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0508 HRS

Europe Travelouge – London (Part one)

It's one of those sleepless nights tonight. Quiet nights like this are pretty enjoyable and for today I had a little bit more time so I was browsing through all my past photos and decided that I should really kick start my updates on my 3-month stint in Europe last year. So here it is – starting with amazing London for sure ;)

 photo 080815DSC00256.jpg  
I took emirates for my flight to London and I remember that I enjoyed the journey. Pretty empty from Singapore to Dubai (I had the entire row to myself), ride was smooth and oh yes, wine. They actually gave an entire bottle which I thought was a nice touch for the in-flight experience – especially for wine lovers.

 photo 080815DSC00257.jpg
I actually really enjoy plane food very much ;)

 photo 080815DSC00258.jpg
My very first photo of London. It was my second time here and the first was too long ago – probably when I was 17 years old. Everything was definitely not familiar to me.

I've spoke to friends before my trip and was recommended by Ming to engage 'Simply Airports' for airport transfer. Would highly recommend this as it was one of the more reasonable priced and credible transport companies in the UK. Getting a black cab directly might cost 1.5 times more. You have to book them perhaps at least a day in advance (or even more to be safe and they do online bookings). I personally think calling is much easier as they need to arrange with you (you need to provide flight details) on where to wait. If you are sitting Emirates and alighting at Heathrow Airport – I would suggest setting the meeting point at the store WHSmith. It was easy to spot and a guy will be there holding a signage with your name written to receive you.

 photo 080815DSC00278.jpg
Knowing that I went alone, Ming was very kind to introduce his UK pal, Arya to me on the first day. Arya helped me to settle into the apartment and brought me for a tour around the area. We walked around Oxford street and settled at Aubaine @ Selfridges (a huge and extraordinary departmental store – one of my favourites and you have to visit!) for lunch.

 photo 080815DSC00263.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00273.jpg
Aubaine – A chained bistro serving french cuisine.

 photo 080815DSC00276.jpg 
Hello Arya ;)

 photo 080815DSC00270.jpg

2nd Floor, 400 Oxford St, London W1A 1AB, United Kingdom
+44 20 7318 3738

Monday to Saturday 930am to 9pm
Sunday 12pm to 6pm

 photo 080815DSC00286.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00294.jpg
And the famous Liberty (departmental store) around Oxford area. As what google says – a quirky department store filled with high-end fashion and luxury homeware, with its own fabric line.

 photo 080815DSC00295.jpg
The gorgeous photo spot for many.

 photo 080815DSC00315.jpg
We decided to go for desserts after lunch and Arya recommended this newly opened Chocolate shop named SAID dal 1923, located just around the corner. I must say it was really awesome and definitely a must-go for all chocolate lovers!

 photo 080815DSC00318.jpg 

 photo 080815DSC00329.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00339.jpg
You have to try these two!

SAID dal 1923

41 Broadwick St, London W1F 9QL, United Kingdom
+44 20 7437 1584
Monday to Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

 photo 080815DSC00314.jpg
Gotta love the architecture. What a charming city.

 photo 080815DSC00300.jpg 
Exploring more of oxford and SOHO.

 photo 080815DSC00282.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00378.jpg
We walked throughout the day and ended up at 'Little Venice'. To quote what google says again,

"Just north of Paddington lies Little Venice. This picturesque pool of water where the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals meet, is home to a number of waterside cafes, pubs and eateries. From here you can take a boat trip or follow the tow path on foot and see how the winding waterway snakes its way through the heart of the city. You can head downstream past the charming regency streets of Madia Vale and on to Regent’s Park and Camden beyond, or follow this peaceful corridor upstream to the west and enjoy the tranquillity of the waterways that feel like a million miles from the hubbub of the roads and streets nearby."

I personally liked that area and there was this quaint little cafe there that Arya introduced which became one of my favourite cafes around (I went back almost 5 times!) – will update more in another entry.

 photo 080815DSC00388.jpg

  photo DSC00398.jpg
The talked-about Boat Bookshop just right outside Paddington underground station. The 'bookstore' sold new and used books which were in pretty good condition. Books were retailing at about 5 to 10 pounds – definitely very reasonable!

 photo 080815080815DSC00405.jpg 

Okie dokes. That's all for tonight and I'm dozing off right now. Too many pictures to sort and I'm in between doing quick summary entries or detailed ones which I'm pretty sure it's gonna take ages (although I prefer this as forgetful me really hope to document down the memories as clearly as I can). In anycase, I'll be back to continue the entry again. Till then! ;)




0308 HRS

All Things Klarra

 photo 0808151SEdited-1013d.jpg

 photo 0808151.jpg 

 photo 0808151DSC06647 copy.jpg 

 photo 0808151DSC06663.jpg

 photo 0808151DSC06666.jpg

 photo 0808151IMG_2794.jpg  

 photo 0808151DSC06741.jpg

 photo 0808151DSC06756.jpg  photo 0808151DSC06736.jpg  photo 0808151DSC06728.jpg

 photo 0808151DSC066712.jpg

Was at the pop-up for the past week to ensure things were running properly. Having a taste of retail and I must say I'm definitely very new to the retail industry. Am very thankful to have met kind souls around who gave me valuable advice, guided me through when they didn't even have to and I've definitely learned a lot over the week. People around living in Singapore are actually very kind-hearted, helpful and full of compassion (although most don't show it out directly) if you realised  – at least that's how I feel and am very glad/pround to be living in a country that fosters such a compassionate and bonded community. 

Tending to the business alone can honestly be quite a challenge but it has taught me so much. So much that I'll never exchange it for anything else. I know I've said this many a times, but thank you to my dearest friends and family, customers, social media pals for being there, coming by to support or even dropping words of encouragement. You may think I don't remember them but i actually do – very much actually. I won't forget how you guys made me feel <3

Happy long weekend all!

And happy birthday, my one and only Singapore.


 photo SEdited-1016blog070815.jpg

Thank you family, dear friends & esteemed customers for supporting  <3




1106 HRS

Lexus NX Hybrid

Sponsored Post

 photo 180515DSC09524.jpg

A few weeks back I had the chance to test drive one of the latest SUVs in town!

It has always been a little hobby of mine is driving actually (although that's probably the last thing I would want to do if I'm dead tired), and I do experience a thrill when I'm behind the wheel. So you could imagine how excited I was to have this opportunity. As some might have guessed from the pictures, the SUV was none other than the Lexus NX Hybrid (aka NX300h)! 

I went to Lexus showroom in the morning to have a crash course on the various features of the Lexus NX. Needless to say, a crash course was necessary for me to learn how to function some really advanced technologies the NX comes with. It was in fact my first time operating a SUV and I was initially a little worried if I've trouble parking the car. I must say my worries were all for nothing and in fact, the drive was completely enjoyable and fuss-free which I (including those passengers) was very impressed – more below ;)

 photo 180515DSC08743.jpg
Say hello to my new ride ;)


Knowing that I would have the car for a few days, I made plans and started the next day early with a breakfast meeting at Starbucks.  The car definitely came in handy and it definitely makes it easier to travel around for meetings, making sure the day is well-utilized!

 photo 180515DSC08852.jpg

 photo 180515DSC08845.jpg
Setting off.

 photo 180515DSC08878.jpg

 photo 180515DSC08925.jpg
Love the panoramic glassroof!

 photo 180515DSC08956.jpg

 photo 180515DSC08961.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09000.jpg

 photo 180515DSC08931.jpg

 photo 180515DSC08753.jpg
The control on the steering wheel was really stable and it made it much easier to pick up my calls on speakers without my hands fumbling for the phone in my bag!

 photo 180515DSC08761.jpg
I like that it comes with an inbuilt GPS.

Before I move on further, I thought I should share with you some of my favourite features of Lexus NX Hybrid ;)

1. 360-degree panoramic view monitor –   Parking was so fuss-free given the size and it was awfully helpful! (see below)
2. Remote Touch interface with 7-inch display screen
3. Wireless charging for Qi-compatible electronic devices
4. The panoramic glassroof
5. Blind spot monitor (a censor light will automatically appear if another vehicle is at your blind spot)
6. How automated, thoughtful and Intuitive the features were
7. How amazingly spacious and comfortable the interior was

 photo 180515DSC08948.jpg

On a random note, I was also secretly thrilled to be receiving the white version for the period (white has always been my top pick for most things anyway).

I never quite noticed SUVs on the roads but I always had the impression that the designs are pretty restrictive due to size. And after receiving the car, I made an observation on SUVs along the roads and I must say I kinda adore the sporty aesthetic of this particular Lexus model. I like how smart, sleek and classy the car looks and who says an SUV can't look stylish?!

Also, I always think SUVs are better suited for families but after driving it, I had a complete change of mindset and honestly speaking, I was indeed impressed by how functional this car was.



I made a trip back to Klarra's office to settle some work and to collect some outfits for errands that same day as well. I loved how spacious the interior was and it could easily save time and transport a big bulk without having to make multiple trips.

Poots and I arranged for an afternoon tea and I picked her up from her workplace.

 photo 180515DSC08890.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09023.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09121.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09104.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09091.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09056.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09046.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09051.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09133.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09134.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09140.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09219.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09234.jpg

It was my first time being at P.S Cafe petite and it was definitely love at first sight. P.S Cafe has always been one of my favourite places to dine at for brunch, tea or dinner.  Besides coffee, the cafe serves a rather decent variety of food and so we tend to spend hours there and this round was no exception. The truffled mushroom panini was really good, came in a pretty generous portion. And not to forget, we ended the meal with our favourite banana butterscotch cake – you have to try this!

We spent a couple of hours that afternoon and before we knew it, it was around evening time and we did a takeway to deliver piping hot food for the family. A car definitely makes everything easier and everywhere more accessible.



This was next day's morning where I had to report for an early morning shoot. It's always a hassle calling for cabs in the morning and I managed to get to Marina Bay Sands just within 20 minutes of drive! -  – who says Hybrid cars are not known for performance!

 photo 180515DSC09243.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09239.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09250.jpg
Shoot location was at MBS.

 photo 180515DSC09253.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09276.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09399.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09404.jpg

 photo 180515DSC09465.jpg

Shoot was well and I had to shuffle between meetings that afternoon – having the car was absolutely a life savior!


Last but not least, Lexus NX was probably one of the smoothest drive I'd experienced and it was such a breeze travelling around with the car. Everyone who sat in it had great feedback on it, and commented especially on how comfortable the ride was. Besides that, the automated features were exceptionally helpful and I liked that the car was equipped with GPS for travelling directions as well. Lexus definitely lives up to its name and I can't say how enjoyable the experience was.

Definitely will include SUV as one of the choices when I'm considering getting my own car next time!

 photo 180515DSC09505.jpg
Dscover more about mine and others bloggers’ #NXSideofLife HERE!




0806 HRS

GLOW – It’s your move

 photo DSC04665small.jpg

I probably have shared about this some time back but I figured I do have some self-esteem issues which have been pretty much affecting how I feel about myself. I haven't been the most confident throughout my teenage years. To name a few contributing reasons, it would be a combination of work, weight issues (my metabolism isn't the highest so in fact, I constantly have to be mindful of my diet) as well as aesthetic reasons such as skin issues (I've pretty bad body scaring issues which I haven't exactly shared before).

Talking about weight, I’ve put up some growing up pictures years ago and there were periods where I was really plump. I kinda lost weight during my modelling days – which I guess being in front of the camera naturally was a motivation for me to maintain my weight. After I stopped modeling, I was still mindful of my diet, but somehow, it was so much harder to maintain my weight. I guess indeed as we age, metabolism rate decreases and hence, it’s important for us to take note of what we consume, our lifestyle habits and also, fitness – not just for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons.

I used to exercise a lot more – running four times a week but in between the years I stopped. I gradually felt that fatigue got hold of me easily and I felt extremely lethargic even after taking a long rest. I felt that my energy level depleted easily and I found it difficult to concentrate at work – which I didn’t quite like it because i wanted to be more efficient. Then one day I decided that I should do something about that and I started exercising. I actually felt so much better after that and a couple of months back, I joined the gym and started being more active.

Besides exercising, I also got stricter with my diet and at the same time, I suppose the bottom line is not just about wanting to look good , but also about feeling good and confident as a whole . I believe to do that, it's all about finding a good balance between fitness and diet, so that we actually feel healthy from within.

 photo 070615DSC04602.jpg

And very recently, I was pleasantly surprised to be approached by a health supplement brand called GLOW™. To give you a quick background on what's GLOW™ all about:

"We strive to celebrate every day with the believers of beauty, health and life. Through the range of our products, you can now glow alongside our community of like-minded enthusiasts as we make our move in empowering women to seek confidence and natural results

It is in our DNA to produce an authentic, personal best for you and we build that through the use of advanced technologies that showcase proven results and efficacy. Our products deliver real solutions that will support every woman’s health and wellness lifestyle, providing only the best in beauty and fitness."

I followed up with a meet up with the GLOW™ team soon after and was privileged to meet with the brand's founder, Nicole, as well to find out more about GLOW™.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.56.24 am.png

Nicole is an avid health, fitness enthusiast and she came from a pharmaceutical background. She shared with me her personal story, mentioning that she used to be overweight, having skin issues such as acne and eczema and nothing seemed to help even though she has consulted multiple specialists. She realised that it all boils down to having the right diet and exercise and at the same time, she found new ways around her problem which included wise oral supplements, skincare products and a good diet and exercise to maintain her weight and curb breakouts. Thankfully with her family pharmaceutical background, she worked in close proximity with an R&D team who created her own supplements range using the best ingredients. She actually tested the products on herself before releasing them out to the market hence safety is definitely a factor that she takes seriously.

I was pretty excited after knowing more about the brand and am interested to find out how it can help in my daily lifestyle as well.

 photo 070615DSC04599.jpg

Work can be quite hectic many a time and meals can be quite irregular. I talked to a few people about this and understood that health supplements could potentially be a way to boost one's health. I am happy to be embarking on this campaign with GLOW™ and we have started to even work out some interesting plans for the upcoming months. One of which will be a one-month fitness challenge, which involves a personal trainer and customized meals and I'm honestly very excited for this!

Anyway back to the supplements, I've received the GLOW™ kit recently (Thank you, dear GLOW™ team!) and it came with the new and improved, all-natural formula GLOW™ BodyActive supplement. This product has a 3-stage blend which means it doesn't only help with weight management, but is also an energy booster and has antioxidant properties that helps fight any signs of aging – exactly what I needed and these made got really interested to try the supplement.

I got to know more about this product back when I met with Nicole and she understands that I've difficulties managing my weight. She shared with me this star product from GLOW™ which has effectively helped herself and many others.

I like that Nicole doesn't agree that there is never a need to resort to extreme methods of dieting (although she used to face weight management issues too) and she actually encourages us women to take an active lead in maintaining a good healthy lifestyle too – eating healthily and moderately. GLOW believes in enhancing confidence within women through building a fun community and I'm glad to be joining this community!   

If you are concerned about the safety of the products, you will be happy to know that GLOW™ products are GMP assured. The brand takes pride in adhering to top quality standards established by regulated trade associates and health regulatory authorities.

 photo 070615DSC04738.jpg  

 photo 070615DSC04704.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04709.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04712.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04715.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04716.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04736.jpg

 photo 070615DSC04710.jpg

A few of my favourite quotes from the GLOW™ kit!

Love how the kit comes with these GLOW™ motivational postcards and I always love to keep them or I always think the quotes give meaning to gift cards (I'm quite a hoarder when it comes to stationery, homeware and notebooks). Besides this, I was excited to receive the GLOW™ kit (as shown above) as it comes with everything I'd need for fitness – a bottle for hydrating, sports attire and of course a face towel which I always bring along during workouts.

GLOW™ is giving away these kits and do stay tuned, follow GLOW's Instagram @ilove_GLOW to find out how you can get them!

GLOW™ is launched in 2012 and from what I know, its products have received overwhelming response from Singaporean women nationwide, winning various prestigious drugstore and pharmacy awards including:

• NTUC Unity’s Most Popular Slimming Product Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014
• Watsons #1 Top Sales Revenue Product;
•Watsons Health & Beauty Award in 2013 and 2014

• Guardian Health & Beauty Award 2013 and 2014

Hope to have you embarked on this fitness beauty journey together and if you are keen to do so, do fill in your particulars below ;)

Subscribe to GLOW's mailing list!

* indicates required

I’ve joined the GLOW™ beauty bandwagon now and will be back to share more in another blogpost. Am looking forward to share more on Instagram and Dayre and I’ll be back with more updates. Meanwhile, be in the mailing to join the GLOW™ community and be prepared to win free goodies along the way! I’ve taken my first step to a better healthier me, now it’s YOUR move!




0305 HRS

New retail level at Vivocity


 photo 080515IMG_0003.jpg

As mentioned in my Dayre post previously, one of Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle destination mall, VivoCity has introduced an entirely new retail space at Basement one!

I used to frequent VivoCity quite often during my university school days as my school was located around the area. Been a while since I've explored the mall and was pleasantly surprised to know of that new retail floor.

The basement one expansion is not just an addition of new stores but to be specific, this new retail level features exclusively curated brands. These are brands are exciting fashion and accessories retailers which I'm very sure both you and I have heard of. I visited the level just two weeks ago and some of the stores were still undergoing renovation but what I've heard, they’ll be opening really soon! You should definitely check them out when you head there!

To name a few that I visited the other day:


WEEKENDS is a new one-stop, multi-brand lifestyle store and has just opened its first ever store at VivoCity Basement one.

To give you more background on the store, WEEKENDS brings together 14 international lifestyle brands from Europe and America. They offer an eclectic collection of inspiring gifts and designer stationery, stylish jewellery and accessories, unique fragrances as well as statement-making soft home furnishings, such as wall art and prints, designer tableware, lamps and much more.     

Brands you can expect to see are kate spade new york Gift & Stationery, Acctim, Alphabet Bags, Brokis, Coulson Macleoud, Fiorelli, Gary Birks Designs, Ginger Ray, Jonathan Alder Gifts & Stationery, Mr Maria, Read Between The Lines, Royal Apothic and Talented.  Prices ranges from $6.90 for a notebook to $650.00 for ceiling lights and more pictures below to show you what's in store ;)

I adore homeware, cards & notebooks shopping and I spent a great deal of time checking them out. I personally think WEEKENDS offers a great range of gifts for your loved ones and friends and I'm confident you'll be able to pick out something for any gender and age!

P.S: Do you know MONOYONO, a leading branded specialty retailer of gifts and lifestyle merchandise is their sister company?

 photo 080515DSC09539.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09588.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09587.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09586.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09552.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09549.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09544.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09581.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09575.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09541.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09573.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09565.jpg

   photo 080515DSC09572.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09562.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09559.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09558.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09555.jpg


THOMAS SABO is an international jewellery, watch and beauty brand. They carry a wide range of designs made from sterling silver and design, sell, distribute products from Germany for both men and women.

The brand is known for creating innovative, trend-oriented, classically-elegant as well as highly-expressive accessories, with great attention to detail. Expressive and iconic designs from the ladies' and men's collections, such as the love knot, the skulls, leather bracelets and the feminine rings, have acquired cult status in the THOMAS SABO product world and are highly-coveted among customers across five different continents.

THOMAS SABO's partners include 2,600 jewellers and retail partners throughout the world with 273 shops (119 shop-in-shops and 154 stand-alone-shops) across the globe. You will also be excited to know that Poppy delevingne used to be one of their ambassadors as well and top model Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger) is their current ambassador ;)

 photo 080515DSC09593.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09602.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0847.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0827.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09605.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0824.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09603.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09595.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09597.jpg

 photo 080515DSC09600.jpg

THOMAS SABO is known for its  range of modular charm jewellery – entitled Karma Beads. The Karma Beads collection was introduced as a celebration of the ‘beautiful things in life’, representing a positive attitude towards all life. One of their star products is named The Wheel of Karma which represents ‘personal, inner balance’. There is quite a great spectrum of designs, ranging from sweet floral pieces to Gothic skull design.

I must say they do have a great range of designs for customers to choose from and from the collection, you can easily mix and match for your own customized bracelet. This will be a great idea for a gift too ;)

Receive a complimentary beauty bag worth $30 with minimum $150 spend. Valid till 30 June 2015,  while stocks last. Quote my name, Beatrice Tan to enjoy the promotion!


A prestige skincare brand for men by Estée Lauder companies. LAB SERIES believes in applying modern technology, advanced ingredients and the latest research on men’s physiological and lifestyle needs to develop products with proven results.  LAB SERIES offers simple educational tools to help men understand exactly how to address their skincare needs, and provide the knowledge and the assurance to solve any problems that arise – from acne to aging.

A friend of mine joined in for that afternoon and he was telling me he uses their products on a daily basis and they work well for him. He was keen to try out the new range of products and hence he had a complimentary skin analysis done on the very same day and received a one week trial sampling set after that. It's open to all walk-ins so calling out to you guys, if you would like to try their products, do pop by to have your skin analyzed!

You'll receive a 2-piece deluxe travel set worth $35 with minimum $50 worth of purchase. This promotion is valid till 30 June 2015 (while stocks last) and do quote my name to enjoy the offer :)

 photo 080515IMG_0865.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0871.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0901.jpg


 photo 080515IMG_0895.jpg


What more can I say?

One of the most prominent footwear brands around and happy to know that VivoCity has an outlet now.

They have a wide range of sandals, sneakers, pumps and heels and we were totally spoilt for choice! Definitely a spacious location which allows you to shop in comfort. I spent a good hour or so shopping in the store and I must say the service was impeccable. I had to thank the staff, Nul (hope I didn't get his name wrong) for being so patient with me and he was probably one of the best salespersons I've encountered before!

 photo 080515IMG_0853.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0864.jpg


 photo 080515IMG_0008.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0005.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0006.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0863.jpg
Three of Sel and my picks ;)

 photo 080515IMG_0856.jpg

 photo 080515IMG_0857.jpg

Last but not least, these are just 4 of the 9 brands that are situated at VivoCity's basement one. Some other brands you can expect to see:
American Eagle Outfitters
Etude House

Do pop by the new retail level for some retail therapy as they will be having some special opening promotions in store, so don't miss them!




1105 HRS

Ladies Night Out

 photo 100515DSC09882.jpg

 photo 100515DSC09880.jpg

 photo 100515DSC09904.jpg

 photo 100515DSC09897.jpg

Saturday night out with these gorgeous ladies.

Together with dear Merli, Evon, Sora and Melissa, we had a nice, simple evening catching up over sumptuous Chinese cuisine. Familiar faces on magazines and national teevee but definitely very down to earth yet humble people. Such a fun night out and thank you Sora & Evon for the treat! I'll be Merli and my turn the next round ;)




0404 HRS

Estee Lauder

(Sponsored Post)

I’ve always been looking out for skincare products that focus on whitening and recently, I was introduced to Estee Lauder’s Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Range and was told that this range is specifically created for Asian women, working in sync with skin’s natural circadian rhythm for fairer, brighter complexion.  

 photo 110415DSC07062z_1.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06797.jpg 
I was rather drawn towards the fact that this range has been tested on Asian women as I personally felt that there is a difference between Asians and Caucasians’ skin type. To name a few that I came to understand from this online article: 

1.  Asians tend to have a thicker and denser dermal layer of the skin and there is a higher concentration of collagen. 
2. Asians have a more compact epidermis (top layer of skin) which tends to reduce the absorption of skincare substances when applied to the skin.  This probably explains why Asians pile on more potent potions and have developed at least a 5-step skincare.
3. Asians have darker skin than Caucasians. Asians tend to produce more melanin which tends to be distributed more towards the surface of the skin, thus the darker skin.
4. Asian skin tends to tan more and burn less, which means chronic UV exposure tends to produce more pigmentation-related problems for Asians. 
5. Asian skin responds differently to trauma (physical, surgical, chemical or light). They tend to produce more post-inflammatory/traumatic hyperpigmentation, which leaves patchy brown marks on the site of skin injury and this does not resolve easily. 
6.  Asians have a higher rate of unsightly scars, e.g. keloid and hypertrophic scars. 


This Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Collection comprises of 6 skincare products and 1 powder foundation:
1. Cleanser
2. Moisture Treatment Lotion
3. Spot Correcting Essence
4. Moisture Creme
5. UV Protector SPF50/PA++++
6. BB Creme SPF50/PA++++ & Brightening Balm and Brightening Powder Makeup SPF25.

Through research, I also found out that hyperpigmentation is impacted by the skin’s own day/night cycle. Exposure to environmental assaults during the day can trigger melanin production at night. Hence, that's how a lot of us developed uneven skin tone and pigmentation surfaced as we age.

 photo 110415DSC06803.jpg

1. The products are scented with a floral fragrance developed in Asia
2. Naturally derived botanicals work with your skin’s own daily cycle to promote the skin's ability to self-brighten and repair.
3. A 24-hour brightening system which is gentle for long term use and with products which protect against daytime damage and repairs by night.
4. Corrects existing spots and prevents future spots
5. Calms down the skin, prevents dullness and discolorations
6. Ingredients include powerful anti-oxidants to protect skin against harmful free radicals, baicailin to neutralize the effects of pollution and UV, sea fern extract to inhibit melanin production, licorice to minimize irritation responses, and molasses extract to break up accumulated pigmentation.

This collection does sound very promising and I was happy to have the chance to try the entire set out.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Cleanser

 photo 110415DSC06841.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06842.jpg

The cleanser comes in a very generous portion and I'm pretty sure this could last for a year or so.  I've previously used Estee Lauder's cleanser as well. It has a really rich texture and I like that a tiny bit is enough for creamy lather (you just have to add a few drops of water and the texture turns creamy).

My skin feels thoroughly cleansed after using but sometimes my skin gets really dry and the cleanser tugs on my skin a little. So what I would do is to follow with the Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion and it helps to instantly adjust and balance the skin. I was told that this has calming ingredients that complement the regimen’s new Light Cycle QD Complex and help minimize irritation that can contribute to excess melanin production.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion

 photo 110415DSC06837.jpg
This Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion is a very gentle, watery fluid that helps to condition the skin after cleansing. I felt that it gave my dry skin a boost of hydration and the skin feels prepared my skin for the treatments that follow after.

Not forgetting the fact that the scent of this product is really lovely, feels pampering indeed. ;)

Crescent White Full Cycle Spot Correcting Essence

 photo 160415DSC06797j.jpg

This is the star product of the entire collection and it is also my favourite product from the range. I've used it diligently for two weeks now and I do think the skin feels slightly less dull now.

This product is a star for a reason. It aims to brighten the look of dark spots, dullness and this powerful essence targets existing dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, and also the key causes of discoloration.

As we all know, dullness disappears until light seems to come from deep within. This Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence contains the highest level of the new Light Cycle QD Complex and contains technology that helps skin defend against daily environmental assaults that can cause excess pigmentation.

The texture is a lightweight milky fluid that absorbs into my skin very quickly. Very soothing, moisturizing on my skin and I must really agree the scent smells heavenly too.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Creme

 photo 110415DSC06845.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06835.jpg
I've really dry skin and I really like the rich texture of this cream.

To describe its texture, it has a lightly-whipped gel-creme texture that is lightweight and absorbs quickly without any stickiness.

I’m very particular when it comes to moisturizers and have been using different moisturizers for day and night. But this works well for both day and night I must say.  Initially I was a little concerned if it's suitable for day use as it might not go well with my make up after. I tried and tested it after and happy to know that my make up blended in and I tried a few different foundations over the span of a few days – all worked pretty well. I found it perfectly hydrating in the day time throughout my long hours without causing my t-zone to look oily; and sufficiently rich and nourishing at night – not too sure if it's because of the combination of the previous few products that helped to prep the skin well.

And of course, when it comes to night, the cream keeps my skin hydrated till the morning and I like how supple the skin feels in the morning.  

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF50/PA++++

 photo 110415DSC06810.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06817.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06819.jpg

First thing first, I always ensure my UV protector has an SPF of 50. Secondly, it has a PA++++ which equates to maximum protection!

It is a light cream that dries down completely and does not leave the skin feeling greasy. Fortified with anti-oxidants and anti-irritants, this calms the skin while protecting it. 

This sunscreen from Estee Lauder has UVA/UVB protection and is lightweight and fast-absorbing. I actually thought it acts like a primer to the skin for make up application too. Like they always say, no brightening skincare is complete without a good sunscreen and sunscreen is very, very important for us all.

 photo 110415DSC07082s.jpg

 photo 110415DSC07087s.jpg  photo 110415DSC07089s.jpg

 photo 110415DSC07080s.jpg

 photo 110415DSC07067s.jpg  photo 110415DSC07062s.jpg  
Taken right after applying the UV protection.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Creme  SPF50/PA++++ & Brightening Balm
 photo 110415DSC06820.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06825.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06828.jpg

 photo 110415DSC06822.jpg

Again, I like it that the BB Cream has an SPF of 50/PA++++ and uniquely, it comes with a Brightening Balm which acts as a highlighter!

I like the complete look and texture of my skin after applying the entire range. The skin has a slight glow but not greasy-looking and it certainly looks naturally brighter as well. Everything is lightly scented with an amazing floral scent, nothing overpowering or lingering, but just feels really fresh and pampering. 

 photo 110415DSC07070s.jpg

In conclusion, I would recommend this range if you think you've tired, dull-looking skin. I personally think apart from brightening up the skin, this range is also helpful in retaining moisture from the skin ;)

To receive a 5-day trial sample of the UV Protector, just simply flash my IG post at Estee Lauder ION Orchard Boutique.  (Limited to the first 100 only)

Enjoy your sample!




1204 HRS

Eye Define by Browhaus

(Sponsored Post)

If you have been following the blog, you probably know that I went for an semi-permanent eyeliner treatment at Browhaus one and half years ago (blog post here).

 photo 170415DSC06068.jpg

To those who are new to Browhaus, it is known to be Singapore’s first dedicated brow and lash grooming salon. It has 30 outlets with presence in nine different cities such as Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok. Browhaus menu covers a range of brow grooming techniques such as threading, tweezing, tinting and Brow Resurrection.

For the longest time before I did this eyeliner treatment, I felt a little conscious when I left home without drawing an eye-line. I would feel that the eyes were tired-looking, too small and naked. And with these reasons, I remember being really excited for the treatment because this would mean waking up to a pair of more defined eyes first thing in the morning.

I had a few concerns initially when I first did:
1. If the treatment will be painful and whether there will be downtime
2. What type of dye will Browhaus use and will the semi-permanent eyeline fade to a blue-ish shade (Got the impression from seeing tattoos etc)
3. Will the eyeline fade at certain areas eg, the corners, at some point of time and that I won't feel comfortable heading out without correcting the eyeline by drawing an eyeline (which defeats the purpose of doing this treatment, if so)

As mentioned previously in my post back then, I had consulted the specialist from Browhaus and was assured me that most people found no pain in the treatment (but of course it depends on the person's level of threshold for pain). As for downtime, I personally didn't experience much but based on the feedback provided by a couple of readers who previously done the treatment as well, they did face days of downtime so I would suggest doing it 3 to 5 days before the weekend to play safe. 

If you are concerned about the dye, I understand that Browhaus uses organic dyes that are 100% safe for all skin types. I've done it for a year half and till date, the eye-line is still very much intact. The black eyeliner shade has faded very slightly but it was still dark enough to show a defined line and there wasn't any blue tinge at all.

No regrets for doing this treatment and til date, I love it!

Well, and with that said, you can imagine my excitement when I was told there'll be a new eye-defined campaign called the 'splash-proof look' by Browhaus this year and I'm happy to have the chance to be involved in it. To share a little more about this campaign, it introduces (1) The Eye Define Treatment and (2) Browhaus's latest Heavy Duty Bi-Liner, a 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Eyeshadow.

1) The Eye Define treatment (what I did previously)

To further elaborate, the eye define treatment helps to define your eyes, making them brighter and your lashes look fuller.

The entire treatment took approximately 1 hour and I was very happy to be back in Wayne's hands! She was amazing, very attentive, precise, making sure that I don't feel sharp pain nor discomfort at any point of time. Numbing cream was applied before the treatment and whenever I faced a slight pain, Wayne would apply the cream along the way to ensure it'll be comfortable throughout.

I was also told that Browhaus’ Brow Specialists have to undergo a strict training regime before they will be able to start work hence they are all well-equipped with skills, making sure there's no room for errors.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.02.57 pm.png
This was taken before my first eye define treatment.

 photo 170415DSC06063.jpg
 And this was taken after one half years, before my second treatment.

 photo 170415DSC06089.jpg
As mentioned before, we all have different preferences on how we like our eyeliner to be drawn. Wayne the specialist started by drawing on a temporary eyeliner shape to ensure that I was satisfied with it before we proceeded with the treatment.

 photo 170415DSC06108.jpg
Numbing in the process and after an hour….

 photo 170415DSC06116.jpg

 photo 170415DSC06115.jpg

 photo 170415DSC06118.jpg

 photo 170415170415DSC06121.jpg
And done!

 photo 170415DSC06126.jpg
And to ensure that the eye-define treatment achieves its optimal results, it's best to bring home an aftercare kit which will aid in the healing process.

If you have realised, I did my bottom eye line too. These pictures below were taken a week after the treatment and I love how the eye define treatment helped to enlarge my eyes (especially after adding on a thin faint line at the bottom eye line). I still enjoy drawing eyeliner at times to achieve different make up looks and I like how Wayne ensures that it won't drastically change the eyes and yet at the same time, making the eyes look as naturally as possible.
 photo 170415DSC07187.jpg  photo 110415DSC07089s.jpg

 photo 170415DSC07213.jpg

2) Browhaus's latest Heavy Duty Bi-Liner, a 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

This is one of the newest inventions from Browhaus and what's more appropriate for a brow and eye specialist brand to introduce their own series of Eyeliner and Mascara?

You'll be happy to know that:
- Browhaus introduced a soft smudge tip and sharpener on the other
- Long-lasting Wear for up to 24 hours 
- Line your peepers with your favourite colour or create a sexy smokey effect by gently smudging the liner on your eyelids. 
- Comes in 5 colours: Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Amber (Bronze), and Blush (Light Pink)

 photo 190415DSC07704.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07708.jpg
Lovely packaging ;)

 photo 190415DSC07714.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07724.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07723.jpg
Always a fan of liquid eyeliners and love the sharp tip!

 photo 190415DSC07334.jpg
And all set ready to go after make up! Using Browhaus's precision smudge proof jet black eyeliner ;)

Browhaus is having a special promotion for the eyeliners -  A set of all 5 colours retailing at just $50 (U.P. $64.50 / $12.90 each) and do give them a try at any of their stores ;)

Last but not least, Browhaus is running an Eye Define Promotion at $428! It's a fraction of the usual price of $856 and only for a limited period. I personally love the treatment very much and would definitely recommend you to try it if you would like to have a semi-permanent eyeliner too. Do book in advance as their slots fill up pretty quickly everyday and I hope you will like the treatment as much as I do. Click here to find out more if you are keen!  




0704 HRS

Sunday Brunch

 photo 190415DSC07659.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07678.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07689.jpg 

 photo 190415DSC07699.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07671.jpg

 photo 190415DSC0766h5.jpg

 photo 190415DSC07592.jpg

 photo 190415DSC076s16.jpg 

Today's brunch date ;)

I was at the east for medical and so we decided to explore new places around the vicinity. Being coffee lovers, we were recommended by Merli's friend to visit Collective Brewers.

Besides coffee, the cafe had a rather decent variety of food and so we settled for brunch there. The burger we had was good, came in a pretty generous portion and for that, we might have over-ordered with a main, two side dishes, two cups of coffee and a chocolate banana cake. The cake we had was a little disappointing, rather dry in texture (the top chocolate layer was pretty good though) and we both agreed it might have been a little pricey for that. Last but not least, the coffee was pretty good, very smooth although we would very much prefer it to be slightly stronger.

It was a Sunday well-spent with the dear girl and happy that we spent some quality time catching up together once again!

And before I end of the entry, I would like to share a fun fashion application that I've downloaded a couple of months ago.

It's called 'WEAR' and I'm pretty sure you have seen the logo around as it's a huge thing in Japan! It's a leading fashion lookbook applicaiton and a global fashion community where you can:
1. Get inspirations
2. Connect with trendsetters
3. Shop what you discover from looks
4. Search, filter, sort, browse and save the best selection of looks, outfits, shoes, dresses etc.
5. Get styling tips

This application is free of charge and you can easily sign in via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo. It's quite engaging I must say. I surf this application at times to get more inspirations especially when I've no idea what to dress for the day. Besides that, it's pretty fun sharing outfit shots as well and connect with the other local/international 'wearistas'.
 photo 190415image_139575281544_article.jpg.png

   photo 190415wearapp01.jpg

 photo 19041519041521_pr_3-e1419244904762.jpg 

 photo 190415photo 1.jpg  photo 190415photo 2.jpg

Here's my handle and try it if you are free! ;)