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1201 HRS

London | Duck & Waffle

As promised, I'm back for a detailed update on my trip to Duck & Waffle.

Visited the place twice during my stint in London, first trip was for a dinner but later got to know that they catered a different menu for brunch so I went back again. Duck and Waffle had a spectacular view of the city and with that said, I was definitely interested to check out the place on both day and night.

You will also be surprised to find out that Duck and Waffle opens till 5am.
I was told people tend to visit the place for supper after late night parties etc. Thought it was a pretty cool concept and probably a great spot for pals to come together on Friday, Saturday evenings and enjoy dinner/wine till late ;)

 photo 201215DSC01438.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01457.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01456.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01480.jpg
Duck egg en cocotte / wild mushrooms / Gruyère / truffle / soldiers, £13 (SGD28)
This was mind-blowing. Sha and I had the similar reactions after tasting the first mouthful of this – we would definitely recommend you to this try this. For eggs lovers, this would be the perfect dish to order.

 photo 201215DSC01487.jpg
Duck & waffle / crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup, £17 (SGD36)
I believe you have seen this dish featured around online. I personally think this was alright – maybe because it was literal a piece of duck leg + a waffle, which seemed quite pale in effort as compared to the other dishes. Also, I usually associate waffles as part of a sweet dish, so am not a big fan of a savoury dish that consists waffle.

 photo 201215DSC01488.jpg
Spicy ox cheek doughnut / apricot jam, smoked paprika sugar, £10 (SGD21)
This was really quite unique and tasty I must say. It looked like a cinnamon dessert but in fact, it was savoury and I loved how innovative the presentation was.

 photo 201215DSC01496.jpg
Dark chocolate brownie sundae / peanut crunch, £10 (SGD21)
And a dessert to end of the day – would definitely order it again if I'm back and please try this if you are there!

 photo 201215DSC01534.jpg   

This basically sums up the brunch date and moving on, the dinner date.


Duck and Waffle's dinner menu was a little different but of course, they had the usual signatures such as the duck & waffle dish and the peanut crunch dessert.

I went together with Arya, Merli and Arya (who basically tried all dishes) and recommended a couple of sides/mains he thought were the best.

 photo 201215DSC01103.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01109.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01113.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01119.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01141.jpg  

 photo 201215DSC01137.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01139.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01146.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01155.jpg     

 photo 201215DSC01157.jpg 
Angus beef tartare / pickled onion, mustard, Marmite egg yolk & dripping croutes, £11 (SGD23)
This was really good. A favourite amongst us three.

 photo 201215DSC01158.jpg
Whole roasted chicken / (for 2-3) / roasted potatoes / wild mushroom / truffle, £35 (SGD73)
Arya really liked this and as much as I thought this was pretty good, I didn't think it was worth the price. I have just checked the latest menu and it seemed they had change this dish a little – it was previously infused with truffle but the current one reflected on the menu features a different cooking method.

 photo 201215DSC01162.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01147.jpg

Last but not least, do note that there's dress code to adhere too. As quoted from the website:
" Dress Code/ Casual Elegance – We welcome and encourage style, however, we kindly ask that guests refrain from wearing shorts, beachwear, flip flops and sportswear, including athletic trainers. Smart jeans are permitted."

This place is definitely worth a visit in my opinion and do remember to make a reservation before you head down as they can be quite packed ;)

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310

Hours of operations
Monday – Friday     
Breakfast  6am – 11am    
Lunch 11:30am – 4:30pm    
Dinner 5:30pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am 

Breakfast  6am – 9am    
Brunch 9am – 4:00pm    
Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am


London is probably one of the best places to experience the different cuisines.

I spent most of the time eating out as there were too many options around and even the supermarkets like Tesco, Marks and Spencers and Waitrose have too many takeaway options. You'll be surprised by the amount of variety and might be quite spoilt for choices when it comes to picking out what you want.

So besides supermarkets, there are countless of quaint, independent restaurants/bistros/cafes around to explore. With that said, I've segmented them under,
1. London | Casual fine-dining and high tea places
2. London | Restaurants, bistros & cafes
3. London | Food markets
Starting off with the first today
1. Duck and Waffle

 photo 201215DSC01480.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01487.jpg

Duck and Waffle opens almost 24 hours and I thought that was an awesome concept. The late night dining is available till 5am and breakfast starts from 6am. And of course, they have different menus for the different timings. I went twice, once for brunch and once for dinner, but regardless of which timing you would like to go, I would still recommend making a reservation as I remember the place to be rather packed for both visits. Apart from that, there's 'casual elegance' dress code to adhere too in case you are unaware!

i would be sharing in details of Duck and Waffle in the next post instead as it's pretty lengthy. But for now, if you are looking for some recommendations, I personally would say the duck egg cocotte and dark chocolate peanut crunch dessert would be the must-have.

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310

Hours of operations
Monday – Friday     
Breakfast  6am – 11am    
Lunch 11:30am – 4:30pm    
Dinner 5:30pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am 

Breakfast  6am – 9am    
Brunch 9am – 4:00pm    
Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm    
Late night 11:30pm – 5am

2. DInner by Heston Blumenthal
 photo 201215DSC01183.jpg

 photo 201215DSC01199.jpg

Ranking 7th in the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants.

Visited twice during the 3-month stint in London last year. Their signature meat fruit was to-die-for. You might think it's made of something fruity, but it's actually savoury – Spiced plum, chicken liver parfait. Not the healthiest but definitely one of the tastiest dishes there.

I would recommend for you to try their set lunch which was pretty reasonable in my opinion considering it being in top 10 placement in the world's best restaurants. If I didn't remember wrongly, set lunch was about £38 (SGD80) per pax. Will share more in details in the upcoming posts :)


66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom
+44 20 7201 3833

Hours of operations
12:00 – 2:30 PM
6:30 – 10:30 PM

3. L'atelier de Joel Robuchon

 photo 0110151DSC00885.jpg

Can't exactly recall any specific mind-blowing dish to recommend but I remember having quite a good meal at Joel Rubeuchon. This was a treat by Merli's mom who came to London to look for her and if I didn't recall wrongly, it was about SGD120 per pax for the dinner. The place was a little dark for my liking and in overall, the experience was alright. Would probably go back once in a while as there are too many other places to explore in London!

13-15 West Street, London WC2H 9NE 
+44 (0)207 010 8600

Hours of operations
Monday – Saturday
12pm – 3pm
5.30pm – 11pm  
12pm – 4pm 
6.30pm – 10.30pm

4.  Claridges
 photo 2812151DSC08626.jpg

 photo 2812151DSC08586.jpg

It was quite an experience at Claridges and I actually enjoyed it very much. Service was great, company was great and food was fresh. I particularly liked the sandwiches, scones (not so much of their sweets though) and tea. Portion was huge and it was refillable as well. I'm pretty sure we overate that day -  – so much for trying to watch the diet! And besides that, Arya knew someone from Claridges and we had complimentary champagne for the afternoon – thank you Arya ;)

We were told it's quite hard to get reservations for this place and indeed, we made reservations two months in advance in fact! The traditional high tea set was fixed at £68, (sgd150).


Brook St, London W1K 4HR, United Kingdom
+44 20 7629 8860

5. Hakkasan

 photo 2812151DSC00707.jpg   

 photo 2812151DSC00704_1.jpg

A Michelin Star cantonese restaurant and this is one of my favourite places for chinese food. The creations are rather unique and I remember the standards being quite good in my opinion. Be sure to try the two above and best to go in a small group ;)

17 Bruton Street London W1J 6QB 
+44 (0)20 7907 1888 

Hours of operations
Sunday – Wednesday and public holidays
12:00 noon – 11:15pm
Thursday – Saturday
12:00 noon – 12:15am 

6. Hawksmoor

 photo 0309151DSC00791.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00767.jpg

Have previously blogged about this and if you are keen to read, do click Here.

5 Air St, London W1J 0AD, United Kingdom
+44 20 7406 3980


Hope this humble list helps if you are looking for casual fine-dining places in London! I'll be back soon again x

 photo DSC01329_1.jpg

Spent the evening thinking about how to structure the travel content of the blog entries going forward. Have far too many pictures on hand and it would probably take me months to jot them all down!

Half of me was thinking if I should just update on the recent happenings instead but the other half of me would also like to continue blogging on the travels before the memories are completely erased from my mind. And after much thoughts, I made myself a promise to finish up the Europe travels and this is rough structure of the upcoming entries in sequence:

London – Places to dine (Casual fine-dining, High Tea)
London – Places to dine (Restaurants, Bistros & Cafes)
London – Places to explore
Italy – Rome
Italy – Florence
Greece – Santorini
Greece – Athens
Denmark – Copenhagen
Denmark – Billund
France – Paris
Netherlands – Amsterdam

On to the first part and be back very soon!




0112 HRS

Vietnamese Cuisine – Wrap and Roll

 photo 1412151DSC00387.jpg

I recently bumped into my university school mates, Jacinta & Francine, in town and came to know that two of them are running their own businesses. Jacinta is in the F&B industry whereas Francine is in the home&living industry.

Our conversations pretty much evolved around our work but I must say it's always nice to hear and understand more about how others are running their businesses. They have been generous when it comes to sharing knowledge and experience – sharing about how they started, about challenges and it was a great joy chatting with them :)

Anyways, Jacinta owns a chain of restaurants and you most probably have seen it around. It's called Wrap and Roll and it specializes in Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese cuisine is in fact one of my top five favourite cuisines. I love that it's generally a healthy cuisine, with mainly grilled, soupy and full of herbs and vegetables. As wiki says, ' Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, complementary textures, and reliance on herbs and vegetables.' Besides that, if I were to pick a form of noodle carbs – clear glass noodles will be my pick and that is quite commonly paired with their dishes.

Wrap and Roll has a very extensive menu and I had a hard time deciding what to have for dinner. I always enjoy variety so my friends know it's not ideal to let me do the ordering because most likely, I tend to over-order. I left Jacinta to make the decision for the night as there's definitely no other best person to recommend the dishes! Jacinta ordered a few of her signature dishes to try and here were what we had:

 photo 1412151DSC00375.jpg
Gỏi ngo sen; Lotus Shoot Salad with Prawns
This was a great appetizer and I'd recommend this for sure – one of my favourite dishes for the night.

 photo 1412151DSC00379.jpg
Bánh cuốn nhân thịt; Minced Pork & Mushrooms Steamed Crepe Paper Rollsa
Jacinta has mentioned this dish to me previously as this one of the signature dishes in Vietnam. Finally tried it and loved it! 

 photo 1412151DSC00388.jpg
Đặc sản cuốn Sài Gòn Taste of Sài Gòn; Crispy Prawn Pancakes and Traditional Deep Fried Spring Rolls
If you are love fried dishes, this is a good dish to share and I thought the prawn pancakes were pretty interesting.

 photo 1412151DSC00394.jpg
Cuốn bún chả Hà Nội Hà Nội; Grilled Pork Skewers
This was another of my favourite. The pork meat was very well-marinated and grilled. Would be back for this too.

 photo 1412151DSC00395.jpg
Hotplate grilled fish.
A fan of fish so am a little biased to this dish. But I enjoyed this as it was grilled instead of fried and you could taste a generous portion of the meat with each serving.

  photo 1412151DSC00403.jpg
This was how I was taught to savour the dish in the Vietnamese style ;)

 photo 1412151DSC00391.jpg
Lemongrass chrysanthemum.
Am not a sweet drinks person but this was absolutely refreshing! Would urge you to try this.

 photo 1412151DSC00413.jpg
Homemade ginger ice-cream.

 photo 1412151DSC00412.jpg
Rau câu dừa; Vietnamese Coconut Jelly
Sweet ending to the meal. Both were good I must say but if I had to recommend, try the ginger ice cream but the coconut jelly would be a healthier choice (and am a fan of coconut too so I might just order both for sharing!).

Thanks for the great hospitality Jacinta. It was a great catch up and looking forward to be back with pals to try the other dishes :)

If Vietnamese food is one of your favourite cuisines, I'll recommend you to pop by Wrap and Roll. Here are their outlets:

ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-19,
Singapore 238801 
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 10am to 10pm 
Contact Information: Tel: 6509 1555

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-11,
Singapore 138617 
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11am to 10pm
Fri – Sat: 11am to 10.30pm
Sun: 10am to 10pm 
Contact Information: Tel: 6694 4111

1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #01-11
Singapore 119082 
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9am to 9pm
Sat – Sun: 11am to 9pm 
Contact Information: Tel: 6334 0111
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-26/27
Singapore 486038 
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 11am to 10pm 
Contact Information: Tel: 6443 1261





0512 HRS

Fitness with GLOW


  photo 221015DSC00561.jpg 

It has been a few months since I’ve embarked on a fitness journey with Glow! Around the same time, I’ve signed up for a gym membership and with that said, Glow has also very kindly arranged for personal trainer lessons on my behalf with Alex for a month.     

I took GLOW BodyActive at the start of each lesson. It is known to manage your appetite and kickstarts your metabolic rate to increase calorie burning – I could literally feel my heart rate accelerating a lot more during workout! It also helps improve blood supply to muscles, reducing harmful effects of free radicals for better post-workout recovery. 

The training month with Alex was absolutely great I must say. Alex is a personal trainer from Yorkshire, but has been residing in Singapore for the past 6 years. He was probably one of the best trainers I’ve encountered and share so much knowledge about fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. I enjoyed my lessons very much and came to understand the body better as well.  

 photo 221015DSC05597.jpg

 photo 221015Untitled copy111111111.jpg

 photo 221015DSC05538.jpg

 photo 221015DSC05546.jpg

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve supplemented my diet with GLOW™ BodyActive, workout sessions and eating right. It curbs my appetite and hence, preventing myself from over-eating. This wholesome approach to keeping fit is GLOW™ motto to a more beautiful you – whether you’re meaning to lose weight, tone up, or to simply maintain your weight. No medicines that might give you side effects and certainly no starving. For myself, I found that my clothes fit better too.

And because I put on too much weight back then in London, I might have also lost a few kilograms these few months. I personally think it's all about having the right diet, have more meals in smaller portion and don't overeat. Know when you are hungry or when you are full, and stop eating when you are full.

I believe beauty is about confidence and would definitely agree that we should eat well, take good care of our body and skin. Do join me in the glowgetter community and take your first step towards a more confident you with GLOW™ BodyActive! If you are keen to give this GLOW™ BodyActive a try,  you can get it at any Guardian or Watsons store and it’s retailing at $99.00. Enjoy 30% off when you purchase on, using my promo code: GLOWBEA30. 

*Promo is valid till December 31th, 2015. 
*Limited to the first 200 customers 




1112 HRS

Miss this space

Recently during one of those days when I was feeling nostalgic and as usual, I started to surf my old posts. That was then when I realised I've unknowingly took a hiatus from blogging and my last post was dated in August!

Pardon my abrupt stop but somehow work just piled up and I don't remember having spare time when I was doing nothing. I suppose the saying goes, 'busy is good' but of late, I tend to have a slightly different opinion of that… Busy is only good when it's time spent wisely. And not necessarily busy is good because there's a difference between being busy & being productive. And as the years go by, I do think that time well spent also refers to having a good lifestyle balance…

In any case, I honestly miss writing in this space so much.

For a period, I thought I could very well manage my work, KLARRA, as well as blogging (which I always have an interest in because I think that it's a great way to go down the memory lane and also, sharing about my new discoveries plus experiences) but it turns out, I over-estimated my capacity and was very much swamped by the former and neglected the latter. It's definitely not in my beliefs that things should be done half way like that without a proper closure and sincere apologies to those who were following the posts.

Just a quick update today to say that I'm still alive and kicking! I've told myself to re-start this space and start being more consistent in my updates before my own memories fade till a stage that I can't even remember much (which is what it seems like right now). I can't promise if I were be able to find spare time to do more frequent updates as I usually work through those periods but at least I would honestly like to try to to keep this precious space alive too.

So again, I'll be back – for more updates & continuing the London travel posts!

 photo 0412151DSC_0366.jpg




1208 HRS

Europe Travelogue – London (Part three)

Europe Travelogue – London (Part one)
Europe Travelogue – London (Part two)

Too many pictures to be sorted out and at this rate of documenting the trip down, I'm definitely taking ages with the time on hand. Will to summarize the trip as much & hope the entries won't be too choppy!

So one of my short summer courses was at London College of Fashion (LCF), which its main campus was located at a brilliant location – right in the middle of Oxford Street. Lessons were from 9am to 5pm, and as summer days were long, I pretty much had quite an evening to spend before heading back to rest.

One of the evenings, Merli and I arranged to meet up after our individual lessons to try out this place for dinner – Hawksmoor, which was known for its steak. (You might have spotted this place in the latest Mission Impossible movie!)

 photo 0309151DSC00791.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00750.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00749.jpg
They have quite a number of outlets but we settled for the one located at Airstreet (just by the corner of Regent Street) as it was very convenient to both of our campuses (Merli was taking a course at imperial College).


 photo 0309151DSC00756.jpg
We started with a recommended starter: Brixham crab on toast with mayonnaise (£12) - which I thought was pretty good and I enjoyed it very much.

 photo 0309151DSC00767.jpg
And we decided to share a portion of Spinach with lemon & garlic (£5), Macaroni Cheese (£5) & Steak Fillet, 300g (£34).

More of their menu here if you would like to check it out.

The sides were pretty good but we were rather disappointed with the steak. It was served cold although the hot pan was supposed to warm the dish up. Personally thought it should be served at room temperature or similar & taste wise was pretty normal. Not too sure sure if it was because we expected too much prior to the visit.

 photo 0309151DSC00775.jpg

5 Air St, London W1J 0AD,
United Kingdom
+44 20 7406 3980


We took a walk after (that one amazing thing about London, every where was just amazing for strolls and there were so many different things to see) and chanced upon this street where one of Ted Baker's Barber shops was located.

I wasn't aware they had a hairdressing arm (for men) so that was quite surprising to me. I was rather intrigued by it and adored how they designed the entire shop – so detailed and charming.

 photo 0309151DSC00794.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00812.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00817.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00815.jpg


 photo 0309151DSC00839.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00830.jpg

 photo 0309151DSC00826.jpg

Another night stroll at Regent Street and this time with Merli & her mom.

We met up earlier in the evening (another day) for the 'Book of Mormon' musical and although it touched on some pretty sensitive topics but I thought the humour was really good. Worth a catch but do book tickets early!

Have to run again now. Will be back x




1108 HRS

Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2015

Sponsored post

  You probably have seen my quick update on Last Mile Fulfilment Asia a few month back on Dayre and I'm back to share the event in more details.

If you haven't heard of it, LMFAsia 2015 was an inaugural event organized by SingEx that helped to foster the building of cross-border fulfilment capabilities by bringing focus on current issues (hence opportunities) in the fulfilment industry. To put it in simpler terms, LMFAsia basically aims to help businesses (for instance, my fashion label KLARRA – which was the reason why I went for this event too) to grow across the region. Through this initiative, it aims to bring together retailers, eCommerce companies and the Last Mile Fulfilment Industry across Asia Pacific to help each other identify solutions or come together to provide solutions to further improve each and every own's business.

LMFAsia 2015 took place over the span of two days. Haven't felt this excited for an event and I was already looking forward to the conferences prior to the first day itself! Even though they were held back to back from 9am till night on both days, I really enjoyed them & was surprised that I didn't feel tired as I thought I would be. I suppose the excitement came from the basis that this event had a very relevant topic of interest to Klarra. As mentioned before, logistics was also an issue I've faced with Klarra and I can't tell you how much this event has helped in Klarra's fulfilment.

One of the key issues that (and so I've heard for many e-retailers/eCommerce players too), I faced was the logistics aspect – eg. picking, packing, delivery etc, and I actually discovered some new solutions after attending this tradeshow. I didn't know there were so many logistic companies (local or international) around that could help and I managed to get in touch with quite a few to discuss on how to collaborate.

I was initially concerned if my business was too small a scale to find proper solutions there but I was definitely wrong. One thing I was really impressed with the whole event was that it was catered to all industries (be it F&B, fashion, service etc) and for all scales as well – the key was to find the best fit/solution for our respective businesses.

Not to forget, LMFAsia 2015 also invited prominent market players like ASOS, Abercrombie & Fitch, Naiise, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Lego, Luxola, Alibaba, Zalora, Rakuten Asia etc, and had insightful sharing sessions done by them for all attendees. I had a great time listening to the talks and definitely took home great insights which made me think hard about my business. They also ensured that all attendees could have a chance to interact with these players and yes, more details of the networking session below!

What you can expect from the event would be:
1. Understand how to meet the challenges and develop an efficient & sustainable fulfilment models for your eCommerce / omni-channel retail business
2. Find out what are the latest innovations & technologies are out there to help you with this
3. Hear from success cases and understand the realities of operating in the regional countries (e.g. instead of door to door delivery, self-collection actually makes more sense in selected countries)
4. Network with leading domestic & regional players from the fulfilment ecosystem and build relationships with potential partners for your expansion


 photo 280315DSC05150.jpg

 photo SingEx - LMFA2015_Day2_Exhibition_0027.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05110.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05268.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05267.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05118.jpg

  photo 280315DSC05127.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05152.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05162.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05161.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05159.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05157.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05261.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05257.jpg

Day one of the event went really well.

Companies such as ASOS, Abercrombie & Fitch, Naiise, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Lego,  Luxola, Alibaba, Zalora, Rakuten Asia and more were present at the exhibition and top management from the companies from quite a few of the companies shared valuable information during the conferences. I actually found most of the conferences interesting and beneficial. To name a few:

1) Finessing Fulfilment
 Where speakers came together to discuss current fulfilment (logistics etc) issues happening in the industry and at the same time, provided greater understanding on what the industry is doing to come together to give solutions for the players. It highlighted common issues such as delayed delivery time, costs, customers' expectations etc and at the same time, speakers from relevant companies eg. DHL, Australia post etc then exchanged insights, mentioned experiences and sharing existijng/new approaches that might potentially helped to narrow the gaps.

2) Retailer Spotlight
Where the country head of a specific retailer – in this case, CharmZone Group (a a global company that specializes in skincare and later on merged with seven companies including Charmzone Motors, Charmzone Automotive, Charmzone Import, Charmzone Service, Charmzone Construction, Buon, and N4) shared about their expansion plans from Korea to Singapore, issues they faced and how they overcame it. Their main issue was not being able to find right partners and an effective fulilment strategy. I believe this was quite a common problem to many overseas brands as well and just imagine how great (for both business, customers) it would be if these issues are solved and customers in Asia can easily obtain international products online.

3) Country Focus Track
This focused on topics regarding expansion of business in Asia. The session happened on both days and for the first day, it discussed three neighbouring countries, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. Key speakers from each country came to share, debate about issues and progression for the next 5 years etc. I found this exceptionally helpful for businesses which are looking to expand to these countries. It gave a lot of insights to how the culture, system there work and potentially allow you to plan your next step.

4) Commerce & Solution Track

This was one of the sessions that I really enjoyed and in particularly, the talk by DPEX. Shared by Vernon Martin (the strategy and business development director of DPEX Wordwide), he discussed about filfulment solutions centered on reverse logistics and solutions that increase competitiveness through positive customer experience. This gave me a different perspective and some ideas on how to create a more wholesome experience for Klarra's customers.


5) Networking reception

Last but not least, SingEx has also organized an exclusive networking reception for provide the opportunity to meet other industry players. This was where people from companies such as ASOS, DHL etc come together and besides that, am glad that I managed to associate with a few companies which could help Klarra in the fulfilment area! (More pictures below on the networking session).

 photo 280315DSC05295.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05284.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05292.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05289.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05303.jpg


 photo 280315DSC05332.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05275.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05168.jpg 

 photo 280315DSC05361.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05351.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05348.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05353.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05425.jpg

 photo 280315DSC05441.jpg

I spent the morning exploring the exhibitions once again and to look for the companies who gave talks the previous day. Besides the conferences, the exhibitions also showcased the companies' services with key contact people present to help. I got to discover some new companies at the same time which provided delivery, pick and pack services etc which turned out to be useful.

Was looking forward to day two as well as the conference's topics were as exciting or even more:

1) Growing through Omni-channel retail and distribution
Learned a lot from this session. With a better understanding of the importance of fulfilment, I'm confident that it can help to grow and improve Klarra's operations and customer experience much better. This talk made me ponder much as it offers new perspective on the challenges facing fulfilment partners in growth in retail but also on ways to respond/scale flexibility to meet growing customers' expectations. Interestingly, it shared opportunities for collaboration between e-commerce and fulfilment players.

2) Panel discussion: Sustaining the Edge with Innovations and Solutions in the Fulfilment Industry

This event were hosted by key speakers from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and they addressed major issues and challenges specific to the regional fulfilment industry. They shared on the new trends, emerging developments and not forgetting, solutions such as innovative service offerings and technologies. Was so glad to find more options and solutions such as transport/asset tracking, monitoring technology solutions, new fulfilment and delivery services or convenience/security enhancing payment solutions etc.

3) SingPost Roundtable
I was very privileged to be able to be invited to Singpost Roundtable, where it was a closed door event to discuss on the upcoming trends of the e-commerce industry. Such an insightful discussion and this got me thinking as well. Looking forward to work out to recap on the talk and to brainstorm some new solutions for Klarra.

4) IRCE Conference + Exhibition Track

Stands for Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. It is known to be the world's largest e-commerce event and this diverse group of 200+ experts represents all areas of the industry,  always ensuring the agenda has wide appeal. SingEx invited the head from IRCE and also key experts on a specific topic, which in this case was doing business in China. I enjoyed this sharing session very much, great speakers, great content in my personal opinion. The next IRCE is taking place in Chicago and at the end of the event, SingEx has specially partnered with IRCE to give out two complimentary tickets to their event there. Such attractive perks for us all! (picture above)

 photo 280315DSC05431.jpg  
With Dean, COO of True Corporation in Thailand, Mr Long, COO of U-cosmetics China (where they licensed prominent brands such as Clarins, Estee Lauder etc.) and Alvin from Kose.

 photo 280315DSC05428.jpg

Very impressed by this well-organized event and the two days were indeed well-spent. I personally found it very surprisingly beneficial to the business. It has also opened my eyes up after listening and chatting with the key players from the industry. I'm glad that the SingEx team recognized the fact that the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly in Asia and introduced LMF Asia with the aim of addressing issues, bringing solutions, forging new partnerships and uncovering business opportunities.

I honestly think this event would be very helpful for all e-commerce players as well especially fellow friends who own a fashion label or are in the fashion industry. Not forgetting, f&b players, where food delivery is core or beauty brands going online etc. LMF Asia will happen again in 2016 around March again so do keep your eyes peeled for it. Happy to know that government agencies are very supportive of LMF Asia as well and I personally hope they continue to as I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

LMFAsia 2016 will happen on 3 – 4 March 2016 and I definitely wish to be back to attend that. I'm hoping to find out more about how e-commerce has evolved so far from the industry experts and their perspectives. I'm pretty sure there will be new businesses and solutions that could potentially improve KLARRA's operations. I would strongly urge you to attend it as well if you would like to find out more about e-commerce or how to expand abroad for your business (or even if you are looking to start a business and would like to find out more.)

There's an exclusive early bird discount so be sure to join their waiting list – I assure you this will definitely be helpful. I'm truly excited for it that I went to find out more from the organizer about LMFAsia 2016 and got to know that in the next edition, we can all expect to meet more than just the logistics players but also regional marketplayers and multi brands platform who can bring their business to more regions.

Definitely looking forward to attend LMFAsia 2016!




1108 HRS

Europe Travelogue – London (Part two)

Continuing from Europe Travelogue – London (Part one)

As mentioned previously, I signed up for four fashion courses and I arrived in London about three days before classes begun. I spent the three days settling into the apartment and getting familiarized with the place, especially the area where I was staying.

A friend of mine, Merli was there in London for a strategic management course under Imperial college (she was there 3 weeks earlier) and we kept each other company from time to time. We met a couple of times for breakfast, more for dinners while we got busy during the day with classes or our own programs.

 photo 0908151DSC00555.jpg
Merli lived at another area and we figured Baker Street would be somewhere in between us. We met up for breakfast before class one day to check out this bistro that was pretty much raved about around – Natural Kitchen.

Baker street is in fact one of the must-visit spots around London from what I know. To give a little background taken from Wiki:

"Baker Street is a street in the Marylebone district of the City of Westminster in London. It is named after builder William Baker, who laid the street out in the 18th century. The street is most famous for its connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, who lives at a fictional 221B Baker Street address.

The area was originally high class residential, but now is mainly occupied by commercial premises.  Baker St is a busy thoroughfare, lying in postcode areas NW1/W1 and forming part of the A41 there. It runs south from Regent's Park, the junction with Park Road, parallel to Gloucester Place, meeting Marylebone Road, Portman Square and Wigmore Street. At the junction with Wigmore St, Baker St turns into Orchard Street, which ends when it meets with Oxford Street. After Portman Square the road continues as Orchard Street.  The street is served by the London Underground by Baker Street tube station, one of the world's oldest surviving underground stations. Next door is Transport for London's lost property office."

 photo 0908151DSC00515.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00521.jpg
I thought there was only one Natural Kitchen bistro around but realised after being there for two months that there were three others which one at Marylebone High Street (which was not too far from Baker street and quite an awesome outlet with many more takeaway options).

 photo 0908151DSC00552.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00553.jpg
We ordered berry porridge which was oats (love anything oats and cereal) and the scrambled eggs with toast. The latter was absolutely delish – probably the best scrambled eggs I've had. I had three months in London and feeling a little bummed that I only went back two days before my flight back to Singapore – and at the wrong timing which brunch was not served anymore. Boo, didn't manage to have it again and would recommend for you to try it if you're heading there!

 photo 0908151DSC00554.jpg
The bill was placed inside this childhood storybook and we spent about SGD 26 for the meal. Which was considered pretty affordable in London's standard of living. I honestly spent quite a bomb there on living expenses >.<

55 Baker Street 
London  W1U 8EW 
0207 935 0987  |

77/78 Marylebone High Street 
London  W1U 5JX 
0207 486 8065  |

 photo 0908151DSC00580.jpg
PAUL bakery was located just down the street and I got myself a cuppa coffee for the morning. Love London for its coffee scene and I came to appreciate coffee more after having it almost every morning when I was there. London has an amazing coffee culture and too many interesting places to explore. Definitely missing that charming city..

 photo 0908151DSC00617.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00615.jpg
With fun-loving classmates from the UK, Thailand and London definitely got awesome-r with them around ;)

 photo 0908151DSC00610.jpg
LEON and it was one of my favourite salad bars in London in fact. Love everything about it and had it for consecutive four days after being introduced to it as school was located nearby to it. They currently have 20 over outlets around so you shouldn't have a hard time locating it :)

35 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7JE
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus, Bond Street 
020 7734 8057  |
Mon to Fri 7am – 10pm
Sat 9.30am – 10pm
Sun 9.30am – 7pm

 photo 0908151DSC00629.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00643.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00660.jpg
Finally met Big Ben ;)

 photo 0908151DSC00649.jpg

 photo 0908151DSC00668.jpg
The second weekend in London was spent exploring the charming city. Together with Merli, Arya, we had a three hour walk from Trafalgar square all the way to Buckingham Palace then to South Bank London. I remember it was such a beautiful evening, lovely weather (although I'd have been more comfortable with a coat or shawl) and we three had an enjoyable night.

 photo 0908151DSC00691.jpg 

 photo 0908151DSC00701.jpg
Dinner was at Wahaca – this Mexican place located by the river with a splendid view. Arya's recommendations never went wrong before and I was told this was one of the best mexican restaurants around too ;)

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd,
London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom
+44 20 7928 1876
Hours: 12:00 – 11:00 pm  

That's all for today and will be back for part three soon ;)




0508 HRS

Europe Travelouge – London (Part one)

It's one of those sleepless nights tonight. Quiet nights like this are pretty enjoyable and for today I had a little bit more time so I was browsing through all my past photos and decided that I should really kick start my updates on my 3-month stint in Europe last year. So here it is – starting with amazing London for sure ;)

 photo 080815DSC00256.jpg  
I took emirates for my flight to London and I remember that I enjoyed the journey. Pretty empty from Singapore to Dubai (I had the entire row to myself), ride was smooth and oh yes, wine. They actually gave an entire bottle which I thought was a nice touch for the in-flight experience – especially for wine lovers.

 photo 080815DSC00257.jpg
I actually really enjoy plane food very much ;)

 photo 080815DSC00258.jpg
My very first photo of London. It was my second time here and the first was too long ago – probably when I was 17 years old. Everything was definitely not familiar to me.

I've spoke to friends before my trip and was recommended by Ming to engage 'Simply Airports' for airport transfer. Would highly recommend this as it was one of the more reasonable priced and credible transport companies in the UK. Getting a black cab directly might cost 1.5 times more. You have to book them perhaps at least a day in advance (or even more to be safe and they do online bookings). I personally think calling is much easier as they need to arrange with you (you need to provide flight details) on where to wait. If you are sitting Emirates and alighting at Heathrow Airport – I would suggest setting the meeting point at the store WHSmith. It was easy to spot and a guy will be there holding a signage with your name written to receive you.

 photo 080815DSC00278.jpg
Knowing that I went alone, Ming was very kind to introduce his UK pal, Arya to me on the first day. Arya helped me to settle into the apartment and brought me for a tour around the area. We walked around Oxford street and settled at Aubaine @ Selfridges (a huge and extraordinary departmental store – one of my favourites and you have to visit!) for lunch.

 photo 080815DSC00263.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00273.jpg
Aubaine – A chained bistro serving french cuisine.

 photo 080815DSC00276.jpg 
Hello Arya ;)

 photo 080815DSC00270.jpg

2nd Floor, 400 Oxford St, London W1A 1AB, United Kingdom
+44 20 7318 3738

Monday to Saturday 930am to 9pm
Sunday 12pm to 6pm

 photo 080815DSC00286.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00294.jpg
And the famous Liberty (departmental store) around Oxford area. As what google says – a quirky department store filled with high-end fashion and luxury homeware, with its own fabric line.

 photo 080815DSC00295.jpg
The gorgeous photo spot for many.

 photo 080815DSC00315.jpg
We decided to go for desserts after lunch and Arya recommended this newly opened Chocolate shop named SAID dal 1923, located just around the corner. I must say it was really awesome and definitely a must-go for all chocolate lovers!

 photo 080815DSC00318.jpg 

 photo 080815DSC00329.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00339.jpg
You have to try these two!

SAID dal 1923

41 Broadwick St, London W1F 9QL, United Kingdom
+44 20 7437 1584
Monday to Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

 photo 080815DSC00314.jpg
Gotta love the architecture. What a charming city.

 photo 080815DSC00300.jpg 
Exploring more of oxford and SOHO.

 photo 080815DSC00282.jpg

 photo 080815DSC00378.jpg
We walked throughout the day and ended up at 'Little Venice'. To quote what google says again,

"Just north of Paddington lies Little Venice. This picturesque pool of water where the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals meet, is home to a number of waterside cafes, pubs and eateries. From here you can take a boat trip or follow the tow path on foot and see how the winding waterway snakes its way through the heart of the city. You can head downstream past the charming regency streets of Madia Vale and on to Regent’s Park and Camden beyond, or follow this peaceful corridor upstream to the west and enjoy the tranquillity of the waterways that feel like a million miles from the hubbub of the roads and streets nearby."

I personally liked that area and there was this quaint little cafe there that Arya introduced which became one of my favourite cafes around (I went back almost 5 times!) – will update more in another entry.

 photo 080815DSC00388.jpg

  photo DSC00398.jpg
The talked-about Boat Bookshop just right outside Paddington underground station. The 'bookstore' sold new and used books which were in pretty good condition. Books were retailing at about 5 to 10 pounds – definitely very reasonable!

 photo 080815080815DSC00405.jpg 

Okie dokes. That's all for tonight and I'm dozing off right now. Too many pictures to sort and I'm in between doing quick summary entries or detailed ones which I'm pretty sure it's gonna take ages (although I prefer this as forgetful me really hope to document down the memories as clearly as I can). In anycase, I'll be back to continue the entry again. Till then! ;)