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Boutique aesthetic clinic – Astique

My usual beauty regime has been quite simple – daily care with moisturizer and monthly facials. But due to our weather and long working hours over the years, it seems the basic care for skin isn't enough and very recently, I started heading to an aesthetic clinic to understand what else I can do to improve my skin.

I was introduced to ASTIQUE, a boutique aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Orchard Road at Shaw House. ASTIQUE is situated inside the AsiaMedic compound at Shaw House. For first timers, you might want to ask the friendly staff at AsiaMedic for directions. If you are wondering where's Shaw House it's basically in between Thai Embassy and Lido. The clinic has a very decent space with cozy interior and a resting corner for you to enjoy hot refreshment while waiting for your appointment.

 photo 300916DSC00202.jpg

 photo 300916DSC00204.jpg

 photo 300916DSC00201.jpg

 photo 300916DSC00209.jpg

The clinic is run by three doctors, Dr Celine Leong, Dr Matthew Yap and Dr Ng Hong Yi and during my first visit, I met Dr Ng Hong Yi who has years of experiences in this field and has also worked overseas for a while. I liked that Dr Ng started by patiently listening and understanding clearly on the concerns I have as well as my past medical/skin experiences.

I had issues with uneven skin tone that resulted in my skin looking dull, unhealthy and I came to realise that for the past year, my skin doesn’t heal fast enough or marks are easily formed – this was the main issue I wanted to solve. I do feel that the tired skin aged me and many a times, I’ve received comments that I look tired or pale when I’d no make up on. Putting on makeup might not always help unless if I apply a thicker/heavier foundation. With these issues in mind, Dr Ng recommended me to try out ASTIQUE’s Radiance EX treatment, which is a combination of non-invasive laser treatments that uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth, improve pores, remove irregular pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and for overall skin rejuvenation.

 photo 300916DSC00215.jpg

 photo 300916DSC00217.jpg

 photo 300916DSC00250.jpg  photo 300916DSC00251.jpg 
 photo 300916DSC00256.jpg 

 photo 300916DSC00244 copy.jpg 

 photo 300916DSC00271.jpg  photo 300916DSC00259.jpg  photo 300916DSC00241.jpg        

 photo 300916DSC00225.jpg

The treatment took about 20 minutes and there was little pain nor discomfort. The little pain was very bearable and the whole process was comfortable. Numbing cream was applied after my face was thoroughly cleansed so I suppose that helped. Dr Ng was very gentle, meticulous during the laser process and I liked that he pre-empted what was about to happen, which made the process a smooth one – that definitely says a lot about his experience. This treatment had no downtime as well which was a good thing as I had meetings scheduled for the next few days.

 photo 300916DSC00214.jpg 

This laser stimulates collagen production in the skin, and as new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are decreased. Additionally, as the laser light penetrates age spots and other pigmentation, these areas are broken apart and absorbed into the skin. I was told that results of the Radiance EX treatment lead to a refreshed appearance, smoother skin texture, an even skin tone, and a decrease in pore size. The treatment took about 20 minutes and there was little pain nor discomfort. The little pain was very bearable and the whole process was comfortable. Numbing cream was applied after my face was thoroughly cleansed so I suppose that helped. Dr Ng was very gentle, meticulous during the laser process and I liked that he pre-empted what was about to happen, which made the process a smooth one – that definitely says a lot about his experience. This treatment had no downtime as well which was a good thing as I had meetings scheduled for the next few days.

 photo 300916DSC01799.jpg

The above was taken two weeks after my laser treatment and make up stays better on the skin. I'm looking forward to be back at the clinic soon again to try out other treatments and will be back to share more with you guys :)

ASTIQUE specializes in treatments such as laser skin treatments, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, facials, non-invasive body contouring. As we all have different skin care needs, they also developed various skin care products suited to the needs of both genders. They do both face and body treatments as well as Mole removal and tattoo removal. If you are unsure what treatments are best for your skin issues or if you would like to better enhance your skin, I would recommend you to consult Dr Ng and understand what treatments you could explore.

In the meanwhile, if you are hoping to find out more about ASTIQUE, do visit the following for more details:

6732 3801 (call)
9857 7892 (SMS)




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A day at Phillip Wain


It has been a while since I've took some time off for a pampering session. I used to go frequently for facial, gym and if I decided to pamper myself a little more, I would also go for a massage. The only thing is that these are all from different places and it can be quite a hassle to book and if I were to do all together in a day – it's quite difficult taking into consideration the travelling time.

Very recently, I was speaking to a friend, Eugenia and was introduced to Phillip Wain. If you haven't heard of it, Phillip Wain has been known as an Asian leader in fitness and beauty industry for more than 30 years. Phillip Wain is the region’s premier practitioner of the pioneering one-stop total beauty service. I came across places offering massages and facials but have never came across one that offers facial, massages, gym, classes altogether in one place. The extensiveness of services surprised me and got me quite curious to visit this place to take a look. 

So I visited Phillip Wain a few weeks back and made a couple of treatments to try out within the day. Phillip Wain is located at a very accessible location –  in the heart of Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery. The place is located at the top of the building and occupied the entire level. It looks narrow upon entering, but the space is very well utilised – rooms were adequately built for comfort and privacy. There is also a little bistro counter, health juice bar situated inside, serving an assortment of healthy food and drinks. The resting corner seems really comfortable as well, might be a good place to take some rest, read a book in between your treatments. Definitely living up to its name of being a one-stop service fitness and beauty place. 

 photo 280916DSC01369.jpg 

 photo 280916DSC01231.jpg

  photo 280916DSC01304.jpg

 photo 280916DSC01235.jpg 

 photo 280916DSC01315.jpg

 photo 280916DSC01295.jpg

I was quite skeptical prior to the visit, wondering if the standard of the services offered by Phillip Wain would be on par with places that focus solely on a particular treatment. I tried 4 services at Phillip Wain:
1. Facial – Phillip Wain's signature Aqua EX3 Face Spa 
2. Massage – Advance Cell Reborn Therapy
3. Slimming – Triple Action Magnetic RF Therapy
4. Fitness – Pilates Personal Training

 photo 280916DSC01239.jpg

 photo 280916DSC01335.jpg


 photo 280916DSC01263.jpg 

 photo 280916DSC01253.jpg 


 photo 280916DSC01244.jpg 

 photo 280916DSC01292.jpg

 photo 280916DSC01281.jpg 

The experiences were surprisingly very enjoyable and I felt that the standard of services exceeded my expectations. The professionalism of the staff were commendable and I could tell they were each very experienced in their own fields. One thing I could tell was that they do have a rather large team of staff and I'm guessing that because they hire experts in each area. Moving on to the treatments – starting with slimming treatment, facial and lastly, pilates.


In all honestly,  I do in fact have my own facial place that I usually visit, but this face treatment that I did at Phillip Wain was much more comprehensive than my usual. I suppose it was also the type of treatment, and in this case, it was the Aqua EX3 Face Spa.

The Aqua EX3 Face Spa is one of the most signature treatments of Phillip Wain and I would recommend you to try this if you are looking for facials focusing on whitening and lifting. Benefits of this facial includes
- Reducing fine line, wrinkles and age spots
- Improving skin tone and texture
- Promoting regeneration of collagen and elastin fiber

This treatment uses an advanced technology combining mechanical and chemical peeling to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Using a unique spiral tip, it helps to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin to remove skin’s impurities, sebum and dead skin cells while hydrating and replenishing your skin with essential customized solutions. It then ended off with the snail lifting massage – I enjoyed this tremendously. Pressure was great and the beautician knew the right spots to press. This massage uses filtered liquid snail mucin and highly concentrated nutrients from plant stem cells to firm up skin, promote cells regeneration to restore skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Benefits of the snail mucin:
- Brightening and moisturizing
- Improving skin elasticity
- Anti-bacterial, Anti-aging and Whitening


This got to be one of the best massages I'd in a while. This massage combines the east and the west technique, and uses firm bio-regulating renewal cream, evening primrose oil. What's really unique is that this particular massage uses energy stone and the experience was very enjoyable. I liked the effect of the hot stones on my body and the pressure exerted by the masseur was good as well. I felt very energized after the session was done and this is one treatment I'll definitely strongly recommend you to try. 


I also made an appointment to try the triple action magnetic RF therapy – which is one of Phillip Wain's latest slimming and contouring treatments. As quoted from them, " This treatment uses a patented technology which combines a matrix of multi-polar radio frequency (RF) along with magnetic pulses that work in synergy to effectively reduce cellulite, improve skin elasticity and deliver substantial circumference reduction. The Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, triggers the proliferation of fibroblasts and promote new blood vessels. Simultaneously, the RF helps to induce collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis, which triggers self-repair mechanism of skin tissue to improve overall skin condition and enzyme mediated lipolysis to decrease subcutaneous fat mass and ameliorate blood circulation."

The treatment was very comfortable and it came with massage to promote blood circulation. The staff performing the treatment was very experienced and I enjoyed the treatment very much. The only thing is that for slimming treatments, it requires a prolonged period and including a change of diet to see the results. So it was too early for me to gauge the effectiveness of this treatment through a session. 

My first time trying Pilates and I loved it. Eugenia recommended me strongly to give this a try and I'm glad I did. Phillip Wain has two full-time instructors who have years of experience. Besides, the room was fully equipped with an extensive range of machines/equipments for all to use. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience too and definitely felt that I've worked all parts of the body after the session. If you would like to join pilates, you might want to check out their classes!

I think it's absolutely convenient to have one stop for all the services and this definitely is a bonus for all the busy women out there. Besides this, you might be interested to know that Phillip Wain is an all-ladies fitness and beauty place so it's great for women who are more comfortable in a female-only environment. Bathrobe and towels are provided and shower/locker area provides ladies essentials such as shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer, facial remover, cream, and even eye cream (another plus point).

A special treat for you guys from now till December:
Quote ‘Beatrice Tan’ to experience any one of these services at SGD68 or 3 services of your choice at SGD200.
• 55-mins Triple Action Magnetic RF Therapy (U.P. $856)
• 90-mins Aqua EX3 Face Spa (U.P. $728)
• 85-mins Advance Cell Reborn Therapy (U.P. $588.50)
• 60-mins Pilates Personal Training (U.P. $192.60)

Terms & conditions:
• Valid from now till 31 December 2016.
• Valid for new female customers, aged 21 years and above only.
• Each service/treatment is limited to one-time redemption per customer only.
• Redeemable at Phillip Wain Singapore only.

To enquire or book an appointment, please call 6250 0100 or visit Phillip Wain at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Level 7 (Accessible via lift 6 & 7). If you would like to find out more, do check out Phlilip Wain's website.

Thanks Eugenia for arranging everything and it was definitely a day well-spent at Phillip Wain :)





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My Collagen Journey

This entry marks the end of my two-month Collagen journey!

If you have followed the previous two entry-updates on this, you would know that I've started taking the Collagen 5000 Powder two months ago after having the opportunity to be the brand ambassador for BRAND’S® InnerShine® Collagen 5000 Powder ;)

For these two months, I've consumed the collagen powder diligently everyday and it wasn't difficult at all to remind myself to take it because I have always packed in a sachet or two in my bag. It's brilliant that the Collagen 5000 powder is packed in individual sachets and it's absolutely convenient to store, bring along – even for small clutches. It's completely fuss-free and dissolves easily in any liquid and to be honest, it tastes pretty good too.

As the pictures tell below, the Collagen 5000 Powder sachets were always stored in my bag!

 photo 010914DSC09342.jpg

 photo 010914DSC09339.jpg  

 photo 010914DSC09349.jpg

 photo 010914DSC09344.jpg

 photo 010914DSC09343.jpg

 photo 010914DSC08283.jpg

 photo 010914DSC08299.jpg
Mixing the Collagen 5000 Powder into mineral water

 photo 010914DSC08166.jpg
It goes really well with fruit juices as well ;)


 photo 010914DSC08250.jpg

 photo 010914DSC08243.jpg

 photo 010914DSC08252.jpg

 photo 010914DSC08251.jpg

Like I've mentioned previously too, many of my friends are in fact taking this beauty supplement regularly and have told me how this beauty regime has helped in improving their skin. I was pretty skeptical at the start but after taking Collagen 5000 powder for two whole months, I think I actually do see a difference in the skin!

I haven't quite noticed it until I started digging out pictures taken two months before to do a comparison.

 photo 010914DSC02198.jpg
I had little bumps in my skin and you could see that I pretty much had quite rough, dull tired looking and looser skin (especially the jaw/chin area) even after putting on makeup.

 photo 010914DSC02202.jpg

 photo 010914DSC01767.jpg

 photo 010914DSC03060.jpg
I don't know if you can tell the difference, but I thought my skin is tighter, smoother, more supple and not as dull/tired-looking!


Besides mixing the Collagen 5000 Powder with mineral water, there are many other fun (and tasty) ways to take it!

Sharing with you a simple recipe I did with the Collagen 5000 Powder  – A special fruity shake ;D
 photo 010914DSC09608copy.jpg
You would need juice (I chose apple and mango juice), yoghurt (plain would be best!), your favourite fruits (banana and strawberry for me) and of course, the Collagen 5000 Powder.

 photo 010914DSC09611.jpg
Step 1: Not too much of the juice as this will be mixed into yoghurt and I prefer a creamier yoghurt shake ;)

 photo 010914DSC09609.jpg
Step 2: Mix in the juice with the original yogurt!

 photo 010914DSC09613.jpg
Step 3: Chop your favourite fruits into small slices

 photo 010914DSC09615.jpg
Step 4: Add in a pack of Collagen 5000 Powder

 photo 010914DSC09627.jpg
Step 5: Top it with your favourite sauces, jam etc. Honey will be a good idea too.

 photo 010914DSC09642.jpg
Step 6: Tadah! I added the banana bits into the cup and added a slice of lemon for garnishing.

 photo 010914DSC09664.jpg

 photo 010914DSC09647.jpg

 photo 010914DSC09653.jpg
Yum yum, It was really tasty by the way ;D

 photo 010914DSC09617.jpg
Besides taking the Collagen 5000 Powder with yogurt, you can consume it with your evening drinks as well! No problem bringing it along to your house parties ;)

Last but not least, BRAND’S® InnerShine® Collagen 5000 Powder is also available online so you can get the set shipped conveniently right to your door step! Exclusive for you guys, receive 5% discount off the launch price promotion of $39 (U.P. $46) by keying in 'ACPNL22' during checkout on BRAND’S E-Store (Validity period: 20th September 2014). If you are keen to try out Collagen 5000 Powder by BRAND’S®, you can purchase the set at an introductory price at S$39 (UPS$46) here

Before I sign off, I thought I should let you know that you could be the next winner to walk away with a gift set by BRAND’S® InnerShine®!
*Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners with the most creative recipes!

Just simply share your own creative recipes on how you would mix the Collagen 5000 Powder OR a specific dish/meal that you would most likely consume the Collagen 5000 Powder with via instagram (with/without the sachet in the picture) and just hashtag #InnerShineSG #collagen5000.

Say hello to better youthful skin and do head over to BRAND’S® InnerShine® FB page to find out more about Collagen 5000 Powder: http://www.facebook.com/BrandsInnerShineSG!




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Early Mother’s Day Treat!

Dated mummykins for a spa date the other day and we decided to book an appointment with Spa Club (previously showcased pictures of their spa boutique here) to try out their massage treatments.  Spa Club is located conveniently at Beach Road, which is just opposite Shaw Tower and beside purvis street. Happy to find out that there is also a spacious carpark situated just around the corner so that makes the location even more accessible ;)
 photo 230414DSC01215.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01212.jpg
We were welcomed with a hot towel and a cuppa freshly brewed ginger tea.

 photo 230414DSC01218.jpg
We had the option to choose the massage oil that we preferred as well, depending on what we were looking at i.e stress relief, relaxing etc.

 photo 230414DSC01226.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01223.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01227.jpg
With mummykins <3

It was my first time at Spa Club so we had a quick tour around the place, visiting the rooms and facilities..
 photo 230414DSC01236.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01234.jpg
We had the couple room to enjoy our treatment ;)

 photo 230414DSC01243.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01251.jpg   photo 230414DSC01245.jpg
Besides massages, Spa Club offers other services such as facial and slimming treatments. You can view their full menu here!

 photo 230414DSC01263.jpg  photo 230414DSC01258.jpg
Gotta love the beauty corner at Spa Club!

 photo 230414DSC01266.jpg  photo 230414DSC01248.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01256.jpg
The resting lounge.

 photo 230414DSC01281.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01239.jpg
One of the highlights of Spa Club would definitely be the shaved ice mountain. A bucket of ice with a cold towel will be provided when you enter the steam bath room and this helps you to feel more hydrated and comfortable under the heat.

 photo 230414DSC01275.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01293.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01292.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01284.jpg
Soaking in the jacuzzi with cut fruits, snacks and drinks!

Thumbs up for the service because the therapist attended to us was really patient and thoughtful and both mommy and I had a really good pampering time there. Definitely a weekend well-spent and a spa date was perfect for some mommy-daughter bonding time <3

Spa Club is having a mother day's special and from April 22nd to 31st May, you can get to enjoy these treatments with your mom! Do book your appointment early to avoid disappointment ;)
 photo MothersDayxSpaclubPromo.jpg




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Pure Colour Envy Shine


 photo 070414DSC01387.jpg

Guess what came in the mail the other day!

I always think events, anniversaries, functions and wedding dinners give us a reason to unbox/open a brand new set of make up, even though we might not have finished using the old sets – at least for me heh. #alwaysfullofexcuses So talking about that, I just attended a dear friend's wedding last week so that was a perfect time for me to test on these new Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks from Estée Lauder!
 photo 070414DSC01405.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01407.jpg
Thanks to the Estée Lauder team, I received four of the 16 cool and lovely shades namely (from left to right) to try:
1. 410 Mischievous Rose
2. 320 Surreal Sun
3. 110 Nude Angel
4. 210 Graceful

Kinda into all kinds of pink hues lately so my favourite shade of the lot would be the one on the extreme right – 210 Graceful. More pictures below to show you the shades!

You are probably thinking what's special about the Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick, and as the name sounds, the highlights of this range are the shiny texture and that it is able to sculpt your lips naturally, smartly. The shine feature illuminates, sculpts and defines your lips, making them look fuller and at the same time, shiny for long hours.  As for the sculpting feature, it introduces an advanced true vision technology which encompasses innovative sculpted pigments to provide colour that is multi-dimensional, giving your lips a sculpted look. With the Shine and Sculpting features, we will be able to have our lips shaped with a uniform layer of brilliant, fresh color with a high-shine finish.

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick range is developed with hyaluronic acid which helps to attract, capture and seal in moisture for continuous hydration! The lips will definitely feel softer, smoother, more supple and stay continuously moisturized throughout the day – especially for most of us who spend long hours outside at work.

Apart from the above mentioned, you'll be happy to know that the Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks are designed specially for Asian women, with colours that are complement most of our skin-tones and enhance/brighten our complexion ;)

 photo 070414DSC01408.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01417.jpg

What I like about the Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is that it is housed in a new, enviable sleek, slim, luxurious lipstick case and additionally, it has an innovative magnetic closure. The latter helps to close the case perfectly, conveniently and most importantly, securely with a click. My old lippies somehow have caps that fall off easily when put together with my other beauty products and many a time, the lippies stained my entire pouch plus other products and I had a hard time clearing that up!


The lipstick shades were all very intense and I tested out three of my favourite shades amongst the four as these three shades are what I would wear on a daily basis!

Prepared for the wedding dinner and have gotten ready with full makeup except lippie. More below – showing you the three shades that I've tested out ;)
 photo 070414DSC01429.jpg photo 070414DSC01427.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01420.jpg photo 070414DSC01421.jpg

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
320 Surreal Sun

 photo 070414DSC01543.jpg  photo 070414DSC01604.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01511.jpg  photo 070414DSC01541.jpg
As the name sounds, the sun word says that it has a tinge of orange/coral hue and it sure does! When I was much tanner, I used to enjoy using orangey pink lippie and blusher as they gave the illusion of a tanned, glowing sunkissed skintone. Pink didn't blend in well for my dark skintone back then. Have stopped tanning for years so now I'm slightly fairer and from time to time, I still enjoy using orangey pink hues (but perhaps slightly more towards the pink like this 320 Surreal Sun shade) for make up especially for beach vacations as I think they can still be very helpful to create a sunkissed skintone!

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
210 Graceful

 photo 070414DSC01525.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01566.jpg  photo 070414DSC01545.jpg
 photo 070414DSC01503.jpg  photo 070414DSC01629.jpg
 photo 070414DSC01499.jpg photo 070414DSC01491.jpg
The K-Pop craze has got me interested in all things pink and especially pink lippies! After trying out these three shades, this 210 Graceful pink shade is my favourite out of all and I think it gives the skintone a contrast. Furthermore, I feel that it makes my not-so-fair skintone fairer!

Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick:
110 Nude Angel

 photo 070414DSC01411.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01466.jpg photo 070414DSC01458.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01450.jpg photo 070414DSC01448.jpg

I kinda like how natural this shade is, yet giving your lips a glossy healthy finish. This is the most natural shade amongst the four but it is also the lightest shade – which I think some might prefer a more obvious colour. But this to me is good for days when I prefer to keep my makeup light and simple or this can be great for events whereby you go for the dark, fully lined eyes and balance out the heavy eye makeup by having a nude shade on your lips!

 photo 070414DSC01396.jpg

 photo 070414DSC01391.jpg

The Pure Colour Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick is priced at SGD$45 each and is available at all Estée Lauder counters. You can click HERE to check out the store locator ;)

Hope you enjoyed the entry and last but not least, you can also join in the fun and win yourself a gift set with SGD$100 worth of Estée Lauder products! What you have to do is:
- Wear your favorite Envy Shine color
- Take a photo and upload it to Instagram
- Hashtag #LipstickEnvyShineSG 
- From now till 30 April 2014.

10 lucky ladies will be chosen and announcement of winners will be on Estée Lauder's Facebook page  on 10 May 2014. Do join in the contest and you never know you might just be one of the winners!




1004 HRS

My 3-day Juice Cleanse with Beauty Cleanse

 photo 010414DSC01045.jpg

Can't believe it but I actually completed a full 3-day juice cleanse by Beauty Cleanse and it feels awesome!

I've heard of a juice cleanse programme a while back but didn't think of trying until recently. If you are wondering what/how's a juice cleanse like, it's basically about nourishing your body with life-infusing nutrients by drinking gluten-free juices made from fresh, raw (unpasteurized), organic fruits and vegetables. To make sure that you don't get hungry easily and that you get enough nutrients, the 3-day (or 5-day) juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices. Besides providing nutrients, these juices will help to flush out accumulated toxins and shed off excess weight from our bodies – leaving us feeling lighter, cleaner and more energized. This can be exceptionally good for us because by getting rid of these toxins in our bodies, it will help us to achieve better health, radiant skin and promote the renewal of body, spirit and mind.

So I was really pretty serious about starting my juice cleanse (definitely in need of this given the amount of my favourite trufflefries intake, sheesh) and I went to do a little research. Based on reviews and recommendations, I decided to start my juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse. Not too sure if you have heard of Cherie Calbom, but she is a famous nutritionist consultant and juice expert to many international celebrities, notable people, companies in the States. She is also the author of 23 books Life/health/juice cleanse books! From what I know, Beauty Cleanse's juices are all nutritionally designed by Cherie Calbom, so I was quite excited to begin my juice cleanse with them! Last but not least, Beauty Cleanse uses The Norwalk Juice Presser which essentially retains all the important vitamins and minerals, making sure one enjoys the benefits of a juice cleanse effectively.

 photo 010414DSC00040.jpg
Everything can be easily arranged via Beauty Cleanse's website and I just had to decide on the dates and type (detox, weight loss, 3-day or 5-day). Was really happy know that delivery was fuss-free and the bottles of juices were delivered right to my doorstep the night before the start date!

 photo 010414DSC00044.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00014.jpg
Took this only on the second day so this picture shows 2/3 of the juice set. One reason why I chose Beauty Cleanse was because I had the option of including supplements as part of the juice cleanse – more below!

As mentioned earlier, the juice cleanse consists of 6 bottles a day and the blends will be repeated each day. Here are the various interesting blends:
1. Carrot Blend (carrots, celery, cucumber)
2. Light Green Blend (apple, cucumber, celery, kale, ginger)
3. Beetroot Apple Blend (beetroot, red cabbage, apple, celery, ginger)
4. Dark Green Blend (celery, cucumber, mint, romaine)
5. Honey Lemon (cayenne peppers, lemon, honey)
6. Cashew Nut Milk (cashew nuts, cinnamon, honey)

To be honest, I thought the blends tasted pretty good. I always think healthy food/drinks will be tasteless but it was a pleasant surprise to know that these juices were so easy to drink. The only blend I didn't quite like was the Dark Green Blend  – it tasted a little too raw for my liking. But the rest of the blends were smooth, tasty and if I have to pick, my top three favourite blends will be the Carrot Blend, Honey Lemon and Cashew Nut Milk (best!).

I wouldn't exactly say going on a juice cleanse was a very easy task for me because I'm quite a foodie and I do look forward to exploring food joints, going on brunch/meal dates etc. So as you can imagine, it was quite a tough challenge for me to stay away from solid food for 72 hours! To make it more manageable for myself, I arranged the juice cleanse dates carefully and scheduled/pushed away my meetings/outings to other days except for that three particular days. I suppose by not going out, I wouldn't feel hungry at the sight/smell of food and that this will prevent me from even thinking of breaking my juice cleanse. And to be honest, that certainly helped – I was starting to feel hungry at the end of the second day and but that kinda forced me to head to bed early (enforcing good habits heh).

Moving on to the supplements, the juice set came with:
 photo 010414DSC09990.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00020.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00022.jpg

The supplements served as additional benefits for the body and I took them in the morning after my first bottle of juice. The only thing I thought you should note in advance would be the Colosan Powder. A juice cleanse guide was sent to me before the cleanse started and the Colosan Powder was advised to be taken at the start of the day. This powder basically acts like a laxative and I actually went toilet for at least 4 times a day. A thorough cleanse indeed!

How my 3-day routine was like:
 photo 010414DSC09979.jpg

 photo 010414DSC09989.jpg
9.30am: Started off with warm lemon water first, drinking half of the Carrot Blend with one tablespoon of Colosan Powder *laxative effect*, followed by more warm lemon water and finishing up the entire carrot blend.
11.30am: Started sipping on the Light Green Blend (was advised to sip throughout the day and not drink the whole bottle at one go)
1.30 pm: Beetroot Apple Blend
3.30pm: Dark Green Blend
6.30pm: Spicy Lemonade
9.30pm: Cashew nut milk (advised to drink it one hour before bedtime)

Reading the juice cleanse guide, it's important to start the day with Carrot Blend (where you will add the colosan powder and shake/mix them together) and always end with Cashew Nut Milk. I repeated these steps for consecutive three days after. More about my experience below ;)

 photo 010414DSC00030.jpg

DAY ONE: These juices were needed to be kept refrigerated and perhaps I was drinking these cold juices the entire day, I actually felt pretty cold (more so in an air-conditioned room) and I had to bring a jacket along with me when I headed out. I thought I was going to feel hungry around lunch but I was surprised that I wasn't. And again, I was expecting myself to be hungry during dinner time but I didn't too. I didn't feel hungry at all for the entire day and that was definitely a first for me. Didn't feel uncomfortable, lethargic, restless nor dizzy. I've been having constipation problem for the longest time and I was actually really happy that I managed to make quite a few runs to the bathroom due to the Colosan Laxative powder! Glad that the first day passed by smoothly and I felt good, somewhat healthier and lighter.

DAY TWO: I get bloated easily so I try not to drink anything two hours before my sleep. But to adhere to the juice cleanse routine, I had my Cashew Nut Milk an hour or so before bedtime so I think that got me a little bloated. Went to seek help from the experts at Beauty Cleanse and I was told that one of the main causes was mostly likely due to my previous diet (high salt intake etc). Solutions going forward were firstly, to drink a glass of warm water before meals, secondly to incorporate celery into daily diet as it contains sodium and potassium needed for water balance. Not forgetting, drinking some peppermint, camomile tea after meals or taking Probiotic supplements Acidophilus at night would help. So I made myself some hot camomile tea during tea break in hopes to ease off the bloat I felt for the day.  Happy to have many more runs to the bathroom due to my Colosan Powder intake in the morning. Phew, good thing I kept the three days free from meetings and stayed in the office.

By evening time, I was starting to feel hungry but it wasn't that bad and I rested early so weird cravings won't surface on my mind.

DAY THREE: The hot tea on the previous day definitely helped – I felt much less bloated. Besides that, it was pretty amazing how two days of juices and toilet runs can make one feel so much healthier and lighter! I was feeling great physically and mentally knowing that I didn't give in to my temptations for the past two days and that I was on the final day of the cleanse. And when the night came, I'm done with the 3-day cleanse. Whoop!

Not only did I feel that the body system was cleansed, I definitely felt great, much lighter, healthier which I haven't exactly felt for a while. Surprisingly, I felt quite energetic although I didn't have any solid food for the past three days and somehow, I wasn't thinking about food too. Instead, my body was getting quite used to the juice cleanse. Happy to know that I managed to follow through the juice cleanse and very glad that I did this!

 photo 010414DSC00043.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00031.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00037.jpg  

 photo 010414DSC00034.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00113.jpg

 photo 010414DSC00104.jpg

As advised by Beauty Cleanse, I should consume raw food for the first few days after the cleanse as this will provide the body with vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and more while preparing the digestion system to deal with cooked food again. The body system was probably just getting used to cleanse and so it might cause one to feel nauseous, to have stomach cramps etc if I were to break the juice cleanse immediately by taking in red meat etc. So as to ensure the body gradually gets back to the normal daily meals intake, I was told to avoid red meat, dairy products or fried food. Instead, have more steamed fish, brown rice and fruits etc. It was definitely an eat-clean week ;D
Just thought of sharing the experience as I personally felt that I benefited from the 3-day program. Service was a grade-A because it was very personalized and the team was very attentive too. Beauty Cleanse has a few different types of juice cleanse programmes – for weight loss, for detoxing etc and I did the detoxing 3-day program ;)

If you are keen, you can find out more at Beauty Cleanse's website!




1003 HRS

10 x Cleaner with Philips Visapure!


So I've been testing out a new beauty product for the past month or so, and I thought it's time to share with you guys. ;)

It's something light, something long and slim and something that cleanses. And yes, it's a beauty cleansing tool and it's none other than…..  VisaPure by Philips!

I suppose many of you have heard/seen it because it has appeared on numerous popular international beauty talk shows and magazines especially in Taiwan and Europe. I have previously watched these shows online too where Philips VisaPure was featured and it wasn't available in our local market back then. Excited to know that it has now arrived in Singapore and am elated to be receiving a set for myself to try!

 photo DSC03806.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07598JJ.jpg

 photo DSC03809.jpg

You probably have seen me mentioning a couple of times that cleansing is as important as applying skin care products. Always believe that we need to do proper cleansing of our face (especially after applying full makeup for an entire day) before the skin care products can be better absorbed. Furthermore, when pores are clogged, acnes tend to form and skin gets duller.

For those who haven't heard of Philips VisaPure or seen it, it's basically a facial cleansing brush. But it's not your normal cleansing brush but one that rotates! As they say, Philips VisaPure brings a new technology to your cleansing routine to the next level without extra effort. A few of us have had the privilege of bringing home a set to try and we were tasked to do a video to show you the effectiveness of Philips VisaPure. Video is included at the end of this entry and scroll down to view it!

 photo DSC07285.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07589.jpg

 photo DSC07286.jpg

 photo PhilipsVisaPureBrushHeads.jpg
Philips VisaPure comes with changeable brush heads and it has 3 types available:  Normal (White), Sensitive(Pink), exfoliating (Grey). My favourite brush head is the Sensitive one and it's extremely soft in texture. Felt almost like touching rabbit fur and as the experts advise,  be gentle to your skin when it comes to cleansing to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. My mom even advised me to refrain from touching my face when it comes to washing face and shared with me that her beauty therapist advised us ladies to just splash water onto the face to wash off the cleansing foam.

 photo DSC03808.jpg
Philips VisaPure has two speeds. Speed one: Gentle cleansing for a mild and soft cleansing and speed two: deep cleansing settings for a comfortable and more intensive cleanse. The slim beauty tool has a one minute timer for the full face and after which it will automatically be switched off to prevent overtreatment. Love that it's waterproof too and that it can be used in the shower!

What's awesome is that VisaPure has a 20 seconds timer, that signals you to switch areas to ensure thorough cleansing.

I thought you should probably know that Philips Visapure is tested and proven to cleanse 10X better than hand-cleansing!*

Here are other highlights of Philips Visapure that are pretty interesting:
1. Besides vibrating, the brush rotates as well. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. The vertical pulsating movement gently and effectively breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues.The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed. Furthermore, the co-ordinated movements of the bristles give you a thorough and comfortable cleansing experience.

2. Because of the soft brush head, it's perfectly fine to use it twice a day – leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth

3. The stand charges the Philips VisaPure when connected and because it's small, it elegantly complements the iconic design of the Philips VisaPure. The stand holds the brush, taking less space and letting air dry the used brush naturally. When connected, it fully charges the Philips VisaPure in 6 hours and it has 30 minutes of cordless use (equivalent to 15 days when used twice a day).

** Source: Internal study performed in the Netherlands in 2011 with 21 women comparing cleansing using Philips Visapure with cleansing by hand

 photo DSC03817.jpg

 photo DSC07283.jpg

To better explain and show you the highlights of Philips VisaPure, I've done a couple of experiments in my video! Experiments such as…….

1. Cleansing with hand & cleansing with Philips VisaPure
 photo 101113Screenshot2013-11-10atAM022430.png

2. Brushing on TOFU and RAW EGG to show you how gentle the brush head is!
 photo 101113Screenshot2013-11-10atAM022257.png

 photo 101113Screenshot2013-11-10atAM022236.png


Had a tea party with the girls, Sandy and Minyi and we took this chance to test our Philips VisaPure! Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures ;)
 photo 101113DSC07697.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07588.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07758.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07590.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07742.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07721.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07700.jpg

   photo 101113DSC07687.jpg  photo 101113DSC07685.jpg  photo 101113DSC07679.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07672.jpg

   photo 101113DSC07663.jpg  photo 101113DSC07753.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07664.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07659.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07657.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07656.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07654.jpg

  photo 101113DSC07650.jpg  photo 101113DSC07648.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07651.jpg photo 101113DSC07642.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07641.jpg  photo 101113DSC07636.jpg
 photo 101113DSC07630.jpg

 photo 101113DSC07598.jpg

Am pretty reliant on VisaPure now to cleanse my face so as to ensure that the skin is well-cleansed and to prevent the pores from clogging. VisaPure is retailing at $269 and I personally think it's worth it especially when it's a tool to keep your skin clean, smooth and soft each time you cleanse!

Hope you have enjoyed the entry and video and do hop over to VisaPure's website to take a vote if you like the video!




1103 HRS

Skin Inc

Went down to Skin Inc twice for facial during the past two months and the pictures below were taken after the second session. Was a little surpirsed when the staff mentioned that they do not do extractions (part of a common facial process) as that was something that I've specifically requested for my beautician (in the past at other facial places) to concentrate on due to my black heads and enlarged pores. In fact, the beautician at Skin Inc stressed that the extractions are a no-no because they tend to cause the pores to enlarge even more. Hence, they have developed another form of facial that will boost skin's defense and have the ability to heal naturally from acne/zits etc without the need for painful extractions.  

I actually felt instantly refreshed after the facial and I thought the skin felt much cleaner as well. Tried the instant-glow-infusion treatment for the second session (they have different types of facial for different needs) and I felt that it did help to even out my uneven skin tone! Am looking forward to the rest of the treatments and will update in due time ;)

 photo 030314DSC09819.jpg

 photo 030314DSC09814.jpg 




1002 HRS

Preparing for Saint Valentine!

   photo love_is_in_the_air_by_biggirlsdonotcry-d4b20vx.jpg

 photo love_is_in_the_air_by_novembrebreeze-d4pp14t.jpg  

Saint Valentine
is approaching and I hope you have gotten your outfit settled for your date on this special day!

This occasion gives us a perfect reason to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, makeup etc. Just to doll up for our special someone, especially when we have a date night planned out. I haven't had time to shop for new outfits for this day and I'm guessing some of you are in a similar situation out there. Well, you don’t have to invest bags of time or money to look a million dollars because I'm sure you will still impress your date with your confidence even if you are clad in just a simple dress – think make up. ;)

It’s a fact that most of us focus on getting the right outfit when it comes to dressing up. Apart from the clothes we wear, I think make up plays an important role in. But I'm not referring to thick makeup, instead, I think the key is to having the appropriate makeup for the style you are trying to exude on that particular day.

And since we are on the topic of beauty – makeup, you will know that beauty enhancement contact lenses (especially those which make the eyes sparkle, and look bigger) can really help in beautifying our eyes and giving you the look you desire! With that, I thought it's time to share with you the lenses that I've been using in the recent years – and I can't live without them! If you have been following, you probably have read entries on that before and yes it is 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™!

 photo Untitled.jpg

I'm sure a handful of you out there are loyal customers of ACUVUE® as well, and you would be aware of the three beautiful variants available for 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ – namely the Accent Style, Natural Shine, Vivid Style. These three variants help portray different styles and you will be interested to know the different looks you'll be able to achieve just by putting these lenses on!

 photo 060214AccentStyle_lens.jpg  photo 060214Naturalshine_lens.jpg  photo 060214Vividstyles_lens.jpg
L to R: Accent, Natural Shine™ and Vivid Style.

To determine what look (makeup), colours I would go for, I would usually start off by deciding on the type of style I'm feeling on that particular day and of course, the occasion. So for instance, Valentine's Day is approaching and if you and your partner are intending to keep it casual and simple (eg. just a stroll or even a trip to the zoo), I would probably skip the red lips and go for something soft and in neutral tones! And in my opinion, the vivid style variant is perfect to suit the soft make up look!

 photo 060214Vividstyles_lens.jpg

 photo 060214brown2.jpg 

 photo 060214brown.jpg       

 photo 060214brown1.jpg

 photo 060214ns5.jpg   

 photo 060214DSC04784.jpg


 photo 060214Naturalshine_lens.jpg

Dark Grey and Gold Shine limbal ring! I personally think that this variant is suitable for most occasions and skin tones, it makes your eyes sparkle and look beautiful. You can be dressy or casual in this variant! For make up, you can go for slightly stronger tones than neutral tones, eg, mid pink.

 photo 060214ns1.jpg

 photo 060214ns2.jpg

 photo 060214ns3.jpg

 photo 060214ns6.jpg

 photo 060214ns7.jpg

 photo 060214vivid4.jpg

 photo 060214DSC067693-3.jpg


 photo 060214AccentStyle_lens.jpg
To me the accent style defines your eyes the most and can be very helpful in creating a smokey eyes look. It is glamorous and ideal for your date night to a nice place for dinner.  I think this is also perfect if you are going for a Red Lippie and best with clean and neat eye make up!

 photo 060214vivid.jpg

 photo 060214vivid2.jpg

 photo 060214IMG_09g63.jpg

 photo 060214DSC05045.jpg  photo 060214DSC05037.jpg 

 photo 060214DSC04971d.png

 photo 060214vivid3.jpg


Besides that, if you are a first time customer of  ACUVUE® and have a hard time deciding which variant to try for starters, you can decide based on your personality!
Vivid Style: "You are a go-getter be it in career or life. You're the life of any party ad everyone can't help but be drawn to your sunny personality. Vivid style makes the eyes seem larger and more vivid and expressive."
Accent style: "You are charming, elegant and brimming with an unmistakable confidence. You command such a strong but quiet presence that your family and friends naturally gravitate to you. Accent style makes the eyes appear brighter and distinctive"
For Natural Shine: " You naturally part crowds with your presence-without resorting to being over-the-top. You're the classy girl that sets trends way ahead of your peers."

And I always think we wouldn't have to compromise on health to have beauty, beauty and health can actually come together with 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™!
That’s because, ACUVUE® DEFINE™ comes with TRIPLE CARE, which provides adequate levels of moisture, oxygen and UV protection for healthy and comfortable eyes!

 photo 060214AcuvueTripleCare.jpg

Apart from this fact, what's better and makes ACUVUE® DEFINE™ safe is its BEAUTY WRAPPED IN COMFORT™ (BWIC) technology, which sandwiches the colourants within 2 thin lens layers so that they never will never come into contact with your eyes.  Safety & Protection are definitely two great aspects of the 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Contact Lenses as all ACUVUE® products come with FDA Class I or II UV Protection!

Hope you enjoyed the entry and I wish you guys out there a very Happy Valentine's Day! <3




1212 HRS

The NEW Biore Cotton Sheets!


I think I'm a really lucky girl to be able to try out the new products in the market at times and this time, I'm very happy to receive a set of the NEW Biore Cotton Sheets and cheers to Faster and Gentler Makeup Removal! This product is no stranger to many of us and this product has also been a saviour to us ladies (at least for me) especially during late nights, travel, a long day at work etc.

 photo 061213DSC06253.jpg

Talk about travel for example, we are often stressed to pack light and it's almost impossible for me. Just the beauty stuff and skin care pouches probably take up a good 15 – 20% space of my luggage and amount to quite a substantial weight (those bottles!!).  And when it comes to Makeup removal, I used to bring the huge bottle and it's somehow a hassle because I've to bring a pack of cotton pads ( always find it difficult to store the cotton pads because bringing the whole big pack is too big, and bringing the small pack is sometimes not enough. Had to store them in plastic pouches which took up a huge space albeit lightweight.) And forgetful me, sometimes I'll bring the makeup remover bottle but forgot to bring the cotton pads, or vice versa. So to summarize, bringing makeup removal is essential for us ladies during travel but can be huge hassle when it comes to packing. -_-

So I was involved in a campaign back in 2011 with Biore Cotton Sheets - two years ago when I started discovering how amazing Biore Cotton Sheets are and that I started becoming so, so reliant on them! These sheets have three different packaging and are retailing at pocket-friendly prices:
 photo 061213DSC06250.jpg

1. Regular Tub (44 sheets) $17.90  - The really pretty baby pink box below (top left), and it can fit in a refill pack nicely (right). This is the largest between the three packagings but in my opinion, it's already very compact and can be easily kept in luggages and average-sized bags.

2. Refill Pack (44 sheets) $15.60 – Easily refill the pink pretty box with another pack! 

3. Handy Pack (10 sheets) $3.90 - Thank goodness for this packaging, very easy to store in small bags, eg clutches etc. And for short travel trips, this handy pack is perfect!

With all these packagings, I can easily do away with bringing bottles + cotton pads when I travel. These can be easily packed into the luggages, definitely convenient and fuss-free to bring out. The Biore Cotton Shees are indeed one of my essentials when it comes to travel and I'm also thankful for them after a long day out – small and easy to pack (yes, the handy pack!) in the bag and I'll start removing makeup in the cab on the way back to save time. heh

 photo 061213DSC06268.jpg  photo 061213DSC06283.jpg  

You are probably thinking what's the different between the NEW relaunched version and the old version. Basically, the new relaunched version has:

- 20% more cleansing oil in each Biore Cotton Sheet
- Minimizes repeated wiping by 50% on eye lashes, eye area and face
- 100% natural fibre sheets for a softer glide on skin
- Infused with Hydrating Beauty Essence for smooth, moisturised skin with no sticky or oily after feel 
- Alcohol-free
- Colorant-free
- Allergy tested 

With the improved version, we can expect gentler and more effective makeup removal, including waterproof and stubborn makeup. At the same time, ensuring better skin with moisturizing essence and less pulling of skin to prevent fine lines.

The highlight of this product to me, is the generous additional of 20% cleansing oil in each sheet. With the sheets being richer in cleansing oil, we can cleanse off our makeup in shorter time frame and get more beauty sleep! 
 photo 061213Biore_Juice.jpg

This is a shot taken from the website but I thought I should try it myself:
 photo 061213DSC06310.jpg

 photo 061213DSC06311.jpg

 photo 061213DSC06312.jpg  photo 061213DSC06331.jpg
  photo 061213DSC06322.jpg  photo 061213DSC06328.jpg
I'm impressed! I didn't expect so much juice to be squeezed out from the sheet and I felt that I was wasting the juice trying to capture the above shots because so much was dripped out! 

Went on to remove my makeup:
 photo 061213DSC06305.jpg  photo 061213DSC06334.jpg

I usually start off by removing my eye makeup. One tip that I've learned to remove stubborn waterproof makeup (especially mascara) with the Biore Cotten Sheets for the delicate eye area, is to press the sheet for 5 seconds on eyes before wiping. Tried it a couple of times, and it works ;)
 photo 061213DSC06339.jpg  photo 061213DSC06362.jpg
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

 photo 061213DSC06354.jpg  photo 061213DSC06353.jpg

 photo 061213DSC06383.jpg

 photo 061213DSC06361.jpg  photo 061213DSC06359.jpg 
Just thought I should clarify that the neat black line wasn't the eyeliner I drew on but the eyeliner embroidery I did a while back! S as you can see, the eyeliner I drew on was almost removed! Hope you don't get confused. Heh

 photo 061213DSC06367.jpg
Just flip the sheet and wipe off the remaining makeup, very very easy. 

 photo 061213DSC06392.jpg

 photo 061213DSC06393.jpg
And trust me about the generous addition of cleansing oil on the sheets! The sheets were so moist that I felt I didn't  have to use much force to swipe it across my face! Even after removing my makeup, my skin felt soft and   moisturized (thanks to the sheets being infused with Hydrating Beauty Essence!) and it didn't feel sticky or oily at all!

 photo 061213DSC06296.jpg  photo 061213DSC06281.jpg   
 photo 061213DSC06284.jpg

Yay to us ladies for an improved version of Biore Cotton Sheets! The packs are available in all major super/hypermarkets and pharmacies. If you are concerned by the effectiveness of this, at least get a handy pack to try. You'll be convinced, I'm sure! ;)