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 photo 010117blog.jpg
Top and pants from KLARRA, shoes from heatwave, clutch from BCBGmaxazria

Not too sure if any one is still reading but this space has always given me good memories. Once in a while when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll still look back at the entries to recall the good times. The past couple of months have been pretty crazy and am glad to finally be able to take a breather from work, to recharge before getting back. It's the third day of the Lunar New Year today and it has been going well so far. This occasion, has been as usual – quiet, simple but somehow better this year to know I'm spending it with Dean, together with my family :) 

Happy new year guys x




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Police – My game, My rules

 photo 0106141DSC04008.jpg

Eyewear to me is probably one of the most practical accessory one could carry. All thanks to Police eyewear, I had a brand new pair of shades (seen above) to bring to Korea just two weeks ago and it came in handy for the Sunny and cooling weather there!

A couple of weeks earlier on, I actually headed down to the office to take a look at the range of eyewear by Police and I was particularly interested in the above model (model S8299) which I'm sure you have seen it around – one of the most classic models of Police eyewear! You might have also seen it on posters around whereby it features Neymar, the international footballer and budding style icon and Police's classic blue shades! In case you are wondering who is Neymar, he's the new face of Police 2014 eyewear and he is the most talked about personality with Champions League and FIFA World Cup 2014. Neymar Jr’s partnership with Police marks the coming together of two of the biggest icons of the season.

I was delighted to know that I could bag home a pair of shades of my choice and that would definitely have to be the above model! Love the style, the shape and I had such a hard time deciding which colour I should get because it came in four absolutely gorgeous shades. Settled for the gold shade in the end because most of my accessories are gold in colour and I could definitely pair this pair of shades easily with most of my outfits. Additionally, I really like how sturdy this pair of shades is, given its lightweight. You might also be interested to know that it's made of metal and polarized, mirror lens!

Police is definitely a brand that speaks of street style with that slight hint of rebellion. Inspired by American “on the road” spirit, its brand personality is aggressive, non-conformist and even a little hedonistic. You will be surprised to know that Police has created in time a wide-ranging lifestyle concept over the years, which now includes perfumes, watches, jewellery, small leather goods and apparel – Police eyewear is known to be a fashion statement accessory for many!

More pictures of this classic pair of shades.
 photo 0106141DSC04004.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04007.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04005.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC03995.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04096.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04091.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04090.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04089.jpg  photo 0106141DSC04088.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04087.jpg  photo 0106141DSC04086.jpg

 photo 010614DSC05760.jpg

 photo 010614DSC05764.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04944.jpg

 photo 0106141DSC04939.jpg

Police Eyewear has introduced a couple of unique,exciting campaigns this year and for now, I do urge you guys to participate in this special lucky draw contest because you get to walk home with an exclusive model for Police Eyewear! Purchase any Police Eyewear and get a chance to win a Police Timepiece. Lucky Draw is between 14th April to 13th July and there are 13 watches to be given away which means you stand a high chance to receive it!

To join, all you have to do is the fill up a quick form at this link HERE.
 photo SinKwangA4PoliceCounterCardMarch2014copy.jpg
 photo S8299_583B_FRONT.jpg
The classic model (S8299)

Besides that, an exciting Police Eyewear instagram contest is going on!

You can easily participant by instagramming a photo of yourself in an outfit that you think would go well with Police eyewear! You don't have to purchase nor do you need to wear any eyewear, but just casually sharing with your followers your outfit which you would love to pair your Police Eyewear with. Simply just hashtag #skpoliceneymar to participate and contest is from 2nd June to 13 July!

Prizes are really attractive because the Police Eyewear team will select a winner each week! Winner will be announced on every Monday on Police Eyewear's official facebook page and the winner gets to walk away with a brand new pair of Police eyewear (the newest model still, more below)!

 photo PoliceS1823GSunglassesInBlack3.jpg

 photo PoliceS1823GSunglassesInBlack4.jpg
Featuring the model S1823 – an Asian fit and it's one of the latest models in town too. In fact, I do adore the fit of Police Eyewear and I'm sure you will like it too. Here's a shot of the other pair I own!

 photo Screenshot2014-06-02atPM125954.png

Don't hesitate anymore and start hashtagging your outfit photos – all the best guys!

P.S: Click HERE for more information.




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Audi Fashion Festival 2014

It's the fashion week this week and here's a shot of us all at Prabal Gurung's opening show yesterday <3

 photo 150514DSC03161.jpg
With the gorgeous ones – Guan Min, dear Vel and Willabelle.

A big THANK YOU to Mercury PR for the invite, and for being so kind to put us at the front row. Too blessed, too lucky and very thankful

Thank you John from Salon Vim for the hair, Miss Selfridge for the outfit and Alison for the styling ;)

More on instagram – beatricesays and check out #AFFSG or #AFFinsider for behind-the-scenes takes and updates on the go!




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AMPed x #Digitalfashionweek

Back to do a thorough update on #Digitalfashionweek!

As you know, Digital Fashion Week (DFW) was a collaboration between DFW Creative, youtube, google+ and Twitter to bring to us the latest fashion by local and international designers. Consumers were able to watch live action such as backstage, runway shows etc on the various social media platforms instantly just when the event was happening as well. It's an major partnership because this runway helped to raise profile of each city's home-grown designers via the convenient digital platforms, featuring collections of Spring/Summer (S/S) and Fall/Winter (F/W).

Was very privileged to be invited to attend one of the shows – a S/S collection by local designer, Pauline Ning, and witnessing top models strutting down the runway showcasing Pauline Ning's next season's collection. Have to say a big THANK YOU to AMPed for the invite! 

If you didn't know, AMPed is a phone application that you can easily download on your smartphone, allowing you to stream and download seamlessly on your mobile devices from a music library of millions of songs and get the latest music news and reviews on their website. What's amazing is that they have a mammoth repository of millions of songs available for you any time, from good'ol classics to the latest song you've ever heard! I've the application and I must say both the selection of songs and streaming speed so far, were pretty impressive. Furthermore, you get to get/win first-hand exclusive invites to music events and meet-and-greets with artists you love -  I've received tickets to Nelly Furtado's showcase previously (AMPed had Lady Gaga previously as well), read more about it here! Do you know AMPed is recently being featured as The Straits Times Digital Life  Editor’s Choice and they were compared amongst all other music apps (Spotify, Deezer, KKbox) and was picked as Editor’s choice?

 photo 0911131DSC03268.jpg

Anyway, you must be wondering how AMPed came into place with Digital Fashion Week. I was puzzled initially as well but later found out that AMPed is not just about songs streaming and download. Just as what its tagline says – AMPed is "more than music" and for this event, AMPed partnered with DFW 2013 and worked with the Music Director, Mei Wong, to introduce 13 runway playlist for the shows, each styled together to suit the respective designers' style, mood and collection. Ms Mei Wong actually put together a list of soundtracks – created by downloading the different styles of music on AMPed and mixed them in a set- no doubt a music director! These soundtracks are also available exclusively on AMPed and to those fashion funky peeps out there, you know where you can get the uniquely created runway soundtracks for your own needs. And by the way, Pauline Ning's runway show was entirely represented by AMPed soundtracks!  ;)

Calling to fashion and music lovers, here's an inspiring video put together by AMPed x DFW that you should not miss ;)

I have never thought a music application could do so much and AMPed definitely proved to be 'more than music'! I always think music plays a great part in our lives, even if one isn't a music lover. If you've noticed, music creates an entire atmosphere, fills the empty spaces and in fact, music is all around in us – think about house parties, cafes you dine in, retail shops in shopping malls, during photoshoots (I always like to play songs during shoots with the team! heh), in the car, at events and dinners, at spas and facials etc.. I only realised how important it is to add music to our lifestyles recently and with that said, AMPed could provide songs whenever, wherever you need them. ;)

Last but not least, If you are a member of the PREMIUM account of AMPed, which is called WhAMPed, you get to enjoy a special song identification feature that recognizes songs you play it, even when you sing or hum it!

AMPed is free but for music lovers, I definitely urge you to join AMPed as a premium member! You get to enjoy various exclusive features and services ;) Simply do an in-app upgrade under settings and for SingTel users, it's even easier for you – just charge it to your mobile bill by calling *247 (Turn on 3G/4G and  turn off WIFI when doing so).
 photo 181113photo2.png  photo 181113photo1.png

More pictures below on DFW!
 photo 0911131DSC03111.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03027.jpg
Went to the backstage!

 photo 0911131DSC02988.jpg
AMPed has very kindly arranged for a hair and makeup session for me in the afternoon, and thanks to them, I'd the chance to take a peek into the backstage and had my makeup/hair done by professionals! ;) Met the two winners of AMPed too (they were users of AMPed and they won tickets to DFW as well as a complimentary hair/makeup session before the event. Perks of this application that you should not miss!

 photo 0911131DSC03025.jpg
Models at work.

 photo 0911131DSC02992.jpg
Starting Makeup – by The Body Shop.

 photo 0911131DSC02997.jpg
Heh, goofing around with the makeup artist and DFW videographer, Billy.
 photo 0911131DSC03003.jpg
Done with makeup ;)

 photo 0911131DSC03024.jpg
Time for hair ;)

 photo 0911131DSC03007.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03006.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03015.jpg
Thank you for the help, Gary!

 photo 0911131DSC02998.jpg
Not forgetting Jie Ning for the help in arranging everything! ;D

 photo 0911131DSC03034.jpg
Shortly before the doors were opened…

 photo 0911131DSC03042.jpg
Stayed on to catch the first show – F/W by Topshop, and spot Danielle Payne in hot pink (who came all the way from Topshop UK!).

 photo 0911131DSC03108.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03048.jpg
Glad to see Jayne and Tricia too. ;) And that's Teresa from Division at work.

 photo 0911131DSC03050.jpg
Celebrities galore!

 photo 0911131DSC03105.jpg
Finale for Topshop F/W collection.

I left immediately after for Topshop Afterparty at Knightsbridge Orchard and came back in the evening to catch Pauline Ning's S/S showcase together with my plus-one, Shi xian. She's helping me with the styling for Klarra and I thought it will be a good chance for us both to get some inspirations from the shows ;)
 photo 0911131DSC03195.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03192.jpg
Happened to bump into a senior from my Poly, Qingsheng and his beautiful girlfriend, Wanling. ;)

 photo 0911131DSC03207.jpg
At the cocktail party before the event started.

 photo 0911131DSC03204.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03198.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03188.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03186.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03206.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03205.jpg
You probably have seen her on TV, she was the winner for 'The Face' cycle one. Gorgeous, slender and extremely tall – felt like a midget beside her!

 photo 0911131DSC03210.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03216.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03215.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03263.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03214.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03212.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03251.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03246.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03241.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03235.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03233.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03229.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03253.jpg

 photo 0911131DSC03260.jpg  photo 0911131DSC03261.jpg 
Congratulations to Pauline Ning – for putting together such a wonderful collection!

 photo 0911131DSC03222.jpg
AMPed x DFW collaboration also made available a Free Chauffeur service by UBER for AMPed users. How thankful for this because my feet were aching after wearing heels the entire day. We booked the car, it came within 10 minutes and we didn't have to queue for cabs! Another perk of being an AMPed member  ;)

 photo DFWNEW.jpg

AMPed is available on Appstore, Google Play and Windows Phone store and is also available to all SingTel, Starhub and M1 users. AMPed is free but for music lovers, I definitely urge you to join AMPed as a premium member! You get to enjoy various exclusive features and services ;) For now, if you sign up for 12 months AMPed Premium contract via www.ampedmusic.sg (via your mobile browser), you get to stand a chance to win a Flyaway to see Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz Tour 2014! More details HERE.

For fans of Miley Cyrus, don't miss this opportunity and if you are doing the math of whether a ticket is worth you signing up for a premium AMPed account (even though you know you are a music lover), read more HERE and you will know why it's worth it!




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#DigitalFashionWeek x Topshop

 photo DSC02981.jpg
Outfit & Necklace from Topshop, shoes from BCBGeneration by Vince Camuto, clutch(upcoming) from Klarra.

It's the Digital Fashion Week! As quoted from the website, "#DigitalFashionWeek is the world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week. A joint partnership between DFW Creative, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real time." And oh yes, Supermodel Naomi Campbell was here in town and she made her SEA runway debut yesterday at the Digital Fashion Week wearing designs from Zenchi! 

Today marks the second day of DFW and a handful of us were there to catch the Topshop Season's Runway Edit – featuring a series of their Fall/Winter designs. A big THANK YOU to Topshop and Divisioncom (especially to Teresa and the boss, Mr Douglas Khee) for arranging a fitting last week at Topshop Knightsbridge, making sure we will all be nicely dressed for today. Bagged home this lovely set of outfit (above) – put together by the absolutely stylish personal shopper Melanie and I can't tell you how much I love this set! A gorgeous F/W collection for sure and I left the event earlier on with another big bag of loot once again!

Alrighty, my eyelids are getting really heavyyyy… ending the post with a couple of photos and I'll be back for more again. Till the next, ciao ;D

 photo DSC03120.jpg

 photo blog.jpg
 photo blog2.jpg 




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Thank You, Miss Selfridge!

Went for a fitting last week and was introduced to a brand new collection by Miss Selfridge, inspired by Cosmo's Shelly Vella. Great thanks to Mei Ting from Miss Selfridge for picking out this dress for me and I love, love, love it! Absolutely exquisite and intricate beaded details and easily one of the most gorgeous pieces I've ever owned.

A lil on this exclusive collaboration between Miss Selfridge Yasmin Yusuf & Cosmopolitan's Fashion and Style Director Shelly Vella:
Inspired by Shelly Vella -  Cosmopolitan's Fashion and Style Director Shelly Vella's enchanting journey through India with Miss Selfridge's Yasmin Yusuf inspired this beautiful and bohemian 30-piece festival collection.  Feeling completely overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration from their travels, they imagined an exclusive collection that would bring together the beauty and texture of India in a wearable capsule range. Nine months later the collection was formed.  It's all about adding unique accents to ordinary pieces: the dress with the ruffled hem, the sequin-laced dress, the embroidered leather jacket, the embellished bag.  Sun bleached colours, delicate detailing and fluid lines make for timeless lust-have pieces.

 photo 280813missselfridge.jpg 

 photo 280813DSC09278.jpg

Think I've put on a bit of weight – boohoo, but am happy to be owning one of the 30 exclusive designs and I can't tell you how much it has made my day! Thanks Miss Selfridge & Thanks Mei Ting for seeding me with this outfit! ;)




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Vince Camuto Spring’13


 photo 080413_MG_3646.jpg

   photo 080413_MG_3645.jpg

Just a couple of weeks ago, Vel and I had a filming for Vince Camuto. You have probably seen this brand around because of its prominent locations at ION Orchard and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

A little background before I go on. Vince Camuto is an American women's footwear/fashion label that recently came to Singapore and has its first outlet opened just last year. It's named after the its founder (yes, Vince Camuto) who also established the Vince Camuto Group, where he started his Vince Camuto line and acquired licenses of multiple international footwear labels. Not only does Vince Camuto carry their own exclusive line – Vince Camuto, they also hold the master license for Jessica Simpson and footwear licences from reputable labels such as BCBGeneration.

As they always say, heels are a girl's best friend. It is a ladies' heaven when you step into Vince Camuto because you will be absolutely spoilt for choices! I was overwhelmed by their extensive range of footwear and the gorgeous range of fashion accessories like handbags, jewelry and such. You will definitely love Vince Camuto's latest Spring Collection as much as I do. The collection is in bold, lovely and gorgeous hues,  which is exactly what we need to spruce up our wardrobe.

Vel and I will be sharing a video each, showcasing different themes and styles. Vel will be sharing on footwear styles for your 'dates' this Spring whereas I'll be sharing on styles to spice up your corporate look. Stay tuned to the video below because I'll be featuring four different shoe styles for you corporate ladies! ;)

Preparation begun at 10am at bebe and we were very lucky to have one of the luxury Japanese make up brands - Lunasol as the makeup sponsor. My look for the day was corporate, so I had brown hues and red lippy. Love how red lipstick creates this confident, sophisticated look for almost anyone. ;)
 photo 080413_MG_4165.jpg  
Thank you Lunasol and Joy for the make up ;)

 photo 080413_MG_3454.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_4145.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_4136.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_3488.jpg
A big thank you to Vince Camuto's team for these arrangements, made me felt really pampered and it was as though it was my wedding day!

 photo 080413_MG_4126.jpg
Thank you KMS and Andrew from Sabun Cabane for the hair styling!

 photo 080413_MG_4082.jpg
Thank you bebe for the gorgeous outfits during shoot set!

As Vel and I will be showcasing different themes and styles, our filming timings were staggered. Starting the filming slightly earlier and it was at Vince Camuto (ION Orchard).
 photo 080413_MG_4008-1.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_3998-1.jpg  photo 080413_MG_4002-1.jpg
Bright hues of merchandise pop up against the white concept of the store.

 photo 0904131Grab6.jpg

 photo 0904131Grab5.jpg
Complement your shoes with a Vince Camuto handbag!

 photo 080413_MG_4224.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3746.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_3694.jpg
From left to right: Tasha wedge, Ashlynn peep-toe, Tovia wedge

 photo 080413_MG_3653.jpg
Loving the diamantes on the Gernetto heel.

 photo 080413_MG_3666.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3662.jpg
This pair of Ashylnn peep-toe pumps (left) is of an ideal height for all ladies out there and also, do check out this pair of Adrien heels (right)!
Featuring these designs from Vince Camuto's Spring collection. Do watch the video to take a closer look at them!

 photo 080413_MG_4207.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3638.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_3554.jpg
An outfit change for the second corporate style. Love this set!

 photo 080413_MG_3549.jpg

 photo 080413_MG_3564.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3613.jpg
An outfit change for the second corporate style paired with the Camryn heels. Love how versatile this pair of heels can be!

 photo 080413_MG_3595.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3593.jpg
 photo 080413_MG_3610.jpg  photo 080413_MG_3606.jpg
I love how the studs on this pair of Tamblyn wedges pump up the edgy factor to your outfit!

 photo 080413_MG_4242.jpg
Vince Camuto also carries a series of bold preppy bracelets for this Spring season. ;)

 photo 080413IMG_2165.jpg  
Thank you to Melissa, Gabby and Jayne for taking time to join us, making sure everything runs smoothly. ;)

 photo 080413IMG_2179.jpg 
With dear gorgeous Vel ;)

 photo 080413IMG_2173.jpg
And a big thank you to Siew Pin from bebe for giving us a set of gorgeous outfit and not forgetting, the laughter throughout the filming day!

 photo 080413IMG_2171.jpg
And make up artist Joy for the lovely make up ;)

 photo 080413IMG_2168.jpg
Last but not least with two of the nicest people around, Karen & Cherish. They brought great joy to the shoot as well and made time pass really fast ;) 

 photo 080413_MG_4250.jpg
Not forgetting Chang, who captured these lovely photos and Pang, the videographer for his guide throughout the filming. Cheers to a lovely team! ;)

Vince Camuto will be having a special treat for all my readers! Simply quote my name “Beatrice Tan” to enjoy $50 off any shoe/handbag above $100! This promotion is valid till 30 April, check in store for more details!

3 lucky winners can also stand a chance to win your favourite pair of Vince Camuto shoes worth up to $299! Just follow Vince Camuto on instagram, upload your latest purchase from Vince Camuto and hashtag #vincecamutosg! Contest ends on 30 April 2013!

Vince Camuto is located at ION Orchard B2-20 and Takashimaya S.C B1-51.




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GUESS Spring’13 Collection


I believe most of us ladies enjoy dressing up for occasions and some of us enjoy shopping for clothes, some shoes, bags and of course the fashion jewellery/accessories. I suppose a handful of us spend most of our time shopping for apparels to ensure that we are in different outfits/styles (especially for office ladies) or most at least not in the same outfit everyday. Apart from the need to have various outfits, I personally think that it's equally important to get the right accessory – in this case, bags. I personally think that bags play a huge role in complementing our individual outfit/style and unlike apparels, the right bag can be absolutely versatile for you to match most of your daily outfits with!

I'm probably similar to some you ladies, am one who needs a bag, or at least a clutch/pouch – something to carry, every time when I'm out on the streets. And for some reasons, I tend to feel a lil handicapped if I don't have anything to carry with/on me. And because I do bring quite a bit of things along with me when I'm out which I do consider them as 'necessities' as well apart from basic necessities such as phone, wallet etc, bag is definitely an important accessory, at least for me ;)

Apart from its functional use, bags are also fashion accessories and help to complement/showcase your individual statement style, manifest your personal charm and image! And not sure if you can comprehend this, but when you are in a rush and you step out of the house quickly, only realizing that you holding an unmatched bag only when you're halfway on the roads will kill the outfit style you've been putting together all night, boo. So the key for us is to find the right bag and we'll be doing a lil shopping today. You might have already seen this #GUESStote circulating around and hope I'm not too late in sharing this! There will be a special treat for you ladies because at the end of the entry, YOU will stand a chance to:
- Bring home a brand new GUESS bag
- Have a one FULL PAGE feature as a GUESS model in a leading local fashion magazine with me :)

Before I start on the bags, here're some pictures I took during a meeting with the Guess Team at their gorgeous showroom (in their office) together with other bloggers, Qiuting, Sophie and Rachell ;)

Thank you Sally from GUESS, who organized a cozy and intimate afternoon tea session with us to introduce Guess Spring'13 Accessories Collection. You will love them!

Very excited to be featuring GUESS new accessory collection this Spring and you can expect to see a series of classic and playful accessories, accompanied with preppy hues, bold and fun colours!  Not just fashion bags for work, but you'll be treated with modern and chic designs for casual fridays or even sport weekends. As they say, It’s all about the mix of materials, soft volumes and metal details. Will be featuring 5 of my favourite bags from the collection below and to win a bag of your choice + a feature in a local fashion magazine, all you have to do is to GUESS which is my ultimate favourite design out of the 5 ;)


WILCOX MINI—–—–—–—–—–—–—–—–

Love that this is made of soft leather-like material and of course, it's gorgeous cognac (some sort similar to Camel Brown) shade which is absolutely versatile in my opinion. This shade can match up almost any outfit! Besides that, i've always been a fan for sling bags this size especially for travels or for a casual weekend out to the beach or park. You might have spotted this bag on my instagram/@beatricesays – carried this during filming in the wild for the Maybelline's Wild Cats styling VLOG ;)



This is the similar to the Wilcox Mini featured above, just that it's in the Tote version. Made of soft leather-like materials too, this is probably one of the most effortlessly chic bags you could own. Love it that it's huge and we ladies can store countless of 'necessities' in it, and that it's available in this lovely camel brown shade too. Perfect one for complementing contemporary styles!

RUMI TOTE—–—–—–—–—–—–

Another tote that was love at first sight for me. ;) Always wanted to get a structured yet modern looking bag for work-out/ golf sessions but didn't chance upon any I've favoured until this! Adore the pure white shade and the contrasting studs which chic-up the bag, definitely modernized your sports outfits! Oh yes, it's made of a waterproof material too ;)



Who says handbags for work and events must be small and dainty? We could add a lil edginess, sophistication or a whole different character to the corporate look with the Tisbury Tote from Guess! Oversized and two-tone are the two highlights of this design and i'm in love with its python texture and the contrasting patent handles. You know you can store a whole lot of things in this bag ;)


Classic design and you'll love the box-shape! It looks much smaller as compared to the tote above but you'll be surprised by how wide the width is especially with the box-shape design. Versatility is its middle name and definitely one which exudes classy-ness and elegance.


And now, the exciting part:
Bring home a brand new GUESS bag & Have a one FULL PAGE feature as a GUESS model in a leading local fashion magazine with me :)

Hope you've found something you like from the collection and as mentioned at the start of the entry, one of you ladies will definitely be taking home a brand new GUESS bag (of your choice) + be featured as a GUESS Model with me in a leading local fashion magazine! For now, all you have to do is to GUESS which is my favourite bag out of the 5 bags featured above and instagram your answers (Click HERE to see how others have done it and be inspired!) There are 2 ways you can do it:

1. A picture of your own storyboard/collage + Hashtag #GUESStote #BeatriceTan
(Caption is optional)
* Click HERE to see how others have done it and be inspired!

These are just collage samples I did and you are welcome to explore your creativity!

2.  A picture of the bag +
Hashtag #GUESStote #BeatriceTan (Caption is optional)
*Have cropped them out in square format below for easy-post. ;)


* You are encouraged to post more than once (in different pictures, format) to increase your chances of being selected
* Contest is on from 9th March to 24th March
* Don't forget to hashtag #BeatriceTan #GUESStote so that the GUESS team can see your Instagram entries to pick the winner!
* Winner will be notified by email from a Nuffnang Representative

And if you would like to take a look and have a feel of the bags, do head down to the stores! To share the love of this season's Spring collection, just visit any store and quote #GUESStote to receive 10% off on any Spring'13 Collection handbags! *Promotion period : 8th – 24th March'13

The GUESS Spring collection is now available at all GUESS and GUESS Accessories store along with a coordinating assortment of accessories including footwear, watches, belts and small leather goods The GUESS Spring collection is now available at all GUESS and GUESS Accessories store along with a coordinating assortment of accessories including footwear, watches, belts and small leather goods.

GUESS Marina Bay Sands
GUESS Takashimaya S.C
GUESS Accessories Store Raffles City
GUESS Accessories Store Vivo
GUESS Accessories Store Bugis Junction




1211 HRS


 *Waves from Genting*

Am currently in Genting together with the ReelityTV's crew, bloggermates, a couple of readers and we will be here for the next 5 days. Probably the longest stay in Genting but this time we came here with a purpose and we will be filming a gameshow for Resort World Genting! Filming begins only tomorrow morning and I've a feeling that one of our challenges would be the thrilling rides. Not really a great fan of those rides especially the Free Fall Ride, but let's see how it goes tomorrow. ;)

Pardon to those who sent me an email, been having back-to-back events and haven't had time to sit down to do my emails. Will do so whenever I've time so please be patient with me ;))


When it comes to online shopping, it's no doubt who are the bigger players in the market. One such local brand is none other than Hollyhoque (pronounced as 'Holly-Hock') and I'm sure you are familiar with its name. I personally got to know of Hollyhoque a couple of years ago, and they are known for its sweet, feminine and casual style. They are very well-received, recognized amongst the teens/young adults and with a surge in popularity, they have also invested their hardwork and time in opening their first ever brick-and-motar store. Congratulations Hollyhoque ;)

Just last week, I paid a visit down to one of our most popular shopping districts – Far East Plaza, to specially check out Hollyhoque's fashion boutique. The entire boutique is designed in a whimsical theme, very cozy and spacious at well. The boutique houses an extensive range of in-house label designs and you can certainly expect to shop from a range of classic favourites, together with brand new designs that might not be even released online! As always, one great thing about shopping at brick-and-motar stores is that we customers get to have a feel of the pieces, and at the same time, having the option to try them on before making our purchases. Definitely help to minimize post purchase dissonance!  


They have an array of accessories available for sale, such as bags, necklaces, bracelets etc.

A collection of self-manufactured shoes to complete your outfits too. Guess which pair I took home? ;)

One of my favourite pumps ;)

Took home this pair of wedges, love the design and its platform! ;)

Another Hollyhoque dress that I bagged home. Love every thing about this effortless boho chic T-shirt dress, its prints, its design, its cut and it's currently one of my favourite dresses in the wardrobe. This piece is still in stores, and this design comes in a sleeveless style as well. Feel free to try it out at their boutique and grab it before it goes OOS ;)

Glad to see that our very own local fashion brand has taken its business to a whole new level, creating an even more wholesome experience for their customers. Do support them and check out their store for more exclusive and upcoming designs ;)

To all readers,  just quote my name/blog to any of our staff when making payment and you are entitled to 10% discount store-wide at the boutique only.  Valid til 4th December. Happy shopping ladies!

14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza, #01-31
Singapore 228213


Some random updates on the go.

Ethan's family just got another new pup, a pure goldie named Carefree and look at how cute he is! For some reasons, Carefree and Trigger are always fighting and the little one is extremely aggressive (so he's kept in the cage as you can see above, although he should be let out to play in the day) Carefree is currently housed in this small cage first because he's still young, and Trigger is housed at another area with a bigger cage. But I heard from the housekeeper that Trigger has a new routine task ever since Carefree arrived – which is to walk over to Carefree's cage to accompany him first thing in the morning whenever he's let out of the cage when the housekeeper wakes up. Aww, that really warms my heart to hear and although I can see that they are always rough with each other, but the big boy (now 21kg) is constantly looking out for carefree. :)

Hello you big boy ;)


Attended ELLE'S Halloween Party on actual day, 31st October, courtesy of Sue Jean from Mediacorp. It was a Canon-sponsored event and I was there on a task actually, to sort of teach attendees some of my favourite poses for the night! I must say I had a good time that night, especially with the company of my dearest friends and I got to meet the Hot & Sexy Jean Danker who hosted the event. Good times pals!

Am excited that our first batch of self-manufactured designs has arrived! Couldn't wait and wore one of our designs out for that night, it comes in sizes and colours so do stay tuned to Klarra for the launch of it! Love this elegant bodycon piece. ;)

Had the opportunity to attend another event hosted my Mediacorp for i-weekly just two days ago, and it was a beauty workshop hosted for the public, partnering with brands like Panasonic, New Look etc.

Met two of our very own local gifted Deejays from Yes933 radio station, Jiahui & Cruz Teng ;)

Will be updating more on the above events again, and see you back here soon again!




0110 HRS

Menya Musashi

Today's update came a lil later than usual as the past few days were exceptional hectic. Spent Saturday mastering the 'Gangnam Style' dance for Ethan and my friends' upcoming wedding specials.  We had a filming under the hot sun which another of his friend, Bob will then put together the clips to replicate the PSY MV and I can't wait to see how it turns out. It was definitely one of the best workouts anyone could have done – My back / legs started to ache the very next day. But actually, it was so much fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again!


Had a quick dinner with my dearest mommy-girlfriend, Linny just last week too and am amazed how much we can catch up within a short 2 hours. Additionally, I received a belated birthday present from her that very night – Naked Eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, which made me on cloud nine because it has been something I've been wanting to try too. Love the neutrals! Thanks for the pretty gift, my dear :)


Just last week too, we organized an outing to celebrate Yixiong's belated birthday (though he has the same birth date as me) as it's pretty difficult for Linny&Yixiong to join us as and when especially after Baby Evangeline was born. They are the first couple in the gang to start a family and it's so amazing to witness how they cope with their kid, the new phase, basically, everything. Definitely helpful for us to learn the ropes too. heh

The celebration was held at Menya Musashi, a Ramen restaurant located at Raffles City which we heard raves about it – It's always packed with people and you probably have to queue every single time. We tried making reservations but they only allowed us to be seated when everybody arrived, so we had to forgo the table first and re-queued later on. Queue was pretty insane and we waited for about half hour before we were ushered to our seats. Glad to have Baby Evan joining us for that day too because she definitely kept us occupied during our waiting time!

Love this lil lime green lady bug.

We decided to test out the guys' paternal instincts and Ethan kinda semi has it based on the left picture, but not so much on the right picture. :p

OK. Vincent was worst and it was totally hilarious! The left picture shows how he received Baby Evan even after testing out a few different arm positions, and that was the most comfortable way of carrying her. We all had such a good laugh!

"Hey, where's my food??"

*BANGS* "No food, No shoot"

"Yay, I got my food!"

The restaurant specializes in 3 different soup bases – white, red and black. I had the red one, which I personally thought it was the best outta all, but yet again, I don't exactly think their ramen was fantastic – soup was a lil too starchy for my liking (a couple of my friends shared the same sentiments). But Haslinda and Yixiong love the ramen there so I suppose if you are a fan of thicker soup base, you might want to try this ;)

Three Guys & a Baby – this scene was too weird that I just had to capture it down for keepsake. They said it reminded them of a movie though I'm not sure which.

Menya Musashi 
252 North Bridge Road 
#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre 
Tel: 63366500
Daily: 11:30 – 22:00

Outfit of the day: Scallop ends peach top from Pearlavish. Great cut, especially at the waist area ;)

Outfit of the day: Matched up a versatile and flowy blue midi dress from Pearlavish with my own studded vest. Love the shade and how it can be easily paired with outer apparels ;)