovely dogs who kept us company during our walks <3

 photo 040416DSC04694.jpg 
Walking by the beach with this little one. Wearing the stripe shift dress from Klarra.

 photo 040416DSC04432.jpg

 photo 040416DSC04430.jpg
This is where the massage/spa house is and look at that beautiful uninterrupted view of the ocean and mountains.

 photo 040416DSC04646z.jpg
Wearing a maxi slit skirt from Klarra but this time in my favourite blush tone ;)

Sau Bay Fiji is owned by a very lovely couple named Nigel and Carol. They were such great hosts with impeccable service and we had nothing to worry about. Both of them made sure we got to experience Fiji to the fullest within the short span of time, had everything arranged from head to toe and that we were well-taken care of.

Nigel and Carol also made sure that we met the other guests and vice versa – it was a joy making new friends and it definitely made us even more comfortable knowing who were our neighbours during the stay. The other guests staying at the resort were recurring customers and we have heard how much they loved coming to Sau Bay for a respite and how beautiful a place it was for diving. Not forgetting, I could see Sau Bay Fiji as a lovely place for weddings, honeymoon or a couple/family get away if you would like somewhere quiet and private. I'm very confident you would get the best service from Nigel and Carol ;)

I grew fond of this place, the people, and left the place feeling a little sad. If I were to highlight what's best apart from the beautiful resort and how clean it was, it has got to be the amazing service. Nigel, Carol and the others such as Bella, Emily etc from the resort, new friends from Australia, and California such as Jim, Rhonda, Jon etc made our stay there fun, beautiful and memorable (bummed that I didn't manage to capture a photo with them). The people were very genuine and I definitely hope to see them some day in the near future x

If you would like to find out more about Sau Bay Fiji, do click on the below:




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Fiji Travelogue #2 | Taveuni

Tourism Fiji has planned an itinerary which covered two main areas of Fiji, the earlier one was Nadi (where the international airport is located at) and the other was Tavenui.

Tavenui is the third largest island in Fiji, and is known to the the 'garden' of Fiji. Because of the islands’ tropical South Pacific location, Fiji consists of various rich natural resources, rainforests and mineral resources. Many crops and plants can only grow there due to the soil being volcanic in origin and central parts of the island receive very high rainfall rates too. With that said, that has supported the island's agriculture very much. This island is also popular with tourists, reasons being that it has great diving spots, bush walks and waterfalls.

 photo dd0204161DSC03946_1.jpg

The domestic flight from Nadi to Tavenui took about an hour half and we sat in a propeller plane. The plane was small and could sit approximately 18 people and I probably had the best (and most exciting) seat – just right behind the driver. The crew had to take our weight as well as the luggage's weight and everything was measured rather accurately. It was a cozy ride and you wouldn't miss any of your flight mates. It was also quite an experience that we arrived at the airport early and we could just hop on to the earlier flight to our destination.

Tavenui only has one airport named Matei Airport. Very interesting airport that has a little canteen there with limited assortments, some classic and essential accessories as well as homemade tea snacks.

 photo 0204161DSC03996.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04037.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04032.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04024.jpg

We were picked up by the resort's driver and together with a group of new friends (who happened to be staying in the same resort as we were), we were to Bouma waterfall next.

Bourma waterfalls, also known as Tavoro Waterfalls, are a spectacular series of three waterfalls nestled within the Bouma National Heritage Park. They epitomise the 'garden island', where Taveuni is famous for. The first waterfall was an easy stroll, which took us about 15 minutes to get there. The challenge came when we continued to the second one – which took us about 45 minutes. We had to cross a river to get there and the paths could be rather rocky. But we had a good view of the park and sea as we went, so definitely no complains for that. We didn't carry on to the third as it was getting quite challenging in terms of strength and stamina.

We took about 2 hours to complete the hike and I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend this as part of itinerary if you are visiting Taveuni.

 photo 0204161DSC04156.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04184.jpg  

  photo 0204161DSC04127.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04093.jpg  photo 0204161DSC04089.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC04088.jpg
Meet Jon, our new friend from California.

 photo 0204161DSC04069.jpg   

 photo dd0204161DSC04211.jpg

Our stay destination was at Sau Bay Fiji Retreat – a beautiful private resort which we stayed for three nights. I'm excited to share with you visuals of this resort and how the stay went. Will be back in the next post for more!




0404 HRS

Fiji Travelogue #1 | Nadi

Bula ;)
This was the first word I heard when I arrived in Fiji and it was said in an enthusiastic way by everyone we met along the way.

The word 'Bula' actually means 'Life' and it's used as a greeting for hello as well as to imply wishes for continued good health and happiness. The Fijian people are extremely warm, friendly and I'm very surprised by their genuine hospitality and enthusiasm. Almost everyone waved and smiled without hesitation as we travelled on the roads and we definitely felt very welcomed.

Anyway, mummykins and I had the opportunity to embark on a travel journey arranged by Tourism Fiji with the help of Nuffnang, and we were happily whisked away to this beautiful place. Just to give some background of the place, Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, an archipelago of more than 330 islands with capital being, Suva. (taken from Wikipedia).  If I were to associate any popular travel neighbours, they would be Australia and New Zealand.

Population of the country is approximately 800,000 and people in Fiji speak Fijian and also speak English language very well. Currency is Fijian dollars and if you are curious about the exchange rate, as of now, SGD1 = FJD1.53.

Our flight to Fiji was long. We took a flight to Hong Kong for 4 hours, had a 5-hour transit and followed by a 10-hour flight to Fiji, Nadi International Airport. So all in, we took about 20 hours to arrive in Fiji but I must say we were very well-taken care of during the transits (thanks Tourism Fiji!).

And part of the reason why I'm excited to share the travel posts of Fiji is because Fiji Airways has just been launched (on April 6) in Singapore! You will be happy to know that going to Fiji from Singapore is a breeze now – it's a direct 8-hour flight.  

I'm very glad to know of this because after being in Fiji, I really think Fiji has a lot to offer. Shan't go on too much in words and will let the pictures do the talking ;)

 photo 0603161DSC03940blog_1.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC03769.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC03773.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03776.jpg
'Rosie Holidays' is one of the best travel agencies to contact if you would like someone to plan your trips for you. I've to say their service was amazing and for each car ride, wifi was available too.

 photo 0103161DSC_0409 copy.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC_0416.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC_0415.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC_0403.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC_0405.jpg

 photo 020416IMG_3608.jpg
Our first stop was breakfast at 'Taste Fiji'. Gotta love freshly baked breads and always love having eggs + toast for breakfast. Service was great – people we met were absolutely friendly. And if you take a closer look at the above picture, what is uniquely Fiji are the crunchy chips. They seem like Yam chips but they aren't – they are sliced and fried breadfruit (do try this if you are there!). Breadfruit is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry family (Moraceae) originating in the South Pacific and is as a staple food in Fiji as well asmany cultures. From my understanding, boiled breadfruit is a famous main meal in Fiji.


 photo 0103161DSC03807.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC03811.jpg

 photo 010316101031610103161DSC03818.jpg 

  photo 0103161DSC03834.jpg 

 photo 0103161DSC03837.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC03843.jpg

 photo 0103161DSC03828.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03848.jpg  photo 020416DSC03850.jpg  photo 020416DSC03854.jpg
Wearing Klarra's Asymmetrical T-back dress. I do like the high neck cut in front and I always think Asymmetrical dresses help to give the illusion of longer legs ;)

 photo 0103161DSC03894.jpg   

 photo J0103161DSC03890.jpg     

 photo 0103161DSC03878.jpg 

Tourism Fiji had arranged an itinerary which allowed us to experience different stays during our trip and so we had our first stay at Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa.

Sofitel Fiji is located beachfront on Denarau Island with all rooms overlooking the South Pacific sea. True enough, we had a room with an unblocked view of the sea and a great view of one of the main (gorgeous) pools. We also had a pampering spa session arranged by the hotel at So SPA right after check in. Our stay at Sofitel was just one night and it was a pity that we couldn't experience the pool because it was pouring shortly after our Spa session. But the good thing was the resort has restaurants and bars for us to enjoy as we explore the compound. They had seats in the lobby by the bookshelves with books for you to read as well.

In anycase, we had a lovely dinner hosted by Michael Bell from Sofitel Fiji. Dinner was at V Restaurant, the fine-dining restaurant located in the hotel compound. The quality of our meal and the service were great, and if were to look at the last picture above, that's Mahi Mahi -  a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide (source: Wikipedia) and is a popular fish in Fiji.

It was definitely our pleasure to have met Michael on our first day of the trip because he shared so much with us on the interesting things of Fiji – especially the culture. Looking forward to share more in this space, and for now, I'll end it off here x




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Bangkok Getaway

 photo 0204161DSC03524.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03355.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03404.jpg
Marble <3

 photo 0204161DSC03417.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03423.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03388.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03633.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03575.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03599.jpg
Wearing the v-neck textured dress from Klarra.

 photo 0204161DSC03649.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03646.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03454.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03453.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03433.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03481.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03492.jpg

 photo 0204161DSC03346.jpg 

 photo 0204161DSC03331.jpg

  photo 020416DSC03668.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03677.jpg

 photo 020416DSC03679.jpg

It was a beautiful weekend spent in Bangkok.

Dean booked a weekend stay over at one of his favourite hotels – Sofitel So Bangkok and off we went. Lucky us had a complimentary upgrade to the suite and full member facilities, so we did have a ball of time that weekend – thanks Sofitel So!

Before I go on, meet Dean :) I did a brief introduction of him on my Dayre previously and thought I'd share some facts about him here as well.

Dean is from Macedonia, a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe (near Greece), with approximately 2 million population. The country uses Macedonian Denar (MKD) as their currency, people speak Macedonian and if you know the country, you would know that it is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia – from which it declared independence in 1991. Macedonia is also a landlocked country (meaning it's entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas).

I met Dean in Singapore early last year at a seminar and we've kept in touch since then. He is based in Bangkok (still is) since I met him and to be honest, I was initially wondering if it would be difficult with the distance. I've not experienced any relationship out of Singapore and this was a first. The good thing is that Bangkok is not that far from Singapore and it's pretty easy to get flights around. Besides that, am thankful for technology which allows us to have free calls every now and then which definitely helps a lot with communication.

Anyway, taking about Bangkok, try Kuppadeli if you are around Asoke area! It's quite a nice place with good quality food. Dean knows I love visiting new places and we aim to visit at least one during each Bangkok or Singapore trip.


219/1A The Pride – Asoke Towers, Sukhumvit 21,
Khlongtoey Nua, Wattana,
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 664 2350

Keeping the write up short and am prepping for bed now. One of 2016 resolutions is to sleep + wake u early (aiming at before 12am and 7am respectively) and I'm intending to keep to 70% of the promise *cross fingers*. With that said…..

Goodnight guys x




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Italy | Rome

 photo 010116DSC02202.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02204.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02211.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02301.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02259.jpg
 photo 010116DSC02254.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02251.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02318.jpg
 photo 010116DSC02329.jpg
 photo 010116DSC02332.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02319.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02320.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02324.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02398.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02406.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02387.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02537.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02493.jpg


 photo 010116DSC02552.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02555.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02561.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02567.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02575.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02592.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02650.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02672.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02720.jpg

 photo 010116DSC02759.jpg




1102 HRS

Let’s Save the Queen

Sponsored Post

Am happy to embark on a new campaign with STRIP recently.

STRIP has always been my go-to for body beauty services it's IPL Ace is one of my favourite treatments of all times. I've done this treatment for 6 times previously and results were indeed quite amazing. Just started another 6 session package and say hello to cleaner, better skin care routine ;)

 photo 010116DSC00351.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00349.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00352.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00348.jpg  photo 010116DSC00347.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00343.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00344.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00345.jpg

 photo 010116DSC00346.jpg

What's interesting recently is that STRIP embarked on a campaign to save the world’s dwindling bee population. I always think it's important for companies and business to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to give back to the society and am really happy to be part of this meaningful campaign of STRIP's!

 photo 010116DSC00342.jpg  photo 010116DSC00341.jpg

Came to understand this campaign more from Sherby when I went for my treatment previously. Thought I'll share a little as it's quite interesting to know:

STRIP being known of its waxing services since 2001 recognizes the importance of bees – not just because that there wouldn’t be wax without bees, but because as keystone pollinators, they are responsible for propagating a third of the world’s food crops.  STRIP has also been sharing videos and visuals on various facts about the importance of bees and I personally feel it's important for us to know so we would know how everyone can play a part. With this in mind, it helps to create a sustainable income for these small-batch beekeepers and in turn, provide them with the resources to build a sustainable environment for the bees.  Just so you know, Strip is buying organic sunflower honey, beeswax candles and other bee-related products from bee farms around the world.


Here're some items featured as part of the campaign:

 photo 010116IMG_6533.jpg    

 photo 010116IMG_6538.jpg

 photo 010116IMG_6540.jpg

 photo 010116IMG_6563.jpg

 photo 010116IMG_6575.jpg

The beeswax candles and tote bags with bee slogans are being sold at $15 each. The jar of honey from South of France would be given to customers if you spend $600 or more in a single receipt in STRIP stores. Do look out for those free fridge magnets and customized tissue packets as they are specially prepared for you in their stores.

Here’s also a special promotion for you if you are reading this! Quote “BeatriceTan” on STRIP's online booking site and you can enjoy the following:
IPL Brazilian at $68 (U.P. $642) or the IPL Boyzilian at $88 (U.P. $963)
*Promotion is valid till 30 March 2016. Other terms and conditions apply. Valid for new Strip customers only.

Hope to see you joining in for this campaign as well and save the bees together!

Strip Singapore 

Find out more: 
Online bookings: 
6337 8747




1102 HRS

London | Restaurants, bistros & Cafes

I'm back for a new update ;)

Here's another list of cafes/bistros that I've visited and there are a few favourites which I went back quite frequently during my stay there. Without further ado, here're they:

1. Cafe Laville
 photo 2802757_c7fd9acf.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.10.49 pm.png

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.09.22 pm.png
One of the all time favourite places – an Italian/Mediterranean bistro with you dine in a glass-fronted building overlooking the canal in Little Venice. I've went back quite a few times, some times for food and some times just for coffee.This place has such an amazing view and you will enjoy the tranquility when you're there. Apart from that, they serve pretty decent food as well.

It's a 5-10 minutes walk from Edgware Road tube station so it's quite easy to get to if it's not raining. Would definitely recommend you to visit this place.

Cafe Laville
453 Edgware Rd, London W2 1HT, United Kingdom
+44 20 7706 2620

2. The Muffin Man Tea Shop  

 photo 0101161Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.41.00 pm.png
I was told this is the go-to place for most Singapore airlines cabin crew and it was also recommended by my cabin crew friend, Melissa. Loved the old English vibe of this entire place and I went back too many times. You've to try their scones because they were simply divine. Do opt for the clotted cream and honey, this duo goes the best with the scones in my opinion. They serve breakfast sets as well and I loved their food – very homemade and unpretentious.

The Muffin Man Tea Shop  
12 Wrights Ln, London W8 6TA, United Kingdom

3. Fernandez & Wells
 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.10.20 pm.png
Located at Soho area, this coffee shop is one of my favourites. I love the window seats and this is a nice place for an afternoon read.

Fernandez & Wells
73 Beak Street London
W1F 9RS United Kingdom

4. Honest Burgers
 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.10.31 pm.png
My favourite is still shake shack but I remember this to be one of the best burgers I had in London. The rosemary chips are a must try too.

Honest Burgers
4A Meard St, London W1F 0EF, United Kingdom

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.09.11 pm.png
As google says, simple, cafe-style Japanese for udon noodles and small plates served at communal tables. This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants and you've to try the cold udon!

Place is rather small and there's always a queue during peak hour. Best to go slightly earlier or later than dinner time as they don't take in reservations.
50 Frith St, London W1D 4SQ, United Kingdom

6. SAID dal 1923
 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.11.01 pm.png
If you are a fan of chocolates, you have to visit this place.

SAID dal 1923
41 Broadwick St, London W1F 9QL, United Kingdom

7. Ottolenghi

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.09.36 pm.png
A must try in London. The Salads and desserts are freshly made everyday. They have a few outlets and it's always crowded during peak hours.

13 Motcomb St, London SW1X 8LB, United Kingdom

8. Timberyard
 photo 0101161Timberyard-Cafe-London-600x399.jpg
This is one of the bigger coffee shops around which serves artisan coffees and teas, plus breakfasts, soup and sandwiches. This place is usually filled with people reading and studying. I remember visiting this place on a weekend and it was very crowded. But place is huge and turnover was quite fast so it shouldn't be a problem with seats!

1-67 Old St, London EC1V 9HW, United Kingdom

9. Bone Daddies

 photo 0101161bone_daddies_soho_clerkenwell_boy-517x515.png

 photo 0101161img_6884.jpg
My favourite place for Ramen – very tasty, flavourful soups and a pretty heavy meal I would say. This place also opens till late at night and quite a fair bit of people visit this place for supper.

Bone Daddies
31 Peter St, London W1F 0AR, United Kingdom

10. The Breakfast Club
 photo 0101161DSC00492.jpg

 photo 0101161DSC00509.jpg
One of the most talked-about cafes there between Singaporeans. I love the food there, very unpretentious and homely. I would recommend the pancakes and the breakfast club smoothie. Queue is crazy at peak hours as well so I would suggest you to visit at non-peak hours.

The breakfast Club
33 D'Arblay St, London W1F 8EU, United Kingdom

11. Burgers and Lobsters
 photo 0101161DSC08679.jpg
Nuff said ;)

I always had to queue before I get a seat and just before I left to come back to SG, I got to know they opened a new outlet at Oxford street area – which was pretty quiet at that point of time. if You might want to check that outlet out!

Burgers and Lobsters
6 Little Portland St, London W1W 7JE, United Kingdom




1201 HRS

London | Duck & Waffle

As promised, I'm back for a detailed update on my trip to Duck & Waffle.

Visited the place twice during my stint in London, first trip was for a dinner but later got to know that they catered a different menu for brunch so I went back again. Duck and Waffle had a spectacular view of the city and with that said, I was definitely interested to check out the place on both day and night.

You will also be surprised to find out that Duck and Waffle opens till 5am.
I was told people tend to visit the place for supper after late night parties etc. Thought it was a pretty cool concept and probably a great spot for pals to come together on Friday, Saturday evenings and enjoy dinner/wine till late ;)

 photo 201215DSC01438.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01457.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01456.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01480.jpg
Duck egg en cocotte / wild mushrooms / Gruyère / truffle / soldiers, £13 (SGD28)
This was mind-blowing. Sha and I had the similar reactions after tasting the first mouthful of this – we would definitely recommend you to this try this. For eggs lovers, this would be the perfect dish to order.

 photo 201215DSC01487.jpg
Duck & waffle / crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup, £17 (SGD36)
I believe you have seen this dish featured around online. I personally think this was alright – maybe because it was literal a piece of duck leg + a waffle, which seemed quite pale in effort as compared to the other dishes. Also, I usually associate waffles as part of a sweet dish, so am not a big fan of a savoury dish that consists waffle.

 photo 201215DSC01488.jpg
Spicy ox cheek doughnut / apricot jam, smoked paprika sugar, £10 (SGD21)
This was really quite unique and tasty I must say. It looked like a cinnamon dessert but in fact, it was savoury and I loved how innovative the presentation was.

 photo 201215DSC01496.jpg
Dark chocolate brownie sundae / peanut crunch, £10 (SGD21)
And a dessert to end of the day – would definitely order it again if I'm back and please try this if you are there!

 photo 201215DSC01534.jpg   

This basically sums up the brunch date and moving on, the dinner date.


Duck and Waffle's dinner menu was a little different but of course, they had the usual signatures such as the duck & waffle dish and the peanut crunch dessert.

I went together with Arya, Merli and Arya (who basically tried all dishes) and recommended a couple of sides/mains he thought were the best.

 photo 201215DSC01103.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01109.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01113.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01119.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01141.jpg  

 photo 201215DSC01137.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01139.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01146.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01155.jpg     

 photo 201215DSC01157.jpg 
Angus beef tartare / pickled onion, mustard, Marmite egg yolk & dripping croutes, £11 (SGD23)
This was really good. A favourite amongst us three.

 photo 201215DSC01158.jpg
Whole roasted chicken / (for 2-3) / roasted potatoes / wild mushroom / truffle, £35 (SGD73)
Arya really liked this and as much as I thought this was pretty good, I didn't think it was worth the price. I have just checked the latest menu and it seemed they had change this dish a little – it was previously infused with truffle but the current one reflected on the menu features a different cooking method.

 photo 201215DSC01162.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01147.jpg

Last but not least, do note that there's dress code to adhere too. As quoted from the website:
" Dress Code/ Casual Elegance – We welcome and encourage style, however, we kindly ask that guests refrain from wearing shorts, beachwear, flip flops and sportswear, including athletic trainers. Smart jeans are permitted."

This place is definitely worth a visit in my opinion and do remember to make a reservation before you head down as they can be quite packed ;)

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310

Hours of operations
Monday – Friday     
Breakfast  6am – 11am    
Lunch 11:30am – 4:30pm    
Dinner 5:30pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am 

Breakfast  6am – 9am    
Brunch 9am – 4:00pm    
Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am


London is probably one of the best places to experience the different cuisines.

I spent most of the time eating out as there were too many options around and even the supermarkets like Tesco, Marks and Spencers and Waitrose have too many takeaway options. You'll be surprised by the amount of variety and might be quite spoilt for choices when it comes to picking out what you want.

So besides supermarkets, there are countless of quaint, independent restaurants/bistros/cafes around to explore. With that said, I've segmented them under,
1. London | Casual fine-dining and high tea places
2. London | Restaurants, bistros & cafes
3. London | Food markets
Starting off with the first today
1. Duck and Waffle

 photo 201215DSC01480.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01487.jpg

Duck and Waffle opens almost 24 hours and I thought that was an awesome concept. The late night dining is available till 5am and breakfast starts from 6am. And of course, they have different menus for the different timings. I went twice, once for brunch and once for dinner, but regardless of which timing you would like to go, I would still recommend making a reservation as I remember the place to be rather packed for both visits. Apart from that, there's 'casual elegance' dress code to adhere too in case you are unaware!

i would be sharing in details of Duck and Waffle in the next post instead as it's pretty lengthy. But for now, if you are looking for some recommendations, I personally would say the duck egg cocotte and dark chocolate peanut crunch dessert would be the must-have.

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310

Hours of operations
Monday – Friday     
Breakfast  6am – 11am    
Lunch 11:30am – 4:30pm    
Dinner 5:30pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am 

Breakfast  6am – 9am    
Brunch 9am – 4:00pm    
Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am

2. DInner by Heston Blumenthal
 photo 201215DSC01183.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01199.jpg

Ranking 7th in the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants.

Visited twice during the 3-month stint in London last year. Their signature meat fruit was to-die-for. You might think it's made of something fruity, but it's actually savoury – Spiced plum, chicken liver parfait. Not the healthiest but definitely one of the tastiest dishes there.

I would recommend for you to try their set lunch which was pretty reasonable in my opinion considering it being in top 10 placement in the world's best restaurants. If I didn't remember wrongly, set lunch was about £38 (SGD80) per pax. Will share more in details in the upcoming posts :)


66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom
+44 20 7201 3833

Hours of operations
12:00 – 2:30 PM
6:30 – 10:30 PM

3. L'atelier de Joel Robuchon

 photo 0110151DSC00885.jpg

Can't exactly recall any specific mind-blowing dish to recommend but I remember having quite a good meal at Joel Rubeuchon. This was a treat by Merli's mom who came to London to look for her and if I didn't recall wrongly, it was about SGD120 per pax for the dinner. The place was a little dark for my liking and in overall, the experience was alright. Would probably go back once in a while as there are too many other places to explore in London!

13-15 West Street, London WC2H 9NE 
+44 (0)207 010 8600

Hours of operations
Monday – Saturday
12pm – 3pm
5.30pm – 11pm  
12pm – 4pm 
6.30pm – 10.30pm

4.  Claridges
 photo 2812151DSC08626.jpg

 photo 2812151DSC08586.jpg

It was quite an experience at Claridges and I actually enjoyed it very much. Service was great, company was great and food was fresh. I particularly liked the sandwiches, scones (not so much of their sweets though) and tea. Portion was huge and it was refillable as well. I'm pretty sure we overate that day -  – so much for trying to watch the diet! And besides that, Arya knew someone from Claridges and we had complimentary champagne for the afternoon – thank you Arya ;)

We were told it's quite hard to get reservations for this place and indeed, we made reservations two months in advance in fact! The traditional high tea set was fixed at £68, (sgd150).


Brook St, London W1K 4HR, United Kingdom
+44 20 7629 8860

5. Hakkasan

 photo 2812151DSC00707.jpg   

 photo 2812151DSC00704_1.jpg

A Michelin Star cantonese restaurant and this is one of my favourite places for chinese food. The creations are rather unique and I remember the standards being quite good in my opinion. Be sure to try the two above and best to go in a small group ;)

17 Bruton Street London W1J 6QB 
+44 (0)20 7907 1888 

Hours of operations
Sunday – Wednesday and public holidays
12:00 noon – 11:15pm
Thursday – Saturday
12:00 noon – 12:15am 

6. Hawksmoor

 photo 0309151DSC00791.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00767.jpg

Have previously blogged about this and if you are keen to read, do click Here.

5 Air St, London W1J 0AD, United Kingdom
+44 20 7406 3980


Hope this humble list helps if you are looking for casual fine-dining places in London! I'll be back soon again x