Copenhagen Photo Diary


Copenhagen Photo Diary

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I had some free time on one of the mornings in Copenhagen and since i was alone and had nothing planned out, I decided to arrange for a shoot around the city center.   

I remember receiving an email from a team named Sweet Escape a while back and after reading their email, I came to know they have photographers over 120 cities. I thought their concept reminds me of uber, just that you have to book it a day or two in advance. So since I was in Copenhagen, I thought this would be something fun to do and I would definitely love to create some new content for the blog especially in this beautiful city. So that was what I did for two hours in the morning at 9am and here are some of the shots.


I enjoyed the time spent with the photographer and got to learn more about photography her at the same time (my photographer was a gorgeous Russian female by the way). Ain’t the most comfortable posing on bustling streets and that took me a little while to warm up. Furthermore, I really dislike causing inconvenience towards others so I try not to stand in the middle of a busy street posing for pictures.

Brought over a few outfits from Klarra and love the pleated bottom asymmetrical maxi. Such as comfy piece and I like that it’s non sheer (although nude garments would still be recommended when it comes to white pieces) and the material is rather crease-free. Klarra’s designs are conceptualized with the idea of versatility (we try our very best) so hence, we kept the design simple with classic pleats with the asymmetrical, double layer details to make it more unique. This design can definitely be worn for weekends or occasional dressy dinners – just a change of footwear ;) 

The emerald long vest is actually another piece that can be styled or worn very differently. Some of our customers wore it as a dress on its own or with a belt, and I prefer to wear it as a layer piece. 

Anyway, this was fun and I would absolutely do this again if I’ve the chance. Was really excited to receive and share these pictures! The above pictures were taken around Hotel SP34 and also the city hall of Copenhagen. If you are looking for places to shoot, the city hall is definitely one of the places I’d recommend :) 





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